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Lotus Birth Spiritual Meaning: Keeping the Placenta Meaning

Lotus Birth Spiritual Meaning: Keeping the Placenta Meaning

Do you want to know the spiritual meanings of lotus birth? Then, this article is for you. In the spiritual world, children born with the placenta have been known as special children.

Why is this so? It is not common to find a child attached to the placenta for longer than 2 days. Any child you find with this is a special child.

This child is called a lotus birth, and very special

The spiritual realm has a lot to say concerning lotus birth, and this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Furthermore, you don’t have to give birth to a lotus birth before getting a spiritual message from this child.

Dreaming about a lotus birth also has different messages from the spirit world.

  • Does a lotus birth mean good luck? What are the spiritual meanings of lotus birth?
  • How can you harness the energy of a lotus birth?
  • What does the universe have to say concerning a child with a placenta after birth?

These are some of the questions you will get answers to.

In addition to this, you will learn how to interpret lotus birth in the light of spirituality. Therefore, let us talk about the different spiritual meanings of lotus birth.

Spiritual Significance of Umbilical Cord

Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord is what connects the baby to the mother’s placenta. In the spiritual world, we can call this a connection to the source of life and sustenance.

Spiritually, an umbilical cord is significant of an established connection with a spiritual source.

If you ever dream of having an umbilical cord, it is saying that you are still connected with your source.

We all know that the source of life is the universe or the higher spirit. Therefore, the umbilical cord is specially designed to keep you connected spiritually.

For babies, an umbilical cord is how a baby is connected with the mother’s placenta. The placenta is responsible for how the baby feeds, breathes, and expels waste.

Therefore, the spiritual world uses an umbilical cord to signify child development.

The umbilical cord automatically connects the child to all the nutrients of the mother’s placenta. Spiritually, the umbilical cord connects the child to his/her source and contributes to their development. 

The umbilical cord might eventually be cut off or allowed to dry out and fall off. However, it is spiritually significant to both adults and children.

Spiritual Meaning of Keeping the Placenta Attached

Spiritual Meaning of Keeping the Placenta Attached

Commonly, doctors remove the placenta immediately after the child is born.

However, there are times when the placenta will be left to fall off by itself. This is a traditional practice that has been honored by several religious and cultural sectors.

Keeping the placenta attached to the child is believed to be a sign of kindness.

This is saying that the child will be kind, tender, and loving. It is said that a child that is left with the placenta will become tenderhearted. This is a child that people will love and also care for.

Spiritually, keeping the placenta attached is also believed to make the child spiritually sensitive.

The mother’s placenta can be spiritually figurative of the universe.

Therefore, leaving the child attached to a placenta is the same as staying connected to the spiritual world.

As the child grows, you will notice an obsession with spirituality, and this might prompt him to take up his spiritual destiny.

Furthermore, keeping the placenta attached to the baby is a way of honoring the mother. In certain cultures, the placenta is kept attached to honor the mother if she dies during childbirth. 

Lotus Birth Spiritual Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

Lotus Birth Spiritual Meaning

Lotus birth has 9 spiritual messages. Whenever you give birth to a child and decide to keep the placenta attached, or whenever you dream of lotus birth, the following messages are for you.

In addition to this, if you are a lotus birth, you can get one or two messages from the universe as well. All of these will be included in this section. What are the 9 spiritual meanings of lotus birth?

1) Born leaders

It is believed that lotus birth is born as a leader. That is, whenever the placenta of the mother is kept attached to the child, leadership qualities will automatically form in the consciousness of the child.

This quality will begin to show up as the child grows up.

This type of child needs guidance because they can become too extreme in how they boss people around. This is where parental care comes in.

Lotus birth is a born leader. Therefore, if you notice that you have a thirst for leadership, it could be an indication that you are a lotus birth.

2) Patience

One of the lessons to learn from lotus birth is patience.

This is the ability to wait until the result you desire shows forth. Look at the lotus birth; this child will not be able to move around freely because of the attached placenta.

This can remain for several days – up to 15 days.

However, when the placenta eventually gets attached, it is a thing of joy.

Spiritually, this might not be a message concerning the child. It might be a lesson for you from God.

Therefore, learn to embrace the patience of lotus birth. You need to be patient with the events of your life. Things might not seem to go according to your plan, but with patience, the result will be favorable.

3) Tenderness

Lotus birth is connected to flowers. One of the spiritual images of lotus birth is a purple and tender flower.

These children will cry a lot during their infant days, and they will become emotionally connected to almost everyone they meet.

If you have this same character, it indicates that you are a lotus birth. With guidance, the child will learn how to balance his/her emotion to stay strong and not vulnerable to bad people.

4) Stay connected

If you dream of lotus birth, it is saying that you should stay connected to your source.

The bible also encourages this, and other spiritual books talk about this connection.

This connection is different from spiritual sensitivity. It goes deeper than that. Connecting to your source is like a river that does not forget its spring. It is this connection that will keep you fresh at all times.

By staying connected to your source, you will have no reason to doubt your destiny.

5) Perfection

Spiritually, it is believed that lotus birth is a perfectionist.

Why is lotus birth a perfectionist? This is because of the nature of birth.

Keeping the placenta attached to a child will preserve the wholesomeness of the child. It will also ensure that the child sucks out all the nutrients in the placenta before detaching itself from it.

All of these are spiritual messages of perfection.

Because of this, the child will grow up to love perfection. His life will be perfect, and he will ensure that everything around him goes according to his plan.

6) Negativity

There is a bad side to lotus birth.

Whenever you dream of a child that is attached to a rotten placenta, it is a bad sign of negativity. Especially if you hear someone calling your name after this dream.

Spiritually, it is a bad sign to see a child attached to a rotten placenta.

This type of dream reveals that something bad is about to happen.

This is a bad dream that attracts negativity to you.

The best way to prevent this is by speaking positive words, burning cinnamon sticks for purification, or visiting a spiritual elder for help.

7) You have given up

If you dream of a dead child that is attached to a placenta, this is not a message of death. It simply means that you have given up the hope of ever becoming successful.

The spiritual world has sent this dream to you to let you know that they are watching you.

After you wake up from this dream, pray for guidance and the strength to keep pushing hard after your dream.

8) Godly association

As a parent, if you see your child attached to a placenta in a dream, it is a good sign.

This is saying that your child is in the midst of godly friends. This puts your heart at rest that your child is on the right track.

9) Divine abilities

If your child is a lotus birth, expect some surges of supernatural abilities from him/her. Every lotus birth are supernatural and special children.

Should I really keep the Placenta Attached?

Pregnant woman

No, you don’t have to keep the placenta attached to your child. If you want to perform the placenta ritual, you can simply cut it off from the child, and bury it in the ground after saying motherly and fatherly prayers. 

However, this does not mean that it is wrong to keep the placenta attached. If your culture or religion demands or approves of it, then you should do so. 

Final Words

Do you have a child that is a lotus birth? Now, you know the kind of child you have.

Furthermore, are you a lotus birth, I am sure that you have learned amazing things about yourself. We hope that this article breeds confidence and enthusiasm into your being as a lotus birth.

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