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Hyena Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and Messages

Hyena Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and Messages

This creature is one of the major predators of the jungle. When it shows up around you, or in your dreams, it means that the universe has an important message to pass across to you

This is why you should not be quick to discard this animal. 

When you see a hyena, the universe can speak to you through it. 

Do you know that seeing the picture of a hyena is the same as seeing the hyena in real life?

Well, I am glad to give you that information right away!!!

You don’t need to visit a zoo!

Just by seeing a picture of this creature, the spiritual meanings we will discuss in this article apply to you. 

Read on to find out more. 

Hyena spiritual meaning

Lonely Hyena

This creature is an omen of diversity. It encourages people to encourage diversity and not uniformity. We must create an atmosphere for everyone to thrive. People don’t need to be like us to be accepted. Everyone has a right to his/her originality. 

Therefore, if you judge people ONLY by your perception, the hyena might be sent to you from heaven as a sign to change your ways. From now on, be liberal. Accept people and allow them to be themselves. 

In addition to this, the hyena is a creature of adaptability. Through this animal, we can be inspired to adapt to changes. It can thrive in any situation and habitat.

In the same way, we must develop a thick skin that goes with the flow

The hyena is a spiritual omen of perfect timing. We must understand the importance of divine timing.

This is how to make accurate decisions and catch the best opportunities.

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Hyena symbolism

Two Hyenas

Across several cultures, the hyena symbolism has different interpretations. Let’s discuss some of them in this section.

In African culture, it is believed that the hyena symbolism is deception. Though this creature laughs, it is deadly. To a novice, a hyena looks harmless. However, this is a camouflage by the hyena to lure innocent prey before going for the kill. 

Therefore, this creature warns people to be on the lookout for deceptive people. Also, to become more aware of the power of intuition.

In the native American culture, the hyena is seen as an omen of motherhood. For a woman, seeing it means childbirth and fertility. For young ladies, the presence of this creature means a lady is approaching womanhood. 

Furthermore, the hyena symbolism is opportunity. Finding it around you inspires you to be on the lookout for opportunities.

When this message is given to you, the universe reveals that a lot of opportunities are around you

In addition to this, hyenas are seen as a sign of community building. Because they walk in packs, we are reminded to never ignore the place of making quality friends and building a solid network of like-minded individuals.

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Hyena spirit animal meaning

Hyena spirit animal

If the hyena is your spirit animal, it means you share some of the qualities of the creature. Let’s discuss this right away.

  • Hyenas are bold and aggressive creatures. When threatened, they will protect their territories with everything they have. Therefore, if you exude some form of boldness, it means you might have a connection with this creature. 
  • This creature is an omen of genuine care. Amongst the creatures of the jungle, female hyenas are one of the most attentive and caring mothers. Therefore, as a woman, if you are obsessive about your children, the hyena could be your spirit animal. 
  • Hyenas are creatures of foresight. They can predict events before they take place. This allows them to plan ahead of events. If you are an active PLANNER, then it could be a sign that the hyena is your spirit guide.

If you share one of these characteristics with the hyena, then, it means you have found your spirit guide.

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Spiritual meaning of Hyena laughs

Hyena making funny sounds

The laughter of a hyena speaks of joyfulness.

It inspires you to let go of tension and stress in your soul. You were given this sign to alleviate your sorrows. Whenever you hear the laughter of a hyena, this means you need to let go of the past.

No matter how tough it is, LET GO.

In the morning, hearing the laugh of a hyena speaks of communication. According to research, the sound of a hyena’s laughter is a major communication channel between hyenas. In the same way, you need to learn to speak to people. 

When you begin to speak up, a lot of people will understand you better. Also, you will freely express how you feel about certain issues

The laughter from a hyena means friendliness. It inspires you to be receptive to people. Extend a hand of true friendship and love to those around you.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing a Hyena: 7 Signs

Spiritual meaning of seeing a Hyena

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual signs of seeing this creature. Does this bring good luck or bad luck to you?

You will find answers to the questions in your heart about seeing a hyena. 

Read on!!!

1) Strength

The hyena is a creature of immense strength. Seeing it reminds you to leverage the strength you possess in you. It opens your eyes to the warrior energy you possess and inspires you to make use of this energy. 

Furthermore, using your inner strength builds resilience in you for difficult situations. 

2) Boldness

I once watched a documentary where hyenas tried to attack a lion. 

Well, that’s some form of boldness, isn’t it?

This also teaches us to be bold. 

Sometimes, what we deem “impossible” are the fears we have created in our hearts. It is time to break free from that shackle. 

3) You have loyal friends

Whether you see this hyena in real life or in a picture, it’s clear that the universe wants you to trust your friends. There’s no need to doubt their intentions. This creature just revealed that you are in safe hands. 

Let this bring assurance to your heart. 

4) Spirit Animal

When you constantly see a hyena in your dream, it’s a sign of your spirit animal. According to research, people who dream of hyenas possess the same spiritual traits as this animal. 

Therefore, if you experience this constantly, it is time to open up your mind to the hyena’s energy and presence. 

5) Set Boundaries

Hyenas are territorial creatures. They won’t let an outsider into their territory. This is why they are regarded as fierce creatures. 

In the same way, we must set boundaries around ourselves. This keeps out negative people from us. It also shuts out manipulative people. 

6) Foresight 

This creature inspires you to plan. It wants you to imagine the best possible event and prepare for it. Doing this protects you from pleasant surprises. It also helps you prepare for opportunities before they come

Keep this at the back of your mind. 

7) Pay attention to your intuition

Whenever you see a hyena, it could be a sign to listen more to your inward voice. With this, you can be sure of making accurate decisions and making precise judgments. 

If you dream of a hyena staring at you, it passes a message of discretion – inspiring you to listen more.


It is important to keep yourself safe from having direct contact with this creature. If you ever encounter it ALONE, seek help as fast as you can. 

Hyenas are not domestic animals and should not be trifled with. However, don’t be too scared of them that you lose out on the spiritual benefits it brings. 

Thanks for reading through!!!


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