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Tiger Spiritual Meaning: 9 Symbolisms and Spirit Animal

Tiger Spiritual Meaning: 9 Symbolisms and Spirit Animal

What does a tiger symbolize and what is the tiger spiritual meaning (and white tiger)? Let’s find out!

The tiger is a ferocious animal that is feared by all. This animal is not one of the common creatures that will show up on your path very often. If you see a tiger, I bet the first thing you will do is to run.

Therefore, the commonplace you will see a tiger is either in a zoo or in the dream. Unlike other animals like dogs, birds, or other domestic creatures, tigers are wild animals that live far away in the jungle and forest. Their thirst for blood makes them ferocious animals that should not be joked with.

Can the universe send the tiger to me?


Yes, the universe can send the tiger to you. As I have stated earlier, this mostly happens in the dream.

You will often see a tiger in the dream because that is the best and safest way for you to see a tiger and live long enough to understand the meaning is to dream about it. It is very rare for you to see a tiger physically.

When you visit the zoo, the tiger can become obvious to your subconscious mind. When this happens, then the universe has sent a powerful message to you.

Okay! Let us talk about the significances of a tiger.

Tigers are symbolic and significant to our lives and whenever the universe sends the tiger to us, it is time to pay close attention.

Most times, it calls for strong caution because of the dangers that lie ahead. I will show you the different spiritual meanings and symbols of the tiger and how it can help you navigate your path through life.

What is the spiritual meaning of the tiger?

Tiger spiritual meaning

The tiger is sending a message to you that something unexpected is going to happen in your life.

This can be a good or bad sign depending on the behavior of the tiger. Tigers are rare to see. Therefore, whenever you see a tiger, it is a sign of something unexpected. 

If the tiger roars at you when it sees you, then it is a sign that something bad is about to happen to you.

This can be losing your job or some money

When you have a dream and the tiger is coming at you, it means that you should prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

Most times, the situation will be uncontrollable. You might not be able to prevent what is going to happen.

You can only prepare yourself for what is coming and properly plan for how to successfully survive the dark times lurking around.

When you see a tiger roaring at you or planning to attack you, then it is a bad sign that something bad is going to happen. This is unusual. However, when it happens, it is tied to your job or finances.

When the tiger sits down in peace

On the other hand, if the tiger just sits down in peace, or you find it sleeping, then it is a good sign that good things are about to happen to you.

It is a sign of peace.

It is a sign of good things.

Whenever this happens, you are going to experience a change of status.

The first time I dreamt of a sleeping tiger, I woke up with a sense of confidence and peace. I remembered how I felt when I woke up from the dream.

There was this feeling of peace and excitement. The tiger was so peaceful in its sleep that assured me that everything will be alright.

Tigers are known to be ferocious and it is a good sign if the tiger is not attacking you or roaring at you in anger.

It is a sign that you are going to experience good luck, prosperity, success, and promotion. It might not happen instantly, but the results will be progressive and over time, it will become explosive.

What does a white tiger symbolize?

What does a white tiger symbolize

The Japanese legend believes that a white tiger is supernatural. It looks different from other tigers. Therefore, it is believed to be a spiritual animal than a physical one.

In addition to this, because white tigers are scarce, they are believed to appear and disappear after delivering their messages.

A white tiger is a symbol of peace and good luck.

Most times, the message of the universe to you is based on the white color rather than the nature of tigers.

White tigers come to bring peace into your life. It has come to tell you that at the end of every storm comes peace. You will experience peace, tranquility, and comfort.

Whenever you are going through dark times; the white tiger will appear to you to encourage and inspire you to never lose hope.

White tigers are valued as treasures. Therefore, they are a powerful symbol in the spiritual world.

A white tiger will create an emotional balance between hate and love, anger and forgiveness, depression and happiness. 

A white tiger is also a symbol of strength. White tigers are often born with a defect. However, they have survived and thrived – even with their defects.

Therefore, you can draw from the strength of white tigers to substitute your many defects and incapability. It is believed that the white tiger will make you strong. In addition to this, the white tiger will make you thrive even amidst your incapability and weaknesses.

9 Tiger symbolisms and significances

Tiger Symbolism

There are 9 tiger symbolisms and significances that you need to know. The moment you understand these 9 symbolisms, it will help you to take advantage of the Kairos opportunity of seeing a tiger.

You will not always see a tiger compared to birds, feathers, and other common creatures around you.

Therefore, you must be ready and rightly positioned to take advantage of this animal when it shows up. I have seen a tiger 4 times in my life, and every time this happens, something significant happens in my life.

Let us see the 9 symbolisms of seeing a tiger.

1) Is a symbol of courage

Tigers are ferocious and courageous animals. They can attack any prey – no matter the magnitude. Before they give up on a fight, it has to be on a 5%-win probability.

Therefore, the tiger can inspire courage into your life. It can transfer its bravery to you.

Therefore, if you are battling with fear, the tiger will instill confidence in you. You can draw on the courage of the tiger and allow it to fill you up until you see nothing as achievable.

Your dreams will be accomplished if you dare to go after your dreams – no matter how big they are.

2) Is a symbol of speed

Tigers are fast animals. Therefore, they symbolize speed.

This can have 2 meanings depending on the state of your life and mind.

If you have been experiencing difficulty in experiencing progress, then the tiger will impart your life with speed.

When you see the tiger in your dream, expect to see tremendous progress. On the other hand, if you are battling laziness, the tiger will inspire you to become hardworking.

Your laziness has stopped you from moving forward. It is time to speed like the tiger.

3) Is a symbol of willpower and a strong determination

Tigers are strong-willed. Other people term it as being stubborn. This is a great symbolic meaning for everyone aspiring to be successful.

To achieve success in life, your determination must be strong.

You must be ready to give what it takes to achieve that success you desire. This is how to get what you want and live the life you desire.

4) Symbolizes positiveness

Tigers are always optimistic when it comes to catching their prey. This is why they attack without fear.

Therefore, whenever you see a tiger, it is passing a message of positivity and optimism to your mind.

If you have been living your life in negativity, then the tiger has come to tell you that it is time to become positive.

When you see life from a positive perspective, you will attract the right energy that will set you up for success.

5) Tiger is significant for its anger

In Christianity, the tiger is called the spirit of anger. Therefore, whenever it appears to you, it means you are easily angered.

The universe has sent the tiger to warn you against anger. If you let your emotions rule you, you will make many mistakes that can ruin the good things in your life.

Therefore, put your anger in check and learn to forgive people easily.

6) The tiger is symbolic of fulfillment

Whenever you see the tiger, it passes a message of fulfillment to you. The tiger is telling you that you can achieve everything your heart desires.

This is to inspire faith into your heart to believe that your dreams are valid and achievable. Your dreams and visions are achievable.

Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. If you allow the spirit of the tiger to fill you up, you will face your future with every assurance and get things done.

7) The tiger is symbolic of caution

The tiger is a ferocious animal. It is one of the deadly animals on earth.

Therefore, whenever the tiger shows up on your path or in your dream, it is a symbol that someone around you is secretly planning evil against you.

You have to be careful of the people around you.

This is how you can protect yourself from the evil plot. If you see a group of tigers, then it’s a group of people. However, if you see a single tiger, then it is someone close to you.

8) The tiger symbolizes cunningness

The skin of the tiger makes it camouflage itself in trees. This is why it is hard for the tiger to be identified by prey before it strikes.

Therefore, whenever the tiger appears to you in your dream, it is instructing you to be cunning with your dealings with people.

This is not deceptiveness; it is wisdom in dealing with people. 

9) The tiger symbolizes strength

The tiger overpowers its prey because of its strength.

Therefore, when you see a tiger, it has come to impart you with strength.

The universe is telling you that your inner strength is all you need to become a better version of yourself.

So, do you already know the tiger spiritual meaning? Let’s continue with other meanings in spiritual world.

Tiger spirit animal (spiritual meaning)

Tiger spirit animal

If you notice the following traits:

  • You are easily angered;
  • You are persistent and full of courage;
  • And you don’t back out of challenges.

Then, the tiger is your spirit animal. The tiger has imparted you with its amazing qualities if you begin to notice these traits in you.

Tiger symbol meaning 


The symbol of a tiger is a sign of royalty and kingship.

In African tradition, the symbol of a tiger is found in the palaces of kings. In addition to this, the skins of tigers are given as a gift to conquerors. Therefore, whenever the symbol of a tiger is seen, it is a sign of bravery and royalty.

What does a tiger represent for Native American People?

Native American People

The native Americans revere the tiger as a messenger from the gods. The tiger represents courage, bravery, and strength.

Whenever the tiger appears, it showers us with strength and fills us with the courage to face our fears and never back down from any situation. 

The native Americans look up to the tiger for passion. The tiger is known for its fearless passion and desire to get things done. This is another reason why the native Americans revere the tiger. 

For native Americans, the tiger represents courage, strength, and fearless passion. Therefore, if you are a native American, allow the spirit of the tiger to impart courage, strength, and passion into you.

Final words

The universe has used tigers as a messenger of caution and encouragement to people all over the world.

This is the reason why you should never take the presence of a tiger for granted.

As scarce and rare as they are, it is a blessing to allow the spirit of the tiger to direct you every day.

You will enjoy safety, stability, and success in all of your endeavors.

Do you already know what is the tiger spiritual meaning and spirit animal symbolism? Feel free to leave your opinion below!

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