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7 Lamb Symbolisms: What Does a Lamb Symbolize?

7 Lamb Symbolisms: What Does a Lamb Symbolize?

Do you know what is the lamb symbolism and spiritual meaning? In this article, I will l show you what does a lamb symbolize in spiritual world and in the Bible.

A lamb is a special animal that must be paid attention to whenever we find them across our path. The tenderness, gentility, and innocence of this creature make them so endearing to those who find them.

It is not an uncommon thing to find a lamb – most especially if you are living in rural areas, or on a farm. Therefore, we might be tempted to think they it is nothing to pay attention to. 

I must say this right now!

If you are always looking out for spectacular manifestations or appearances, you will always miss the messages from the spiritual realm to you. I have noticed that the common ways we receive messages from the universe are found in the natural things around us that we can see, hear, feel or touch.

Therefore, the next time you see a lamb; it is another excellent opportunity to pay attention, another opportunity for you to get what the spirits are trying to tell you. It is time for a spiritual revelation to occur in your mind.

You might be asking yourself this question – How am I going to know what the universe is trying to tell me through a lamb?

Well, you have found the right place. In this article, we are going to look at the different symbolic meanings of a lamb, and why you should never take the presence of a lamb for granted.

What does a lamb symbolize?

What does a lamb symbolize

The lamb is a popular animal across different religions, cultures, and traditions. However, there is a general symbolic meaning of the lamb, which is acceptable in all of these diverse religions, cultures, and traditions. 

The lamb symbolizes great sacrifice and propitiation.

This animal has always been used as a sacrifice for centuries. Whenever the gods demand a sacrifice for disobedience or misconduct, the appeasing sacrifice has to be a lamb. The blood of lambs is deemed pure enough to appease the gods to temper justice with mercy.

Several feasts and celebrations across various religions are done with the lamb’s offering.

The Muslims

The Muslims celebrate their ‘Eid al-Adha with the killing of a lamb. This is done in remembrance of the prophet Abraham who wanted to sacrifice his son on the mountain of Horeb. Therefore, the lamb symbolizes sacrifice and substitution to the Muslim faith.

The pagans/Greeks

The pagans/Greeks kill the lamb to appease the gods. It is generally believed that the sound of the sizzling lamb’s meat in the fire appeases the gods.

Therefore, once the gods are angry at their misconduct or disobedience, the next best thing is to offer a lamb as an appeal to appease the gods and perhaps change their mind from punishing them. Therefore, whenever they see a lamb, the symbolism is that of sacrifice against disobedience.

Other cultures

All of the cultures, religions, and traditions generally accept this symbolic meaning across the world. This animal always speaks the language of sacrifice.

A lamb also symbolizes love. It takes love for a lamb to decide to sacrifice its blood for another. It takes love for a lamb to willingly give up its blood to cleanse or purge the guilty.

Therefore, whenever the lamb shows up on your path, it is a symbol of love from the universe. They are telling you that they are willing to do anything to ensure that everything goes well with your life continuously.

Lamb symbolism: 7 Spiritual messages

Lamb symbolism

1) Be obedient

The lamb is an animal, which has a tender heart, and obeys instructions from its shepherd. Therefore, whenever you see a lamb, it passes a message of obedience to you.

If you have become notoriously known for breaking rules, then it is time for you to change your attitude because it is going to affect you in the long run. Obedience to instructions does not kill.

It saves us from many mistakes, which could have a negative impact on our lives in general. Whenever the lamb is sent to us, it is an indication that we need to check how obedient we are to instructions or already established principles. Obedience has to be fulfilled in the following areas:

  • In your workplace, obeying your superiors and the code of conduct for employees will save you from getting bad reviews, and eventually losing your job.

    Obeying all the rules and regulations of your workplace will improve your performance rating, and get you the promotion you deserve. This might be the reason why you have not been promoted. Therefore, when the lamb appears to you, it is time to become more obedient at work. Once you do this, your promotion will come in no time because the universe will see that you aligned perfectly.
  • If you are a student, then a lamb admonishes you to become obedient to your teachers at school. You might have been worried about why your teachers do not seem to like you. The simple answer is KARMA. Whatever you sow, is what you will reap.

    Therefore, the reason why your teachers in school have hated you is your stubbornness and constant disobedience to their instructions. Once you change this, you are going to enjoy the favor of everyone around you. This is the message of the lamb to you.

2) Humility


The lamb symbolizes humility. Therefore, whenever you see a lamb, it is encouraging you to remain humble. Humility is the key to greatness, and you need to remain humble to achieve the greatness that lies ahead of you. This message can be an encouragement or a warning.

This message is an encouragement if you are humble. That is if you do not allow your reputation or public status to tempt you to begin to look down on people.

If you are humble, then the lamb is encouraging you to remain humble. This might be because of the lurking temptations around you, which are gradually beginning to make you proud.

Once you realize that your position, wealth, or influence is beginning to get into your head (which does not happen before), then the lamb is encouraging you to remain humble as you have always been,

The message is a warning if you are proud. Pride has nothing good to offer you. It pushes favors and blessings away from you. It blinds your eyes to see the dangers ahead because of your unwillingness to listen to the people around you because they are not up to your status.

Therefore, to avert the danger that lies ahead, the lamb often appears on our path to warn us. If you listen to this warning signal from the spirits, then your life will take a new turn.

3) Remain innocent

Innocent animal

The innocence you have always had since you were a child should remain. Do not let the information or association around you prevent you from maintaining the innocence and pure heart you have always kept.

This innocence is what the universe has seen you display over time, and a major shift is coming into your life because of it.

However, the moment the innocence and purity of your heart are corrupted because of external factors, negative energy will begin to come out of you, and this will stop the shift from happening in your life.

The things we hear from our friends might tempt us, but the spiritual realm has sent the lamb to us to encourage us to remain innocent and keep a pure heart always.

The lamb is a pure animal, and that is why it is always used for sacrifice to appease the gods. In the same way, keep your heart pure and innocent – the positive shift that is coming into your life will only happen as you maintain that innocence.

4) You have talents and skills that can be of benefit to the world

Animal in spiritual world

A lamb is the young one of a sheep. A sheep is an animal that gives us wool for clothing. Clothing keeps us warm. Therefore, we need sheep’s wool to keep our bodies warm and cover our nakedness.

Therefore, this is a message to you. You have skills, talents, and gifts that will be of benefit to humanity. You might be at the beginning stage, just as the lamb is at the beginning of its life. Your skills might not be fully refined yet, just as the wool of a lamb might not be good and strong enough for perfect wool.

However, if you keep growing and developing your gifts, you are going to become valuable to humanity, and the universe will bring many opportunities your way.

Never look down on yourself. You have what it takes to change the world. This is a message from the lamb to you. Most especially, if you are battling with low self-esteem.

5) It is a symbol of fertility and childbearing


This message is mostly for women, who are suffering from barrenness. A lamb is also known as a baby sheep. Therefore, it is a symbol of fertility.

This is passing a message across to you that you are going to bear a child soon. If you have been depressed because of your barrenness, then the universe is sending this promise to you through the lamb that you are going to become the mother of a child.

Most times, this happens within a 1-year cycle. Therefore, if you are suffering from childlessness, the lamb has some good news for you. 

6) The process is a part of your success

Success in spiritual world

Every adult sheep started from a lamb. There is always a process to life. You must start from small – big.

You must journey from darkness – light and you cannot skip the process of success because the process is a part of your success. Therefore, if you are becoming impatient because nothing tangible is happening in your life, the lamb is a symbol of how you are to go from small – big.

The lamb will never rush its growth. Therefore, never rush your growth. Karma will always have a way to bring you back, which will eventually waste your precious time on earth.

Stick with the process, grow with the process, and your success will come along the way.

7) A new cycle is about to open up for you


You might have been sensing a change in the atmosphere, but you do not know what it means. Whenever the lamb appears to you, it passes a message of a deep cycle change to you. A lamb is an example of a new cycle.

Therefore, you are about to cross into a new cycle of your life in the coming days.

This cycle is not only going to be filled with opportunities, but it is also going to come with a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Therefore, as much as it is good to be happy and optimistic, you need to also be prepared to embrace the responsibilities and walk through the challenges.

What does the lamb represent in the Bible?

Lamb in the bible

A lamb represents Jesus Christ, who will be the sacrifice and propitiation for the sins of humankind. Just as Moses and the Israelites sacrificed the lamb to God, Jesus will become the sacrifice and exchange for all the sins of the world.

Therefore, a lamb represents sacrifice and substitution in the bible.

The Lamb symbol in Christianity

In Christianity, the lamb is a symbol of suffering and persecution.  Whenever you see a lamb in your dream as a Christian, it is preparing you for the persecution, trials, and sufferings you will have to endure because of your faith and profession in Christ.

Does a lamb represent good luck?

Lamb and good luck

A lamb does not represent good luck; neither does it represent bad luck.

It is a neutral animal, which passes several spiritual messages to us. It might be good luck to others, and bad luck to others based on the message they received from the universe through the lamb.

Therefore, whenever you see a lamb, the most important thing is to understand the message, before thinking of the good or bad luck aspect of this creature.

Final words

Paying attention to the diverse messages of the lamb to us will not only guide, but also encourage us to remain on the right path. When we stick to the right path, our lives will attract a lot of good things, which will take us from our current level to greater heights.

So, do you already know the lamb symbolism and spiritual meaning in the bible in other cultures? If you still have any questions, just comment below!

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  2. In the same Bible, it says somewhere that Lord rejected all kinds of sacrifices and rituals involving animals and blood drippings.

    In India, lamb is considered to be a weakling, very vulnerable and therefore it is just fit for food only.They do not understand the Spiritual meaning of “sacrifices” that were common thousands of years ago.

    Fruits, grains and vegetables or prepared foods are okay to offer to their Gods several times a day. But, no meat or bloody drippings near sanctum Santorum or their tables set up for worship. That is following 10 commandments: “Thou shall not kill” they say!

    Thank you for your wonderful explanatory article. I agree w you. Please reply, giving some tips about how to teach those Hindus about Lamb of God JC!

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