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8 Lizard Spiritual Meanings: What does a lizard symbolize?

8 Lizard Spiritual Meanings: What does a lizard symbolize?

I hate lizards! Yes, you read that right. I do not like all the scales and the long tail, which accompanies this creature. I remembered how I puked at the sight of a red lizard some years ago. Whenever I remember that experience, I still laugh so loud.

Anyways, this is not about me, it is about helping you to get the lizard spiritual meaning you desire. Therefore, let us get straight into it.

As creepy as a lizard is, it is a messenger from God to humankind. Most of us do not pay attention to this truth, and that is why we keep repeating some negative cycles of our lives.

One of the common creatures to man is the lizard. We have gotten so familiar with this creature that we do not see the power in the lizard. Because we see it every day or occasionally, we have become so used to this creature. However, the lizard is a powerful animal, which transmits a lot of spiritual messages to us.

I have decided to help you out of this ignorance. I was once like you until I decided to embrace the importance of the lizard. The moment I opened up my heart to the lizard, I began to see massive changes in my life. It is your time to become a changed person by the power of the lizard.

To achieve this, you have to know the symbolism of a lizard. This is the first step to fully understand the message of the lizard to us.

What does a lizard symbolize?

What does a lizard symbolize

The lizard is a symbol of so many things to different people all over the world. However, we are going to select the common and general symbolisms, which can also apply to your life and its corresponding situations.

The Africans, see the lizard as an omen of sickness

Lizard to Africans

Most times, the sickness called epilepsy is assumed to come from the spirit of a lizard. Therefore, whenever they see a lizard, it automatically symbolizes sickness.

This is why it is forbidden for you to touch the skin of a lizard with your bare hands. In addition to this, the lizard’s foam must not touch your body. The reason why the lizard is a symbol of sickness is the similarity between an epileptic patient and a lizard.

The lizard always foams in its mouth when it is having a seizure; this is similar to an epileptic patient. Therefore, this is why people see the lizard as the cause of epilepsy.

People have also assumed that this sickness is from the gods. They believe that the lizard is sent to plague their land whenever the inhabitant of the land has made a great offense.

In the Celtic tribe and belief, a lizard is a symbol of lack of sleep

Celtic culture and lizards

Whenever it appears in a house, it is a symbol that an inhabitant of the house has not been finding it easy to sleep. This can be caused by several reasons. It can be because of lack of sleep, anxiety, fear, depression, or anticipation.

However, the lizard is a symbol of lack of sleep to the Celtic tribe. It is believed the night goddess Evoki took away the sleep of the lizard and gave it to all humankind.

Therefore, whenever you do not feel sleepy, it is a sign that the spirit of the lizard is around, and this always shows forth by the physical presence of a lizard in your hours or inside your room.

Additionally, this tribe also sees the lizard as a symbol of wisdom. This is why the lizard is the symbol of their potions and potion-making. It takes great skill to make potions.

Therefore, calling upon the spirit of the lizard was the best option. The lizard answered them and that is why it is revered as the sage until today.

The lizard is a symbol of transformation

This animal symbol

This is seen in how it sheds its scales. The lizard removes its scales whenever it’s old, and then puts on a new skin for a better look.

Therefore, whenever the lizard shows up in our path, it is a symbol that we have experienced great transformation, or we are experiencing great transformation now. This is a general symbol, and you should take note of this.

Lizard Spiritual Meaning: 8 Spiritual Messages

Lizard Spiritual Meaning

1. Focus on your dreams

The lizard is a message from the spiritual realm that you should pay more attention to your dreams and aspirations. The reason for this is that various things, activities, and people have distracted you.

Therefore, the best way for you to remedy this situation is to avoid all the distractions and focus on your dream. Our dreams, aspirations, and passions have a timeframe. The moment our lives passes through the cycle of opportunity, it cannot come back again.

Therefore, the best time for you to focus on your dream is NOW. The lizard is giving you this warning because you are wasting too much time on the things that do not matter. Therefore, the best way for the spirits to get your attention is to send the lizard your way.

Now that they have your attention, pay close attention to this message and focus solely on your dream from now on. By doing this, you will begin to live your best life.

2. Learn to keep your secrets to yourself

The female lizard is known for storing her eggs under the floor to keep them warm and to protect the predators.

Therefore, in the same way, we must learn to keep our secrets to ourselves alone. Several people might not agree with this opinion, but this is the message from the universe to you right now. You are currently in a season where many people will betray you.

Therefore, the best way to keep yourself safe is to keep your secrets. Do not allow people to see how vulnerable you are to their attacks. Just as the female lizard keeps her vulnerable eggs from the sight of the predator.

3. Learn to let go of what does not work for you

The tail of a lizard is sometimes lost in a fight because it is easily detachable. However, it reduces the weight of the lizard and makes it run faster from the fight. Therefore, you must learn to let go of what does not work for you.

Stop holding on to unprofitable things for long, and they have been slowing you down from going after the desire of your heart. Therefore, you must ensure that the moment you see the lizard, a proper release of the things that do not work for you begins to take place.

The moment you let go of all those junks (mostly in your mind), you will have enough weight to run faster towards achieving your dreams.

4. Face your fears

The lizard passes a message of confidence to you. The universe knows that you have a lot of fears and uncertainties and they are sorry that you have to go through this.

The universe knows your future and this is why they have decided to send the lizard to encourage you.

There is nothing to fear. In life, we do not fail, we simply learn. Therefore, pick up yourself and face your fears for the last time. You will realize that there was nothing to be scared of in the first place.

5. Always look forward to a better life – you deserve it

This is another message of the lizard to you. Most times, this message will come to you when you are at the point of low self-esteem.

This can be due to many reasons. However, it does not matter what reason it is, the universe is encouraging you to begin to look forward to a better life.

6. Stay motivated

The lizard is a very energetic animal. Even when it is wounded, you will still find it moving, striving with all its might to get to its destination.

This message also talks directly to us. Whenever you feel depressed, whenever you feel like you have held on for too long and you cannot hold on anymore, the spiritual realm often sends the lizard to you, to inspire you to stay motivated. Keep at what you do. You are on the verge of a breakthrough.

7. Be careful not to make the wrong move

One vital lesson you should learn from the lizard is how you should not learn to take the wrong step. A wrong step always leads to the fall of a lizard.

Therefore, you need to be very careful with every conclusion, decision, and action of yours concerning any matter.

Most especially financial and relationship matters. You have to be very careful. Rely on the power of the universe to fill you with the wisdom to take the right step.

8. Be patient – your time will come

When the desire to succeed at all costs overwhelms you, it is easy for you to become a target. This is why the lizard appeared on your path to show you the light.

You have to learn to be patient. God is working things in your favor. Therefore, there is no need for you to be impatient. The lizard is the perfect messenger for this. Therefore, whenever you see a lizard, it is telling you to be patient.

Meaning of a lizard in your house

Lizards in your house meaning

Finding a lizard in your home simply means that the message is not only for you but for everyone living in that house with you. This simply means you have become a channel through which the spirits will constantly communicate with, on behalf of your entire family.

Finding a lizard in your home means the following:

  • Your household is protected from sickness and diseases;
  • Someone in your family is about to make a wrong move, extra caution is recommended;
  • You are thinking below your capacity, it is time to enjoy the unveiling of your person.

What does it mean when you see a baby lizard in your house

Baby lizard

Seeing a baby lizard in your house is a sign of good fortune. 

Having a baby is always good news to people, including animals. Therefore, whenever the egg of the lizard hatches and becomes a baby lizard, the mother lizard is always happy. Whenever you see a baby lizard in your house, it is a sign of good news.

Therefore, you should begin to expect a piece of major good news for yourself or your entire household. Something big is knocking on the door for you and your family.

Biblical meaning of lizards in dreams

Biblical meaning of lizards in dreams

Biblically, seeing a lizard in the dream is a bad omen. It means the following:

  • If the lizard is chasing you, then it is a symbol that someone is against your life. Someone is against your progress and wants to do everything in his/her power to bring you down;
  • Seeing a lizard in the dream is a strong presence of witchcraft, which is very bad for your glory;
  • Whenever you see a lizard peeping at you in your dream, then it means that all your secrets are being revealed to your enemies. This passes a message of betrayal from either your family or friends. 

The prophetic meaning of a lizard


The prophetic meaning of a lizard points to spiritual alertness and sensitivity. The eyes of a lizard are very sharp.

It can see as far as possible to spot predators. This is prophetically speaking to us that we should be highly sensitive in the spirit. This is how we will be able to see future dangers and avert them before it unfolds.

Final words

You cannot deny the importance of finding a lizard on your path. Therefore, as you look forward to seeing a lizard, always prepare your mind to fully understand the spiritual meaning behind a lizard before you see a lizard.

The higher force rules our lives. Therefore, once they send a message to us, we should patiently understand what they are saying and act accordingly.

So, what do you think about the lizard spiritual meaning and symbolism for your life? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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8 thoughts on “8 Lizard Spiritual Meanings: What does a lizard symbolize?”

  1. This all reasons are familiar but more I felt it’s because of anxiety depression lack of sleep etc and also motivation for me

    1. Thanks for this information. I find a grey baby lizard one day in my bedroom my daughter seeing it and again after a month early morning another lizard one fall from curtain to my bed touched on my right hand and another day I find big one in my office. I don’t understand what it is upto now.

      1. you may be in touch with the lizards’ spirituality. some have a parietal eye, a third eye, on their forehead to top of head. the eye detects light differences and is a form of pineal gland. the pineal gland in our brains and in lizards’ brains holds something of a spiritual connection in addition to detecting light anomalies and or differences. having lizards, they will act different when you sleep because your energy changes. even if you close your eyes to sleep without the lizard seeing it (like their is a view obstruction), they will sense it. Not all lizards have a parietal eye opening in the top of their head, but they all do have a pineal gland under the area. If you are more in touch spiritually with nature and or animals, like you appreciate nature, that could be the energy attraction’s will.

  2. I was researching because I came across a lizard last night and another this morning. I must admit certain things ring’s through. Not sure if it’s coincidence. I have been in a sad state for the last 3 weeks. My boyfriend of over a year confessed he has been sleeping with multiple women. I broke things off but the deception still hurts, but I’ll hang onto #6 and stay motivated.

    1. There is a baby lizard on my window& im starting to think that it lives there. I got so curious thats why I checked the possible reasons why til I saw this page and read some information about it. But I hope u can give me more explanation about this..always on the same place .not moving..not even making noise,it only moves when I move my window

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