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Home » Hearing Angels Sing Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad? Sign!

Hearing Angels Sing Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad? Sign!

Hearing Angels Sing Spiritual Meaning: Is It Bad?

What is the spiritual meaning of hearing Angels sing? Let’s find out.

Have you ever heard beautiful, melodic voices that seem to come from nowhere and tug on your heart?

Well, those voices might come from angels, and those songs could signify a spiritual meaning.

But what does it mean when you hear angels sing in a dream or your waking life? Let’s jump right in and find out, shall we? 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Angels Sing

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Angels Sing

Those who have experienced the angels singing for themselves report feeling euphoric, light and floaty, and positive, amongst many other things.

The voices are, apparently, literal music to the ears (and soul), luring you in, demanding all of your attention, and wrapping you in divine comfort.

Let’s find out what it all means. 

Divine Guidance:

Have you ever asked the universe/God/guardian angels/etc., for advice, guidance, or generalized help?

Some spiritualists believe that you are more likely to get what you want when you ask for it when the angels are singing. Why not try it? Next time to hear that beautiful sound, ask the universe (etc.) for what you want.

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A Reminder to Celebrate Life:

Hearing angels sing, whether in a dream or your waking life, could signify a celebration of life, encouraging you to appreciate and honor the beauty in the world.

Life can get very difficult sometimes, but you shouldn’t forget about the little things that fill you with joy, such as the fact you are alive!

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When you focus on the angelic chorus rather than the hustle and bustle of life, you get a chance to achieve mental clarity.

Things will become clear in your mind, the unimportant pushed to the side and the most important pushed to the very forefront of your mind.

Meditating as you listen to the angels’ song is a great idea to boost your spiritual connection and strengthen any boosts.

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You Are Loved:

Angels are often associated with love, and their singing may convey a message of unconditional love and acceptance.

If you hear the beautiful sound during times of hardship, you should look at it as a sign that the angels have your back.

You are loved. Whether you feel worthy or not, you are loved.

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Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Celestial Music

Hearing Celestial Music at Night

Have you recently prayed to your religious God or another spiritual deity? If you answered yes, the singing of the angels that you can hear might be your God’s way of responding to you.

It’s not like He/She can pop down to earth and chat with you face-to-face, right? 

The importance of angels singing after you have prayed or sought diving guidance cannot be underestimated.

You should take it as a sign that you have been heard and answered. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Angels Sing at Night

Hearing Angels Sing at Night? Sign!

The harmonious sounds of angels singing at night could represent a healing presence, offering spiritual or emotional healing.

You should take this as a sign that you need spiritual or emotional healing.

Why would the angels sing to you if they didn’t think you needed their help? 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Angels Sing in Dreams

Hearing Angels Sing in Dreams

Angelic singing in your dreams could be a sign that you’re in the midst of elevating your consciousness.

This will allow you to get insights into your subconscious and true self and get a better understanding of the non-ordinary parts of life.

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7 Reasons Why You Are Hearing Angels Sing

Woman hearing angels

Do you feel a little spooked following the angels’ song? There’s no need to worry or panic. Angels aren’t going to come to you, to deliver bad news.

Instead, they’ll offer a warning or heads-up about what could happen, giving you the opportunity to change your course and avoid obstacles and unpleasantness

There are several reasons why you might hear angels sing, but why don’t we look at the top seven? 

1) Reassurance and/or Comfort

If you’re going through a difficult patch in life and hear angels singing, you should take comfort from it.

Your angels are watching you, and they’re offering you comfort and reassurance. They are there, looking over you, making sure that you don’t get into too much trouble. 

2) Stronger Connection with the Divine or Spiritual Realm

Hearing angels sing could indicate a strengthened connection between you and the divine.

The strengthened connection signifies an increased awareness of the spiritual aspects of your life and could involve you developing a deeper understanding of your purpose.

You might also have a heightened sense of inner peace, and a greater connection to the world beyond what we can see and hear on Earth.

3) Spiritual Growth and/or Awakening

Hearing angelic singing might signify that you are experiencing spiritual growth and transformation and ties in with the idea that you have a much stronger spiritual or divine connection than usual. 

4) Trust Yourself and the Journey

I understand how it feels to not trust yourself or believe in yourself.

The thing is, though, you must be pretty good at doing what you do; otherwise, you wouldn’t still be alive and doing it.

If the angels come to you with their hauntingly exquisite melodies, they’re telling you that you should trust yourself. Whatever it is, trust yourself and your gut instinct. 

5: You Are Protected

If you have something big, scary, and nerve-wracking coming up in your future, you are protected.

Your guardian angels are watching over you, protecting you, and making sure you stay on the right path. If there was ever a time to make a bold move or a big statement, now is definitely it.

Those melodic songs act as a soft landing to catch you should you fall. 

6) Life is Special and Sacred

And it could all be over in the blink of an eye. When the angels sing, sometimes it’s a reminder that you should consider life to be sacred.

Tell people that you love them, live your life like it is your last day every day, and remember to stop and enjoy the little things every once in a while. 

7) A Reminder of Your Higher Path or Purpose

The angelic sounds you hear could serve as a reminder of your higher path or purpose and the importance of living in alignment with your values.

Have you recently betrayed your own values or beliefs?

You can’t change what you’ve already done, but you can change how things go in the future. 

If you’re hearing the angels sing, perhaps you need to take a moment to figure out if you’re acting appropriately according to your personal standards

Could Hearing Angels Be a Bad Sign?

Magical signs from your Guardian Angel

Hearing angels can be a bad sign, but it is more often related to positive messages and meanings, such as a reminder of how special life is or a reminder that you’re on the right path.

The real truth will only make itself known to you


A beautiful sound with a plethora of potential meanings, hearing angels sing is a special occasion, and one that very rarely happens.

I’ve never heard them; although, I have certainly wished for it on more than one occasion. 

How about you? Have you heard the angels sing? What did that spiritual message mean to you?  

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