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“Grand Rising” Spiritual Meaning: It’s Good Morning?

“Grand Rising" Spiritual Meaning: It’s Good Morning?

In today’s article we are going to talk about the true spiritual meaning of the word “grand rising”.

Recently, there has been a lot of debate concerning the meaning of the word “good morning” and “grand rising”.

Several people have argued that “good morning” is a word that can be interchanged with “grand rising”, while others have argued that both words carry different meanings.

Now, you might be wondering if there is any need for the debate. Let me discuss a little bit about this.

You see, the words we speak carry spiritual power and energy, and if used wrongly, can affect us.

This is why it is important to take note of every word we speak.

For example: The energy that is released from the word “good” is different from the energy released from the word “best”. If you need the energy that comes with a word, you need to get it correctly.

Therefore, understanding the difference or similarity between the word “good morning” and “grand rising” is pertinent. This is why I have put together the best resource to help you. Furthermore, you will get 9 spiritual messages that can come with the word “grand rising”.

My research concerning this topic was an interesting one because it brought me to a higher level of knowledge. Expect the same to happen to you as you read through.

What does “Grand Rising” mean in a phrase?

“Grand Rising”

Before we delve into the spiritual aspect of both words, it is best to start by identifying the way these words are used in the English language. The word “grand rising” can mean “good morning” in a phrase.

It can also signify the rising of the sun. However, all of these meanings depend on the context of the sentence. In the English language, context is very important. 

Generally, grand rising is a word that can be used for good morning.

Now, it is rare to hear this word from a friend or family. For example, I would rather say good morning than grand rising.

I have never used the word “grand rising” in exchange for “good morning”.

This does not demean the value of the word, it is simply because I am not used to it. You might be used to “grand rising” more than “good morning”. If this works perfectly for you, then there is nothing wrong.

Apart from good morning, grand rising can be used for the sun. That is, I can tell my friend that I saw the grand rising of the sun from the horizon.

The most important thing is context.

The context of the word determines how it can be used or not. In the spiritual world, does context hold weight as well? Let us find out.

What does “Grand Rising” mean Spiritually?

What does “Grand Rising” mean Spiritually

Grand rising is a word that carries spiritual meanings. Whenever this word is used, it refers to the rising of the sun.

In the spiritual world, the sun is believed to be a force of great illumination.

Therefore, hearing the word “grand rising“ means a sudden surge of clarity in your mind.

For example: If you are confused about a matter, you can recite the word “grand rising” 7 times while you create a vision of the sun in your mind. This is a powerful way to harness the light of the sun to shine on your path.

Furthermore, grand rising means encouragement.

If you feel depressed, the word “grand rising” can lift your spirit.

Whenever you remember the rising of the sun, it will remind you that darkness is not meant to last forever. Just like the sun shines in the sky, you are going to come out of your situation, and become a better person.

Good Morning VS Grand Rising

Good morning and grand rising in the spiritual world

In this section, we are going to compare and contrast the words “good morning” and “grand rising”. I am going to answer the question concerning the similarity and difference between ‘good morning’ and ‘grand rising’.

Good Morning:

When you wake up in the morning, the first word you should say to an individual is “good morning”. This is simple courtesy.

However, in the spiritual world, it goes beyond courtesy. It is believed that saying ‘good morning’ means that a new opportunity has opened up for you to make the most of your life.

In the spiritual world, the morning season is a time of a new beginning. This is a moment of starting afresh and starting a new thing.

Therefore, whenever someone tells you good morning, this means that the time has come to start afresh.

Another spiritual meaning of good morning talks about strength. When you wake up in the morning, it is believed that fresh strength is always released for your daily activity.

Therefore, when someone greets you “good morning”, it is an affirmation that you have the strength to accomplish what you have outlined for the day.

“Good morning” is a word that can be used only in the morning. It is impossible to greet and say “good morning” in the afternoon or evening.

Therefore, in the spiritual world, hearing the word “good morning” might also remind you that there is a time for everything. This might be a prompting to make use of the opportunity you have while it lasts because times and seasons change.

Grand Rising:

Similarly, grand rising is a word that can also be used in the morning.

In the spiritual world, the word “grand rising” is believed to carry a strong force of good luck.

Therefore, whenever you speak this word to yourself in the morning, there is a release of positivity into your atmosphere, which will attract good luck into your life.

The difference between “good morning” and “grand rising” is that “grand rising” can be used at any time of the day.

Unlike “good morning”, “grand rising” is not only limited to a greeting.

It can also be an encouragement from the universe.

Furthermore, it can be used to report a major achievement. Its vast usage and context make “grand rising” more widely spread during the day than “good morning”.

Grand Rising Spiritual Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

Spiritual meaning of grand rising

After a clear explanation of both “good morning” and “grand rising”, I want to give you additional information about the word “grand rising”. In this section, we will discuss the 9 important spiritual messages that can come with the word “grand rising”. Let us get into this right away.

1) A fresh start

Grand rising is a word that can also be used in the morning just like good morning. In the spiritual world, this is a sign of a fresh start. That is, the universe is giving you an opportunity to start afresh.

Mostly, this message will come to people that have missed out on an opportunity, made a mistake in their past, or are in deep regret about their past.

2) You are coming out victorious

Whenever you hear the word grand rising, it is an assurance that you are going to overcome every obstacle in your life.

This means that everything that is meant to stop you will become a stepping stone to your greatness and rising.

3) Manifestation

The rising of the sun can be referred to as grand rising.

Now, does the sun really disappear? No, it does not.

Even at night, the sun is still at its brightest. It simply manifests in the daytime. This is a spiritual message for you. Grand rising is a word that assures you of a full manifestation of your dreams and desires.

4) Victory sign over the enemy

The word “grand rising” connotes victory over the enemy. This is a word that assures you of your protection against spiritual attack. It gives you the confidence to fight back the fears in your heart.

5) You are unlimited

Unlike the word “good morning” which can only be used in the morning, “grand rising” can be used at any time of the day.

Therefore, it is an unlimited word. Whenever you hear the word “grand rising”, it means that you are also unlimited. Take the lid off the cover and release your potential.

6) Good luck

Grand rising is a word that brings good luck. Hearing this word means that your day is going to end well.

7) Strength

Rising takes strength. Therefore, the word “grand rising” can infuse strength into your essence. It can also prepare you for what lies ahead.

8) You are making a huge comeback

Grand rising is always used for those that succeed despite the odds against them.

Therefore, if you always hear the word “grand rising”, it means that you are about to make a huge comeback from the failure you experienced in the past.

9) Benediction

It is believed that the universe will use the word “grand rising” as a benediction. Whenever you get this word from the universe, it means that your day is blessed.

Should I say “Grand Rising” or “Good Morning”?

The sun in the morning

Good morning and grand rising are both powerful words.

However, for the best effect and result, always say the word “grand rising”. It has a more far-reaching effect than “good morning”.

Final Words

Now, it is clear that both words have similarities and differences. What you want determines the word you use. Therefore, let this article guide you further concerning the usage of “good morning” and “grand rising”.

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