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Trying to Wake up from a Dream but Can’t: Real Meaning

Trying to Wake up from a dream but can’t: Real Meaning

Whenever you try to wake up from a dream, but can’t, there is a real spiritual meaning.

Science calls it a medical condition, but the spiritual realm sees it as a message.

This situation is a sign that should never be trivialized, and I will prove this to you in this article. Therefore, let us look into the spiritual meanings of trying to wake up from a dream but can’t.

Dreams are an important part of our existence. Through dreams, we can receive several spiritual messages that will be of help to us in our daily activities.

In addition to this, we can also receive guidance concerning a major decision or step we are about to take. This is why we must hold our dreams sacred, and pay attention to what they are telling us.

However, there is something else to discuss on the concept of dreams.

People have spoken about finding it difficult to wake up from a dream. They try to wake up from that dream, but it is always very difficult or impossible.

What does this mean? Can the spiritual world also pass messages to our souls through this experience?

Science calls it sleep paralysis, which is the inability to move while sleeping. However, there is something different in the spiritual world concerning this situation.

Can you get stuck in a lucid dream?

Lucid dreams

No, you cannot get stuck in a lucid dream. A lucid dream is different from other dreams because it is a type of dream that you have total control over.

In this dream, you have total control over the characters, events, happenings, imageries, and so on.

It is almost as if you are the one that created the dream through your mind. You are the director of this subconscious movie, and you can choose when to snap out of it.

Therefore, getting stuck in this type of dream is impossible.

Your mind is still very active in a lucid dream.

Sometimes, you are not fully asleep when having a lucid dream. Therefore, it is not possible to be stuck in it. The type of dreams that you can get stuck in are the dreams that you have no control over.

These dreams are the ones that come to you when you are in a very deep sleep.

These are the dreams that can get you stuck, and we will discuss the meaning of having such an experience.

I can’t wake up from a Dream: What is the Spiritual Meaning?

I can’t wake up from a Dream

Whenever you find it hard to wake up from a dream, it can either be a good or bad sign. Let us start by talking about the good sign:

Good sign:

Whenever you find it hard to wake up from a dream, it is believed that the universe has deliberately kept you stuck because the answer you seek lies in the dream.

The universe is telling you to not be in a hurry to wake up.

Most times, if you relax your body, you will be sunk deeper into the dream, and receive the answers you need for your present situation.

The good side of getting stuck in the dream is that the universe wants to bring clarity to your soul through the events in that dream.

Bad sign:

It is believed that getting stuck in a dream can be a spiritual attack.

Whenever you wake up from this type of dream, your body will begin to ache, you will feel very tired and drowsy.

All of these after symptoms point to the fact that your experience of getting stuck in a dream is a spiritual attack.

Now, how can you prevent yourself from having this experience? All you need to do is burn the bay leaf incense before sleeping at night.

Causes and Meanings of Trying to Wake up from a dream but you can’t


Whenever you find it hard to wake up from a dream, 7 spiritual meanings are causes are attached. Out of these 7 spiritual meanings and causes, one or two will relate to your issue. Therefore, let us look into these.

The universe is trying to show you something:

One of the common causes and meanings of getting stuck in a dream is when the universe has a message for you.

You need to understand that it is not every dream you have that is a message from the universe. In one night, you can have 5 different dreams, and the last one will be the message.

Therefore, if you are already trying to wake up after the 4th dream, the universe will keep you in the dream until you see the message he is trying to communicate to you.

Whenever you are scared of taking steps:

It is believed that your soul can keep you stuck in a dream.

Now, how will this be possible? I will explain it to you briefly.

In real life, whenever you develop the habit of not taking giant strides or major steps, your soul will become addicted to this habit, and this will begin to affect your sleep.

Sometimes, you will suddenly feel too scared to wake up. All of these are signs that you should start taking action with faith and boldness.

A spiritual attack:

Whenever your environment is filled with negative energy, demons, and evil spirits will come around to hurt your soul.

One of the ways they keep your soul in torment is to get you stuck in your dream.

This dream will be scary and very bad. It is not going to be one of the normal dreams you have.

It might be the kind of dream where you find yourself in a graveyard, or you are being pursued by wild animals, and so on.

Once this happens to you, it is a sign that a demon or negative entity is attacking your soul.

An external force is trying to hold you back:

When you get into the phase of manifestation, certain things will begin to happen to you.

One of those things is that an external force will want to hold you back from manifesting your dreams and desires.

How will you know?

Your dream will reveal it to you. You will notice that waking up from your dream will become hard and almost impossible. Once this begins to happen consistently, it is saying that something is holding you back from advancing in life. 


Can you learn patience by getting stuck in a dream? Yes, you can learn patience.

Whenever you get stuck in a dream, the universe is saying that you should be patient.

Whenever you are patient, it will not be hard to identify loopholes. Furthermore, you will avoid mistakes. Learn from this experience of getting stuck in your dream, and become very patient in real life.

Something good is about to happen to you:

Whenever you get stuck in a dream where it is raining, don’t try to wake up.

Allow the rain to drench you so much because it is a good sign that something positive is going to happen to you.

This dream will always come before a breakthrough. Therefore, be attentive and know when to act after having this type of dream experience.

You need to set priorities:

When you find it hard to wake up from your dream, it could be that you are mixing too many things up in your life.

This is saying that you are in disorder.

The universe will get you stuck in your dream to show you that order is important.

When you wake up from that experience, you must set your life in order. You must identify the things you are meant to do, and the things you are not going to do. You must set boundaries around your life.

Dreaming where you can’t move: what is the spiritual meaning?

Dreaming where you can’t move

Whenever you have a dream where you cannot move, the following spiritual messages are included.

  • It is saying that you are afraid to make a major move. Is it bad to be scared to make a move? Yes and no. I will say yes because fear will always hold you back from making progress.

    However, I will also say no because the fear is normal – especially when the step is a huge one that has potential risks involved. This is why you are having this type of dream.
  • Having a dream where you can’t move is a sign of an unwillingness to change. This is not a good sign. Whenever you show an unwillingness to change, it means that you are not ready to embrace the world as it is.

    Furthermore, it is a sign that you are not ready to grow. Therefore, the universe will bring this dream to you as a warning sign. A man that has refused to change is likened to a dead man.

These 2 meanings will guide you aright in the event of having a dream where you can’t move.

It’s bad when you can’t wake up from a dream?


Whenever you find it hard to wake up from a dream, it is good and bad. Certain factors should be considered before tagging the experience good or bad. Let us look at both sides carefully.

Good side:

  • Whenever you dream of walking in the rain, and you can’t wake up, it is a sign of a breakthrough and blessing. The universe has prevented you from waking up because you need to stay under the rain much longer for the blessing to manifest in your physical life. 
  • Whenever you dream of walking in the afternoon, and you can wake up, it is a sign of direction. According to traditional and spiritual practices, it is said that you will have this experience after praying for direction about a matter. This is why the dream has come. It has come to shed more light on the issues in your life. Therefore, this is also a good sign.
  • Getting stuck in a dream can also be a good sign when you are protected by staying back in dreamland. For example, if a demon spirit is waiting to hurt you when you wake up, the universe can keep you in the dream to protect you from the attack.

Bad side:

  • If you have a dream, which looks like a horror movie and you find it hard to wake up, take it as a sign of an attack. This means that a demon is attacking your soul by tampering with your dreams.
  • Have you ever tried waking up from your dream but suddenly felt weak and tired? This is not a good sign. It is saying that you have given up on the will to fight and win. It is saying that you have chosen to accept your life the way it is.

Therefore, you need to consider these factors carefully before deciding if getting stuck in a dream is good or bad.

How can I control my Dream and wake up?

Controlling our dreams

Unless the dream is not spiritual, this is when you will be able to wake up. It will be impossible to wake up from the dream whenever the universe is holding you back in dreamland.

However, if you are under a spiritual attack, you can recite protection prayers in your mind.

Most times, you are always conscious but can’t just snap out of the dream.

The best way to do this is by reciting protection prayers. This gives you the energy to push back at the attack and wake up from the dream. Once you do this, snapping out of an evil dream will never be difficult again.

Final Words

The events surrounding our dreams are powerful. We must not take them lightly. Therefore, always ensure to meditate on the reason for getting stuck in a dream (after you wake up), and act on further instructions (if there are).

Doing this will keep you safe, fit, and positive about life. Dreams are powerful. Therefore, the events surrounding them should count as a spiritual sign.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to Wake up from a Dream but Can’t: Real Meaning”

  1. Last night I found myself experiencing sleep paralysis, I couldnt move but I knew I was asleep on the couch and for some reason wanted to wake up but couldn’t. So I called out yelling and I could here myself moaning and my kids mom came out and woke me up and told me i was yelling in my sleep. But then I started doing it again and it turned out that I hadn’t been woken up but was still dreaming and my kid’s mom came out and woke me up again to tell me I had been yelling in my sleep. But then I started doing it again and the third time my kid’s mom actually did come out and woke me up and told me that I had been yelling and talking in my sleep. All three times were exactly alike. I then fell back asleep and had vivid horrible dreams the rest of the night.

  2. was in bed with my boyfriend; he got up to go pee, and when he came back I heard him grab a pillow and walk to the living room and lay on the couch. We have a small apartment; you can hear everything. But I think when I was hearing him do this, I was half asleep, but still conscious. Because once I woke up from my nightmare, he was in fact, on the couch. Truly right? So back to the nightmare, I hear him get on the couch right. So I know I’m alone in the room. And for some reason, tonight I’ve been idk, feeling like I don’t want to sleep alone cause I’m scared. He will typically lay on the couch if he ever gets too hot. But In that moment, once I heard him exit the room I became frightened. I started to experience sleep paralysis.. in a different form. Not the usual old hag sitting on your chest or the tall shadow men. I just knew I was in the halfway realm. so, I start to call out “babe” “babe” to see if he’ll hear me or see me forgetting or hear me moan so he can wake me. But get this? It was almost a lucid dream; because I stood up, and I walked to the living room. Everything was dark…. ( I find this creepy because everything was off in my house, and the setting for my sleep paralysis was identical ) , I see the couch and I see a blanket and it looks like something is under it. So, I call out babe once again. Then it goes really quiet… and I look around and no one is there. Just me in my dark living room, in the halfway realm. I felt this eerie energy. For some reason, the dream wanted me to believe it was now my mom laying on the couch. And I say, “mom!” And no reply…. I get the eerie feeling again. And I scream “I know
    This isn’t my mom, because she would never leave me here.” And I felt like the dream realized that I was aware of that now. And I felt like… set up almost? since I was a kid . I taught myself to blink really hard or shut my eyes in my dream and think to wake up so I could wake up, it always seemed to work. I’m 27 now. So I did it this time, I shut my eyes, and said wake up! and I couldn’t…. I tried again…. I was still in the dream. I started to panic knowing my panic option was not even close to working. I start to scream and claw my eyes. I yell “WAKE UP ALICE WAKE UP WAKE UP” and after I chanted this, I woke up…. I really want to reiterate the fact, that for a whole it was not working. I felt stuck in the dream realm…. And for the first Time in my 27 years of living life I felt like I was not going to wake up.. & I had never been so scared in my life…..

    Do you think we can get stuck there?!

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