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Glowing Blue Eyes Spiritual Meaning: Dream and Reality

Glowing Blue Eyes Spiritual Meaning: Dream and Reality

Eyes mean so many things in so many different cultures, especially when it comes to dreams.

But glowing blue eyes – well, they’re a little something else.

With divine and spiritual connections, the possibility of both good and troublesome times ahead, and a chance to get your creative and expressive sides in order, I think it’s time we learned a little more about the potential flowing blue eyes spiritual meanings. 

Let’s dive right on in.  

Spiritual Meaning of Glowing Blue Eyes in Dreams

Woman with glowing blue eyes

I want you to think about the glowing blue eyes you saw in the dream.

Were they your eyes, or were they someone else’s eyes? Do you know the person? Do you have a relationship with that person? How do you feel about them if you do? 

All of these questions are important when it comes to seeing glowing blue eyes in a dream.

You should think of the eyes as one part of a jigsaw. In order to find out what the meaning or message of the dream is, you must first look at the pieces, organize them, and them put them in their rightful place. 

If you’re looking at your own blue eyes glowing in a dream, it is a message or symbol that represents YOU.

The eyes can have several different meanings attached, but often denote messages surrounding: 

  • Wealth (getting or losing);
  • Faith, spirituality, and/or religion;
  • Clarity;
  • A warning;
  • Feeling scrutinized;
  • Not trusting yourself;
  • Something negative to come.

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Spiritual Meaning of Glowing Blue Eyes in Reality

Man with glowing blue eyes

Here’s a fun fact about blue eyes: Blue eyes are relatively rare worldwide. They are most commonly found in people of European descent, especially those with Northern and Eastern European ancestry.

In populations with higher levels of melanin, such as those in Africa and Asia, blue eyes are much less common. 

This rarity can cross over into the spiritual world, too. If you don’t have blue eyes, seeing them could indicate something rare in your future, the kind of thing that happens “once in a blue moon,” as they say. 

Eyes have had a tight connection with the spiritual world for millennia. In Hinduism and some forms of Buddhism, the “third eye” refers to an inner, spiritual eye that provides insight beyond ordinary perception. It is associated with intuition, enlightenment, and higher consciousness.

The eyes are often used as a metaphor for perception, understanding, and knowledge too. Phrases like “seeing the truth” or “opening one’s eyes” put across the idea of gaining insight or awareness.

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Spiritual Meaning of Glowing Blue Eyes in the Dark 

Dark blue eyes

In some spiritual circles, glowing blue eyes (or just blue eyes in general) are symbolic of a weakness or flaw that will likely hold you back.

You have all the right ideas and intentions, but something stops you from hitting the finish line every time.

If this scenario hasn’t already happened to you, the dream of glowing blue eyes could be a sign that this troublesome patch is soon to come. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Glowing Blue Eyes: 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Glowing Blue Eyes

The color of the glowing eyes you see in a dream is important because different colors convey different messages and have different associations.

Blue is often associated with feelings of calmness, tranquility, and serenity, and can represent a state of inner peace and emotional balance when you see glowing blue eyes in a dream. 

1) Clear Insight

In some spiritual traditions, blue is linked to effective communication and expression. The blue eyes in your dream could symbolize clear communication with yourself/spiritual self, others, or the divine.

Blue eyes are also linked to intellectual pursuits and effective communication. The color is often used in professional settings to convey competence, reliability, and clarity of thought. 

When you put these together, you can understand why glowing glue eyes could indicate a period of clear and focused thinking, making good decisions, and being one step ahead. 

2) Keep Your Eyes Open

Glowing eyes could be every bit the message they appear to be: a warning to keep your eyes open for something that might trip you up, metaphorically.

In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus, also known as the Wedjat or Udjat, was a powerful symbol representing protection, royal power, and good health. It is often associated with the god Horus and is seen as a symbol of healing.

Across various cultures, there is a belief in the “evil eye,” a malevolent glare that is thought to cause harm or misfortune. Amulets and charms, such as the Nazar in Turkish culture, are used to ward off the evil eye – and they are almost always bright blue in color! 

3) Stronger Spiritual Connection

Glowing eyes, regardless of color, are often seen as a sign of a stronger-than-ever connection with the spiritual or divine realm.

If there was ever a time to seek guidance, ask for advice, or communicate in any type of way with the ‘other’ realms, the days following a glowing blue eyes dream are it! 

If you dabble in healing crystals, I thoroughly recommend carrying on the theme and using blue-colored crystals in your rituals.

Wearing blue, burning blue candles, and surrounding yourself with blue items can help to amplify your communication. 

4) Let Go of the Idea of Perfection

Perfection is an impossible dream. Even when you reach perfection, you still won’t be happy and there’ll be a new goal or dream to accomplish.

If the glowing blue eyes are your eyes, the type of eyes you wish to have, or the eyes of someone you love or have a crush on, there’s a chance that you’re giving yourself a hard time unnecessarily. 

They’re not out of your league. 

You can get that job. 

There’s no such thing as perfection. 

5) Difficult Times Ahead 

How do you feel about those glowing blue eyes? Do they make you feel intrigued? Scared? Vulnerable?

How you feel about them will go a long way to interpreting the final message. A positive outlook and feeling about the eyes point to a positive outcome or message.

A negative outlook, on the other hand, points to troublesome times. 

We must all face difficult times in life. It’s what makes us who and what we are. You’ll get them through them with a little patience, the right support network, and some space and time for you to rest your mind and then to get to grips with things. 

6) You’re Protected (and Loved)

If the glowing blue eyes are light blue in color or tone, could almost be white, or leave a really positive, angelic, and fuzzy feeling with you, your guardian angels, passed-over loved ones, or other spirits and characters in the divine realm are touching your hand with theirs.

It doesn’t matter about the difficult times, because you have spiritual and divine assistance to guide you through. 

Remember that when the going gets tough. 

7) Blocked Throat Chakra

Lighter blue and turquoise tones could indicate an issue with your throat chakra.

Blue is this chakra’s associated color, and when the chakra is not aligned or functioning, you are likely to experience issues with honesty and truthfulness, expressing yourself in all manner of ways, and communication. 

You can unblock your throat chakra in several ways, including wearing more blue outfits, visualizing blue items or colors during meditation and manifestation, using blue healing crystals, burning blue candles, and even eating blue foods, such as blueberries.

The vibrational energy of these foods is believed to support the throat chakra.

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Many questions will need answering before you can finally decipher the true hidden meaning in your spiritual dreams.

Your emotions, other things that are going on in the dream, and even how things look (such as colors) play such a big part. 

For some, dream interpretation comes easy. If this isn’t the case for you, don’t lose patience. It’ll come with practice, belief, and self-belief. 

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