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Home » Sanpaku Eyes Spiritual Meaning: Superstition, Fate and Death

Sanpaku Eyes Spiritual Meaning: Superstition, Fate and Death

Sanpaku Eyes Spiritual Meaning: Superstition, Fate and Death

In recent times, there seems to be a sudden uproar about having sanpaku eyes and their spiritual meanings

Now, there seems to be a lot going around concerning this type of eye – some of which can be misleading

This is why I spent some time researching the sanpaku eyes. To help you understand this type of eyes better, I have discovered the best spiritual meanings and superstitions of people with this unique form of eyes. 

In this article, everything you need to know about the sanpaku eyes will be discussed. 

If you have this kind of unique eyes or know someone with the sanpaku eyes, then, you should read this article to understand its implications, superstitions and meanings.

What is Sanpaku Eyes?

Sanpaku Eyes

Before we discuss the spiritual meaning of the sanpaku eyes, let us define what it means

When you take a close look at normal eyes, you will discover that the iris covers the center of the eyes.

This means that the white space (sclera) above and below the iris will not be visible. 

However, when it comes to the sanpaku eyes, it is somewhat different. Firstly, the iris is a lot smaller than that of the normal eyes.

The white space above and beneath the iris can be seen

In some cases, only the space above the iris is visible. Others have sanpaku lower eyes.

Finally, some other people have sanpaku middle eyes, which means the white space above and below the iris is visible.

The word “Sanpaku” came from Japanese culture. The reason is that the art of eye reading started in Japan.

This unique form of eyes was first discovered by the Japanese – hence the name “Sanpaku”.

The word “San” in Japanese means “3” while the word “Paku” means “Space”.

From this explanation, sanpaku eyes refer to the type of eyes where 3 white spaces are visible. It can be 4 as the case may be. However, it must at least be 3.

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Spiritual Meaning of Sanpaku Eyes

Spiritual Meaning of Sanpaku Eyes

This unique type of eye has various spiritual interpretations.

If you have sanpaku eyes or have seen someone with this type of eye, here are the spiritual messages attributed to it. 

  • It represents unseen energy: According to legends, people with sanpaku eyes are surrounded by an unseen force. This is why they suddenly feel like someone is following them or standing in one corner of their homes;
  • Sanpaku eyes refer to an imbalance: 2 and 4 are omens of emotional and mental balance. However, when an individual has sanpaku eyes, it means they are emotionally imbalanced. It is believed that people with sanpaku eyes are short-tempered. They can easily get angry, or break down in tears at every slight pressure;
  • In the spiritual world, sanpaku eyes also refer to spiritual foresight: Those with these eyes are blessed with the divine ability to see into the spiritual world. Therefore, if you are blessed with the sanpaku eyes, it means you can see things before they happen. In some rare cases, this means you have been called into the office of a seer.

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Sanpaku Eyes Superstition

Sanpaku Eyes Superstition

There are various superstitions about having sanpaku eyes

Some believe that this is a sign of death, a curse, or it speaks of the fate of the person. 

Let us talk about these superstitious beliefs in this section:

Superstition about Fate:

It is believed that the sanpaku eyes can determine the fate or destiny of an individual.

According to certain cultures, when someone has sanpaku eyes, it is easy to understand his/her future

Unlike those with normal eyes, you don’t need palmistry to understand the future of someone with sanpaku eyes.

The sclera above and beneath the iris is enough to predict the future of such an individual

Therefore, if you have sanpaku eyes, your fate lies before you. You can tell how your future is going to look with these types of eyes. 

Superstition about death:

The Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa was the proponent of this theory. 

He believed that people with sanpaku eyes are doomed to meet an early or tragic death later in their lives.

His conclusion was based on the story of people like Abraham Lincoln, and John .F. Kennedy. 

George believed that anyone with these eyes will be met with an unfavorable state of living, which might eventually lead to their death

Now, we don’t have any spiritual proof of this proposition.

However, we believe people with sanpaku eyes should take extra caution by seeing a spiritual elder, or psychic for deeper insight into their lives and fate. 

Curse superstition:

Some people believe that sanpaku eyes are a form of a spiritual curse

According to ancient history, people with sanpaku eyes were seen as sickly and cursed

To this day, the same belief has held strongly in some traditions. 

This ancient belief was further proven based on the fact that the disruption in eye structure (leading to sanpaku eyes) will also disrupt the life force of the individual

This eventually leads to vulnerability and exposure to severe negative circumstances like sickness, accidents, or even death.

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Myths about Sanpaku Eyes

Myths about Sanpaku Eyes

According to Japanese myth, having sanpaku eyes is seen as a sign of physical imbalance.

People who constantly engage in alcohol drinking, smoking weed and other vices suddenly develop this imbalance as a warning sign.

Furthermore, having sanpaku eyes is linked to the past life of an individual.

It is believed that people with this eye did wrong in their past lives. Therefore, the eye was given to remind them to live a good life. 

On the other hand, Africans and Greek mythology claim that sanpaku eyes belong to the gods

Anyone with this type of eye is spiritually linked to the gods and possesses the power of God for situations.

It is also seen as an omen of good fortune. When we take a closer look at people who had these eyes in the past, they were influential and wealthy.

Therefore, it is believed that people who are blessed with sanpaku eyes will become very wealthy.

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7 Spiritual Meanings About Sanpaku Eyes

7 Spiritual Meanings About Sanpaku Eyes

Apart from all that you’ve read so far, there are 7 different spiritual meanings you can get concerning sanpaku eyes

These meanings are guiding lights to help you. 

Keep them in mind and apply them where necessary. 

1) Never forget who you are

It is possible to get lost in the hustle and bustle around you

However, the moment you get home and look into the mirror, let your sanpaku eyes remind you of who you are. 

Through these eyes, the universe constantly increases your self-awareness

2) Stay on your path

The sanpaku eyes you have is a sign that you are on a different journey from others

This is why you need to stick with your destiny. 

Through your eyes, God is encouraging you to not forget who you are, and also be focused on your path. It might (and will) be different from what is around. 

But, you must journey through that path till the very end.

3) You have unique abilities to discover

Having sanpaku eyes means you have hidden spiritual abilities

These eyes mean you need to take a deeper dive into the essence of your being. 

It is time to discover your hidden talents and abilities and begin to use them for the greater good. 

4) Live a good life

Well, just as the superstitions and myths predict. You have sanpaku eyes because of how you lived your past life

Therefore, take this as a warning sign to do your best to live a good life.

This is a new opportunity to right your wrongs.

5) Listen to your inward voice

Whenever you are going through a confusing moment, the sanpaku eyes are a reminder to listen to your inner voice for clarity.

These eyes reveal that you possess psychic abilities, which are useful in moments such as this. 

6) Emotional Balance

Sanpaku eyes mean you are short-tempered

Whenever you are about to lose your temper, always remind yourself to maintain the balance

Through your sanpaku eyes, the universe is encouraging you to be emotionally stable. 

7) You have a great future

The superstitions you just read are scary, right? Well, don’t be scared!

Your unique form of eye means you have a great future ahead of you.

It implies that you will be popular and rich just like those with sanpaku eyes like abraham lincoln, and so on.

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I have Sanpaku Eyes. Is it a bad omen?

close up eyes

To me, I don’t believe that sanpaku eyes is a bad omen

Yes, I understand that various superstitions marked it as an omen of death, curse, and ill fate. 

However, my deep study of the spirituality behind this form of the eye reveals that there are several more positive omens and signs than the negative

Therefore, if you have sanpaku eyes or see someone with sanpaku eyes, there is no need to fear

You have something great that you should be thankful for.

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Final Words

From this article, it is evident that Sanpaku eyes are a unique and deeply spiritual type of eye

Those who have it are different from other people on the earth. 

Therefore, if you have this eye, ensure you bookmark this article for future use

Let the superstitions and myths surrounding Sanpaku eyes serve as caution signs. But, most importantly, let the spiritual meanings be your guiding light. 

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