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11 Fiddle Leaf Fig Spiritual Meanings and Benefits (Spiritually)

11 Fiddle Leaf Fig Spiritual Meanings and Benefits

When you see the fiddle leaf fig, you might be tempted to focus only on the biological and botanical properties.

But it is more beneficial to focus on its spiritual benefit.

Spiritually, people get access to the future by meditating on this plant. Furthermore, they get specific messages about their lives through this plant as well.

Therefore, you should accept this plant as an omen and understand what it says to you whenever it shows up around you.

To understand this, read this article till the end. I have discovered 11 spiritual meanings and benefits of this plant.

This will prove a lot helpful to you.

What is a Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig

The botanical name for this plant is ficus lyrata. This plant grows commonly in western African regions. It is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family.

To grow this plant, you require a lot of light and water.

Occasionally, people keep this plant in their homes as an interior design for their homes. 

For some years, there has been an increasing rate of this plant showing up in people’s homes and refusing to go away.

This is because they are not wild plants.

They can be cultivated and treated as flowers. When you try to move this plant from its thriving location, it either dies or fails to grow as expected. 

It has a broad-shaped leaf with a cross lining on the surface.

Rather than the whole tree, people prepare either a leaf or an average-sized plant for indoor purposes.

I grew to know the fiddle leaf fig as an average plant until I realized it is gotten from a tree that can grow up to 39ft. 

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Symbolism

Fiddle Leaf Fig Symbolism

Do you know that the universe sends this plant to people as a sign? Furthermore, there are several things to note about this plant when it shows up around you.

The fiddle leaf fig symbolism points to the unreadiness to change.

Whenever you attempt to remove this plant from its original position, it becomes uncomfortable, which kills it or gives it stunted growth.

Reflecting on this can help you identify your unwillingness to change.

Getting this message helps you to talk yourself out of this negative state of mind.  It tells you to embrace change and adapt to it.

In the spiritual world, this sign is gotten when you are about to enter a new phase of your life.

It helps you to look forward to new opportunities, challenges, and milestones

The symbolism from a fiddle leaf fig also points to hard work and stability. It encourages people to embrace hard work and discipline.

This makes them stable in their work ethics.

Whenever you find yourself trimming your plant, meditate on the benefit of putting in your best effort at your job, or in your business.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Powers

The spiritual power of this plant

This plant possesses certain spiritual powers.

It can heighten your spiritual sensitivity.

When you keep this plant around, your mind gets more drawn toward the spiritual world.

This is because of the presence of the fiddle leaf fig in your home.

Immediately after this, you will start having flashes of visions, and eventually, your spiritual senses will begin to pick certain signals.

If this remains consistent for a few days, you will be fully spiritually awakened. All thanks to the fiddle leaf fig.

Another spiritual power of this plant makes it easy for people to dwell in an atmosphere of positivity.

That is if you have struggled with maintaining a positive mindset, the presence of this plant is powerful enough to strengthen your mind to become positively inclined.

People who meditate on this plant are blessed with positive energy.

This energy fuels their convictions and expectations of good things.

In addition to this, getting this plant from the universe strengthens the bond between friends.

It tells you to embrace your friends, and trust them enough to make decisions for you

4 Spiritual Benefits of Fiddle Leaf Fig

Benefits of this plant

Before we discuss the different spiritual meanings of this plant, it is important to talk about its benefits. What do you stand to gain by using this plant for yourself? Read on to find out.

1. It clears out negative energy

Keeping this plant in your home physically inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen.

For humans, carbon dioxide is not beneficial to man. However, oxygen is beneficial and crucial to man’s existence on earth.

If this plant can absorb harmful air properties, then, it can clear out negative energy from your mind.

This is one of the spiritual benefits of using this plant.

It can eliminate every negative feeling you have while leaving you with positive energy.

2. Good Luck

Positive energy and good luck are one.

You cannot enjoy one without attracting the other. Therefore, if it attracts positivity to you, expect good luck to follow.

One of the ways to keep your home full of good luck and fortune is by keeping the fiddle leaf fig plant in your home.

It incites the emergence of amazing opportunities for you.

For example, if you are going for an interview, meditating on this plant before leaving home opens you up to the possibility of getting the job.

3. Good health

This is commonly known by a lot of people.

Keeping this plant in your home can:

  • Restore good health;
  • Speed up recovery processes;
  • And help people to remain healthy for a long time.

The natural energy of this plant is responsible for this benefit.

When you keep the fiddle leaf fig around your bed, it is believed to relieve you of headaches, or mental stress.

Even if your sickness is a result of an attack, this plant has the power to relieve you. It can grant you victory over the spiritual attacks of evil forces.

4. Fertility

It is believed that this plant gives women children.

When a woman finds it hard to conceive, she can keep this plant in her room.

The more it blossoms, the sooner she conceives. Because of the fruitfulness of the fiddle leaf fig, it is an omen of fertility.

Myth has it that the leaf of this plant can be cooked as herbs for women to drink. It makes them fertile.

Therefore, if you desire to have children, keep this plant in your home

These 4 spiritual benefits can be enjoyed from this plant. Now, let us talk about the divine messages you can get from this spiritual plant. 

11 Spiritual Meanings of the Fiddle Leaf Fig

Spiritual Meaning of the Fiddle Leaf Fig

When you see this plant either in dreams or in real life, the following messages should come to mind. They are the possible messages you will get from the universe. Let us talk about them right away.

1) Embrace Change

Have you found it hard to embrace changing situations? Then, you are probably associated with fiddle leaf figs.

They don’t love to be transplanted.

Now, this is not encouraging you to keep that mentality.

Rather, it stirs you up to change your mentality.

You need to see change as a part of life. Learn to accept it.

Anytime the spiritual world gives you this plant in your dream, it speaks of your attitude towards changing seasons.

2) Good luck

When people are suffering from negative situations, the image of this plant brings a breath of fresh air.

Do you know why?

It is because the energy from this plant brings good luck to people.

Therefore, seeing its image makes you a recipient of good luck and fortune

Spiritually, the universe is encouraging you to brace up for the coming good times in your life.

It is telling you to not give in to the negative situation surrounding you.

The fiddle leaf fig is a breath of fresh air and also helps you prepare for what comes next.

3) Spiritual Sensitivity

Have you been struggling with sensitivity? It could probably be a result of your busy schedules with other affairs.

Now, you need to work on your spiritual sensitivity.

Do you know why? It is because you need spiritual sensitivity to pick up signals from the universe.

Therefore, open up your heart to be spiritually aware of what goes on around you.

When your spiritual senses are heightened, it becomes easier to get messages and discern the hearts of people.

This is the message you will get from this plant.

4) Prosperity

For those struggling with their finances, the fiddle leaf fig brings good news. Dreaming of this plant means you will become prosperous.

It tells you to get ready to be blessed financially.

Also, it could inspire you to pray for your finances.

Once you constantly dream of this plant, it is an omen of wealth. Expect to increase your revenue and profit.

Expect to experience an abundant supply of financial resources for any urgent need you have.

5) Don’t be quick to believe everything you hear

Eating this leaf in a dream means you are gullible.

It is a warning sign.

You need to consciously filter everything you hear. Stop believing the words of people – no matter how close they are to you.

Increase your discernment.

You will dream of eating this plant consistently when you are too gullible.

Once it happens, try to reduce how you believe the words of people. You can always ask your intuition if you should believe or not.

Also, when you suddenly feel uncomfortable with the words of people, it could be a sign to doubt those words.

6) Mental stability

The next time you dream of sitting under the fiddle leaf fig tree, it inspires you to be mentally stable.

People go through mental instability because of unfavorable conditions like poverty, relationship issues, and so on.

When you suffer from this mental condition, it stops you from thinking straight, and might also affect how you produce results at work or in your overall living condition.

Through dreaming of the fiddle leaf fig tree, you can become mentally stable, or be inspired to put your mental health under control.

7) Protection from negativity

When you keep this plant in your home, it is an omen of protection.

Through this plant, you can be protected from negativity.

The arrows of negativity will not affect you because of the invisible environment created by this plant.

Therefore, keep this in mind when next you have an encounter with this plant. 

8) Protection from Evil Spirits

In the spiritual world, protection from evil spirits can be depicted by this plant.

When you dream of plucking leaves from this plant, it means you will enjoy protection from evil spirits.

The attacks from demons will not affect you because of this dream.

It builds a wall around you that keeps evil spirits away from your life.

9) Your desires will be granted

Anytime you pass by the fiddle leaf fig, think about the things you want to accomplish.

This releases the faith to go after them.

Also, it assures that all your desires will be granted by the universe.

This builds faith and hope in people’s minds

10) New beginnings

The fiddle leaf fig is a sign of new beginnings.

This tells you to prepare to enter a new phase of your life.

Now, because this plant was used as an omen, expect the new phase to bring new opportunities and greater levels of accomplishments.

11) Stay consistent

One of the common spiritual attributes of this plant encourages consistency.

It is given to people to inspire them.

Whenever you are battling with consistency, meditate on the fiddle leaf fig.

It is given to you as a spiritual sign of consistency.

Is a Fiddle Leaf Fig a Good Protection Plant?

Fiddle Leaf Fig and spiritual protection

Yes, it is a good protection plant.

Spiritually, this plant can be used to protect people from negative energy, bad luck, sickness, death, and so on.

In the spiritual world, the fiddle leaf fig can be used to protect people from everything BAD, NEGATIVE, and EVIL.

Final Words

When you see this fiddle leaf fig, it is a spiritual sign to take advantage of. Open your heart to this plant, and pay attention to what message it brings to you. When you understand the spiritual significance of the fiddle leaf fig, your life will take an entirely different shape.

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