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Home » Eye Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left Eye

Eye Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left Eye

Eye Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Right and Left Eye

The eye is an important organ of the body. Across several spiritual quarters, it is called several names.

Christianity refers to it as the light of the body

Therefore, it is important to know what it means. Beyond that, we also need to identify what its symbol means to us. 

This is why you should join me on this mental journey as I unveil the spiritual meaning of the right and left eye symbols. 

What does the eye symbol mean spiritually?

Eye in spirituality

In many cultures, the eye symbol is seen as an omen of protection. It is linked with the evil eye symbol. Drawing the eye symbol on your body is believed to bring protection to you. It wards off evil spirits and protects you from negative energy. 

If you dream of seeing an eye symbol on your body, this reveals that you are under the watchful eyes of the universe. This gives you a sense of safety and courage. Spiritually, this means you are being watched over by the spiritual world. 

The eye symbol is also an omen of enlightenment.

Since it is referred to as the light of the body by Christians, then, it speaks of a body of higher knowledge and wisdom. This inspires you to become more spiritually enlightened. 

In the spiritual world, the eye symbol means clarity. If you are having a moment of indecision, dreaming of this symbol means clarity has come. You need to see the situation at hand with your inner eyes.

This symbol is a spiritual sign of omniscience. It describes the all-knowing nature of God. It speaks of the divine ability to know all things.

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Eye symbol spiritual meaning

Eye symbol

To further understand what the eye symbol means in the spiritual world, let us explore the spiritual meaning of the right eye and left eye symbol. 

Identifying their spiritual meanings brings a clearer perspective to us.

It also breaks things down into simple forms for you to comprehend and easily identify.

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Right eye symbol spiritual meaning

Right eye symbol

The right side of the body is known as the masculine part of a man or a woman. Now, this aspect is responsible for rational thinking. It contributes to drive, passion, and confidence. 

Now, the right eye symbol speaks about the masculine aspects of ourselves. If you have a symbol in the right eye, this could inspire you to pay more attention to the masculine part of yourself. This has nothing to do with your gender. 

The universe wants you to be firm. This protects you from manipulative people. It shields your vulnerability. 

In addition to this, you got this sign from the heavens as an omen from God. This symbol encourages you to pay attention to your intuition. 

This helps you to make rational decisions. It inspires you to not act based on your feelings alone. 

Before taking any decision, be clear that all necessary details have been carefully considered.

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Left eye symbol spiritual meaning

Left eye symbol

The left eye symbol speaks of the compassionate aspect of an individual. This is because the left part of the body is linked to the feminine aspects of a man. 

It is also associated with water energy. 

The left eye symbol speaks of compassion and love. If you dream of having this symbol in your left eye, it means you are an empath. It could also reveal your kind heart. 

Spiritually, this symbol wants you to pay attention to your feminine side. Rather than ignore it, embrace it, explore it, and make good use of it. 

Ignoring your feminine side will make your life imbalanced. 

You don’t want to be like that. 

This is also an omen of protection. It means you are safeguarded by powerful spiritual forces against negative energy and bad luck. It also reminds you to protect the vulnerable aspects of your life.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing eyes

Eye - energy and power

Whenever you see eyes, it has the following spiritual meanings you should know:

  • It speaks of focus. If you constantly see eyes, then, the universe wants you to eliminate all forms of distraction. This is an omen of focus and determination. Start focusing on what’s important.
  • Seeing eyes is an omen of spiritual sensitivity. It is the revelation of an individual’s psychic abilities. If you always see eyes, it could mean that you are a prophet. 
  • When you see an eye, it could be a sign of assurance. Telling you that all your desires will be manifested. It inspires you to not give up, or become pessimistic. Stay focused and hopeful. 
  • This sign brings about a spiritual awakening. It makes you more sensitive and conscious of what goes on around you. This also inspires you to pay attention to spiritual signs and messages. 

7 Meanings of Eye Symbol

Eye Symbols

You need to know the following spiritual meanings of the eye symbol. These 7 spiritual messages are divine. 

Through them, you will enjoy guidance, protection, and confidence

The meanings you’re about to read transformed me. I believe they will help you out as well. 

Let’s dig in!

1) Stay focused

The eye symbol inspires focus. As we all know, the eyes give direction because they focus on the path ahead. In the same way, our inner gaze must be fixed on the goals we want to achieve.

This symbol frowns against distractions. It wants you to let go of unnecessary ideals, thoughts, and so on. Keep things simple and practical. Stay focused on quality projects and goals. 

2) Wisdom

According to myths, the eye symbol is an omen of wisdom. It speaks of divine intelligence and the ability to give solutions to complex issues. 

If you constantly dream of having an eye symbol, it could be a sign of divine wisdom. It reveals that a supernatural ability has been given to you to solve issues in a genius way. 

3) Courage

Spiritually, the eye symbol is an omen of courage. Having this symbol on your body means you are ready to take risks. If you dream of having this symbol, then, the universe wants you to become courageous. You need to make big moves. Start taking bold steps. 

4) Pay attention to your intuition

The eye is an omen of intuitive power. When you have this symbol on your body, or see it around you, it calls your attention to your subconscious self. 

This sign should inspire you to listen more to your inward voice. 

Pay attention to that voice of reason in your soul. Divine guidance will be enjoyed as you do this. 

5) Eliminate pressure

The energy from an eye symbol is therapeutic. It inspires people to let go of pressure by embracing emotional and mental stability. 

If you are going through a difficult moment, the appearance of an eye symbol around you should always encourage you to avoid pressure. Stay hopeful. 

6) Good Luck

The green eye symbol is a sign of good luck. Seeing it means you are about to enjoy a lot of positive outcomes. 

Expect something good to happen to you soon. 

7) Change

The eye symbol means you are about to witness a change in your life. It is an omen of significant transformations in your life. Be ready for the adventures and challenges. 


The eye carries a profound meaning. It speaks about our inner souls and enlightenment. It also brings about a spiritual sensitivity. 

When next you see an eye symbol, bring to mind the information you just got from this article. 

The impact of the eye cannot be overestimated. Henceforth, see everything relating to the eye as a potential spiritual message from heaven. 

Thanks for reading through !!!

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