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11 Cicada Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism in House

11 Cicada Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism in House

Cicadas can be annoying – especially when they make loud noises.

Throughout the ages, this creature has been seen as an agent of rebirth.

They are believed to bring transformation into the lives of people. 

Seeing it in your home can be exhilarating. Sometimes, it leaves you ecstatic and in utter wonderment. 

Across several cultures, cicadas have been interpreted with close linking to their cycle.

It is believed that they emerge from beneath the earth after many years of hibernating there. 

Several cultural backgrounds have held this creature in high esteem, and this is why you should do the same as well.

Hearing its loud noise mixed with its cycles of long sleep can be associated with various spiritual meanings, messages, and symbolisms

This is why it is best to discuss this creature. In this article, I will reveal 11 spiritual meanings of seeing cicadas in your home. 

Spiritual meaning of a cicada

Spiritual meaning of a cicada

Assuredly, there are a million and one meanings of seeing this creature. However, not all of these meanings are relevant to our world in recent times. This is why there are a few ones you should keep in mind.

By observing the unique life cycles of this creature, you will come to appreciate your life better.

The reason is that its life cycles are symbolic of the cycle of life and death – it reminds us that our life is a journey

Below, I have highlighted some messages that can help you to further understand the meaning of getting a visit from this ancient spirit animal. 

The spiritual meaning of seeing cicadas helps us to do the following:

  • Make significant changes in your life;
  • Stop keeping negative friends around your life;
  • Make some changes;
  • Prepare for a new season;
  • Never regret an already-executed plan.

Cicada Symbolism

Cicada Symbolism

Do you know that a cicada is one of the oldest living creatures on earth? 

Take that as additional knowledge – though, that is not our focus

However, because of its history, humans across dispensations and generations have ranked this creature high.

Cicadas hold a special place in our cultures – and this has remained across historical boundaries and concepts.

From their loud calls to their mysterious hummings, you can learn a lot from this spirit animal (which will be discussed in this article).

The incredible metamorphosis they go through might also be a spiritual lesson you might want to learn.

There are 3 major symbolisms we should discuss. They range from one cultural boundary to another. Here they are:

African Cicada Symbolism:

Two cicadas together

The ancient Nubian kingdom was one of the foremost dynasties of Africa, which saw spiritual energy around cicadas.

They believe that this creature has spiritual benefits, abilities, and messages. 

In today’s world, this remains the same. They are seen as creatures of new beginnings, resilience, and courage.

This is why you cannot trivialize the significance of cicadas as an African. 

To break this down, I have highlighted the symbolisms of cicadas – based on the African belief.

In the African tradition, cicadas symbolize the following:

  • Rebirth;
  • Change;
  • A new season;
  • Protection;
  • Courage;
  • Resilience.

Chinese Symbolism of Cicadas:

Green Cicada

In ancient China, cicadas were seen as symbols of:

  • Rebirth;
  • Resurrection;
  • Immortality;
  • And spiritual enlightenment.

In the chinese tradition, this creature is also esteemed highly for its spirituality. 

This chirping insect is seen as an omen of starting afresh.

Most times, when people don’t want to start something new, the cicada comes into their lives to encourage them to start all over again.

Sometimes, the chinese believe that a creature like this reminds people to live a good life while on earth.

The reason is tied to the fact that life runs in cycles

Furthermore, this creature represents the spirit of positivity and joyfulness.

Their loud voices can be heard in summer seasons – their singing is heard during summer celebrations.

Native American Symbolism of Cicadas:

Small brown cicada

Native American culture has several beliefs about insects and animals. One of those talks about cicadas

As one of nature’s earliest gifts to the world of men, this sonorous insect has come to tell us how life is meant to be lived. 

Firstly, it reminds us of embracing the journey of our lives – even as we try to live our lives to the fullest. 

Additionally, it is an omen of growth. It encourages people to not be stunted. It awakens curiosity in people’s minds. 

The ancient humming sound that comes from this creature is believed to invoke spirits. With this, you can spend time thinking about your life, and its events.

Spiritual meaning of a cicada in the house

Cicada in the house

Seeing this creature in your home is more than just “unwelcoming”.

It is a deliberate attempt of the universe to communicate certain truths to you

Whenever cicadas come into your home, it is a sign of new beginnings. Most times, this means that it is time to start again and start afresh

Furthermore, this can also be a sign of freedom. That is, it is time to spread your tentacles and explore what your world has to offer you.

Trust me! This is not just an ordinary pest. It has a lot to offer you in the spirit realm. Therefore, embrace it in your mind, and welcome it with your heart. 

Let me give you an additional tip:

Seeing a cicada in your home comes to fill you with courage. It prompts you to take fearless actions.

Spiritual meaning of a cicada landing on you

Cicada in someone's hand

It goes beyond the norm to experience a cicada’s landing on people. For this to happen, something must have triggered it

Well, there is only one explanation for this – spirituality.

Whenever this insect lands on you, it is believed to come into your life as a sign of hope. 

Sometimes, things might be tougher than expected and you are tempted to give up.

However, with this creature on your head, hope will fill your heart and you will be willing to try again.

Additionally, keep these 7 points in mind even as you find this creature landing on you:

  • Watch the voices you listen to;
  • Keep negative energy out of your mind;
  • Stay away from condemning voices;
  • It is a new season;
  • An opportunity is coming your way;
  • An angel is flying over your head.

11 Spiritual meanings of seeing a cicada

Spiritual meaning of seeing a cicada

There are 11 spiritual meanings of seeing this creature. These meanings are often seen as hidden messages. However, they are visible to everyone who dares to pay enough attention

When powerful moments of your life are about to come, you will find this insect hovering around you for days.

At such a moment, pause and reflect on why this is happening at such a time of your life

In addition to this, cicadas are believed to be the mouthpiece of God and angels. Now, the issue lies in understanding what message they are trying to send to you. 

In this section, we will discuss the 11 meanings of seeing this creature.

With this, you will develop a whole new perspective and attitude concerning this small, but mighty spirit animal.

1) Stay Focused

The first message you will get from this creature reminds and encourages you to not be distracted.

By staying focused on your goals, you will overcome every obstacle you face

2) Letting go of old habits

We all have bad habits that need to die. There are patterns in our lives that need to be released.

Sometimes, this might be hard

This is why you need the help of cicadas. They provide the external spiritual aid to finally let go of old and negative habits and patterns of your life.

3) It is time for growth

Whenever there is a shift in the spiritual world, we are likely to get a cicada appearance.

The reason for this is that the time has come to go with the flow

Therefore, spend time examining your current reality. Be open and honest enough to know what needs to leave your life – even as you prepare to embrace the new reality.

4) Something good is about to happen

Generally, it is believed that the sight of cicadas is closely linked to the summer seasons. In some cultures, the summer season is seen as a time of happiness

This is why a cicada comes into your life as a sign that something good is about to happen to you.

There is no need to be scared! Simply relax and watch how things turn around for your good.

5) Life is full of Surprises

Truly, life can be funny at times

One moment, you are happy – another moment, you are sad. 

However, we can always be prepared for these surprises by listening to the music of cicadas.

Whenever they sing, the universe is encouraging you to pay attention to the amazing things life has offered you so far, and prepare for the unexpected.

6) Resilience

Do you know that cicadas can live under the ground for 17 years? 

Now, think of the heat they will have to endure!

What better way to speak of resilience than these creatures?

Therefore, whenever you feel like giving up, meditate on cicadas and also be open to the energy they bring. 

The presence of this creature encourages you to not give up on your dreams. It opens your eyes to realize that you have a strong capacity for pressure

7) Determination 

One of the common qualities of cicadas is summed up in one word “determination”.

Whenever they set a goal, NOTHING can stop them from achieving it. 

They have come to you with this same message. You need to stay focused and determined on the goals you have set. 

Even when things seem tough, your determination must not be shaken.

8) Patience

The ability of a cicada to survive harsh conditions is not just defined as resilience. We can term it as patience

This is a virtue we must also embrace. 

It takes time to achieve anything worthwhile. 

Therefore, ensure you stay patient and full of hope – even when you feel it is taking too long.

9) Slow down and be Present in the Moment

The universe sends this creature into our lives as a reminder to stay present at the moment.

Because of our daily hustles, it is easy to be bumped up with a lot of activities.

However, once you find this insect around you, take it as a sign to slow down and breathe for the moment

10) You are not alone

Through cicadas, the universe is telling you to never feel lonely.

Even though you have nobody supporting you presently, you must remember that the spiritual world is looking out for you

11) You will reap the fruits of your efforts

Whenever you see a cicada, it is telling you to be hopeful and encouraged.

Very soon, you will reap the fruits of your labors

The efforts of your pursuits will soon be rewarded.

This message is given to people who are on the verge of giving up.

Are cicadas a sign of good luck?

Cicadas and good luck

It’s an age-old question that many people have asked throughout the ages. Yes, it is a sign of good luck.

To some, the buzz of cicadas may be a nuisance, but to others, it can symbolize something more spiritual. 

Throughout folklore, cicadas have been thought to bring luck and prosperity to those who encounter them

Ancient Greeks believed that these insects were associated with rebirth and resurrection. 

In Japan, they are seen as symbols of strong will and longevity because they live underground for 17 years before appearing above ground again in large numbers. 

Additionally, Chinese culture associates cicadas with transformation and progress due to their life cycle of metamorphosis from larvae into adults

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed extensively the spiritual meaning of cicadas.

Henceforth, be on the lookout for this amazing creature.

The moment it shows up in your life, take it as a sign from the heavens and swing into action IMMEDIATELY

Such a moment is an auspicious one, and you should not trivialize it. 

Spend time reflecting on what the meaning could be – with this article as an aid. Also, look within and draw strength to push hard at life. 

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