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Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning: 4 Powerful Rituals

Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning: 4 Powerful Rituals

There is a spiritual meaning to the blue moon.

The blue moon is not your usual type of full moon that you see around. This means that you have to learn how to rightly position yourself to take advantage of the blue moon whenever it shows up in the sky. 

In 2021, the blue moon showed up in August, and it was succeeded with several spiritual discoveries and self-awareness. Furthermore, it bred confidence in the hearts of people concerning following their dreams and passions. 

If you missed that opportunity, then you have to prepare yourself for the next opportunity to harness the power of the blue moon. This article has several valuable information about the blue moon that will help you properly position yourself to take full advantage of the power of the blue moon whenever it shows up in the sky.

There are different spiritual signs in the heavens, which indicate a major seasonal change. This is why you have to become spiritually sensitive and attentive to everything that happens around you. 

The blue moon is a special messenger that is sent to the earth once in a while. This is why few people only take advantage of the blue moon whenever it shows up in the sky. 

However, this article will give you an insight into the blue moon, the spiritual meanings of the bluer moon, and how you can harness the power of the blue moon.

The Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning

The Blue Moon Spiritual Meaning

The scarce appearance of the blue moon is enough proof that there is something spiritual behind the blue moon.

I have held on to a belief that everything in the universe is not a coincidence, and this is why I don’t allow any spiritual sign to pass me by. People have termed this as being spooky, but I believe it is a sign of spiritual maturity and sensitivity.

An example of this is the blue moon; it is preposterous to think that the blue moon is just a natural coincidence of nature when all the signs are pointing to the fact that this moon has magical powers connected with it. 

If you have ever experienced the blue moon, you will understand the energy that comes out of this moon. People get violent under the blue moon because they find it hard to manage the surge of power that comes into their souls at the full brilliance of the blue moon’s light. 

How can this be explained logically?

Therefore, it is time to leave the science of logic behind and delve into the spiritual meaning of the blue moon. 

The blue moon is a sign that the universe wants to speak with us. This is a very different form of communication as it has been recorded that the blue moon leads to various ghost appearances in certain parts of the world.

Therefore, the blue moon is a rare desire of the universe to communicate with us. Anyone who opens up his/her mind to this call will burst into a definite vision or receive a spiritual visit from the higher spirit.

Christians will always have an encounter with Jesus Christ under the blue moon. This is a very special moment, and you need to take advantage of it before the opportunity passes away again. 

The blue moon is also seen as the eyes of the universe, which is watching down on the earth. The blue moon is believed to be the rare time when the universe will look upon the earth.

During this time, you must ensure that your heart is pure, and you are doing the right things. You will be rewarded for it.

There was a fictitious story I heard about a robber that got stuck to his spot at the rise of the full moon because the universe saw him stealing, and decided to keep him stuck on the spot for the lawmakers to capture him. There will be speedy rewards for everything you do under the blue moon because the universe is paying closer attention to the earth during this time.

Blue Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

Blue Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

The blue full moon has several spiritual meanings and messages. Let us look at 3 of these messages from the higher spirit.

  • A rare opportunity is going to come into your life. The blue moon occurs seasonally and it might take years for another one to show up in the sky. Therefore, whenever you see a blue full moon, the universe has come to tell you that a rare opportunity will open up for you, which will transform your life into something beautiful.
  • The blue full moon will fill you with passion, energy, and excitement to make your dreams come true. Whenever the blue full moon is at its peak, you are going to feel a surge of energy on the inside of you, which will be accompanied by several energetic moves, dances, and behaviors. However, this is not the purpose of what you are feeling. The energy that was given to you by the blue full moon is meant to give you a stronger resolve to make your dreams come true. If you have been feeling depressed and unmotivated when it comes to fulfilling your desires, the blue moon will fill you with energy and enthusiasm, which are needed for a fulfilling life.
  • All of your intentions will come to pass under the full moon. Whenever the blue full moon shows up in the sky, take advantage of the power of the full moon by creating a definite desire and wish in your heart. When this happens, you will see the manifestations of everything you desire.

What is the Meaning of a Blue Moon in Astrology?

Blue Moon in Astrology

The blue moon is going to lead to a lot of unexpected changes in your routines, behaviors, and life events. Under the power of the full moon, you should expect to see some major disruptions to your life’s ambitions.

Mostly in your career, the blue moon is going to cause a major change, which will lead to promotion and true life of fulfillment. Therefore, if you have planned out certain parts of your life, it is time to be open to changes as the blue full moon approaches.

From my experience with the blue moon, I have learned to experience the changes that come with life. The major disruptions that will happen in the life around us are always closely connected with the presence of the blue moon in the sky.

This is a rare event; therefore, the change is present to shake us up, and prepare us for another major run in the next cycle of our lives.

What does the Blue Moon mean in the Bible?

Blue Moon

The blue moon does not have a direct reference from the bible. However, there is a biblical meaning to the full moon that makes a lot of sense.

There is the story in the bible, which talks about the crippled man at the pool of Bethsaida. An angel from the lord will always come to stir up the water for healing, and it happens once in about 25 years.

Whenever the water is stirred, anyone who enters into the water will be healed. This is similar to the occurrence of the blue moon. 

The blue moon is like the angel of the lord that is sent to shower its blessing on the earth. Anyone who spiritually aligns themselves with the blue moon will experience tremendous progress in their endeavors. 

In the bible, the blue moon is a sign of God’s angel that is sent to bless his children on earth.

4 Powerful Rituals to Try in Blue Moon

Rituals to Try in Blue Moon

Taking advantage of the blue moon is something that must fill up your consciousness as you begin to approach the next cycle of the blue moon. The best way for you to take advantage of the blue moon is to perform certain rituals to properly harness the power of the blue moon.

Moon water ritual

This is done by putting water under the blue moon to harness the power of the blue moon.

  1. Fill up a container with fresh water or rainwater;
  2. Place it under the blue moon and ensure that the moon reflects in the water;
  3. Stand in front of the water and say a prayer, while thinking about your desire.

Once this is done, go inside the house and allow the water to remain under the blue moon overnight. This is a powerful ritual that will attract good luck into your life.

Moon meditations

This is going to help you to fully internalize all of the energy that comes with the blue moon.

All you have to do is to find a comfortable place to sit, allow the light of the blue moon to fill up your soul, pay close attention to how air is been released through your mouth, and allow the vibration to be channeled to your intentions, while you imagine the blue moon granting you the request of your heart, and slowly open up your eyes to return to your consciousness.

This is a powerful way of manifestation and becoming one with the power of the blue moon.

Moon love ritual

This will attract love into your life. One of the most powerful love rituals that can be performed under the blue moon is the honey jar ritual.

You need to have some ingredients like the following:

  • A jar (choose the size you want).
  • Alcohol of your choice.
  • You also need rose petals to represent love.
  • You will need to add thorns to represent the certain boundaries that will be set in your love life.
  • Love herbs
  • A pen and paper
  • A candle
  • A matchstick or lighter

Follow these processes to manifest love under the blue moon:

  1. Place your honey in the jar, and mix it with alcohol, rose petals, thorn, and love herb. If you have a crystal, you can add it into the mix as well, but it is optional.
  2. Pick up the pen and paper and write down your manifestation about love in the present or future tense.
  3. Close the lid of the pump, and shake it together. While doing this, visualize your life filled with love and happiness. Imagine yourself finding true love.
  4. Light up the candle with the matchstick, and speak out your intention concerning your love life. This will release energy into the blue full moon and bring all of your desires to pass.
  5. Allow the candle to burn out afterward and throw it away in the trash.

Moon bath ritual

This is majorly for healing. If you are feeling sick in your body, the blue moon is the best opportunity for you to become restored by the universe.

  1. Light a blue candle to harmonize with the blue moon’s power and energy and submerge yourself into water;
  2. Using a bathtub is much better, but you must ensure that the blue moon reflects into the water;
  3. As you remain in that water, you must allow the thoughts of healing to flood your mind.

This is how to manifest healing under the blue moon.

How can I Harness the Power of the Blue Moon?

Using the spiritual power of the blue moon

You can harness the power of the blue moon by meditation and performing rituals. These two things are the best ways to harness the power of the blue moon for yourself.

Meditation will open up your soul to receive the energy of the blue moon while performing rituals will bring the energy of the full moon into your atmosphere.

Will the Blue Moon Occur in 2022?

Dates of the next blue moon

The blue moon will not occur in 2022.

There is a prediction that the next blue moon will be in 2023. Therefore, you should watch out for it.

Final Words

Taking advantage of the blue moon will lead to radical changes in your life.

This article has proven helpful. Therefore, take the necessary actions to harness the power of the blue moon whenever it shows in the sky. 

So, do you already know the blue moon spiritual meaning for your life? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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