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11 Black Rose Spiritual Meanings: Relationship & Love

11 Black Rose Spiritual Meanings: Relationship & Love

“How is it possible to have a black rose?” This was the question I asked for several years.

Now, it was hard to get the correct answer because several people don’t have much information about the black rose.

Since it is called a black rose, people assumed it to be a BLACK ROSE.

Deeply within, I had a sense of discontent with the answers I got, and this was what prompted further research.

It was at this point I realized that black roses are not BLACK naturally.

Black roses never existed.

The name “black roses” were given to roses that became adulterated by men. I discovered that making black roses becomes possible by pouring a black colorant on a red rose. Wow! So easy? Yes, it is. 

This got me thinking a lot.

  • Where did people get the inspiration to make such a unique rose?
  • Could it be mental or spiritual?

I believe you should think along with me in this direction.

The beauty of red roses is enough to cause infatuation, love, and friendship.

Why the black rose? 

The inspiration behind the making of black roses is spiritual. This is why people find it easy to change the color of a rose to black.

As spiritual as this is, many people are oblivious to this fact.

They go ahead to play with a black rose or even make it for themselves without fully understanding what it means.

Because of this, a lot of people have lost the true spiritual essence of this unique flower. 

This article seeks to change that.

We will talk about the 11 black rose spiritual meanings, and what it has to say about relationships and love. Read on to discover this amazing spiritual truth. 

What does a Black Rose Mean?

Black Rose

In the physical world, it is a recreated rose flower. It is always made for a specific purpose. For example, people change the color of rose flowers for decoration purposes. Black rose fits in at funerals or even happy celebrations like weddings.

Therefore, when the decorator needs a black flower that has the shape of a rose, he/she can change the color of the rose to properly match the desired montage. 

Also, the black rose can be made for the deceased.

If the deceased loved black flowers, it is believed that making a black rose gives the spirit of the deceased a worthy gift to take to the underworld.

The family members and loved ones of the deceased will make black roses, and place them at the gravesite of the deceased person.

It is to show love and solidarity to the deceased. The deceased can also send the black rose to people in dreams as a sign of love and solidarity.

The black rose is referred to as “black” not because it is black (except dyed by black colorant).

Sometimes, it is called black because it comes in a darker shade of red or purple roses.

Now, in the spiritual world, this speaks about the depth of ancient wisdom and knowledge.

It invites us to commune with the spirits on a deeper level.

Biblically, this shows us the possibility of going deeper in God through prayer and fasting. Black roses or darker shades of red roses bring intensity to the energy we feel.

There are further spiritual messages that come via a dark rose, but you need to understand that dark roses are intense spiritual plants.

Any message that comes through them should never be ignored. 

What does a Black Rose Symbolize Spiritually?

The black rose symbolism

The black rose spiritually symbolizes secrecy. This can be seen from different aspects:

Keeping secrets from people:

A black rose spiritually symbolizes keeping secrets from people.

In the spiritual world, the black color is a spiritual sign of hidden truths and information.

Therefore, it can be used through animals, plants, people, and images to speak to us about this reality.

When you see a black rose, the spiritual message from it majorly talks about keeping secrets from people.

The possible spiritual reason for this is the evil intentions in people’s hearts concerning you.

Anytime you keep seeing a black rose, take it as the best time to become secretive about your decisions and moves. 

Invitation from the divine:

When it comes to the secrets of spirituality, seeing a black rose is an invitation from the divine.

It comes to incite a hunger in your soul for the spiritual world. It is believed that the black rose’s spiritual symbolism eventually leads to spiritual sensitivity.

This means that people who see black roses in their dreams will become spiritually sensitive because of the unusual hunger they will have for the things of the spirit.

In Christianity, it is called the secret place encounter.

Anytime you get a black rose as a gift, it is saying that there is more to God than you know. This has an intention to lure you into further discoveries about God, and his power.


The third shade/aspect of this symbolism points to confusion.

It speaks about a mystery that is yet to be unraveled.

The black rose spiritual symbolism is the best sign of a confused mind.

It comes to show that you need answers, and you are searching for answers.

This is why the roses are black in that vision. It exposes your heart.

Black Rose Meaning in Love

Roses in love

Now, this might sound strange, but there is a spiritual meaning to the black rose that talks about love and romance.

Red roses have been given to people who are in love.

Spiritually, red roses are known to be an omen of love.

Now, you are about to get a new spiritual perspective about the black rose. The black rose does not exclusively talk about secrecy or other negative things; it talks about love. 

What is the meaning of the black rose in love?

  1. Whenever you have someone in mind as your spouse, dreaming about receiving a black rose as a gift from such a person is seen as a red flag.
    • The person is giving you a black rose instead of a red rose. This spiritually indicates that you are about to make the wrong choice.
    • The universe is warning you to think twice about the choice you are about to make.
    • Does this make the person evil? No, it doesn’t.
    • It only makes the person incompatible with your life and destiny.
  1. In marriage, dreaming of a black rose indicates that one of you is keeping a secret.
    • Someone is hurt in that marriage but has refused to talk.
    • This needs to be discussed as soon as possible. That is the reason behind the black rose dream you just had. 
  1. When you dream of presenting a black rose to the person you love, it spiritually means that you don’t love the person.
    • Yes, it is possible to think that you love someone when you don’t.
    • Therefore, before taking the action of proposing to him/her, you need to carefully check your emotion.
    • Are you sure of this feeling? Do you think you love him/her?

Black Rose Meaning in a Relationship

Roses in a relationship

For relationships, a black rose indicates various things. The universe can send the black rose to people as a warning sign in relationships. What are these spiritual warning signs?

Friend giving you a black rose:

Whenever your friend gives you a black rose, it talks about the intention of such a friend.

In the spiritual world, receiving a black item from someone is not a good sign.

It means that the giver does not have a positive disposition towards you.

Therefore, anytime you dream of receiving a black rose gift from your friend, it spiritually means that you are not safe with such a person.

Associating with that friend puts you at risk of betrayal, which might lead to emotional traumas.

Playing with black roses alongside your friend:

In a dream, if you dream of playing with black roses alongside your friend, the spiritual world is saying that friendship is built on lies and dishonesty.

This does not mean that your friends are bad.

You only need to engage them in honest discussions, expose your dishonesties, and vow to become better.

Once this is accomplished, it becomes easy to trust one another and build solid bonds.

Throwing a black rose at your friend:

If you dream of throwing a black rose at your friend, then you should work on your mindset.

This dream means that you are becoming too suspicious of your friends.

Because of your experience in relationships, you have become judgy about the intentions of your friends.

This explains why you don’t trust their intentions.

This dream was given to you by the spiritual world to prove that your friends have nothing evil against you.

Therefore, quit the suspicion, and accept their love.

When your relationship is under attack, you will often get a black rose as a sign. This helps you to see what lies ahead and prepares you adequately for it. 

11 Black Rose Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Spiritual meaning of a black rose

A black rose possesses the power to speak to us. Apart from the message concerning love and relationships, there are 11 other black rose spiritual meanings and messages that can be gotten. Let us discuss this right away.

1) Protection

The black rose has divine abilities to protect people from harm.

Therefore, whenever you see it around you, take it as a sign of protection.

  • It protects you from vulnerabilities and bad luck.
  • It also helps you to become more confident in yourself.

Rather than feel weak and intimidated, the black rose will strengthen your heart to believe in the best of yourself.

Everything that has to do with protection can be enjoyed through the black rose.

2) You don’t need to be confused

Seeing the black rose means that you are confused about something.

You are not sure of the action you should take.

Spiritually, the universe has sent the black rose to you as a sign of clarity.

In the spiritual world, this means that you should take your heart off the situation. The confusion you are going through is due to mental pressure.

Therefore, you need to calm down.

Take a break if you need to. Clear your mind, reduce pressure on it and get back to the decision table.

The black rose is saying that the confusion is nothing serious. You only need a little bit of rest.

3) Your marriage is in jeopardy

Now, this is a message to worry about.

When you keep seeing a balck rose in your home, it is saying that your marriage is in jeopardy.

This indicates a possible spiritual attack on your marriage.

You need to pray and be on alert.

Something is not right in your marriage, and you need to watch out for it. Seeing a balck rose in your home is not a good sign – especially when it talks about your marital life.

4) Don’t be discouraged

Black color spiritually talks about discouragement.

Therefore, seeing a baclk rose might mean that something is bothering you.

That is, you are having a hard time making the right choices, and enjoying the progress.

Now, this might bring about worry, anxiety, and depression.

The universe will intervene by sending you a baclk rose as a token. This will be sent to encourage your heart and lightn up your mood.

The balck rose means that the universe sees what you are going through.

The spiritual world is making efforts to get you out of that situation. All you have to do is remain in the game. Keep up the fight, and don’t give up.

5) You have a tender heart

This is a message that describes the state of your heart.

Seeing a black rose flower indicates that you have a tender heart.

This means that you find it easy to believe everyone around you. That is, when people give you information, you don’t verify its genuineness.

Additionally, it also means that you care a lot for people.

The spiritual world is revealing this to encourage you to keep it up, and also counsel you against becoming too vulnerable to people.

When people see your vulnerability, they will take advantage of it, and hurt you emotionally.

6) New beginnings

Whenever the universe wants you to start afresh, expect to get black roses as a sign.

The baclk color of the rose indicates death.

Now, don’t be quick to assume that it is bad.

Death in the spiritual world can also indicate new beginnings.

This is what it means in the context of the balck rose.

Therefore, when you see a balck rose, the universe wants you to start afresh. They are giving you a clean slate to rewrite your story.

7) Stay consistent

Black roses are also a spiritual omen of consistency.

Whenever we begin to lose our work energy, black roses will be sent from the spiritual world to encourage consistency.

Consistency keeps you in the game. It helps you to stay on course, and never give up on your goals.

8) You can express how you feel

Whenever you see yourself pouring a black colorant on a red rose, this spiritually talks about the freedom of expression.

The universe has used this dream to tell you that it is okay to express how you feel.

You don’t need to feel bad for expressing yourself.

9) You don’t feel the love in your relationship anymore

Whilst red roses signify love, black roses can signify the absence of love.

Therefore, anytime you dream of receiving a black rose from your spouse, this indicates that you don’t feel the love in your relationship anymore.

Spiritually, this is not a good sign because it could lead to the end of the relationship.

This dream should be taken seriously, and acted upon.

Discuss with your spouse and sort out every unsettled dispute amongst you.

10) Something bad is about to happen

Balck roses can also bring an omen of bad luck.

They can indicate when something bad is about to happen.

When you get a black rose sign, it says that a negative situation lies ahead of you. With prayer and sensitivity, you will avert such.

11) Your spiritual atmosphere is full of negativity

Seeing a black rose also indicates that your spiritual atmosphere has been contaminated.

You have allowed negativity to permeate your spiritual environment.

This is telling you to stay positive irrespective of what happens around you.

What does a Black Rose Represent in the Bible?


It represents hatred.

When you see a black rose, God is telling you to walk in love.

The black rose is an explanation of the hatred that exists in the world, and a charge to every Christian to embrace the power of walking in love according to God’s design.

Black Roses Dream Meaning

Woman dreaming

Dreaming of black roses is another spiritual sign we must pay attention to.

When you dream of black roses, you need to be careful.

In the spiritual world, dreams about black roses come to warn us against making mistakes.

It opens our eyes to see the loopholes ahead of us and challenges us to avoid them.

Final Words

When you get a black rose, don’t be hasty to assume its spiritual meaning. It requires great spiritual depth to instantly understand what the black rose says.

The information in this article is a guideline. Let it help you understand what the universe is saying to you through the black rose. 

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