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Home » Black Nail Polish Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages for You

Black Nail Polish Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages for You

Black Nail Polish Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages for You

Black nail polish can be a stylish choice for many.

In fact, I have always admired friends who wore black nail polish since they look unique and chic.

Seeing them in black collared nails makes them seem more real and authentic.

But does black nail polish have spiritual meanings?

Here’s what we will talk about in this post.

What Does Black Nail Polish Mean Spiritually?

Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish means to be bold.

Black may be elegant and considered a classic color but in nail polish, it may come across as funky, weird, or even uncommon.

Black nail polish as such carries a spiritual message, which means to be bold. It has become some kind of a symbol to be brave and embrace your uniqueness. 

Not all may understand your personality or what you stand up for but it’s alright.

What is important is that you choose to be bold and stand up for what you think is right and fair.

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Spiritual Meaning of Black Nail Polish in Fingernails

Spiritual Meaning of Black Nail Polish in Fingernails

Many associate blacks with darkness. But black nail polish in fingernails actually might carry a different message.

Black nail polish is actually being used by the universe to tell us that we need to grow in faith.

When you see black finger polish nails, think about: 

  • Your spiritual journey;
  • Growth in your religion.

Take the dream as a sign to reflect on where you are in your spiritual journey and whether you are growing in faith.

Consider setting aside a substantial amount of time for deep reflection.

Taking the time to reflect on words, actions, and our life is actually a good way of letting go of hurt and strengthening our faith.

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Black Toe Nail Polish Meaning

Nail Polish in toe

Black is not a commonly used color for coloring the toenails. So, it is not then surprising to question whether there is a spiritual message to black toenail polish.

There is a spiritual meaning behind this. It is the message to unburden ourselves.

Many times, we face different challenges and problems but we sadly keep them to ourselves. 

This is because we may feel embarrassed to feel bad and low about the challenges facing us or because we simply want to appear strong in front of others.

When you see toes in black nail polish, consider this a sign to unburden yourself to someone.

Talk to the universe or friends about how you are feeling. It would definitely feel better afterward.

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7 Messages and Meanings From Black Nail Polish

Black Nail Polishin spiritual world

1) Don’t rush

  • People love to rush. Often we rush;
  • From one location to another;
  • One relationship to the next one;
  • Decisions;
  • Conversations.

But rushing isn’t always a good thing. In fact, rushing all the time can be bad for our health or life in general.

We can, for example, do everything in haste only to regret rushing everything. 

People might also rush to make major decisions only to realize their mistakes too late

When you see black nail polish, take this to mean the universe’s way of telling you not to rush. There is value in staying still and waiting even.

2) Don’t fear endings

Many times we are afraid of ending.

They may be the ending of our favorite shows or books or something as profound and important as relationships.

But endings can be beautiful too. Endings, after all, are followed by a fresh start, which can be lovely and even better than what just ended.

When you see black nail polish, then think of where you are in life.

  • What are the things that might come to an end?
  • Are you scared of them end?

Then, remember that black nail polishes are actually signs that endings are also beautiful and that you should not fear them.

Instead, you must embrace them as they come and remain faithful to the heavens above about your fate.

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3) Let go of negative energies

How have you been acting of late? Are you by any chance engaging in any of these behaviors?

  • Waiting for bad things to happen;
  • Taking things negatively;
  • Awaiting bad news;
  • Feeling gloomy;
  • Easily angered.

If you are experiencing these things more frequently then consider letting go of negative energies.

When you see black nail polish, then take the message clearly: let go of negative energies.

You need to stop the pessimism and instead focus on the real and truthful. This means not seeing things as negative when they are not.

4) Choose who to trust carefully

They say we should try to look for the good in everyone.

But sometimes looking at the positive side of people does not include trusting them completely.

And this is what the heavens want us to remember when we see or use black nail polish.

That is, trusting is good but we should not trust just anyone.

We need to be careful of whom to confide in or let in our lives more intimately.

5) Do not burn Bridges

It’s tempting to throw a tantrum.

Curse others or in other words, behave absolutely badly when someone has done us wrong. But we know that there are better things to do than burn bridges.

This is what the heavens want to tell us.

Regardless of how hurt or badly we have been treated by others, we should act with respect and calmness.

Badly behaving even if we have been wronged will not solve anything but it may even cause a greater problem.

Black nail polish carries a message from those above that we should not burn bridges with others. We should be mindful of our behavior even when others have done us wrong. 

Let us not burn bridges but remain civil even when other people seem to deserve to see and experience our bad side.

6) Make time for love

Black is a color often associated with bleakness. And bleakness can come from being unloved.

It is not surprising then that black nail polish could also signify the universe’s desire for you to make love a priority. This does not mean you have to find romantic love but what it means is that you should take the time to love others.

These could include:

  • Family;
  • Relatives;
  • Friends;
  • Office or schoolmates;
  • Pets.

We live such busy lives, rushing from one point to another or one engagement to another.

It seems like we can never have enough time on our hands. Our busy ways mean ignoring or not making time to show others our love language.

For example, you love to show your love to your family by cooking them great meals. But you have been so busy that you have not cooked for them for many weeks now. Or perhaps your love language is taking your dog for walks and giving baths. But you have not done any of them for quite some time now.

When you see black nail polish, then remember your love and your love language.

Life is meant to be spent with the people we love and so we must spend more time with our loved ones.

7) Don’t lose yourself

Sadly, many of us try hard to stay true to ourselves only to lose this battle. What does this mean?

We try to be ourselves. Keeping our individuality. Not to conform to what others and society expect from us. But we fail.

This is probably one of the most potent messages of black nail polish. That is, we need not lose ourselves to please others. 

Many times we try to keep what makes us unique. Whether that’s our fashion sense and style, or our beliefs.

But others make it so difficult to own up to the kind of person that we are. Society and the way they pressure us makes us bend to the point that we lose who we want to be.

When you see black nail polish, then let us be reminded that we should be ourselves.

That the God above is happy seeing us being true to what we are. The Supreme Being does not mind our uniqueness as long as we are good and loving to others.

There is no need to conform to society’s standards.

What is important is that the heavens know that we are good persons who follow the rules and don’t cause harm to others.

Are Black Painted Nails Related to Spirituality? 

Black Painted Nails

Black-painted nails could be related to spirituality.

They carry profound messages especially if we attach meanings to wearing black painted nails.

Let us keep in mind that black-painted nails are more than just a fashion statement.

Instead, it carries various messages from the universe and the ones above.

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Final Words

Black nail polish may do wonders for our outfits, personal style, and branding. But they offer more than that.

In fact, there are several spiritual messages with black nail polish such as being careful of who to trust and not losing ourselves to societal pressures.

Let us remember these important spiritual messages every time we see nail polish in the color black.

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