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9 Spiritual Meaning of Six Fingers: Hands and Toes

9 Spiritual Meaning of Six Fingers: Hands and Toes

What is the spiritual meaning of six fingers? Let’s find out!

Being born with six fingers is a condition known as polydactyly, and it’s believed to have spiritual significance in several cultures around the globe.

It’s a relatively common condition, often referred to as a “defect”, and it can actually determine the way you are in life and how you face the challenges you come up against. 

Spiritual Meaning of 6 Fingers

Spiritual Meaning of 6 Fingers

You might not feel particularly happy about your sixth digit, but in several places around the world, having the extra finger (on one or both hands) is actually a sign of good luck.

In fact, it holds spiritual significance in a few diverse ways, almost all of which are good and positive. 

It’s wise to remember that it can take you time, mental effort, and patience to work out the spiritual meaning of having six fingers, or any other spiritual sign.

Patience is the key thing here. If you don’t have that, you’re likely not going to find the right meaning. 

Stronger Divine Connection:

Having a sixth finger is seen as a sign of spiritual strength.

You have a much stronger connection to the divine realm than most other people. The mark of uniqueness is seen as a gift, showing off higher intuition.

When you speak to the divine realm, it listens, and it answers you in ways that generally help you

Spiritual Ancestors:

Being born with an extra finger is seen in many cultures as a sign that you are a direct descendant from powerful spiritual ancestors.

You have divine powers running through your veins, particularly on a leadership plateau

For many, this will be a sign of healing powers, spiritual powers, and great intuition. For others, it will be a close understanding of body language, or maybe even something else.

What’s the ability that runs in your family? 

A Unique Ability:

You have a hobby or interest in your life that is far stronger than a typical hobby, and that’s because it is your destiny.

It might be cooking, writing, photography, being a people person, or anything else, but you have a very well-studied understanding of it.

It is your unique ability, and some might say your destiny.

Once you find your unique ability, you have many, many options open to you. You can do what I did and use them to banish my hated 9-to-5 life, creating the dream life that works around you rather than the other way around.

Alternatively, you can ignore them and go on with your life as normal

Disharmony in Your Soul:

Some people are born with ‘baggage,’ and it’s not really understood why that is.

It might be genetic, but many spiritualists would tell you that it’s not.

Either way, having a sixth finger could be a sign that there is disharmony in your soul that has been there since birth. 

Spiritual Wake Up Call:

If you’ve been neglecting the important spiritual side of your life, your body will let you know about.

Six fingers in a dream are linked to spiritual neglect and inactivity.

Combating this is easy: meditation, manifestation, asking for guidance, positive affirmations, and performing yoga poses that will balance and align your chakras, are all great tools. 

Spiritual Meaning of Six Fingers on Hands

Woman with six fingers

Six fingers on hands are linked to several spiritual messages and signs, including the following:

A notice to focus on your spirituality
The sign you need to face and process trauma or emotional dysfunction
Time to let your creativity flow free
A reminder of just how brave and strong you are

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Spiritual Meaning of Six Toes

Man with six toes

Six toes on your feet are a sign of being more balanced and steadier on your feet.

You have more to steady you, so you’ll have more chance of landing on your feet when you fall, just like a cat. 

Being born with six toes is also linked to the following: 

  • Luck;
  • Positivity;
  • Prosperity;
  • Leadership;
  • Healing powers;
  • Strong spiritual connection;
  • Higher wisdom;
  • Peacemaking;
  • Balance;
  • Harmony.

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Spiritual Meaning of Having Six Fingers on Both Hands

Six Fingers on Both Hands

It’s quite common for one hand to have an extra digit, but having two hands with six fingers is a good luck sign that you definitely don’t want to ignore.

You have been gifted with ‘extra’ fingers, which means that life is going to gift you with ‘extra’ joy, wealth, compassion, understanding, and wisdom.

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Spiritual Meaning of Having Six Fingers: 9 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Having Six Fingers

Once upon a time, having six fingers was actually quite common; although, we rarely see it in this day and age. It is classed as a defect, although many folks with six fingers would tell you that it enhances their lives rather than hinders it. Let’s take a deep dive into the spiritual meaning of having six fingers. 

1) Financial Abundance

Six is considered to be a very lucky number in several spiritual worlds.

In Chinese numerology, the number six means great luck, along with 2, 3, and 8.

For this reason, having six fingers is seen as a sign that you will have great financial abundance in your life.

It is especially positive for those who run or own businesses. 

2) Marked By the Divine

Having a sixth finger is a very obvious sign that you have been marked by the divine realm, either by a spirit, angel, the universe, or a plethora of other characters in that world.

You can’t ignore the spiritual sign because it has been placed upon your body and is unavoidable. 

If you ask for help, the divine realm will listen and help out where it can.

Your affirmations will be more successful, as will your life be, providing you use your tools for good instead of bad

3) Resilience and Determination

Six-finger people are blessed with an abundance of resilience and determination, which is a common theme with disabilities or what doctors refer to as “defects”.

You have whatever you need to get through difficult patches.

That’s what the divine realm is trying to tell you.

Don’t give up on yourself because you can do it. Whatever it is, you can do it. 

4) Constantly Focusing on the Negative

Although people with six fingers or toes have many skills, gifts, abilities, and luck in life, they’re often too busy focusing on the negative to realize it.

Could that be the case for you? If so, consider this your reminder to think positively. If you surround yourself with positivity, positivity will surround you. It really is as easy as that. 

It’s not easy to break out of the cycle of negative thinking, but it is essential for maximizing your potential during your time here on earth.

It is only a short time, after all. 

5) A Sign of Rediscovery

Rediscovery could be a theme in your life if you have six fingers or toes. It represents the sixth day, right before the seventh – day of rest.

On the sixth day, God created the animals we see on land, along with people

There’s nothing wrong with reinventing yourself multiples times in life. It’s not healthy to stay still, and it’s not productive.

Reinvention can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people too. 

6) A Specific Extra Strength

There are emotional and personal links to each of the digits on your hand. Creativity and expression link to the smallest, pinky finger.

The ring finger is, of course, related to love and marriage.

The pointy finger is used for leadership.

We all point, right? The middle finger is a communicative one, and not just for flipping the bird. The thumb connects to your ways of thinking, action, and will power. 

When you have an extra digit, you have an extra ability or strength that you might not even be aware of yet

7) Great Enduring Strength

Several cultures around the world associated having a sixth finger with great strength and, in turn, great health.

Ecuador is one location in which you’ll find this belief, but it’s mimicked in plenty of other tribes and civilizations. 

Strength can come in both an emotional or mental and physical form, so if you don’t believe yourself to be physically strong, it is more than likely the case that you are mentally and emotionally very strong

8) Heightened Creativity

Polydactyly is often linked to heightened creativity and interest in creative passions.

When you take a look at some of the famous people who have been born with this additional feature, you’ll start to see a pattern.

Volcacius Sedigitus, 1st century Roman poet.
Nayanthara, Indian actress.
Hampton Hawes, jazz pianist.
Calvin Choy, Hong Kong singer.
Theodore Roosevelt Taylor, American blues guitarist.

So, if you have that sixth digit and haven’t yet found your creative passion, perhaps it’s time for you to start looking? 

9) Born Leader

Sticking with the idea of patterns, a large number of famous (or infamous) leaders from around the globe have shown this defect.

These include former Mexican President, Vincente Fox and Henry II the Pious, High Duke of Poland. 

For some people, leadership skills and qualities need to be nurtured into life, not obvious without specific training or coaxing.

For others, however, the need to lead comes naturally. Which group do you think you belong to? 

Is Being Born with 6 Fingers a Sign of Good Luck?

Signs from heaven

Yes, in several spiritual circles, being born with 6 fingers is a sign of good luck, wealth, abundance, and a very blessed life

On the other hand, however, it can come with its challenges, which will often appear as a running theme throughout your life. 

Remember, though, you have whatever it takes. You’ve already proven it because you’re here right now, despite the obstacles you’ve had to overcome.

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If you are in the six-finger club, you should be proud. For some, it enables extra dexterity.

For others, it will have profound and significant spiritual meanings and trends. Life is what you make of it, as they say.

You have so many gifts and talents, but it’s up to you to find them and harness them to achieve your happiest life.

13 thoughts on “9 Spiritual Meaning of Six Fingers: Hands and Toes”

  1. Am having six fingers, both hands, but I don’t see any power or prosperity in my life,
    Am facing so much difficulty, I think the six finger is a curse.

    1. Don’t worry ,
      Above features affect those people who have strong self-esteem and confidence, not just for having six finger

  2. I was born with 6 fingers it’s actually something that runs in my family I have a uncle and cousin who have had them as well but I recently gave birth to my son where he has them as well I can very much testify that I am grateful and blessed in so many ways I truly believe this and as a kid my mother and grandmother use to tell me that I hold special skills and that god has something in store for you I have had many things happen in my life but I can say that everything happens for a reason to determine who you are today you can either take what you have and build from it or you can let it tear you down it’s all up to you on who you Decide to be

  3. I was born with six fingers on my right hand but was cut off at birth. Inheritance from my Dad side of family. I have one son who was born with extra fingers on each hand. Self confidence, hardworking, good luck creativity etc. are all me. I love that I was born different!

  4. I have six fingers on both hands, my life is just ordinary infact most people with regular hands seem to be doing way better than me, however I do have dumb luck which I cannot explain from time to time. I do believe in the 6 fingers theories and for those who don’t see it as a blessing it’s fine you’re still a blessing from being born, 6 fingers or not… work hard and don’t give up, that’s all I do everyday.

  5. I have six finger in my left leg , and I have been surver😭 since, pls what can I start to do and which kind work can I do that will make me successful please🙏

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