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7 Biblical Meanings of Rainbow Colors

7 Biblical Meanings of Rainbow Colors

You must have heard of the word “rainbow” at one time or the other.

This is not a strange phenomenon on earth.

Physics has explained this to be the colors that show forth when light intercepts water.

However, research has it that some spiritual properties of the rainbow make it an object of spiritual attention.

Several myths and superstitions try to explain rainbows.

However, we have the perfect explanation and spiritual meaning from the bible.

Therefore, let us delve deep into the bible to understand the spiritual meanings of rainbow colors. 

What does a Rainbow Symbolize in the Bible?

Rainbows in the Bible

It symbolizes God’s covenant of love over man. The story is backdated to the bible days. Because of the sin of man, destruction came upon the face of the earth through a flood.

Everyone who did not enter the ark will face the flood’s destruction.

Now, after the flood was over, God set the rainbow in the sky to assure humanity that such kind of destruction will never happen on the earth again.

Therefore, anytime the bow shows in the sky, it is seen as a reminder of God’s covenant with man.

It tells us that God is determined to keep his promise. 

Whenever you feel condemned about a mistake you made, meditating on the rainbow helps your mind.

It tells you that there is no need to feel bad for what you did.

God has forgiven all your sins, and that is enough for you to know. Having an understanding of this reality will take away the fear of judgment. 

Another message from rainbows reveals the good times of the future. It is sent to us as an omen of good luck.

Anytime you see it in the sky, remind yourself that there are a lot of beautiful things in store for you.

Just don’t give up. Keep trusting God

The Bible speaks only good things about a rainbow. Another spiritual symbolism of it talks about the spirit of God.

Isaiah is one of the prophetic books of the bible.

It spoke about the 7 spirits of God, which tallies with the 7 colors of the rainbow.

Therefore, seeing this montage of colors in the sky means the spirit of God is watching over you. It can also be an omen of spirituality. 

Is a Rainbow A Sign from God?

Rainbows and God

Yes, it is a sign from God.

The first time a rainbow ever appeared in the sky was in the book of Genesis. It was after the flood that destroyed all of humanity.

God gave it as a sign of his promise to never destroy mankind. It is a sign of love from God.

Over time, the bible has explained the rainbow as the promise of redemption for humanity.

In the light of Christ’s sacrifice for sins, the rainbow is seen as an assurance that the sins of man have been forgiven by God.

In physical life, the rainbow comes out after heavy rainfall. It is a sign from God that assures people of peace.

The storm of life is not meant to last forever.

At some point, it will be over and peace will be restored.

Getting this sign from God is a promise.

It brings reassurance of victory over the situations of your life.

In addition to this, rainbows are sent as a sign of the holy spirit.

If you dream of sitting under a rainbow it is believed to be a sign of inspiration.

This means you will continually get ideas from the holy spirit on how to solve situations and come up with creative ideas to address a situation. 

Rainbows are commonly seen as a sign from God because their first appearance was a result of God’s covenant with man.

This is why it is an omen of promise and commitment.

Because of this spiritual sign, you can be rest assured that God will keep you from harm, and meet your needs at all times. 

What is the Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Rainbow?

Seeing a rainbow in spiritual world

To understand the biblical meaning of seeing a rainbow, we need to look into its biblical history

In the days of Noah, an end was prophesied to the wickedness of man.

However, God wanted to save humanity from this prophesied doom and instructed Noah to build an ark.

After the ark was built, only Noah and his family adhered to God’s instruction to enter the ark. The rains came and everything on earth was destroyed.

After this event, God decided to make a new covenant with humanity.

He set the rainbow in the sky as a token of his promise that the floods will not wipe man off the earth anymore.

Therefore, the biblical meaning of seeing a rainbow is a reminder of God’s promise to man.

It reminds you that God will keep every promise he has made to you. 

The rainbow also began a new race of humanity. Therefore, it means new beginnings.

Spiritually, God gives rainbows as a sign to start afresh.

Spiritually, this means you are about to enter a new chapter of your life. Especially when you see a rainbow on your birthday.

It helps you to look forward to amazing moments in your new journey. 

If you have made a mistake in your past, seeing a rainbow tells you to not be condemned or discouraged.

It assures you that God has a way of fixing your errors.

The biblical meaning of seeing a rainbow takes away condemnation. It also purifies your mind from negative emotions.

Biblical Meanings of 7 Rainbow Colors

Biblical Meanings of Rainbow Colors

Do you know that the 7 colors of a rainbow have individual messages in the bible? Each of these colors speaks a completely different message from the other. Let us talk about these in detail.

Red Color:

Red flowers

In the bible, red is a sign of the blood of Jesus.

It reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of mankind. The color red is an omen of God’s love.

It helps you to understand how much God loves you, and how He demonstrated His Love through the death of His son.

If you feel God does not love you, then meditating on the color red can eliminate that feeling.

You will feel refreshed in your mind, and assured of God’s commitment to your well-being.

Another spiritual meaning of the red color in the bible speaks of understanding times and seasons.

Jesus said in one of His parables that the Jews look at the cloud to know about times and seasons.

Whenever the cloud is red, it means the harvest is near, or it will be a bright day.

This message from Jesus can be seen as a reminder that the world is ruled by times and seasons.

Everyone needs to understand how to know when a season is over and when a season has just begun.

This keeps people on track and helps them to be accurate in their dealings.

Orange Color:

Orange color meaning

Biblically, this represents fire.

The color orange is an omen of passion for God.

Whenever you see this color around you consistently, it reminds you to pick up your passion for God once again.

You might have lost this passion due to your entanglement with other affairs like making money, or building a strong relationship with people.

These pursuits are good in themselves. However, they must never take the place of God. 

This is why you will get this color in a rainbow.

If you dream of seeing a rainbow, and the color orange stands out and bold, it is an encouragement to you.

It tells you to stay zealous and focused on your dreams and aspirations. The distractions of life can take you off your path.

However, with enough determination and focus, you will never be moved or shaken.

Biblically, this color also stands for order. It tells you to set priorities, and create boundaries.

This color reminds you never to let down your values for acceptance.

Yellow Color:

Yellow sunflower

When this color stands out amongst other colors of the rainbow, it means clarity and precision.

The sun is yellow; seeing this color will remind you of the power of the sun to illuminate your path.

Therefore, it tells you to pray for clarity.

Whenever you are going through a confused state, the color yellow of the rainbow could be a sign of clarity and accuracy.

Another spiritual meaning of this color points toward the spiritual world. It speaks of heaven.

The Bible says that heaven is made of Gold, and the light of God is as bright as the light of the sun.

All of these put together means that getting the yellow color as a sign reminds you of heaven, or the spiritual world as we commonly call it. 

Green Color:

Green door

Spiritually, this color talks about faith.

It is an encouraging message from God as regards your faith.

This color inspires you to have faith in God for a good and better life than the one you have. It tells you to trust in God enough for your needs to be met.

Another biblical meaning of the color green is consistency.

When you have faith, nothing will be impossible for you.

The reason is that faith breeds confidence in your heart to keep pursuing your goals until they are met and actualized.

Blue Color:

Blue sky

The blue color of a rainbow speaks of your mindset.

The Bible encourages God’s children to renew their minds every day. The power of the mind cannot be overemphasized.

With your mind, a future can be created, and a good life can become a reality.

Through the blue color, you will be empowered to keep a positive mindset. 

This color helps people to remain positive. It reminds you of a good life and tells you to envision its reality.

Furthermore, another biblical meaning of this color is peace of mind.

It is used to calm the hearts of people going through difficult moments in their lives. 

Indigo Color:

Indigo color meaning

Biblically, this is a color for wealth and abundance.

It depicts the abundant provision of God for all His children.

This speaks of God’s desire to meet the needs of everyone that call upon Him in prayers.

Once this color stands out to you in a rainbow, you should expect something good to happen in your life.

This message revolves around wealth and meeting your needs. It brings an assurance that all your financial needs will be met.

Also, this color speaks of enjoying open doors of opportunities.

Now, you should be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities when they come

Violet Color:

Violet color

Through this color, God wants you to become confident in yourself.

This is a color that exudes royalty and self-confidence. It breeds high self-esteem that others term as arrogance.

Whenever the violet color catches your attention in a rainbow, it reminds you to be unapologetic for how proud you are of your accomplishments

Violet is a color of royalty.

Therefore, it tells you how special you are. This can also be seen as a token of love from God.

When your self-esteem is shattered, the violet color can be given to help.

Does a Rainbow have the 7 colors of God?


Yes, it has the 7 colors of God namely:

  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Indigo; 
  • Violet.

Each of these colors represents the 7 spirits of God namely:

  • The spirit of the lord;
  • The spirit of wisdom;
  • The spirit of understanding;
  • The spirit of knowledge;
  • The spirit of might;
  • The spirit of the fear of god;
  • The spirit of counsel.

Therefore, the rainbow represents the 7 colors of God, which are His spirit.

Are Rainbows a Good Biblical Sign?

Rainbows and good luck

Yes, they are good biblical signs.

Seeing them in the sky reminds us of God’s love and promise of kindness toward us.

Therefore, there is no negativity surrounding rainbows

Final Words

The next time you see a rainbow in the sky, see it as a definite message from God. open your mind and use the information in this article to help you understand what it means to you. We hope that this article proves helpful as you prepare to embark on a new adventure.

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