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Peppermint Spiritual Meaning: 7 Magical Properties

Peppermint Spiritual Meaning: 7 Magical Properties

What is the spiritual meaning of peppermint? Let’s find out!

Have you always felt a strange connection with peppermint and its pungent smell?

Well, believe it or not, the seemingly ordinary herb actually holds astonishing spiritual properties that could be pulling you in!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about peppermint and how you can incorporate it into your life for spiritual growth.

So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Peppermint Spiritual Meaning

Peppermint Spiritual Meaning

Because peppermint has a very sharp and nose-penetrating smell, it is spiritually believed to be linked with enlightenment and eye-opening

In ancient times and even today, spiritual enthusiasts and those who’re deeply connected with the unseen realm use the herb to bring betterment and depth to their spiritual consciousness. 

Peppermint also represents peace, serenity, and freshness within the spirit that keeps it alive, young, and full of bliss for centuries to come.

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Peppermint A Cleansing Herb?

Peppermint erbs

YES, peppermint is a fantastic cleansing herb!

Not only does it help in removing negative energies and auras from your surroundings but can also protect against jealousy and the evil eye!

If you feel like your home is a little too full of unwanted energy or prone to unexplainable occurrences, putting a small peppermint plant inside the house can help repel evil and cleanse the environment for you.

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Peppermint Spiritual Benefits


There are many benefits of using peppermint to enhance your spiritual journey, however, the three most significant ones are:

Relieving blocked chakras which may occur if the body’s energy flow is uneven and overpowering one area more than the other.
Deeper focus and mental connection during spiritual prayers and rituals which may translate to a better overall relationship with spirituality.  
Diminishing spiritual fatigue and vulnerabilities meaning you’ll always be prepared to battle against evil if it tries creeping into your heart.

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7 Magical Properties Of Peppermint

Magical Properties Of Peppermint

1) It Can Calm You Down In Stressful Situations

Peppermint is known for its soothing properties that can help a tense mind relax and loosen up during high-stress situations

If you happen to be heading to an important meeting or interview, taking a small bottle of peppermint oil with you in your bag and getting a sniff or two of it right before things get serious can actually help you eliminate anxiety and perform well!

If, however, the stress lies within your home and family members, it may be better to just grow a whole peppermint plant and place it inside the house.

That alone should work wonders in bringing some calm to your home. 

2) Energy Boost!

Feeling like procrastinating even when there are many important tasks ahead of you is pretty common

However, if you just get up and quickly smell a whiff of peppermint oil or leaves, you may notice your energy levels pick up the pace making you feel more charged and excited for the day. 

If you feel tired, particularly in the mornings, and struggle to find the energy to get out of bed, keeping a small peppermint plant on your nightstand may help with that drastically

3) Increased Clarity

If you’ve been dealing with a lot of brain fog and absentmindedness lately, the smell of peppermint can actually help increase mental clarity significantly!

This clarity will directly translate to better decision-making, more focus on tasks at hand, fewer distractions, and a better overall idea of the places you want your life to go. 

If your manager or coworkers frequently complain about you sitting completely lost and confused at work, just keep a small pot of peppermint on your desk and impress everyone with your newly refined clarity

4) Positive Energy

Placing peppermint in any shape or form near major entrances of your house like the front door or garage can assist in the invitation of positive energy

Upon using this remedy, you may notice significantly better guests, partners/dates, friends, and just overall better people walking in through your front door.

There should be no more past enemies or toxic people coming into your life or house ever again. 

5) Ward Off Evil Spells & Jealousy

If you believe your wealth, relationship, or prized possessions to be under the influence of the evil eye, it may be a good idea to incorporate peppermint into your prayers and rituals

Doing so will not only safeguard them from envy but also bring you under the light of spiritual protection just in case evil spells were cast on you as well. 

Unsurprisingly, peppermint is also said to protect against unseen spirits and poltergeists by preventing them from entering your territory; many ancient cultures wholeheartedly believed in this idea!

6) Embrace Your Strong & Bold Personality!

If you recently dreamt about drinking peppermint oil or even just seeing it, that may be a sign from the spiritual world to not be hesitant about being loud and confident with your bold personality. 

If you’ve ever actually looked around you carefully, you may notice that a lot of people in your life don’t really admire your boldness while a fair share of them love it. However, you need to understand that YOU, as an individual, aren’t sent to this world to be who other people want you to be. 

While some may cherish certain personality traits others may not necessarily be fond of them and that’s just what life is. 

So, take the message from the peppermint dream seriously and embrace all your words, thoughts, actions, and traits with no fear whatsoever!

7) Spiritual Awakening

I mean… Are you even surprised?

There is absolutely no way we can talk about the spiritual side of peppermint without mentioning spiritual awakening. 

If one is truly interested in the unseen realm, even just the smell of peppermint alone is enough to invite one towards God and spirituality.

It is believed to open the “third eye” which allows for a deeper realization of the world and comprehension of God’s ability to help and guide no matter wherever, however, or whoever you are. 

Although spiritual awakening is supposed to affect different people differently, you should definitely expect to experience a connection with guidance you haven’t ever before!

Should I Use Peppermint?


You definitely should!

Although the impact of using peppermint on your spiritual journey may be subtle, if you’re truly dialed in and WANT to establish a deeper connection with the spiritual realm, I suggest you stay the course and allow the herb to unveil its magic slowly.

Only if you truly give it the chance to bind to your soul will it ever work.

Many believers and spiritual cultures have used peppermint for the same purpose before you, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: even an ordinary herb like peppermint has a spiritual meaning behind it!

There’s nothing in this world that’s present without a reason or purpose and spirituality allows you to recognize that purpose and use it for your own betterment

Peppermint, in this case, helps you to purify your surroundings of bad energy, obtain the inner peace needed for deeper spiritual connection, bring calmness to your heated attitude, and do so much more that you may never have thought about!

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