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8 Negative Effects of Smudging and Hot to Avoid Them

8 Negative Effects of Smudging and Hot to Avoid Them

Read on to find the answer to all of the questions in your heart concerning smudging sage and its negative effects.

Purification rites have become popular within this age. One of the several ways of purifying your atmosphere from negative energy is through smudging. Smudging is a popular act of purifying your atmosphere from negative energy.

Therefore, it is important to study the act of smudging sage and investigate the effects it can have on our lives and environment. 

Various articles and information are littered all over the internet about the benefits of smudging, but a critical point has been ignored – which is the negative possible effects.

You might be asking the question “Is there any negative effect of smudging?”. We will look into this question, and proffer the perfect answers to all of the questions you have about smudging.

Therefore, before you venture into smudging, you should read this article to the very end. 

You will understand the negative effects of spiritual smoking, and how to smudge sage without being negatively affected. 

There are a million and one benefits of smudging sage. However, there are some negative effects that you stand to suffer if it is done wrongly. Smudging is a magical and spiritual activity, which must be done with extra caution. Without taking the proper caution, you will become a victim of the negative effects.

How can you avoid this negative effects? Let’s find out!

Can Burning Sage have a Negative Effect?

Burning Sage

Burning sage has a negative effect on your life.

I had an experience with a friend. After entering his room, I discovered something was odd with the atmosphere. The air was thick and full of darkness. I started feeling sorrowful. After some few minutes, tears began to drop from my eyes without control, and I had to ask what was happening. 

Surprisingly, I found my friend with wet eyes. He confided in me that smudging was carried out in his room, and he has been having negative experiences ever since. 

From my knowledge about smudging, this was a surprise. I never believed that smudging sage will have such a negative impact on the mind and soul. This led me to research the smudging practice, and how it can negatively affect the soul.

Therefore, from my research, burning sage has a negative effect on your soul. This might be a rare situation as many people don’t experience this. However, it is important to understand the negative effects and avoid them by all means necessary.

Whenever you are burning a sage, can something go wrong?

Yes. A lot can go wrong while smudging sage. This is one of the major causes of the negative effect of smudging sage. When things go wrong while burning sage, you will suffer the negative effect of burning sage.

Therefore, there are certain things to put in the proper place to avoid the negative effect of smudging. In this article, you will discover the answer to these questions.

Can Smudging Make Things Worse?

Can Smudging Make Things Worse

Smudging is a shamanic tradition that originated from the native American tradition. This practice is done to purify the environment from every negative energy. However, smudging can make things worse.

Dealing with dark forces comes with ranks. Therefore, when you come in contact with stronger demonic forces, smudging sage can make things worse.

Whenever you smudge sage against a higher spiritual force, you might expose yourself to more demonic forces. A powerful protective spell and chant are needed to protect yourself from such a level of dark force. 

In addition to this, whenever you smudge sage without a pure intention, your defenses will be broken down, and you will be exposed to darker spiritual forces. The smoke from the sage will attract spirits in line with your intentions.

Therefore, if your intention is not pure enough, the smoke will attract negative spirits. The negative energy will become intense, which might lead to depression and sadness. You need to have a pure intention before smudging. 

Smudging can become worse when you use the wrong herb. Therefore, you must become experienced enough to identify the right herbs for smudging.

When you use the wrong herbs, you will be exposed to the wrong energy, which might affect your health and mental state. Smudging can get worse when you smoke the wrong herbs.

Do you believe in the power of smudging?


You must ask yourself this question over and over again before engaging in the art of smudging. Whenever you begin to doubt a spiritual practice, you release contrary energy, which will lead to a bad situation and condition.

Therefore, you must believe in the smudging act to prevent things from getting worse. 

Therefore, with doubt, the contrary energy will be released and your smudging rituals will be negatively affected. Things will get worse with smudging when you doubt the potency of the ritual. 

Therefore, can things get worse with smudging?


Yes, things can get worse with smudging. Smudging is effective, but things can take a wrong turn when the proper spiritual structure is not put in place.

Do things always go wrong with smudging?

No! things do not always go wrong with smudging. However, with the wrong approach, you will suffer negative consequences.

8 Negative Effects of Smudging Sage

Negative Effects of Smudging Sage

There are 8 negative effects of smudging sage. There are spiritual, health, and psychological effects of smudging sage. Let us take a look at these negative effects.

1) Home accidents

Smudging sage comes with fire and incense. Therefore, when the fire is not properly put out, you will be prone to home accidents like a spark of fire, which might damage properties. This is a negative effect of smudging sage in your room.

As harmless as it looks, it can change a lot when suffered.

After smudging sage, you have to ensure that the fire has been properly put out before you leave your room. Without this, you stand at risk of property loss due to a spark of fire – most especially during the dry season/summer.

2) Asthmatic Attacks

If you are an asthmatic patient, smudging sage is going to affect your health. The thick smoke that comes from the sage leaf is detrimental to your health.

Therefore, it is dangerous for your health. Whenever you smudge sage, you are prone to asthmatic attacks, which might be deadly if your inhaler is not close by. The smoke is too thick, and it can lead to short breath.

3) Several health hazards come with smudging sage

Smudging sage has several health hazards that come with it. You can suffer respiratory problems, heart problems, breathing problems, and it might even affect your sight. This is a negative effect.

Although, this is rare.

However, if you constantly carry out this purification exercise, you are prone to having health issues.

Smudging sage more than 3 times a week is dangerous to your health. You will be exposed to several health challenges – most will be respiratory because inhaling the smoke from the sage plant is not healthy.

4) The extinction of the white sage

The white sage plant is commonly used for smudging, and it has suffered illegal harvesting. Therefore, constantly smudging sage with illegally harvested white sage puts the white sage species at risk.

You must understand that the white sage is an important plant for traditional, medical, and research practices.

This is why you need to scrutinize the source of your white sage leaf. Smudging sage with the illegally harvested white sage plant puts the white sage species at risk of going extinct (which is dangerous for the spiritual world).

5) You will become vulnerable to dark forces

Burning the white sage without a pure intention will make you vulnerable to darker forces. Whenever you are burning your sage, you must have a clear intention in your heart concerning your desires, and what you intend to achieve.

If this is not properly put in place, you fall at risk of becoming open to increasing negative energies. This was the case with my friend. The effect of smudging sage is in tango with your heart’s desire and intention.

Therefore, not having a clear and pure intention opens you up to the danger of being affected by negative forces.

6) Depression

Sage leaf is believed to be therapeutic. This is true. However, whenever you smudge sage leaves, you can fall into depression if it is done wrongly.

Before smudging sage, you must check your belief.

Don’t smudge sage without believing that it will work. Doubt releases contrary energy, which will corrupt the power of the sage, and lead to a contrary effect on your mind and soul.

7) Seizures

Some species of sage have a chemical called the thujone. This chemical component can trigger seizure attacks. Therefore, when smudging sage, you can be prone to seizures.

The effect of the smoke can lead to seizure attacks. If you have experienced consistent seizure problems in the past, smudging might not be the best for you. To prevent seizure attacks, It is best to not smudge sage.

8) You will become vulnerable to attacks after the smoke subsides

When smudging sage, you are likely to feel purified for some days. After this, you will become exposed to negative energy all over.

According to the bible, the demons will come in multiple folds. This is why you have to ensure that some other protective charms and spells will protect you from harm. Smudging sage will expose you to negative energy after it wears off.

How to Avoid the negative effects of Smudging?

Smudging your house

There is a solution to the problem of smudging sage. You can avoid the negative effects of this spiritual practice. It is possible to successfully smudge sage without any negative side effects. Therefore, let us look into this concept with further details attached.

How can you avoid the negative effects of smudging?

1. Have a clear intention

Smudging is an act of purifying your environment of every negative energy. Therefore, you must ensure that the energy coming out of your soul is positive.

You cannot smudge your home with negative energy in your mind. One of the major reasons why people suffer terrible consequences after smudging is because their chi was not purged of negative energy.

As the smoke rolled and twirled around their body, there was a resistance in their soul as a result of the negative energy that thrived there. Therefore, whenever you are smudging sage, having a clear intention with a clear mind is important. Avoid the following negative emotions.

  • Fear;
  • Doubt;
  • Annoyance;
  • Frustration;
  • Hatred.

You must never allow these negative emotions in your soul while smudging sage. In doing this, you will be able to rid your soul of every negative energy, and successfully purify your environment without any side effects.

2. Create enough ventilation

Whenever you are smudging sage in your room, keep the windows open for proper ventilation. This will prevent any health hazards.

Those with asthmatic issues must always perform this spiritual practice in a well-ventilated environment. Furthermore, avoid inhaling the smoke directly.

While walking around the smoke, don’t inhale the smoke with rapidity. Simply allow the fragrance from the sage to mingle with the air. With proper ventilation, you will avoid the possibility of having attacks.

3. Choose the right sage herb

You must research properly before selecting the herb to use for your smudging. Using the wrong species of sage is going to hurt your health and energy.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the right sage is used. Generally, the necessary materials for a successful smudging practice must be available for proper smudging.

4. Put out the light properly

To avoid fire outbreaks, you must ensure that the fire is properly put out. In doing this, you will prevent the possibility of fire outbreaks in your room.

Final Words

Smudging sage has its benefits and negative effects. However, you can prevent the negative effects by taking the necessary precautions in this article. Following all the guidelines in this article will help you to have the best smudging practice for purification.

So, do you already know the negative effects of smudging and if that can make things worse? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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  1. By no means bring up ANY evil spirits, whether they’re considered benign or malignant! We are not to mess with the dark forces. Divination is specifically forbidden in the Bible. Remember, the devil is a deceiver and destroyer and very smart.
    Please read Ephesians 6: 10-18. We are to worship our Creator God not the creation.
    John 3:16″ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
    Now that’s something you can count on to be true. It’s far better to rely on our Creator for protection and guidance than a being who does not love us and NEVER tells the truth.

  2. Ty for sharing your Knowledge and Wisdom! Now I can properly and effectively Smudge with White Sage!
    Blessed Be!

  3. I thought I was ready to smudge our house but after reading this, now I’m afraid to. I have a spirit that follows my husband home, his friends to their homes too. Even people we have met since this started are now being visited by him. He’s made me mad by talking to me using my husband’s voice, hiding things, and above all SPOONING ME! As I awoke I could feel someone lying behind me and since I was laying with my back near the edge of the bed, there was no room for a real person to be there. The only work I could get out was “STOP”. it faded away. He kidney punched my husband in the back. He’s jerked the covers completely off the end of the bed. My husband felt them starting to move so grabbed on. He yank them out of my husband’s hands. He unplugs our cell phones. He hid my son’s cell phone when he followed him to his house. He appeared 3 times in less than 20 minutes to our 13 year old grandson, once standing next to my husband, with his his chest pumped up and hands on his hips. That really frightened my grandson. After he went home the next day, I was so mad. I told him that boy was our grandson and he was to leave him alone. In addition to this man, now there’s a woman too and a dark figure about 4 ft tall. My husband has heard children laughing. It scares me the most bc it seems like it escalates every few months. If I am mad about the things he’s done, will it open the door to other evil spirits.

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