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9 Spiritual Meanings of Shoes in a Dream (and Heels)

9 Spiritual Meanings of Shoes in a Dream (and Heels)

What is the spiritual meaning of shoes and high heels in a dream? Let’s find out!

Shoes are important to our lives.

In medieval times, people did not care so much about shoes.

They walked barefooted from one place to another. However, as times changed, the need for shoes to protect our feet became prevalent, and this led to its invention.

At first, it was about survival.

But as time rolled by, it became more about fashion, style, and elegance.

This explains the outburst of several brands making different shoes for various occasions. 

Now, this looks very normal and natural from the physical point of view.

In the spiritual world, there is a lot more to shoes than you can ever imagine.

For example, imagine dreaming of your shoe for 7 days in a row; how does that feel? Trust me, it will feel awkward and weird at some point. But what you should understand is that the universe uses this to speak to us about different aspects of our lives. 

Therefore, the next time you have that dream, there are certain things you should know.

To make this simple for you, I have outlined the different spiritual meanings you should know about having this type of dream.

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What do Shoes Represent Spiritually?

Shoes in spiritual world

It has several spiritual meanings based on culture and people’s numerous perspectives. However, the common spiritual meaning has talked about the ability to take instant steps without fear.

Now, imagine walking barefoot and encountering broken glass on the floor. You will not be confident to walk over such sharp shards of broken glass.

Your feet are exposed and will get badly hurt.

However, with shoes on your feet, you won’t need to think twice about this before walking.

The reason is that you have insurance, which is the shoe.

In our general lives, there are times we will be faced with huge decisions to make. When these moments come, you should know that the universe has your back.

But sometimes, it is very hard to know.

This is why shoes can become an important spiritual item.

Anytime you stumble on a shoe – while pacing about or thinking of how to take certain huge steps, it is a sign that the universe is with you.

This type of spiritual sign eliminates fear.

It also fills your heart with the courage to take those bold steps. This is why having such a dream is a powerful spiritual omen. 

Biblical Meaning of Shoes in a Dream

Shoes in the Bible and dreams

Biblically, dreaming of shoes helps you to take steps of faith.

God desires that His children will live a life of faith at all times.

Whenever things don’t seem to be clear in your mind, dreaming of shoes is the voice of God that can inspire you to plunge into the deep.

When it comes to the Christian religion, faith is one of the upheld virtues.

The supernatural ability to do things against the norm and expect great results.

Therefore, this type of dream speaks of taking bold steps even when you are not sure of the outcome of those steps.

Also, dreaming of shoes points to preaching the gospel.

The Bible said the feet should be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. God can make people passionate about evangelism through this dream.

It aligns with the bible.

This is why you should consider this message after having such a dream.

If you are Christian, ask yourself certain questions as regards soul winning.

Then, work on the aspects you have defaulted. God wants you to be a soul winner. The dream about shoes you are having further confirms that. 

Spiritual Meaning of High Heels in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of High Heels

For women, having this dream talks about seeing things from a clearer perspective. Compared to wearing flat shoes, high heels make you taller. Since it adds a little height to yours, then, you can see your environment farther than you would originally have.

Spiritually, this means you are standing on a higher pedestal of insight.

It indicates that your inner eyes can see things from a better point of view.

Therefore, don’t be scared of making wrong decisions.

Your mind is clear enough to make those decisions.

Running in high heels in a dream spiritually means that you can do the impossible.

Because of the features of this type of shoe, it can be a bit difficult to perform certain activities like running, and so on.

However, if you dream of running in this type of shoe, then it is a morale booster.

The universe is speaking about the ability to do the impossible. 

What have you assumed is impossible? Now is the best time to stir up.

This is the moment to start thinking otherwise.

What you think is impossible can be possible if you put your heart into it, and get it done. 

Meaning of Wearing Two Different Shoes in a Dream

Two Different Shoes

Anytime this happens to you, it is a spiritual sign of confusion.

  • It indicates that you don’t know what step to take.
  • Everybody must go through this situation at one point or the other.
  • There is nothing special about feeling this way.

When it becomes too intense, your mind might find it hard to pick up certain spiritual signs.

In situations like this, the spiritual world will use graphic and dramatic images like wearing two different shoes in a dream. 

When this happens, it is a spiritual sign of your confused state.

Now, the solution to this problem is in that dream.

Meditate on those different shoes.

Anyone that seems attractive to you might be telling you something.

For example, if the shoe that keeps coming back to your mind is the one on your right foot, it might be telling you to follow your heart and inward intuition.

However, if it is the one on your left, then, it indicates that you should seek spiritual help or pray more for clarity.

A dream like this is an inspiration from the spiritual world.

If you take heed to what it says, you will get clarity and precision.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Shoes in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Shoes in a Dream

There are spiritual messages in this type of dream. Throughout the ages, people have given different spiritual meanings to having dreams about shoes. However, the 9 spiritual messages below are the most powerful and commonly given signs from the spiritual world. This is why you should keep them in mind.

1) White Shoes

The spiritual meaning of having this type of dream is concerning your heart. It shows that your heart is pure and free from negativity. 

Additionally, white shoes in a dream have a biblical meaning. It shows that you are ready to serve God.

It also shows your humility to obey all the instructions of God to you

Whenever you have this type of dream, meditating upon it helps you to harness its energy much more.

You can become more positive, pure-hearted, and simply devoted through this dream.

2) A black leather shoe

Black leather shoe

Black leather shoes speak about our corporate lives.

For example, if you dream of tying the lace of your black leather shoe, it is a sign of starting your corporate journey. This could mean you will be switching your career and starting on another path. 

Additionally, dreaming of walking in a black leather shoe is a symbol of progress in your career.

It indicates that you will become progressive, promoted, and fulfilled in your career.

3) Someone buying you new pair of shoes

If you dream of wearing an old, worn-out shoe, but someone is also buying you a new pair of shoes in that same dream, then, be happy.

This is a positive spiritual message from God.

You are about to be rewarded with blessings. 

This dream means that your consistent efforts have been applauded by the universe, and the moment of harvest has come.

Therefore, be encouraged to hold on a little longer.

Be inspired to not give up right now. 

4) An Old pair of Shoes

Old boots

If you dream of keeping an old pair of shoes in your cupboard, it is a warning sign from the universe.

This dream reveals that you are still holding on to your past.

It shows that you are unwilling to let go of that part of your life. However, that space should be meant for a new pair of shoes. 

Therefore, the universe is encouraging you to let go of that old pair of shoes, which is your past. It is time to move on from your past.

Free yourself from the shackles of your past. 

5) Wearing New Sneakers

Commonly, sneakers are known for running or other athletic activities.

Whenever you dream of wearing them, it reveals that you need to take certain fast actions.

This is a message that encourages hard work, consistency, and progress.

It inspires you to never stop taking those steps.

If you procrastinate a lot, dreams about wearing new sneakers are a warning sign. 

6) Green Shoes

Green sneakers

This is a spiritual sign of good luck.

Wearing good shoes means you are on your way to enjoying good moments.

It also means the end of a hard moment in your life. This sign keeps people optimistic. 

7) Seeing Several Shoes Scattered on the Floor

Spiritually, this experience reveals that you have a lot of plans on the ground.

However, you don’t know how to make those plans a reality.

It is just like having an idea, but not knowing how to make them a reality. 

This dream is similar to the dream of wearing two different shoes. It is a spiritual message that reveals the state of your mind.

Furthermore, it inspires you to pray to the universe for clarity.

8) Brown Shoes

Brown boots

It establishes a connection to mother nature.

Additionally, dreaming about them indicates that you need stability in your emotional and spiritual life. You need to become more stable than ever before.

Spiritually, brown shoes in a dream help us to maintain balance in our lives

9) Walking on Broken Glass with shoes 

A dream like this means you are taking a great risk.

But the best part is that you won’t be affected negatively.

Even though the risk is great, you will achieve success in the midst of it all. 

Meaning of Looking for Shoes in a Dream

Lost shoes in a dream meaning

This dream is a sign of finding answers.

It means that your mind is worried about certain issues, and you need to find the answers as soon as possible. Also, this could mean the journey to self-discovery.

It is believed that people who dream of looking for something are on their way to discovering who they truly are

Furthermore, another spiritual meaning of looking for shoes in a dream spiritually indicates that you need a friend to rely on.

Just like shoes can be reliable, finding a dependable person can bring as much security to our lives.

This is why you had such a dream experience

Are Dreams about Shoes a Good Spiritual Sign?

Shoes and good luck

Yes, they are a good spiritual sign.

Whenever you dream about shoes, they speak of taking action, thinking creatively, and becoming more deliberate than ever before.

In the spiritual world, this type of dream is an omen of:

  • Inner strength;
  • Fortitude;
  • Confidence;
  • And power. 

People who have this type of dream can also get clarity about certain aspects of their lives. Although, this dream rarely happens to people.

Spiritually, you can also get this dream as a warning sign to protect you from making wrong decisions

Final Words

The 9 spiritual meanings you just read will guide you.

Through and through, you can learn the wisdom of the spiritual world by having this dream.

Additionally, steps you plan to take can either be approved by the spiritual world or disapproved. 

If you ever have a dream concerning shoes, ensure that you never take such for granted. Your next decision could be hinged on the message you will get from that spiritual encounter.

With the information in this article, you can easily decipher why the universe has brought such a sign to you. 

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