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11 Biblical Meanings of Clothes in Dreams

11 Biblical Meanings of Clothes in Dreams

Jews and Greeks use clothes for several rites.

They use it for burial, sonship, chieftaincy, priesthood, and so on.

Beyond these rites and usages, clothes can also be used by God to speak to His people

How is this possible? Well, this is where I come in. 

In this article, the different spiritual and biblical meanings of dreaming about cloth will be discussed.

Therefore, read with an open mind as we unveil the deep mysteries of clothes from the bible. 

Are Clothes in Dreams a Sign from God?

Clothes and messages from God

In dreams, events that deal with clothes are spiritual signs from God. These are used as messages concerning our lives, finances, relationships, and so on.

Over the past centuries, this type of dream has been revered as the golden dream.

People pray to have this dream because of its soothing, precise, and protective messages.

Therefore, the next time you have a dream about clothes, remind yourself that God has just spoken to you.

The next challenge lies in understanding what this dream means. Throughout all ages, several messages have been gotten from this dream.

Each of these messages comes via different events and scenarios.

Never forget what you saw in this kind of dream. Every event is a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Getting them together shows you the full picture of what God is trying to say to you through this type of dream.

When God wants to talk, he uses his word, power, and visions.

Dreaming about wearing clothes, and so on are types of visions you will get at one point or the other.

Therefore, be mentally prepared for it, and ensure the meaning of every dream is obtained precisely.

What do Clothes mean in the Bible?

Clothes in the Bible

In the bible, clothes mean a lot of things. Whenever a father wants to shower his love on his children, clothes play a special role. 

In Hebrew culture, this was not new. Fathers make use of this sign to distinguish a child from other children.

Also, it could be used to distinguish a family from another family.

In the case of Joseph, Jacob made a coat of many colors for him. Without explanation, it was clear that Jacob loved Joseph.

Therefore, one of the biblical meanings of clothes is the love of God

Through this sign, your heart can be assured of God’s love and compassion. He cares for you and will do everything in his power to keep you safe.

Furthermore, a piece of cloth can be seen as a gift of friendship and commitment.

When Jesus died, His disciples came to wrap him up in a piece of white cloth. They could have left him naked.

However, their commitment to him compelled them to carry out that rite.

In the same way, getting a piece of cloth from your friend might mean commitment.

When this happens in your dream, it tells you to be happy for the type of friends around you. 

The Prophetic Meaning of Clothes

A lot of clothe

In prophecy, clothes carry weight. They have a deep spiritual significance and can be used to prophesy about the future.

Below are the prophetic meanings of clothes:

  1. When you tear your cloth, it warns you against waste. Tearing your clothes in a dream or in real life prophetically speaks of a time in your life when you will have all you need, and be tempted to waste them. God is warning you against this. He has given you this sign to protect you from falling into that error.
  1. Rubbing your scarf on the floor speaks of dishonor and insult. In the spiritual world, this event talks about treating yourself with dignity. It tells you to not look down on yourself anymore. A situation like this might be given to protect you from losing out on life-changing opportunities because of your lack of self-confidence. 
  1. In prophecy, wearing white cloth means you are blessed with the gift of a prophet. This means you have a spiritual destiny to fulfill. Henceforth, you should walk conscious of this message and ability. Through you, God will speak to men and reveal things about their lives. 

Biblical Meaning of Clothes of Different Colors in Dreams

Colored clothes

Dreaming of different colors of clothes has several biblical meanings. These dreams can come in several ways. However, I have identified the 4 common colors of clothes you will see in your dream. 

White Clothes:

White shirt

Biblically, seeing white clothes in your dream talks about your spiritual purpose.

If you are wearing it in that dream, it means you have a calling and destiny to fulfill for God.

This sign from your dream helps you to discover your purpose in God

Black Clothes:

Black pants

It means grief and mourning. Before you run off thinking it is a bad sign, read what comes next.

Black clothes in a dream speak of a time of grief and mourning.

This could be the loss of someone close or a job. However, these seasons can be averted. God has given you this sign to help you.

Beyond the revelation, you can open your heart to get ideas on what to do to prevent such negative situations. 

Therefore, as much as black clothes represent sadness and grief, it is not absolute. It can be averted. 

Red Clothes:

Red sweater

When you see this color of cloth, be reminded of how Jesus suffered for you. The red color of your cloth speaks of love and sacrifice.

Beyond the reminder, you will be inspired to love people, be kind to them, and be willing to sacrifice for their benefit.

A red piece of cloth also describes the state of people’s hearts. If the red cloth is torn, it means heartbreak.

However, if it is brand new, then God is encouraging you to heal up from your emotional trauma

The biblical messages from this color of clothes address love and emotional-related issues. 

Blue Clothes:

Blue jersey

People who dream of wearing blue cloth are known as psychics.

They can read people’s minds. Because of their abilities, it is easy for them to understand the pain that people go through. 

Additionally, the bible reveals that a blue piece of cloth in the dream is a sign of peace. If you dream of blue clothes, then the spirit of peace dwells in your heart. With this, you can relax under pressure.

Additionally, you will enjoy emotional strength and stability at all times

The Bible is the perfect place to understand the spiritual essence of different colors of clothes. 

11 Biblical Meanings of Clothes in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Clothes in Dreams

To understand the different meanings of clothes in dreams, pay attention to the scenario in those dreams. They will differ from each other. This is how to identify what they mean. In this section, we will talk about 11 different scenarios with their meanings and messages.

1) Receiving New Clothes

Biblically, when you dream of receiving new clothes, it is a sign of fresh inspiration from God.

This means that you will become creative and full of ideas concerning the issues surrounding your career, business, or relationship

2) Wearing New Clothes

In the dream, this is the sign of a new beginning.

It means you are ready to take on a new identity.

Biblically, this means that you are ready to embrace who you are and let others see you in that light.

This is a sign of confidence.

If you have held onto your past life, wearing new clothes in your dream means that you have finally decided to let go of the past, and embrace the new and adventurous life ahead of you.

3) Shopping for Clothes

Shopping for clothes

Shopping for clothes in your dream is a sign of a wandering mind.

It depicts the instability of the mind. In that dream, you will be confused about what clothes to buy.

All of these point to the fact that you need answers to certain questions

God has sent this dream to you because you need to pray and ask for guidance.

As you do this, help will come from the Holy Spirit.

4) Tearing old clothes

Spiritually, this dream is the end of a season.

Whenever people come to the end of a phase in their lives, they often have this dream.

God also sends it to people who don’t know the season of their lives is gradually coming to an end. 

Either way, this is a sign to prepare for what lies ahead.

The old life is making way for the new life. 

5) Old Clothes

In the bible, old clothes represent sinful nature.

Therefore, seeing them in your dream could remind you of God’s instruction to neglect your old and sinful nature.

This dream warns you against living in sin. It opens your eyes to understand the ugliness of sin, while you are encouraged to embrace the life of purity and righteousness

6) Wearing old clothes

Old shoes

When this happens to you in your dream, it means you are living in sin.

This is a different message from the previous one. In the previous dream, you only saw old clothes.

However, this dream shows that you are wearing those clothes. It is not a good sign. 

Once you wake up from that dream, ask God for forgiveness and resolve to never return to that life of sin.

Sinfulness is enmity to God, and he will never condone it for anyone. Therefore, wearing old clothes is a sign of sin.

You should abstain from it.

7) Changing Clothes

Changing a piece of cloth in your dream speaks about accepting other people’s ideas.

This encourages you to be open-minded.

It helps you to accept other people’s opinions and never be rigid in your mind

In this dream, you might find yourself changing clothes more than 3 times.

It simply speaks of your heart posture towards other people’s opinions. 

8) Sowing Clothes

In the bible, this is a sign of hard work.

When you dream of this, God commends your hard work and encourages you to keep up the good work.

The Bible supports hard work and rebukes laziness.

Therefore, see this dream as a sign of encouragement to remain diligent in your business.

When the time comes, you will be rewarded for your effort.

9) Sleeping on a pile of clothes

Pile of clothes

When you dream of sleeping on a pile of dirty clothes, it is a sign of laziness and procrastination.

Biblically, this means you are not taking the required action on your ideas and dreams. 

Sleeping on a pile of dirty clothes in a dream means you have left a lot of ideas on the table.

It is telling you to work on your idea.

10) Your friend is burning your clothes

This is a negative sign.

In the dream, you will be warned about your friend.

This means he/she is planning evil against you.

Therefore, you need to be on your watch. Additionally, be vigilant and spiritually sensitive. 

You can protect yourself from this evil plot through prayer.

When you pray, God will deliver you from the hands of evil people

Another biblical meaning of this dream warns you from exposing your secrets to people.

It tells you to keep vital information about yourself secret. Betrayal is looming. But you can protect yourself from it by taking precautions.

11) Wearing clothes with gold rings

This is just like Solomon in the bible.

When you have this type of dream, it brings a promise of wealth and abundance.

Through this dream, you will be inspired and encouraged by God.

This is a prophetic message concerning your financial status

Seeing yourself in clothes with gold rings means you are wealthy. It attracts financial abundance to your life and gives you rest from your labor.

Are Clothes a Good Biblical Sign?

Spiritual signs and messages from God

Yes, they are a good biblical sign.

Through them, you can get instructions.

Furthermore, you can know what lies ahead in your future. Dreaming of clothes is a positive omen according to the bible.

Treat this sign with positivity

Final Words

Seeing clothes in your dream from a biblical perspective instructs, protects, assures, and warns.

Whatever shade of message you get, ensure you stick with it.

With the information you just got from this article, you now have ready answers for the biblical meaning of the 11 different dreams about clothes. 

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