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Home » Dream of Someone Trying to Open The Door: 7 Meanings 

Dream of Someone Trying to Open The Door: 7 Meanings 

Dream of Someone Trying to Open The Door: 7 Meanings 

We recently talked about the meaning of hearing a knock on the door in dreams.

Today we are going to talk about something similar, the meaning of dreaming about someone trying to open the door.

There’s someone at the door.

Someone is trying to open it.

Who is it? Is it someone you know or a stranger?

You wake with beads of sweat covering your forehead, trying to understand this strange dream.

What does it mean? Am I in trouble?

You might be asking yourself plenty of questions.

Though this dream may sound slightly ridiculous, it has some strange spiritual significance. 

The door may be insignificant to you, but you will be surprised to know that since ancient times, doors have been used as a dream symbol. 

Yeah, that’s true!

It signifies new beginnings, good luck and prosperity.

So, if you have been seeing a lot of doors in your dreams and are curious to know what it means, just hold on.

Take a deep breath.

This article will uncover all the mysteries related to your dreams. Let’s start!

Someone Tried To Open the Door In My Dreams! Is it Normal?

Ghost opening the door

Dreams are always mysterious, but one thing is sure they do leave us fascinated.

As Marsha Norman said, “Dreams are illustrations… from the book, your soul is writing about you.” 

That means that it does contain some meaning that you don’t know at the moment!

Do you know that it’s our subconscious mind reaching out to us through these dreams?

Sometimes we do have scary and bizarre dreams. 

But what if you see a dream in which someone is trying to open a door?

Well—don’t be scared; it’s nothing unusual.

Carl Jung saw the door as a portal which is used to travel from one phase to another. Sounds interesting right?

The door in your dreams even stands for a new phase of your life that you are about to enter. 

The universe is sending you signals!

Keep in mind that dreams are highly subjective. Your dream interpretations depend upon your beliefs.

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Someone Tried To Break Down a Door In My Dream! What Does It Mean?

Broken door

Dreams do get under our skin and leave us unsettled. 

They are such strange phenomena that we can’t decipher them sometimes.

Suppose you dream about someone trying to break down a door, and you are standing behind that door. 

You don’t know who is on the other side and what they want. 

Now this dream will leave you shaken up, trust me! 

It’s a strange dream, but what if I tell you that this dream will offer you some valuable insights into your life? 

That is another side of this story!

The door in your dream represents your desires. And the person trying to break it is your curiosity, continuously trying, probing to know more.

Do not suppress it!

You know what they say, that curiosity kills the cat. But no, it doesn’t always! 

Sometimes we do need to let the curious monster out of us.

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7 Meanings of Dream Of Someone Trying To Open The Door

Meaning of Dream Of Someone Trying To Open The Door

1) New Beginnings

Dreams serve as a bridge between our earthly and higher spiritual selves.

Well, you have most probably heard the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Haven’t you?


Did you recently have a dream in which someone tried to open your door? Rejoice! It’s a good sign.

This dream is an indication that you are on the verge of receiving new opportunities. New doors are opening for you.

Maybe you were feeling down for sometime and wanted to start a new. This dream is a message for you!

The person opening a door is a clear sign that it’s time for new beginnings.

Turn the page of your life and start new!

2) You Are Keeping Secrets

You are hiding something, and your subconscious is giving you signals!

The door is a barrier, standing tall protecting your secret. Keeping it hidden away from the prying eyes of people.

Maybe there is something precious to you that you don’t want to share.

You are hiding it away from everyone, deep within.

The dream represents your need to keep secrets. The door is acting as a barrier in your deam, protecting your thoughts from the person trying to get into your subconscious.

But sometimes it’s better to talk then being quiet!

Your subconscious is giving you a message that now is the time to talk about it!

3) Past Traumas Are Haunting You

Things don’t always stay in the past, they come back to haunt in one way or another.

These truams can leave an underlying effect on our mental health.

If you had some problems in the past, they are back to give you some trouble!

The closed door in your dream is an indication that you are trying to avoid past conflicts and the person trying to open the door is actually a sign that these problems are coming to give you hell.

Buckle up and face your problems before it gets too late!

Don’t lock away your memories, instead face them and get over it.

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4) Feeling Trapped

You know somtimes there is a feeling inside us like we are stuck in one place and can’t move ahead. 

The closed door in your dreams is assign that you are trapped.

It could be a phase of your life, a bad relationship or a job. You may feel that you are trapped in a particular situation and you dont have any control over it.

Your sub-cocnious mind is portraying your feelings through your dreams.

The person trying to open the door is a sign that you want out!

Being trapped feels like you are walking bakwards into the past. 

You can do a few things to overcome this;

  • Try to medidate
  • Connect to your spiritual self
  • Focus on yourself

5) Overcome Your Fears

Everyone has some fears that we fear to expose. There are so many things that you can be afraid of, including:

  • Failure
  • Taking Risks
  • The Unknown
  • Losing Someone
  • And the list goes on!

But remember that it is important to overcome your fears, if you want a peaceful life.

The closed door is a sign of hurdles and obstacles in your way. They are blocking you and keeping you from realizing the true nature of your potential. 

You are made to do so much more!

Overcoming your fears is not always easy. 

But it’s not impossible.

Just by thinking, you cannot achieve anything. 

Act and enjoy the results!

Just like the person in your dreams who is trying to open the door continuously, you have to keep trying and maybe then you will conquer everything.

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6) Believe In Yourself

The trick to lead a successful life, is believing in your inner powers.

In the midst of challenges some people doubt themselves and let the negative energy take over them.

Maybe you are doing the same!

The closed door is a representation of lack of faith, low confidence. You are unable to overcome challenges and doubt yourself constantly.

This dream is a sign of universe reminding you that you need to believe in yourself first before anything.

Don’t look at others, have faith in yourself.

Always be confident!

7) Unresolved Issues

You are frustrated! 

Every little thing is bothering you.

But why?

Maybe there was a colleague who created problems for you in the past, or a friend that you lost due to misunderstanding.

You could be stuck in a job or a relationship. 

The dream with a person trying to open a door is a sign of unresolved issues. 

Unresolved conflicts are like cancer, they will keep spreading and eat you alive till you cut them out completely.

This dream is a sign that you need to tackle your issues.

You have to deal with the demons in your life or you won’t be able to live peacefully.

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Is This Dream a Warning Sign?

The hidden messages from this dream

Dreaming about someone trying to open a door is not necessarily a warning.

Though It does seem scary, there is nothing to worry about!

As Yoko Ono said,” A dream is only a dream”. 

It’s just a dream, not a reality. 

Though our dreams give us insights into life, they can sometimes depict our emotional state.

If you are having this dream, it could be because you are stressed or anxious about something. Or you may be facing a difficult time in your life. 

Whatever the case, keep in mind that dreams are not always true!

If you are highly concerned, then seek guidance from your spirit angel!

Don’t let your fears control you!

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Final Words

Whether you take your dreams as a warning or just pass it off as nothing, it’s always better to know what they mean spiritually.

Doors are a striking reminder to keep a balance in your life. 

Dreams come from the past, not from the future. Dreams shouldn’t control you–you should control them.

The universe will keep sending you signs, and it’s up to you if you want to look at them more deeply!

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