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Why do People Throw Salt over their Shoulders? 5 Superstitions

Why do People Throw Salt over their Shoulders? 5 Superstitions

For a long time, I have seen chefs do this on television. My mother also did it several times. However, I never really paid attention to it because of how common it was.

Then, one night, I had a dream of throwing salt over my shoulders. Guess what? I woke up to see salt on my bed.

Now, that was a whole lot scary. It was this incident that triggered my mind to delve deeper into the spiritual world of salts.

This has led to some amazing discoveries.

Also, my mindset about throwing salt over the shoulders has changed drastically because of that. 

Throughout the ages, this practice has remained consistent.

Every continent of the world believes that there is power in salt. This is why they use it for a lot of their activities.

The common way people use salt is by throwing it over their shoulders or throwing it at someone.

Whenever this happens, there is a message to be gotten, which is why you should read this article till the end.

There are 5 superstitions that will prove helpful even as you seek to further understand the spiritual meaning of this act

The Meaning of Throwing Salt over your Shoulder

Kitchen salt

This has a lot of spiritual meanings. Commonly, throwing salt over your shoulder is seen as sending away bad wishes back to the sender.

In the early 800 A.D, it is said that this was a spiritual action to protect people from the evil stare.

Rather than using an evil eye bracelet, they simply threw salt over their shoulders and walked over it.

This was how they protected themselves in the past and it still holds weight now

Furthermore, throwing salt over your shoulder means that you are reading to let go of excessive emotional outbursts.

It could also be a caution from the universe.

Through this seemingly insignificant event, you will learn to stay in control of how you feel.

A spillover of salt over your shoulder tells you to remind yourself that you have absolute control over how you feel. Therefore, take full responsibility for it. 

When you feel like someone is watching you from behind, throwing salt over your shoulder means you are blinding the monitoring eyes.

If it happens in your dream, then it could be a warning sign. This is telling you to be more secretive than ever before

Why do People Throw Salt over their Shoulders?

Throw Salt over our Shoulder

People throw salt over their shoulders to blind the monitoring eyes of evil spirits.

In the world we live in, there are both good and bad spirits.

These entities can be sent on errands by people.

For example, if you pray for the good health of someone, you are sending a good spirit on assignment. However, if you wish someone bad, then, a bad spirit will be sent to such an individual.

One of the ways people protect themselves from these bad spirits is through salt. 

This is the reason they throw salt over their shoulder every night.

It is to blind the eyes of demons from knowing where you are or having access to your deep secrets.

If you also desire to enjoy this, then, you can also throw salt over your shoulders.

Additionally, some believe this to be a sign of greeting mother earth in the morning.

Throwing salt over your shoulder in the morning is believed to bring a lot of the earth’s blessing upon your life.

Others have claimed to experience good luck during the day as a result of this

Which Shoulder to Throw Salt over?


You can throw salt over any of your shoulders. However, they have different implications on you

The right shoulder:

When you throw salt over the right shoulder, it means you are praying for good luck to come into your life.

The right shoulder is similar to the hand of God and the position of holiness.

Therefore, this act is going to attract energy from the heavens, which brings a miracle to you. 

If you want good luck to come into your life, then, throw salt over your right shoulder in the morning and at night.

The left shoulder:

Throwing salt over your left shoulder is a spiritual omen of prayers and meditation.

It is done when you are praying. For all your prayers to be answered, it is best to throw salt over your left shoulder. 

In addition to this, throwing salt over your left shoulder implies that you are protecting your heart from the betrayals of certain people.

There is a myth about salt that talks about betrayals, which we will discuss later in this article.

To prevent betrayal from happening in the future, it is important to perform this spiritual act. 

5 Benefits of Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulders

Benefits of Throwing Salt Over Your Shoulders

Anytime you throw salt over your shoulders, the following spiritual benefits can be enjoyed. Let us talk about them below

1) Leaving your Past Buried

For the confidence to move on with your life, you can throw salt over your shoulders every time you begin to think or feel guilty about an incident in the past.

It is believed that this act buries your past and eventually makes you confident to move on.

No matter how terrible your past was, throwing salt over your shoulder helps you to find the inner strength to move on

2) Good Luck

When you throw salt over your right shoulder, it brings good luck to your life.

If you have been going through a tough situation, this is a spiritual sign you should never take for granted.

One of the ways to bring a positive turn of events into your life is by performing this spiritual act of throwing salt over your right shoulder.

Doing this eliminates every form of negative energy around you. It also aligns good luck with your path and brings blessings to you. 

Throwing salts over your right shoulder makes good things happen in your life. 

3) It purifies your Spiritual Atmosphere

This is another benefit of throwing salt over your shoulders.

Salt has purifying properties.

Therefore, throwing it over your shoulders purifies your atmosphere.

If there is any form of contamination around you, the presence of salt with the practice of throwing it over your shoulders eliminates such negative energy from your environment

Additionally, this protects you from becoming vulnerable to spiritual attacks.

Once every negative element has been taken away, evil spirits will have no common ground to oppress you or affect you in your dreams

4) Good Sleep

If you have been struggling with having a good sleep, try throwing salts over your shoulder. It calms your mind and releases the energy that makes you sleep.

Ensure you carry out this activity 10 minutes before you sleep.

When you do this, your mind will be calm. Every hindrance to having a good night’s sleep will be taken away by performing this activity. 

Also, to eradicate negative dreams, sit on your bed and throw salt over your shoulder.

Make sure it is not too much because you will have to sleep on it. A little pinch of salt does the trick

5) Healing

To be free of sickness, throw salt over your shoulder.

This is one of the spiritual benefits of engaging in this spiritual exercise. When you throw salt over your shoulders, it is a sign of healing.

It purifies your body of every element of sickness and heals you. 

In some instances, doing this constantly speeds up the healing process.

It helps you to recover from your health quickly.

If you have someone that is sick, recommend throwing salts over their shoulders. When this is done, there will be physical changes

5 Superstitions about Throwing Salt over your Left Shoulder

Left shoulder superstition

When it comes to the act of throwing salt over the left shoulder, there are 5 Superstitions you should know. These are beliefs and stories we have heard from people. Keep them in mind for further spiritual guidance

1) Throwing Salt over the Left Shoulder after a Funeral

It is believed that evil spirits follow people home after visiting a gravesite.

This is why throwing salt over the left shoulder is a compulsory act.

Before entering your home, perform this ritual. Refusal to do this will result in having a haunted house.

To protect yourself and your home from evil spirits, ensure to throw salt over your left shoulder

2) Going out of the House

Another superstition about this reveals that throwing salt over the left shoulder before leaving home indicates good luck.

This spiritual activity ensures that no bad energy sticks with you all day long.

When you do this before leaving home, your emotional life will be stable. Nothing will be strong enough to destabilize your mental health

Also, this attracts positive energy to you and ensures you enjoy good luck. This comes in the form of favors from strangers, luck, money, and so on

3) Spraying salt over your left shoulder while praying

This spiritual activity is known to be a spiritual omen of answered prayers.

If you have been praying for a long time with no answer, try using salt while you pray. Doing this clears out negative energy from your spiritual atmosphere.

Every blockade in the spiritual realm is removed by this.

As you mutter those words of prayer, throw salt over your left shoulder three times. With this, you can be assured of getting answers to your prayers.

4) A betrayal is about to happen

Anytime you dream of throwing salt over your left shoulder, it is a spiritual sign of betrayal.

In the spiritual world, this dream means that a betrayal is about to happen. In ancient folklore, salt is attributed to Judas Iscariot.

This was the man that betrayed Jesus and led him to his death on the cross

Ever since then, it is believed that getting this spiritual sign from the heavens warns you about betrayal.

To protect yourself from this negative situation, it is recommended to throw salt over your right and left shoulders

This is why some people see it as a bad luck omen. However, it only cautions us and opens our inner eyes to be sensitive enough to see the evil plots of those we trust. 

5) Throwing salt over your Left Shoulder before Leaving Home

Another myth states that performing this activity before leaving home blinds evil spirits from locating you.

Accidents and mishaps that happen to people during the day are often caused by evil spirits.

When they locate us, it becomes easy for them to tamper with our daily activities

However, by throwing salt over your left shoulder before leaving home, you will blind their eyes and cloak yourself under divine protection

Should I Throw Salt over My Left Shoulder?

About this spiritual practice

Yes, you should throw salt over your left shoulder. This can be done as an act of benediction and blessing.

Throwing salt over your left shoulder even at your workplace attracts clients to you.

The Asian cultural traditions and practices reveal that salt plays a part in cleaning our hearts of negative energy. 

Furthermore, throwing salt over your left shoulder purifies your intentions.

If you want to purify your emotional energy, carry out this spiritual activity.

Throwing salt over your left shoulder is a spiritual practice you can engage in.

Is Spilling Salt Bad Luck?

Salt and bad luck

Yes, it is believed to bring bad luck.

Spilling salt means you are going to make a huge loss in your business. It is also a negative spiritual omen of sickness.

Anytime you spill salt, your health is under a spiritual attack.

This might have been caused by your negative words, or lack of attention to your health. 

Spilling salt brings several negative spiritual messages.

This is why you should never spill salt. It could also indicate that you are about to lose a close friend.

In ancient folklore, it is said that throwing salt over your shoulder helps you to eradicate the negative effect of spilling salt. 

Final Words

This article has revealed powerful spiritual truths about throwing salt over shoulders. Therefore, it should no longer be myth or folklore.

This action is real.

It has tremendous power and impact on people.

For good luck, healing, blessings, and spiritual connection try using salt. When you throw it over your left shoulder, expect a positive spiritual effect in your life and daily activities. 

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