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Why Do I Keep Seeing Dead Animals? 7 Spiritual Meanings

Why Do I Keep Seeing Dead Animals? 7 Spiritual Meanings

 A good friend called me the other day crying. She asked me if I could come over as quickly as possible.

And since I was near her house, I said yes and drove to my friend’s house immediately. It turned out that her dog of eleven years just died.

My friend was sobbing so hard as she patted the head of her dead dog. I was the one who made the arrangements for my friend’s dog and its cremation.

It wasn’t the first time I encountered a dead animal. But as I remember my friend’s dog, I wonder if there is meaning when a person keeps seeing dead animals.

Are the heavens trying to tell me something when I come across a dead animal?

Should I be worried when I keep seeing dead animals? These are some of the questions I intend to answer in this post.

Why Do I Keep Seeing Dead Animals? Spiritual Meaning

Seeing Dead Animals

Are you always seeing dead animals? Don’t fret as this could be a sign from the heavens to live your life to the fullest.

This might be the universe’s way of reminding you that life is short so you must make the most out of it. 

When you are always seeing dead animals, then consider enjoying what the heavens have given you:

  • Book that trip you’ve been planning as one moment you may no longer be able to travel;
  • Spend time with the people you love as their presence on earth for a very long time was never guaranteed;
  • Choose a job that makes you feel fulfilled otherwise, you will not see the point of going to work every day;
  • Tell others how you feel about them.

When you see dead animals, then think that you or your loved one could be like those animals—gone from the earth so soon.

Make sure to make the most out of your short time on earth.

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Dead Animal on Doorstep Meaning

Animal on Doorstep

When you see a dead animal on your doorstep, then this is a sign from the heavens that a new pet will be coming to you soon.

Someone might be giving you a new animal you can enjoy being with for a long time. This pet is an animal that you will love deeply and wholeheartedly

The heavens are telling you of this upcoming blessing because they want you to prepare your heart and your home to care for this animal.

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Dead Animal on the Road Meaning

Animal on the Road

Encountering a dead animal on the road can have different spiritual meanings.

  • If you recently broke up with a romantic partner: then the dead animal is a sign from heaven that you need to move on. Do not wait for your ex-lover or partner to come back. Go on with your journey on your own or maybe with someone else when the right time comes;
  • If you have taken a break from work or school: then you encounter a dead animal on the road, then this is likely an affirmation from heaven that you are right to take this much-needed vacation or break. This could be a message from above that you need to focus on your current break;
  • If you are contemplating leaving something (like a relationship, project, church, or work): then the dead animal on the road can mean that you need to move forward. You need to follow your gut and leave your current situation. Something better may be coming soon.

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Dead Animal in the Yard Meaning

Animal in the Yard

Squirrels, birds, cats, and insects, there are different animals that you may discover dead in a yard.

Do not ignore this dead animal as this might be heaven’s way of telling you to fix your life.

When you come across a dead animal in a yard, then consider which aspects of your life seem messy.

  • Is it your professional life that seems disorganized or seems like going nowhere?
  • Do relationships at home seem messy or highly complicated?
  • Is your personal life getting in the way of your professional life?

Take the time to ponder on the various aspects of your life after seeing a dead animal in the yard.

Chances are the heavens are telling you to fix whatever seems disarray in your life.

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Dead Animals Outside My House Meaning

Animals Outside My House

When you see dead animals located outside your home, then beware. This is a warning from the ones above that your family is under attack.

The attack can be spiritual, physical, or emotional.

Perhaps the married couple in your family is being pulled apart by external forces like another man or woman trying to steal a partner.

Evil forces could also be lurking around hoping to strike a member of your family.

This family member could get hurt physically and spiritually. He or she may lose faith for some time because of the spiritual attack.

7 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Dead Animals All the Time

7 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Dead Animals All the Time

1) A shortage of funds

When you find yourself seeing dead animals all the time, then this could be a warning from the universe that you might be experiencing some shortness of funds soon.

It is possible that you are being warned ahead so you can prevent this from happening or to allow you to minimize the impact of this cash shortage

When you are seeing dead animals, then you may want to check on your financial health.

  • Have you been spending money on things you don’t need?
  • Do you have enough funds if there is no income coming in the next few weeks or months?

2) A new friend

When you are encountering dead animals frequently, then this could be a good sign.

This is a message from the ones above that you will meet someone new and this will be the start of a great friendship.

 This new friend will be confident and someone whose company you will enjoy.

This new person in your life may also be the equivalent of several not-so-close friends as he or she will always be there for you and will see you through the hardest times.

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3) Start small

Seeing dead animals may be a warning that you can always start small.

The universe may be well aware of your feelings of inadequacy so it sends a message that you can start small with your new plans.

 You are being encouraged by seeing these dead animals.

The ones above want you to know that sometimes you only need to take baby steps and your efforts will still be blessed by the heavens.

4) Closure

The dead animals you are frequently seeing could mean that soon you will get the closure that you have been hoping for.

 Perhaps you have been questioning why things happened the way they did or why somebody had to go away or say goodbye.

If you are looking for some closure since you cannot understand why things happened, then be happy when you are always seeing dead animals.

This is a message that soon you will have closure or answers to many of your questions.

5) A breakup

If you are always coming across dead animals, then you may want to brace yourself for something unpleasant.

This could be the heavens’ way of warning you that a breakup is coming soon.

The breakup is not limited to romantic relationships.

You could also be breaking up with a toxic boss or working environment or getting out of non-personal relationships.

6) Possible illness

You may want to take extra care when you are coming across dead animals frequently lately.

This is because it could be a sign from the universe that you will be falling ill.

Seeing dead animals could also be a reminder that you may end up lifeless if you do not take care of your health.

Ponder how you are treating your body when you are always seeing dead animals.

7) Start of a struggle

Sadly, seeing dead animals too often can be the signal of a long struggle.

Death is probably one of the most difficult challenges we will ever encounter. When someone close to us dies, we are overcome with grief and may even start to question our faith.

Encountering dead animals always could mean that you are soon entering one of the most difficult phases of your life.

It is a phase of constant struggles or a period where you will be encountering one major hurdle after another. Take heart.

The heavens will see you through this tough phase.

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Is Seeing Dead Animals a Negative Omen?

squirrel on grass

Not necessarily. You may be seeing dead animals because the heavens are sharing with you a valuable lesson.

Dead animals after all are not always a negative omen.

Shall We Conclude?

Seeing dead animals is not the most pleasant experience. But do not focus on the negative feeling you may have when you see dead animals.

Instead, do a deep reflection on the possible spiritual message being brought to you by the dead animals you have encountered.

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