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What Happens When You Sell Your Soul? 7 Consequences

What Happens When You Sell Your Soul? 7 Consequences

Do you know what happens when you sell your soul to the devil and the consequences and signs that you have sold your soul? Believe me, you’ll want to know! So, keep reading this article.

Selling one’s soul to the devil is a common term that a lot of people have become familiar with. I am sure you have that term as well. However, many people are still ignorant about the deep details of selling one’s soul to the devil.

A lot of people are simply aware of the desire for wealth and fame that push people to sell their souls to the devil. However, they don’t know the further details and processes of the whole event. This is why you should read this article till the end.

Selling your soul to the devil is both physical and spiritual.

You have to understand that when it comes to the devil, he is a wise being who can do a lot of things in unpredictable ways through unpredictable methods.

When I was a kid, I had always thought that you will see the devil before signing a contract with him for your soul. However, as I grew up and got more knowledge about this subject, I realized that it was not entirely true. 

Some people have claimed to be visited by a being. While others never saw a being. However, it goes, selling your soul to the devil does not have to be a spooky experience.

Let me spare you the details for now. As you read on, you will surely learn much more about selling your soul to the devil and the 7 consequences of doing this.

How do you sell your soul?

Selling your soul

This is an important question and I am going to answer it in clear terms. Selling your soul to the devil means that you have decided to trade your soul and will to the devil in exchange for something you desire, but could not have without a supernatural force.

For example, if you desire someone, you can make a pact with the devil. By trading your soul, the devil will then grant you the person you desire to be with. This is somewhat like a contract.

There are different ways of selling your soul to the devil.

This can be done via a contractual signing

Contract with the devil

The devil does not have to appear to you. You don’t have to see any spirit. This does not have to be spooky.

All that is required is that you will be visited by the devil’s representative, who will give you a contract from the devil. This contract is written in human form, but the words are from the devil himself.

After reading the contract and consenting to all the terms and conditions, you will sign this contractual agreement with your blood.

This has to be signed by your blood because your blood is a physical representation of your soul. Once the devil’s representative takes away the contract, you will be subjected to a series of tests.

The devil will give you 3 things to do. Once you successfully do them, the pact has been made and the contract has been activated. In 3-5 weeks, you will receive everything you desire.

You can sell your soul by speaking with the devil from your mind

Mental agreement

If you desire something badly, you can allow the emotion to fill you up, and then speak to the devil out of the emotion.

Tell him you are willing to trade your soul for what you desire. After making this statement, you will have a dream about signing an agreement with the devil.

Once you have this dream, the contract has been signed and your wishes will come true in a short period. Although, this is not one of the common methods.

You can summon the devil into your room and set up the deal


You have to understand that the devil is more desperate for your soul than you are desperate for your desire. Therefore, whenever you summon him to trade your soul, he will surely show up.

This is one of the summonses that are irresistible to the devil. The moment you summon him and he shows up, the trade can commence.

These are the 3 best ways to sell your soul to the devil. 

I will give a quick guideline to follow to ensure that you get the best deal.

I know that you are desperate. But you should understand that the devil is more desperate for your soul than you are desperate for your desires. Therefore, whenever the devil shows up, allow him to make the offer first.

After hearing his bid, you can place a higher bid and stick to it. By doing this, you can get 2 desires for your soul. However, if you are quick to speak, you might get a lesser bid from the devil for your soul.

What happens when you sell your soul to the devil?

What happens when you sell your soul to the devil

When you sell your soul to the devil, 2 things will happen to you:

  1. The devil will give you 3 different tests to perform. These tests are given to you to erase your moral conscience of good and bad since your soul now belongs to the devil. You must pass these tests.
  1. After passing these tests, your desires will be granted to you.


Before you run off to make a pact with the devil for your soul, ask yourself a question “Is it worth it?”.

Well, read on to know if it is worth it to sell your soul to the devil.

7 Consequences of selling your soul

Consequences of selling your soul

There are 7 consequences of selling your soul to the devil. The devil’s contract has 7 major consequences that come with it. Everyone who has signed a deal with the devil will face at least 3 of these consequences. Let us look at them more individually.

1) Your wishes will come to pass

This is the good part of signing a deal with the devil. Satan will make sure he fulfills his promise.

A lot of people sign a deal with the devil majorly for fame and money. Therefore, if you sell your soul with the devil, I assure you that money and fame, or whatever you have traded your soul for will be given to you by the devil in a short while.

2) You belong to the devil

This is another consequence of selling your soul to the devil. From the moment you sign that contract, you have become the devil’s property.

Even if you want to get out of the contract, it is impossible.

The devil belongs to you and you will do whatever he wants from that moment onwards. Your soul belongs to him – therefore, your entire being belongs to the devil.

3) Your moral conscience will be deadened

You will become immoral after signing this deal. The 3 tests you will be mandated to perform are evil acts.

You might be told to kill your pet dog or cat, and other terrible atrocities, which your conscience is against.

After performing these atrocities, your conscience will become deadened and the only thing you will love to do is evil and immoral things. This is because your soul and willpower now belong to the devil.

4) Those close to you will be in danger

Signing a deal with the devil will suck out every positive energy you have around you and your family members.

This will expose them to spiritual attacks. Most especially, if they are living under the same roof as you. I have met certain people who were threatened by the devil because they refused to do his bidding.

The devil used their family to threaten them.

You see, Satan is a wise planner. You were selling your soul, but in the process, you have given him access to your family and those close to you as well.

5) Everything you got from the devil will eventually be lost

This is what everyone who has sold their soul to the devil will suffer at the end. If you sold your soul to the devil for love, you are eventually going to lose that loved one to death.

A tragic accident will happen that will lead to this great loss. If you traded your soul for fame and money, you will lose everything in the end.

6) It leads to depression and psychological problems

Selling your soul to the devil will lead to depression. You will lose your peace at the end of it all.

After realizing that everything you thought you had gained has been lost, you will be filled with so much regret, which will lead to depression.

A lot of people had psychological traumas eventually, which led to committing suicide.

7) Short life

Most times, a lot of people don’t ask for the full details of the deal. They become so obsessed with what they stand to gain and proceed to sell their soul.

However, whenever you sell your soul, you are going to enjoy all of the things you desire for a limited time.

The number of years depends on the contract you sign.

It depends on the gravity of what you desire. Therefore, you have a short time to live on earth before you return to the devil in hell, since your soul belongs to him.

5 Signs that you have sold your soul

Signs that you have sold your soul

Everyone who has sold their soul to the devil will exhibit one of these 5 signs.

1. Lust for evil

The moment you realize that you desire to do evil things, then it is a sign that you have sold your soul to the devil. It is abnormal for you to love doing immoral things.

When good behavior and moral uprightness have left the consciousness of your soul, then it is a sign that you have sold your soul to the devil.

2. Having weird dreams

When you begin to have dreams of yourself sitting and discussing with the devil, then it is a sign that you have sold your soul to the devil.

Pay attention to your dreams.

These dreams are going to be weird. You will see yourself sitting on a round table with the devil over a glass of wine and discussing.

This dream is a sign that you have sold your soul.

3. Darkness in your soul

Our soul is meant to be the light of our lives, therefore, whenever you realize that there is deep darkness lurking inside your soul, then it is a sign that you have sold your soul to the devil.

4. Whenever your desire to make money has beclouded your desire to live an upright life

A lot of people don’t know that this is one of the signs that their souls have been sold off to the devil.

When your desire for money has become so intense that you are willing to do anything evil to get it, it is the first sign that you have sold your soul to the devil.

5. When you begin to hear voices

Whenever you begin to hear voices telling you “You are mine”, etc. It is a sign that you have sold your soul to the devil.

This is where mental breakdowns happen to a lot of people.

How much money do you get for selling your soul?

Selling your soul for money

There is no specific amount of money for selling your soul.

The amount of money you will get depends on how much you desire to have. The amount of money you will get for selling your soul will be based on how much you desire to have and what your needs are. 

There is no specific amount of money for this pact.

How long do you live after selling your soul to the devil?

Reaper Archangel

This question does not have a direct answer as well. The number of years you will spend is determined by the devil.

Some have spent 10 -20 years. Therefore, it depends on how special your desires are. The more important your desires are is the lesser number of years you will spend.

Final words

After reading this article, I am sure you can answer the question “Is it worth it to sell my soul to the devil?”.

Selling your soul to the devil will surely get you everything you desire, but everything will be short-lived because you will lose your life in the end and become one with the devil in hell.

So, do you already know what happens when you sell your soul to the devil? Please, feel free to leave your comment below!

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47 thoughts on “What Happens When You Sell Your Soul? 7 Consequences”

  1. I sold my soul to Satan the devil in June of 2021. I asked Satan to take my soul and replace my soul by filling me with demons that I will become Satan’s property and achieve my desires. Yes it is true that you will have to commit an act of evil. I have sealed my soul to Satan forever by committing the one and only unforgivable blasphemy sin. I have blasphemed the holy spirit for which there is no turning back since I did that I feel nothing but a desire to do the work of Satan and obey Satan. For me it is a wonderful feeling. Satan takes care of his own

    1. I have believed to have sold my soul also a long time ago. The thing that the devil does is he will deceive you into believing that it’s been sold in running writing. Selling your soul goes deeper then the devil as there universe is so vast and much more powerful then the devil. You can redeem yourself in the creator of the universes eyes. Think about it as judgement day, you will be judged when you die and it will be determined on where you go. DO GOOD, FIGHT AGAINST THE DEVIL AND DO NOT LET HIM DECEIVE YOU!! your soul is not yours to sell and the more wrong you do in this lifetime that the devil convinces you to do the more likely you’ll go to hell. He has not stolen your soul until you die and you’ve done everything he’s asked of you. DO GOOD AND YOU WILL BE OKAY, follow by nature and do not give him the power he desires.

      1. Bad and Good is purely subjective
        Only in this dualistic world does good and bad exist .
        Jesus teaches judge not or you will be judged; self judgement creates guilt which the Ego “Devil” in our mind uses to take our peace away and then we live in fear and lack . To think you separated from Heaven is a thought of scarcity and loss. Practice on keeping your Peace by not listening to the Egos death Drive thoughts . The time is now children

        Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
        LOVE NEVER FAILS = GOD Never Fails

        We are all here just hallucinating.. now it’s wake up time and Remember your Holiness.
        You are the Holy Child of Creation..
        The unnamable and undefinable LOVES YOU

        1. Hello I’m a christian like u but My love is waxing …
          All i have experienced is pain and betray even from my partner…
          I’m into IT but i’m actually thinking dropping out…I watch my father and family struggled just to survive… he got scammed from people we called friends and family….how can i still stay positive …watching my elder sis go into the world immorally just to survive …In my world we dont work to save but spend because of how hard the economy is…
          we tried everything …Daddy even was a pastor in the church…and i was in the choir …I started preaching when i was 10 years old…Oh how i loved God but right now…
          I’m lost and so is everyone close to me…
          it feels like we have been abandoned …
          So i came here to learn about selling my soul.. Maybe i can help my family more…that way …because we’ve prayed but i have been abandon again

    2. It’s impossible to sell your soul to the devil because it’s not yours to sell . You don’t own it because Life Was a gift given in your Creation.. The Holy Spirit is not tripping over your delusions of grandeur.
      We are all eternal beings , brothers and sisters all dreaming we separated from home . We forget we are the holy child of Creation . God didn’t make this world . You thought you separated yourself and killed God This world only exists in your Holographic Divine Mind .
      It’s gonna be ok, we are awakening together.
      God is not a punishing God
      He wants you to be happy and share your unconditional Love 🙏❤️
      Go do some psychedelics and work through your inner Hell . 🙏Peace to you always ❤️
      We are all innocent in Truth and together we will Remember

      1. I truly and deeply respect what you have written. I believe everything you wrote
        I am choosing not to sell my soul My soul truly does not belong to me it belongs to God

    3. is there for real ??im interested to so desperate my life also poverty is my big problem..I always pray God to give me a luck that i can get away my povert but not for how many years since my teenage…but now im 42years old .. Being Bully for my relatives and old friends that im useless person in the world..I hope you can email me,,for ask questions more,,Thamx for the info

        1. You cannot put a price on what is Eternal .. you come from Forever which is outside of Time. Plus you cannot sell your Soul as it was Gods gift to you ; your gift of Life in Creation .. you will exist always and Gods will is for you to just Be 😊 Happy and pray to Remember what you are and where you reside . Do you wish to Remember now ?

      1. What does the Devil do with Souls ??? Does he have helpers??? Does he get bored ??
        Hahahaha the Devil only exists in you Mind. You are the Devil if you practice hate and misery and you can’t be happy when you hate . So who wants that ?
        All this Fantasy talk is so ridiculous … one day soon you’re gonna laugh your ass off about this insane notion ..
        Like I AM NOW 🙈

    1. islam is evil so if your brain is evil after experiencing indoctrination and the tyranny then thats normal. many muslims are leaving islam and becoming christians for this reason

  2. I wish to comment on this for several reasons.
    1. Selling your soul to the devil is a phrase that commonly means doing something that you know is wrong or “immoral” in order to gain what you want.
    2. The word “devil” does not refer to a particular being or spirit but a type.
    3. Satan is not the devil. Lucifer is not Satan.
    4. Good and evil and human concepts.
    5. Speak to an actual angel (the biblical ones with all of the eyes) to get what you want, but they aren’t guaranteed to help unless it benefits them.

    1. The being you speak too to “get what you want” is not an angel. Angels would not need for you to benefit them as they have all they need. I think you should stop tracking out to biblical angels to get what you want. Instead try reaching out to the universe and your guardians as they will give you what you need, they will help you through the times of hardship. Try mediating and connecting it is a life changer

    2. good and evil are measurable by victimhood. animals also act against evil and show love. stop being silly its not just a concept. its tangible

  3. Selling your soul to the devil is the worst decision that you can take!!!! The devil is not God, he doesn’t love you and his purpose is to lead you in hell because he knows that he has already been judged and his sentence is irrevocable. Because of that he can give you a short success or can fulfill your desire in exchange of your soul who will go to hell with him. Darkness could never create light and the devil could never make you really happy, only your creator knows what you need and what can actually fill your heart for REAL. Just like an engineer knows the car he builds; God know you and knows the answer to all your problem and questions. Jesus loves you and want the best for you more than yourself. May God visit you !

    1. Jesus is dead. He died on the cross for claiming he was the son of God. God gets very offended when we refer to Jesus as his only begotten son. He was the son of Joseph and Mary. They snuck off and they did it. Joseph was 95 and Mary was 12. The Bible is not the infalible word of God but God is very real. If you want to know God, set that Bible down and ask him to reveal himsef. Otherwise, nothing will happen when you say Amen. Nothing.

    1. Plz understand that when he owns u when u go to he’ll he can very well force u to harm ppl u new & loved in life & u have no choice but to do it

      1. hahaha. the devil doesn’t need to wait for you to die to use you to harm your loved ones. im from a country where this is common practice. even while you still live the devil may demand that you harm people around you. witchcraft, murder etc. its real. i got reading this stuff coz im trying to understand the ways of close family members who im sure made a pact with the devil for money. im basically at war with these people. they killed a lot of family members and im on their list.

  4. Yes Lord Lucifer does take care of his own I also sold my soul now I feel empty I don’t like being under people who have souls when I pass people they are normally afraid and know something is not right about me they are afraid to look into my eyes they see nutting life is pointless now n the things that once made me happy annoys me…all hail Lucifer see you in 🔥🔥🔥my friend ✡️🤟🏾👁️

  5. I was a child about 12 years old when I sold my sole.I did not know the consequences or what heartache and pain were., & had no life experience so my contract was nil and void.I had no way to access what the impact would be. Bad things happened around me. My mother was healthy and suddenly dies of cancer. My dad took a massive heart attack, and my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all died within a few months of making the pact with the devil. I became acholic, addicted to cannabis, and a problem gambler. All I wanted was for my mom to lose her job and spend more time with me. I wanted to grow up fast and do whatever I wanted. I got this from the contact, but I was uneducated about the price I and everyone around me would pay.I am searching my whole life to find a way to go back 42 years to the day i made the deal.

  6. I’m scared that I accidentally sold my soul. I was very depressed a couple months ago, I lost my two very close people in my life in close succession so I was already a bit angry with God because he hadn’t spared them (I was grieving and didn’t mean it), I had been treated like shit at work when I went back by both staff and customers for a long time, and I was just extremely low and wanted to take back control the only way I can, by hurting myself in ways that nobody else can — self harm. At the time though the song “Fat Around The Heart” by a band called King 810 was playing in a playlist, and while cutting I also noticed that I was singing along to the bit where it says “The Devil is real and I wear his marks”, and suddenly I felt this weird adrenaline rush after it occurred to me what I’d done and when it went from rush to panic I looked in the mirror and my eyes looked kinda black and wider for a second or so, and since then I don’t feel God’s presence when I ask for help or forgiveness, and suddenly I seem to be acquiring material objects that I used to sometimes wish I had and I just never feel happy anymore and I’m forever nervous (in spite of acquiring said things), I also always seem to have money in my pocket and never stress about it despite us being in a cost of living crisis and me only having an ordinary job. It just feels like I’m always alright in every other way except emotionally, I always feel really anxious and like something is just smothering me that I can’t shake off, and normally praying for help gave me that warm glow of hope that I don’t really feel anymore!

    I have no desire to do evil which is something I cling tightly to as if you were the devil’s property surely you’d want to be evil and not good? I also don’t care about money and wouldn’t give my soul or relationship (if I still have one) with God for it nore would I even entertain the idea! And I’m trying tirelessly to be a better person and I constantly try to please God and make up for that night, but it feels like something is just different – I just feel suffocated all the time like there’s just this darkness hanging over me that blocks out any light or positivity I can find, and I’m almost obsessed with the idea of going to Hell & even worry that my lost loved ones might be there because they weren’t religious as far as I know. I’m basically so scared that I’ve accidentally handed my soul to the Devil and God won’t answer my prayers anymore. It’s really starting to ruin me because I’ve always had faith in God and ultimately always turned to him when I did bad things and felt remorseful, but now it feels like I can’t anymore because the door is shut. I didn’t talk to Satan intentionally that night but I was angry, bitter and definitely not feeling myself, and I think that maybe he’s been sly and taken me quoting that song when my arm was bleeding as me signing myself over to him. I’m terrified and longing to feel God’s love again, but I don’t know anymore, I just hope I haven’t and I guess I won’t know for sure until I face judgement.

    Be careful if you’re reading this and I’m serious, it’s really not something to mess about with and nothing is worth losing your relationship with God over, NOTHING! I just really hope I’m being paranoid and he still loves me too! Amen.

    1. I can really relate to what you are saying. My soul theft was not by Satan directly but by another person. The person could have been a lower demon or henchmen of Satan. The theft occured while I was in jail three years ago. I have not been right since. I get horrible anxiety when I just hear the thief’s name Mike or see one of those Kia Soul cars. The thought of going to hell because your soul less is terrifying. With that said, I truly believe we can get our souls back. Having a soul retrieval performed by a shaman is a good place to start. Deep down I’m hoping to connect with more soul less people, so we can fight this battle together. If your interested in connecting with me email me at

    2. ive heard of people repenting and having a new relationship with god after a life in satanism. i think god knows the context matters. i hope you find peace and reconcile with god. i thought my soul was doomed but just over a year ago i felt the holy spirit touch me for the first time in my life

  7. Hi does any body no what the green eye symbol means its around me all the time when i take picks and a purple 1 iv had realy realy bad luck with this

  8. I will still sell my soul to gain what I desire, poverty is very harsh ,and I love material things ,I want to enjoy the moments that. Allowed to live with a lot of money, big house and buggatti fastest cars ..if I got the opportunity,I don’t care what it take still selling my soul .I have I mind of my own and I need stuff to show off until the day I die and I want to show off the prettiest girl in the world..even when you m ugly

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