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What Does It Mean When A Crow Visits You? 7 Meanings

What Does It Mean When A Crow Visits You? 7 Meanings

I’ve always had a fascination with crows since the first time I laid my eyes on one. I was a child then when my dad pointed out a crow to me resting on a branch of a tree.

It was my introduction to this glossy black bird. My dad then said that he liked seeing this bird because of its nice sheen and its intelligence.

My dad was telling me then about the amazing problem-solving skills of the crows. And ever since then, I have always liked seeing crows and wondering how they became so intelligent.

I recently saw one of my favorite TV shows which features crows. In this show, the crows, which they called ravens as many people do, are the ones who bring messages from one place to another.

Crows in that show are like telegraphs and only the learned teachers can send messages through them.

By watching this show I am reminded that crows indeed are messengers in real life. They carry deep spiritual messages much like other objects or animals do.

What Does It Mean When A Crow Visits You?

Crow Visits You

As mentioned above, crows carry messages to us. But, it all depends on the time of the day that it comes to visit you.

In the morning:

When a crow visits you in the morning, this is a reminder from the one above to make the most of our days especially since life is short.

Thus, you need to be smart with how you spend your time, and who you spend it with.

When you spot a crow in the morning, take the time to reflect on how you spend your days.

  • Are you using your days to live your life to the fullest or to serve the heavens? 
  • Are you smart with your time?

The crow visited you in the morning because you still have many hours left in the day to make the day matter.

The crow is a sign to use the hours of the day to do good or meaningful work.

During the day:

If you are going through a bad time and a crow visits you throughout the day, then this is a hopeful sign to just keep the faith.

The ones above will help you get through the difficult times in your life. The crow is a reminder to remain strong and steadfast in your faith in the heavens.

If you are at a loss on what to do with your time and a crow visits you throughout the day, then this is a sign to consider offering your time and effort for the Lord’s work.

You may then want to consider doing volunteer work or being more active in church. The crow is the answer to your query on what to do with your time.

At night:

A crow visiting you at night carries a message that the heavens are displeased with your lack of gratitude.

The ones above may have showered you with different blessings or helped you out of difficult situations many times, and you did not even bother to say thank you

You may also be doing it to other people, barely appreciating others when they have been good to you. 

When a crow visits you at night, ask yourself then:

  • How do you show appreciation for your blessings?
  • Do you thank the heavens or the people who have done you well?

Or maybe you are doing the opposite, always complaining to the universe or other people that you are not getting what you deserve.

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What Does It Mean When a Crow Follows You?

 Crow Follows You

A crow following you could mean different things.

  • When a crow follows you: Then you are likely to face real challenges soon. This challenge will cover various aspects of your life like personal relationships and work life. The challenges are quite hard to deal with and may make even the strongest person go on their knees to pray and beg for the hardships to end;
  • When several of your family members have been followed by a crow: then this could mean that the entire family could also be facing a major challenge soon that will test their faith. There could be a family member who will suffer from a life-threatening disease or some major squabbling among members that is hard to resolve. There could also be a death in the family that will leave most members devastated.

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What Does It Mean When A Crow Visits You? 7 Spiritual Meanings

What Does It Mean When A Crow Visits You? 7 Spiritual Meanings

1) Cash will be coming in

A visit by the crow could also mean good news. Sometimes the heavens would send a crow to visit you to signify some cash will be coming in the next few weeks.

You may or may not be expecting this cash. The crow could signify that soon you will win in a raffle or even a lottery.

You may also be getting a promotion at work that will give you more cash every month and year.

The heavens are likely sending you this good news so you can be prepared to receive this blessing well and put it to good use.

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2) Productivity 

When a crow visits you, then this could be a sign that the next few days, weeks, and months could be productive for you.

There is no need to worry if you are behind work or errands, the next few days will be much better for you productivity-wise.

If you have been having problems finishing errands and work or you are behind your deadlines, then the visit by the crow will be a good sign.

This is a message from the ones above that you will soon be able to concentrate on work.

You will have time and the willpower to focus on your tasks for many hours without any interruption. 

3) Betrayal at work

A crow visiting you can also mean a painful thing happening in the next few days.

This could be a warning that you will soon be betrayed by someone. This person is someone close to you, a person whom you trust.

The betrayal will hurt and haunt you for weeks and even months.

The betrayal isn’t cast in stone. It means it might not happen if you are careful with the people you trust.

The heavens could also have sent the crow as a sign to be careful of the people around you so that you can avoid having anyone betray you.

Open your eyes to who could betray you.

4) Lots of spare time

A visit by the crow could also signify having lots of spare time in the coming days.

The heavens must have sent this crow to visit you to tell you that you will have more time in your hands soon.

The heavens are warning you of this so you can reflect on how you can spend your extra time.

You may want to consider doing the Lord’s work, volunteering for your causes, or simply spending more time with your loved one.  

Do not despair if the heavens are sending you more spare hours.

You may also be directed to do a deep reflection on your life when you are given more hours to spend on your own.

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5) Go on a retreat

When a crow visits you, then ask yourself when was the last time you went on a retreat?

When was the last time you spent your days reflecting on the Lord’s words, on your life, reading the bible, and praying for days?

If you are feeling some heaviness in your heart and a crow visits you, then take this to mean that you are being directed by the heavens to go on a spiritual retreat.

It’s the same if you need to make a major decision and have a crow visit you. What this means is that you need to go on a serious spiritual retreat.

6) Separation from a romantic partner

The crow visiting you can be a sign that you will soon be separating from your romantic partner.

If you are having trouble with the relationship then you come across a crow, then take this to mean that you will be ending this relationship soon.

The separation could also be temporary such as one of you relocating to a different place and you will be physically separated from your romantic partner. 

Your separation from your romantic partner could hurt you and you will need to be strong and prayerful to overcome the pain.

7) A reflection of anxiety

A crow visiting you could be a reflection of your anxiety.

This is heaven’s way of telling you that the ones above are aware of your feelings of anxiety. You are not alone when you are feeling anxious all the time.

The crew visit could well be a reminder to pray every time you are feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety.

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Is Seeing Crows a Bad Omen?

Seeing Crows

Sometimes crows can be messengers of bad news but not always.

Seeing crows is not a bad omen as sometimes the heavens send this bird to remind you or bring valuable life lessons.

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Shall We Conclude?

Crows are visually appealing birds and are known for their superior intelligence.

When a crow visits you, you can spend time admiring its beauty but more importantly do reflect on what the heavens are trying to tell you through this beautiful bird.

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