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What does a Skull Represent? 9 Spiritual Meanings

What does a Skull Represent? 9 Spiritual Meanings

What does it mean to see skulls in dreams and real life? What does a skull represent spiritually? It’s a bad spiritual sign?

To answer this question, we will look into the 9 spiritual meanings of seeing a skull.

Your preconceived notion about a skull has to be put on hold as you read this article.

The reason is that you will get a new perspective concerning the spirituality of skulls.

  • Are skulls a sign of bad luck?
  • Does a skull point to death?
  • Should I be concerned?

These questions will be answered in this article.

Therefore, read on to find out more.

What do Skulls Symbolize?

Animal skull

Skulls symbolize the human mind. It helps us to see how the human mind functions. Seeing a skull does not have to mean death or danger.

It could be a motivation to pay more attention to the energy your mind emits. In spirituality, skulls have various omens, messages, and signs.

Paying attention to your mind helps you trust your decisions.

It makes you confident in yourself and prevents you from falling into errors.

Another skull symbolism talks about mental healing. Majorly, this sign is rampant around the academic or learning world.

The moment you see yourself holding a skull, it spiritually signifies that your mind needs healing. It also brings a promise of mental health.

The skull represents the ability to think creatively.

Therefore, it can be given to you when you fail to think deeply about a situation.

Seeing a skull also tells you to stop and think about the decision you are about to make. It is telling you to make good use of your mind constructively.

The skull symbolism is also the best way to speak to you about protecting your mind from negative energy and wrong influences.

What does the Skull Symbol Mean?

Skull Symbol

Commonly, the skull symbol is used for 2 purposes:

  1. Cult or Fraternity;
  2. Fashion.

Seeing a skull symbol could be the sign of an initiation into a cult. In Africa, this sign is prominent.

When someone is about to be initiated into a spiritual coven of witches, they get the skull symbol either as a ring or a necklace. 

Apart from being initiated into a cult, the skull symbol can be a sign of fashion. It could speak about your taste in fashion. Furthermore, it emphasizes the need to look appealing to the opposite sex.

In spirituality, the skull symbol means danger lies ahead.

It is believed that skulls are a symbol of death.

Now, this does not mean you will die.

Death in this context might be a terrible situation you will find yourself in a few days.

Getting a skull comes to warn you ahead of such moments. It also comes to show you what lies in the future. 

Therefore, you should be concerned about getting a skull. Especially when you did not go after it deliberately.

If the skull finds you on its own, then you should look out for the spiritual message it brings.

What does a Skull Represent?

Skull representation in spiritual world

1. Plainness and Openness of Mind

Seeing a skull is a sign of nakedness

Do you know why? It is because flesh clothes the skull and conceals it from the visible eyes. This is why it is a sign of nakedness to see a skull.

A skull represents nakedness.

In spirituality, nakedness is a sign of openness and plainness of mind. It means you have a clear and open mind towards everyone. 

This spiritual message reveals your mind to you and encourages you to maintain a plain heart.

This purifies your intention.

2. Caution

Dreaming of a skull spiritually represents a caution sign.

Anytime you find a skull in your dream, it is telling you to be careful of the things you do in real life. This spiritual sign is given to make you alert.

It is also sent to you to protect you from making mistakes

Whenever you are on the verge of making a wrong move, a skull will show up in your dreams to warn you and stop you from treading that path.

Spiritually, a skull represents caution.

3. Courage

Holding a skull requires courage. Therefore, when you see yourself holding a skull in your dream, it represents courage.

This means that you have a strong mind that takes risks.

Furthermore, it means that you are ready to face your fears.

This spiritual sign comes when you are about to make a decision.

It is also given when a new season is coming.

The skull dream reveals how ready you are to face the uncertainty of the future. It shows that you are not scared.

Additionally, holding a skull in your dream encourages you to not be scared. It inspires you to give it all it takes and make that move no matter how uncertain you are.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Skulls (dreams & real life)

Spiritual Meaning of Skulls

There are 9 spiritual meanings for skulls. Each of these meanings is based on the type of skull you see. Let us get into this right away.

1) Human Skull

Holding a human skull in your dream signifies danger.

This means that you are treading a dangerous path, and you should reconsider your decision.

It is also given to warn you about what lies in the future

Holding a human skull in your dream is a message from the universe to save you from what lies ahead.

2) The Skull of a Calf

A calf is the offspring of a cow.

Whenever you see the skull of a calf, it tells you to maintain your innocence and sincerity.

Take this as an inspirational sign.

Most times, the universe will send this sign to you when you begin to look down on yourself. 

Seeing the skull of a calf spiritually indicates that your innocent heart is perfect.

Therefore, don’t seek to change it for anything. Maintain that heart at all costs. Just like the calf; remain as a kid.

3) The Skull of a Buffalo

When you see the skull of a buffalo, the only answer you can give is that it was killed by a predator.

What does this mean in spirituality? It means you should protect yourself.

This is a sign to show you what people are planning against you.

Seeing the skull of a devoured buffalo means you are about to suffer at the hands of people you trust.

Taking necessary actions to prevent such from happening is the best thing to do right away.

The skull of a buffalo is a warning sign. Take heed to it. Protect yourself from the people that want to hurt you badly.

4) The Skull of a Lion

This is a spiritual sign of confidence and healthy self-esteem.

The skull of a lion tells you to embrace who you are and be confident in your ability and potential.

The skull of a lion helps you to express who you are without the fear of what other people will say.

In spirituality, getting the skull of a lion as a sign makes you bold and courageous to take risks.

When you see the skull of a lion, the universe is encouraging you to take risks

5) The Skull of a Goat

Spiritually, the skull of a goat talks about having a strong conviction.

Do you have a target? Then, go all out for it. Don’t stop until you hit that target.

This is what the skull of a goat is saying to you. Other people might call it stubbornness.

However, your focus should be on what you want to achieve.

Getting the skull of a goat as a spiritual sign encourages you to never stop going after your dreams.

No matter how many times you get knocked down, your determination gets you back on your feet and sets you on the move afresh.

6) The Skull of a Cat

In the spiritual world, getting the skull of a cat as a sign points to developing spiritual foresight.

Spiritual foresight is the ability to see what other people cannot see.

It is the spiritual ability to also see into your future.

Whenever you get the skull of a cat as a spiritual sign, it is encouraging you to never stop using your spiritual foresight.

This message encourages you to embrace the gift of seeing into the future

The reason for this is that your spiritual foresight will always come in handy when there is danger in your future.

It will show you beforehand and prepare you to avert such by any means necessary.

7) The Skull of a Rat

Spiritually, the skull of a rat is a warning sign about your health.

The moment you get the skull of a rat as a spiritual sign, it indicates that you are not taking good care of your health.

Whenever you begin to put too much pressure on your body, the universe will send the skull of a rat to you as a spiritual sign

Getting this sign should motivate you to pay more attention to your health than you have in the past.

The skull of a rat emphasizes the importance of healthy living.

8) The Skull of a Wolf

The skull of a wolf talks about building self-trust.

Anytime you see the skull of a wolf, the spiritual world is telling you to build trust in yourself. Trust your decisions. Never doubt yourself.

When you build self-trust, it helps your self-esteem and also boosts your self-confidence.

The universe is encouraging you to never allow other people’s judgment to affect how you see yourself.

Pay attention to this message because it is key to your progress in life.

9) The Skull of a Sheep

Whenever you dream of holding the skull of a sheep, it spiritually talks about humility.

The universe has given you this sign to teach you the power of humility. Ensure to pay attention to this spiritual sign.

Embrace the power of humility.

Another spiritual message that comes from seeing the skull of a sheep is openness.

This means that your mind needs to be ready to receive other people’s ideas and opinions.

In the spiritual world, seeing the skull of a sheep tells you to manage differences.

Life sends the skull of a sheep as a sign that everything is working out as planned.

This is to make you more confident in heading in the direction of your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Skull with a Candle on the Head Meaning


Skull with a candle on the head in spirituality talks about divine enlightenment.

The candle on the head is a sign of wisdom, while the skull shows a sign of the mind.

Anytime you see a skull with a candle on the head, it is a spiritual sign of illumination

This means that the universe is illuminating your mind with divine wisdom. This wisdom will help you to solve difficult issues in life.

Another spiritual meaning of seeing a skull with a candle on the head talks about magical powers and witchcraft practices.

What does it mean to Dream about Skulls?

Skulls in dreams

When you dream about skulls, it means that the spiritual world has a message for you.

It is not normal to constantly dream about skulls.

Therefore, whenever you do, take it as a sign of illumination.

Through the dream about skulls you have, you can know what lies in the future.

The dream can also show you the loopholes around your life, and give you tips on how to avoid and repair them.

Are Skulls a Bad Luck Sign

Skulls and bad luck

Yes, skulls can be a bad luck sign. However, this does not mean they are predominantly bad luck.

Seeing a skull can motivate or inspire you. 

You need to constantly meditate on the spiritual meanings of dreaming about skulls or seeing skulls in real life.

This is the only way to ensure that an accurate spiritual message is gotten and acted upon. 

Final Words

The spiritual message that comes from skulls is powerful.

Skulls emit powerful energy. Don’t meddle with seeing a skull. Whether you dream about it or see it in real life, the spiritual message embedded in your experience should never be ignored for any reason.

Understanding the spiritual meaning of a skull keeps you out of danger, and floods your mind with enough wisdom to go through life’s difficult situations. 

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