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Home » What do Koi Fish Represent and Symbolize? 9 Spiritual Meanings

What do Koi Fish Represent and Symbolize? 9 Spiritual Meanings

What do Koi Fish Represent and Symbolize? 8 Meanings

What do Koi Fish represent and symbolize? Let’s find out!

Out of all the different species of fish in the world, koi fish has garnered so much attention and popularity over the years because of its uniqueness and beauty. To be precise, the koi fish is believed to be one of the most popular fishes in the world today.

The koi fish is always found in garden ponds, aquariums, and the ocean. It is believed that the koi fish is the most popularly used by people because of the good luck and prosperity it brings into the house of anyone who keeps it.

Therefore, you should consider having one for yourself, and even if you don’t have a koi fish, you should never joke with a vision or a physical encounter with the koi fish. It is an indication that something is about to happen in your life.

The beauty that exudes from a koi fish is believed to shower our lives with light, self-awareness, and a healthy perception of who we are and what we have to offer.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the different spiritual meanings of finding a koi fish around you.

The universe has specially designed the koi fish to bring a lot of positive changes in to our lives and we are going to enjoy the power of this fish by becoming open to its influence over our lives.

What does a Koi Fish Represent?

What does a Koi Fish Represent

In ancient history, the koi fish is believed to be a messenger of the gods to the earth. The reason for this belief was vested in the fact that the patterns of a koi fish are unique and look too fascinating to be earthly.

A lot of people once believed that the koi fish was an angel from heaven that God transformed into a fish to dwell around us for protection and guidance. This is why certain tribes worship the koi fish by placing them in a pond and offering sacrifices to it.

Furthermore, the koi fish is believed to be a harbinger of good fortune and prosperity to any home it visits.

If you have been going through hard times, the koi fish will change your life. If you allow the koi fish into your home, things will begin to change in fast procession.

The koi fish is also believed to be a representative of the soul of our lost loved one. If you have ever heard of the word “reincarnation”, then this should not be strange to you.

However, if you have not heard of that word, then I will explain it to you. Reincarnation is a process where the soul of the departed transforms itself into an object or an animal.

This gives the soul a second chance to live on earth

This gives the soul a second chance to live on earth, but not as a human.

Therefore, whenever you see a koi fish, it might be the soul of your lost loved one that has reincarnated into a fish and has come to visit you.

The koi fish will not stay around you for long because it is not meant to be around you for long – most especially if it is the soul of your lost loved one. It is just meant to visit you and give you a message that you are being watched over. 

These are the different spiritual representations of a koi fish. There are other symbolic meanings of a koi fish. These meanings will also help you to further understand the importance of the presence of a koi fish in your life.

Read on to find out more about the spiritual meaning of a koi fish in more detail.

What does a Koi Fish Symbolize?

What does a Koi Fish Symbolize

The koi fish has 5 spiritual symbols. These 5 symbols are based on the different colors of the koi fish.

Pink koi fish

Is symbolic of the feminine gender.

If you are pregnant, and you are visited by a pink koi fish, then it is a sign that the baby in your womb is a female.

Furthermore, finding a pink koi fish might be an admonition from the universe that you should learn to make use of your feminine powers.

The feminine side is the most tender aspect of our lives that is filled with goodness, care, love, and fertility.

Therefore, the pink koi fish has come to help us enhance that side of ourselves.

Red koi fish

Is a symbol of passion.

The passion in your heart to achieve a particular purpose is as a result of the red koi fish in your garden pond.

Furthermore, when you dream of a red koi fish, then the universe is telling you to become more passionate about fulfilling your purpose in life.

Blue koi fish

Is a symbol of calmness.

It brings tranquility to our troubled souls. The sky is blue, and this brings peace to the earth. Therefore, finding a blue koi fish is believed to bring great peace into our lives.

Gold koi fish

Is a symbol of prosperity.

The gold color is affiliated with wealth, riches, and abundance. Therefore, whenever you see a gold koi fish, it is a sign that your life is about to take a new positive turn.

It is a sign that prosperity has come into your life.

Koi fish with different colors

Is a symbol of creativity.

When you see a koi fish with different colors and designs, it calls upon the creative power in your soul and strengthens you to put your creative ability to use.

9 Koi Fish Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Koi Fish Spiritual Meaning

Certain messages can be gotten from the appearance of a koi fish in our dreams, on our doorsteps, or our paths. These messages will give us wisdom and direction about how we should live our lives, and what to expect in the future.

1) Happiness


Finding a koi fish brings a message of happiness to you.

The beauty of the koi fish is believed to calm the soul.

Therefore, whenever you are in a state of despair, the koi fish can come into your life to shower you with happiness.

Most times, this might not be a guarantee that everything in your life is going to change positively.

Happiness creates contentment in you to live your life within the means you have, as you work towards making your life better.

2) Determination


The koi fish is symbolic of determination.

Therefore, you should expect to experience a fresh focus and determination to get things done.

If you have been living your life carelessly and without focus, the koi fish has come to tell you that you have to be focused, and determined enough to bring your dreams to pass.

By opening up your heart, you can be imbued with the power of the koi fish to fuel your determination and focus.

3) Persistence

Persistent woman

The koi fish also brings a message of persistence to you.

Most times, we are found giving up when we are on the verge of a breakthrough. This is why we have not attained the height that is meant for us.

The universe has sent the koi fish to instruct you that you have to remain persistent and dogged towards achieving your dream. 

4) A new life that is full of opportunities

New cycle of life

The koi fish can also be a prediction about a new phase of your life.

This is good news because you should expect exciting opportunities in this new phase.

The koi fish can be an indication of the coming seasons and the good things it has to offer.

5) Emotional stability

Happy woman

With the koi fish, you will learn how to put your emotion under check.

The universe can pass this message to you through the koi fish because this fish is calm enough to thrive under the raging ocean.

You should never become an emotional wreck as a result of what you have suffered in the past. you have to learn to put things in control. 

6) Fortune is coming your way


This is good news. When you find a koi fish – most especially a gold one, then it is a clear indication that you are going to become very rich.

This will not happen magically. It can be linked with your business or career.

Therefore, you should expect wealth to come into your hands from the moment you see the koi fish. This is a good sign that brings joy to the soul.

7) Good luck

Fingers cross

The koi fish has brought good luck into your life.

This affects every aspect of your life. It can be financially, maritally, academically, in your business, or career.

Wherever you require good luck, the koi fish will grant you good luck. This will attract fortune, wealth, peace, and happiness into your life.

8) A healthy self-perception

Strong and happy

The koi fish has come to encourage you to always see yourself in a positive light.

Looking down on yourself will discourage you from fulfilling a higher purpose and destiny. Embrace who you are, and choose to see yourself in the light.

A healthy self-perception is what you need. Don’t allow your past failures to deter you from having a healthy self-perception.

9) You will enjoy a long-lasting love relationship

Good luck in love life

When you find a white koi fish with red colors, it is a symbol of love.

It has come to tell you that your love life will become exciting and long-lasting.

If you have been allowing the fear of your past experiences to plague your heart, then it is time to let go of those fears.

Your current love life will blossom and grow into something beautiful over the years.

The Chinese Koi Fish Symbolism

Chinese Koi Fish

In Chinese culture, the koi fish is a symbol of strength and courage.

Due to the story behind the koi fish and how it prevailed in the rough tides of the waters at the dragon’s gate waterfall, it is believed that whenever a koi fish is seen, it teaches us a lesson of strength and courage.

The persistence of the koi fish for 100years before it eventually landed above the dragon’s gate waterfall is something to always learn about. This is why the Chinese revere the koi fish.

In addition to this, the koi fish is a symbol of wealth, riches, and prosperity.

In the Chinese culture, it is believed that the koi fish will attract prosperity into any village it visits.

And in China, the presence of a koi fish calls for rejoicing because it is a sign of wealth and prosperity.

What do Koi Fish Symbolize in Japanese Culture?

Koi Fish

The koi fish is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. In the Japanese culture, it is believed that the presence of a koi fish should bring assurance to your heart that you are in the company of good friends.

Koi fish move around in groups, and they always protect each other from harm.

Just like the Chinese culture, the koi fish is a symbol of strength and bravery. The Japanese culture likens the koi fish to a brave samurai.

In addition to this, the koi fish accepts its fate when it’s time to die, and this is similar to the attributes of a samurai.

Therefore, the bravery of a koi fish has become symbolic all over the Japanese culture.

Does it Represent Good Luck?

Koi Fish and good luck

A koi fish represents good luck.

Koi fish does not bring anything negative to our lives.

It brings goodness, wealth, fortune, love, and direction to us.

It also gives us a prediction of the amazing times that lie ahead of us. The positive energy of the koi fish brings good luck into our lives.

Final Words

Finding a koi fish is a good sign.

Therefore, never take the presence of a koi fish for granted. Allow the power of the koi fish to saturate your soul as you enter a new season of endless possibilities and opportunities.

Furthermore, you have to become as brave as the koi fish, because that is how you are going to overcome every odds that come your way.

So, do you already know what is the Koi Fish symbolize and what represent for your life? If you still have any questions, feel free to leve your comments below!

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