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Home » 9 Turtle Spiritual Meanings: What do turtles symbolize?

9 Turtle Spiritual Meanings: What do turtles symbolize?

9 Turtle Spiritual Meanings: What do turtles symbolize?

Do you know what is the turtle spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let’s find out!

If you visit our articles regularly to know about your spirit animal, maybe this one is for you. A lot of people asked about the very rarely seen but the most ancient animal’s spiritual meaning. So, we are back with another coaster of untold turtle symbolisms for you.

Turtles are a symbol of protection, longevity, and stability. They have been known to carry people’s prayers to the heavens and they were even considered a food source in some cultures.

The turtle is also associated with femininity because it can lay eggs that hatch into baby turtles which represent our future generations.  In Buddhism, the turtle is believed to be able to live for 10 million years! This long life span is why turtles are sometimes seen as symbols of longevity.

What does a turtle symbolize?

What does a turtle symbolize

1) Turtle symbolism among Native Americans

The back of the turtle’s shell has been used as the lunar calendar (i.e., the calendar is prepared according to the moon cycle) for ages. It helps them to calculate the days of the month.

They believe turtles as the protector of mother nature and their children as well. In Earlier days, Turtle shells were used as medications in the healing and protection of newborns by their mothers.

2) Turtle symbolism for Buddhists

In Buddhism, the turtle symbolizes the monk’s life. So if you want to live a happy life, better learn it from the monks. But do you all take in knowledge from somewhere to teach others forward?

Similarly, Monks get their inspiration from turtles and apply the concept of living life like them. Turtles tell them how to leave all emotions of anger and excitement behind and live a peaceful and calm life.

3) Turtle symbolism in Hawaiian people

The famous sea turtle amid Polynesian people of Hawaiian Island is a sign of good fortune and patience.

Sea turtles inspire them not to hurry and get annoyed over little things. Instead, they need to maintain patience and wait for their turn to come; success will indeed arrive their way.  

What do turtles represent in the spiritual world?

Turtles in spiritual world

Turtles have been depicted as warriors or guardians in traditional art and tales since classical times. The existence of turtles overcast the spiritual meaning of their nature in various ways.

The calm, protecting, healing, determining, and balancing nature of turtles brings in a lot of understanding and tranquility.

 The establishment of turtles has evolved on the Earth since the very beginning of living creatures. These long-lived beings taught us to live a life of a strong personality and guide our souls to be persistent enough to overcome hard times.

9 Turtle spiritual meanings and significances

Turtle spiritual meaning

I expect the turtle’s upcoming spiritual meanings will help you recognize its importance better in your lives. The following signs are:

1) Heal

In the commercial world, turtle shells and bodies are often used for making ornaments. Turtle meat and soup are famous in most central Asian countries like China, Singapore, and Japan. They consider it to be protein-rich or delicious to eat.

But it has had a lot of curing properties ever since the olden days. From using it as a medicinal product for infants by early people, doctors use it to treat uterus bleeding in females. But its inner essence is associated with restoration, revival, and regeneration into one’s life.

2) Earth and its transformation

As per the native Americans and Hindu folklores, the whole world’s burden is on the back or shell of the turtle. It is believed that the Earth is standing on the four elephants as its pillars which also are picked up by the turtle.

This turtle is said to float into the galaxy, preserving the Earth to fall. Ultimately, turtles are deeply related to Earth’s transformation long ago.

3) Protect

The subsistence of every creature created by God is there for some reason. So likewise, the turtle is taken as a safeguard to secure the Earth as a shield. Life is full of sudden happenings.

We never know what comes our way. Therefore, its appearance can be a sign for you to defend yourself from approaching danger or attacks in your life.

4) Long Life

The age group of turtles is lasting for decades. This is because they stay solid and enduring during their lifetime and can get over brutal weather and climatic conditions.

This symbol of longevity teaches us to stand firm and to abide even in bad situations. Life is a long journey to live, so never lose your hopes and appreciate it till the end. 

5) Patience

Turtles live in their habitat quietly and calmly without disturbing others. Their calm and relaxed nature marks the significance of peace in our lives.

Running behind the money and getting nervous due to overwork is useless if you don’t have soul satisfaction. Take in knowledge from them to be patient and not get annoyed while facing small hurdles.

6) Determination

The survival of turtles is possible only due to their unchangeable attitude towards life. We should learn from turtles to remain still to our decisions.

Control down the indecisive quality in yourself. If you regulate your life without the influence of others, it will better ascertain good outcomes.

7) Balance

Balance is the foundation of everything to stand steadily. God has supported the stability of Earth eventually onto the shoulders of the turtle.

There is no one better than turtles to tell us how to live an unshakable life and constantly progress towards our objectives. We have to evaluate the right and wrong sides before settling for anything less or more in life. This Evaluation will help us to live a dignified life of equilibrium.

8) Introspection

When Turtles undergo and hide into the dens. It is considered to be their self-time. But, just like them, it is also necessary for us to take out time for ourselves and have a deep look into our self-thoughts. Sometimes, it is very required to do self-judgment before society raises fingers at you.

9) Wisdom

The behavior to go on in life can also be learned from turtles.

They live wisely under the fundamental rules of nature. Hence, inspirit us to have proper insight to make choices after providing a deep understanding of the subject based on logic or reason.

What does seeing a turtle mean spiritually?

Sea turtle

As portrayed in folktales, Seeing a turtle indeed brings 10,000 years of good luck and pleasure for you. But the symbol that the turtle wants to let you know depends upon your current life affairs.

For instance, many times, we are too confused to select the appropriate one. In such circumstances, it advises us to interrogate your thoughts and have time to make the correct decision.

If you face any mental hesitation, it may notify you to have an undisturbed hour to rebuild and assemble your thoughts.

Turtle Spirit Animal spiritual meaning

Turtle Spirit Animal spiritual meaning

If a turtle is your spiritual animal totem, there is no doubt how energetic and lively you are. The zeal you spread in the middle of people you are around is exceptional. People like your humor and intelligence. They admire your enthusiasm and unlimited capacity to do things.  

People having a turtle as their spirit animal or guide are usually blessed with an authoritative command over life. Such people supervise others to do well and are great leaders.

You will succeed in the future if you are working on your life goals with complete determination. Putting the effort and energy in the right path is the key.

Are turtles good luck or bad luck?

Baby turtle

You may not know it, but turtles are a sign of good luck in many cultures. In some countries around the world people believe that seeing a turtle is bad luck! 

  • Good Luck: After going through the write-up, I hope you have a clear idea that turtles are 100% a sign for your luck to strike. Great deals are coming your way. So don’t miss your opportunity and grab onto your fortune this time. It declares that evil and ghostly spirits are far away from you. In simple words, you are distant from the negative people, energy, and foes as well.

The American Indian tribe the Ojibwe believe that when they see a turtle in their path, they should pick it up and give thanks to the Creator for protecting them from danger. 

In China, there is an old proverb which states “The man who sells turtles by the river makes more money than he can count.”

This saying has been interpreted to mean that because turtles live so long and have such steady habits, they represent security and prosperity. What do you think? Do you consider yourself lucky or unlucky if you happen to spot a turtle during your day? 

  • Bad Luck: Birth and demise is the rule of nature that cannot be changed. The death of a turtle is a joint event if you spot them frequently. But if you have sighted the turtle for the first time and are even dead, it can be a moment of truth about your bad health, mentally or physically. It can also be a sign of the for-seen financial and emotional crises in your life.

5 Turtle myths or superstitions

Superstitions about turtles

People commonly believe in the following myths or superstitions about turtles:

  1. A lot of humans think turtles and tortoises are the same. But this is incorrect as turtles live in water whereas tortoises spend their lives on land. Their physical appearance is even different if noticed carefully.
  2. A turtle shell is an exoskeleton (the outer shell of an animal’s body). However, this myth is untrue as, unlike other animals, the turtle’s body is protected by two pieces placed one over the other. These two shells are plastron at the bottom and carapace on the top.
  3. It is also believed that turtles are silent spices, but this superstition is valid until you find out how noisy turtles can be. When turtles face danger, they can even bawl as loud as tigers roar.
  4. Most people believe that turtles can eat anything. This statement is false as, just like all other creatures, turtles also have a specific taste or diet. They live by eating small fish, frogs, and a few sea plants.
  5. Many people buy Tiny water turtles for their tanks, thinking they will always be the same size. But the fact is that turtles grow into bigger ones as they get mature.   


The spiritual meaning of turtles is multifaceted. The turtle’s spiritual meaning is determined by the way it has been depicted in various art and tales throughout history.

They are symbols for protection, calmness, determination, and balance.

If you’re looking to bring in more tranquility into your life or the lives of those around you, consider incorporating some turtle symbolism into your daily routine through art or small tokens that remind you to stay grounded.

In my thoughts, I appreciate a lot of things that we humans need to acquire from turtles. In the race for money or fame, we are losing our inner selves. We don’t even have a blink of an eye for ourselves.

Our mindset needs to be changed, and we should rethink the fact that we are living for ourselves, not society.

I am confident that you will also have a new outlook after knowing about the turtles’ purpose and point of view towards life. Feel free to share your experiences and ask any queries in the comment sections below. We will be privileged to assist you.

So, what do you think about the turtle spiritual meaning and symbolism for your life? Now that you know what do turtles mean spiritually, take the opportunity to start respecting and understanding them.

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