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What do Fish Symbolize & Represent? 11 Spiritual Meanings

What do Fish Symbolize & Represent? 11 Spiritual Meanings

There is no doubt that everyone knows about fish.

Going back to our elementary school days, you must have known about fish from spelling and illustrations.

There is no point in trying to talk about the description of a fish. 

Now, do you know that it is possible to get too familiar with this creature? Because of how common it is, people tend to ignore it and term it as inconsequential.

This approach has robbed them of many spiritual messages, which could have opened up a new chapter.

This is why you should not fall into that trap. To guide you further, I have written the best informational piece about the spiritual meanings of fish.

This article comprises everything you need to learn, and know about fishes and their spiritual messages.

To understand how to harness the power of this creature, read this article till the end.

What does a Fish Symbolize Spiritually?

Fish symbolism

A fish is a spiritual creature that releases energy into our subconscious. Whenever it shows up around us or appears to us in our dreams, there are certain messages we will get.

Before we discuss the individual messages of seeing a fish, it is important to talk about the general spiritual symbolism of a fish. 

Survival Mentality:

Fishes are seen as survivors. They can go through difficult situations and come out as survivors.

Therefore, they can send a message to us concerning surviving hard times.

Fishes help us to grow thick skin against difficult circumstances. They remind us of the inner strength we possess as humans.

Going through tough conditions can either break us or make us stronger.

It depends on our approach and mindset. The inner fortitude to go through such times can be given by a fish.

Therefore, if you have a fish in your home, you can leverage its energy to make you stronger and ready to bear up under pressure

Do you want to survive the current season of your life? Trust in the power of a fish to strengthen you with inner strength and fortitude.


Because this creature is associated with water, they are a spiritual omen of our emotions.

A flowing or steady river in the spiritual world points to our emotions. They inspire us to use our emotional energies properly.

Seeing a fish swimming tells us to pay attention to our emotions. It inspires us to not take our emotional life for granted.

Also, people who are suffering from emotional instability can become emotionally stable just by meditating on the power of a fish for a long time.

Through a fish, you can also become emotionally whole (if you have suffered a trauma in the past).

Dwelling in a negative environment:

When a fish dwells in a dirty river, this is a warning sign.

It spiritually symbolizes dwelling in a negative environment.

A negative environment can be an atmosphere of negative people, negative images, or negative thoughts.

When you stay in this environment for a long time, your mind will be influenced by it, and this affects your life

Getting this sign from the spiritual world symbolizes a warning sign. It encourages people to stay out of a negative environment.

With this spiritual omen, your mind will be free of every form of negativity.

What does a Fish Represent?

What does a Fish Represent?

A fish is connected to water energy. You cannot understand the spiritual essence of this creature without knowing about the water spirit. The spiritual omen of water is similar to that of a fish.

Now, what does a fish represent spiritually? To understand this, we must link both the fish spirit animal, and water together. 

The energies of water and fish sync together.

It is believed that fishes were made from water. Therefore, the energies of water flow through them.

Whenever you see a fish, it represents one of the three things to you

Abundant Provision of Resources:

Seeing more than 30 fish is a spiritual omen of abundance.

An example of this is in the bible. When Jesus wanted to feed 5,000 people, he used 5 loaves and 2 fishes to accomplish this.

At the end of the miracle, there was a superabounding leftover.

Therefore, fishes are known to be a spiritual sign of wealth and abundance.

They depict a life of enough resources.

It is believed that poor people can leverage the energy from fish to pull abundance into their lives.

Therefore, seeing this spiritual animal talks about enjoying a life of wealth and abundance

Emotional Stability:

Fishes represent emotional stability.

Becoming emotionally stable means you can handle pressure and make wise choices under it.

When you dream of fish, it helps you to become stable and persistent under pressure.

These creatures have a similar energy to the water element.

One of the traits of the water element is persistence.

It beats back against every opposition and prevails no matter what.

In the same way, you must be in control of your emotions.

No matter how pressured you feel, remind yourself that you are always in charge of how you feel and let nothing change that.


Because of their ability to climb up against water streams and high rivers, they are seen as an omen of determination.

They can achieve whatever their hearts desire and go after their prey no matter how difficult it gets.

This should call your attention to the power of determination.

It can be the major push you need to start working on all your plans and dreams. Take this message seriously when it comes to you.

Through a fish, the universe can bring about the discovery of purpose, and fuels the determination of people.

Fish Dream Meaning: It’s a Good Sign?

Dreaming about fishes in spiritual world

In the spiritual world, dreaming of a fish is a good sign.

Over the years, fishes have been associated with:

  • Prosperity;
  • Abundance;
  • Good health;
  • And positivity.

When your subconscious casts an image of this animal on your mind, expect good things to happen.

Whatever need you have, the energy from a fish can solve the issues you are facing. 

Dreaming about a fish also attracts opportunities in your life. It opens you up to a new world of opened doors.

While you go through your daily activities, expect that a door of opportunities will open up for you soon.

This keeps you optimistic and expectant.

Furthermore, it fills you with positive energy to never give up irrespective of how bad things get.

11 Spiritual Meanings of a Fish: Real Life & Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of a Fish

Let us talk about the 11 spiritual meanings of a fish. This gives us further clues into its spiritual significance and essence. 

1) Protect your mind

Dreaming of the fish encourages you to protect your mind.

Anytime you dream of the angelfish, it is a spiritual sign to protect your mind. You will get these signs whenever you are struggling with negative energy.

The key to protecting yourself from negativity is by guarding your mind.

Therefore, protect your mind at all costs.

Ensure that you stay positive and only meditate on what is noble and perfect. 

2) Determination


Did you see a goldfish? Spiritually, this fish is an omen of passion and desire.

Whenever people see the goldfish, it fuels their passion and determination to achieve their goals.

Through a goldfish, you will understand the importance of setting a goal and sticking to its attainment.

Anytime you dream of the goldfish, it is telling you to stay focused on your dream.

Your determination to accomplish your goals must be stronger than every form of distraction.

This species of fish helps people to rediscover their lost passion. It wheels them back on the right path. 

3) Good Luck

Fishes are an omen of good luck.

Anytime you see this creature either in a dream or in real life, it spiritually means good luck. Its spiritual connection with the water element makes it an omen of luck.

Seeing a fish in the morning tells you to expect something good to happen during the day.

It is a sign that gives people hope for a better future.

Enjoying good luck might not come in the form of money.

It might come as good health, a stable mind, or a connection with positive relationships.

Anytime you dream of any species of fish, it tells you to be open to positive events.

4) Healing

Betta fish
Betta fish

The positive energy for healing your body and mind can be gotten from a fish.

Whether you see it in the physical world, or your dream world, it brings an omen of healing.

If you are sick, dreaming of this creature is an assurance. It tells you to expect a speedy recovery soon.

Also, this dream can be a warning sign from the spirit world.

It warns you against taking your health for granted.

A fish in the spirit world brings healing.

Therefore, enjoy this energy and channel it to every part of your body.

5) Peace of mind

Water calms the mind. This is similar to the power of a fish.

Whenever you are going through an emotional hurt, this spirit animal can restore peace and calmness to your heart.

Because of this, their images are found in therapy homes. In the past, these images were given to people who are going through mental stress.

It frees them from this emotional conundrum.

If you want to calm your mind, try meditating on the power of this spirit animal.

You can maximize this energy by opening up your mind.

6) Accepting other people’s opinions

Koi fish
Koi fish

Do you know that koi fish can promote the power of community and associations? Yes, it can.

Through this species of fish, people have learned to respect diverse opinions.

If you are rigid in your mindset, accepting the energy of the koi fish makes you tender and open-hearted. 

Whenever you dream of holding a koi fish, it means having a heart that accepts other people’s opinions.

No matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel, it is more honorable to admit that other people are more experienced and knowledgeable about a topic than you are. 

Learning to accept other people’s ideas is a sign of humility.

The advantage of opening up to other people’s ideas is that your mind will have enough wisdom and information to make the best decisions

7) Honesty

The tuna fish is an omen of honesty.

It exposes the virtues of living a good life.

Whenever you dream of your friends eating tuna fish, it is a positive spiritual sign. This means that your friends can be trusted.

It also allays your fear of betrayal or other negative emotional situations.

When you eat tuna fish in your dream, the universe encourages you to embrace honesty and truthfulness. 

8) Protection from evil spirits


Sharks are an omen of protection.

They are sent to protect people from negative energy. In addition to this, you can protect yourself from evil spirits through the energy of a shark.

Because of their predatory skills, you can count on them to devour every negative element around you.

Keeping an image of this spiritual animal creates an invisible boundary around you.

This boundary keeps bad luck away from you.

Keep the image of a shark in your home for protection.

When the spiritual world sends this fish to your dream, it means you are under their protection. 

9) Freely express your feelings

When you see a little fish swimming freely in moving water, it is a spiritual omen of freedom.

This message inspires people to freely express how they feel.

The fear of rejection is a major underlying reason for lack of self-expression.

You must learn to overcome this

Dreaming of a little swimming fish tells you to allow your emotions to flow through you. Freely express how you feel without feeling guilty for it.

Holding up negative emotions like anger in your heart affects your chakra and your health

10) Be on the Lookout for Opportunities

Shark feeding on its prey

Seeing a shark feeding on its prey is a sign of opportunity.

This message is sent to you when you are on the verge of enjoying numerous opportunities.

As good as this message can be, it might also be warning you to be on the lookout for opportunities.

You need to be spiritually sensitive and mentally prepared for what lies ahead of you.

A shark is an opportunistic creature. It waits for the best time to strike at its prey.

You must be like the shark.

Wait for opportunities and recognize them when they come

11) A New Season

When you are at the dawn of a new season, fishes will flock around you in your dreams.

This spiritual omen prepares you for what lies ahead.

It opens you up to the new life ahead of you.

Oftentimes, your birthday will come with this sign.

Once it does, expect a lot of things to change.

However, because it comes in the form of a fish, expect only positive changes

Spiritual Meanings of A Dead Fish

Dead Fish

When you see a dead fish, it speaks of a negative situation in the future.

For example, if you are about to go for an interview, seeing a dead fish means you will not get the job. It is a bad omen to see a dead fish.

Another spiritual meaning of a dead fish warns you of committing a mistake.

This is why you must watch out for this sign.

Smelling a dead fish in your dream means you are under a negative influence. 

Spiritual Meaning of Two Fishes Together

Two Fishes Together

When you find 2 fishes together, it spiritually talks about friendship.

This encourages people to hold their friends close.

The number 2 is a spiritual sign of mutuality.

It also helps you to appreciate the presence of good people around you

If you have doubted your friends’ loyalty and commitment towards you, the universe will send 2 fishes to you as a warning sign against this.

Your skepticism might make you lose good people.

Therefore, open up your heart to your friends, and embrace who they are.

This is an easy way to keep yourself in the company of good people

Is a Fish a Good Luck Sign?

Fishes and good luck

Spiritually, seeing a fish is a sign of good luck.

Africans believe that seeing a fish in the morning assures people of enjoying good luck during the day.

Also, when your wife is pregnant, and you dream of a fish, it means she will deliver safely. Keeping fish around you attracts good luck.

The universe sends them to you as external spiritual assistance to help you out of your mental, spiritual, physical, and financial issues

The next time you dream of a fish or see it in real life, open your mind to embrace its positive energy.

It brings a good luck sign

Final Words

Fishes are common. You will often find them around (if you live in a riverine community).

They appear to people in dreams occasionally as well.

Therefore, it is easy to discard them as a natural phenomenon.

However, with the information you’ve accessed from this article, your mindset should have changed concerning this powerful creature. 

Going forward, let your mind be open to the appearance of any species of fish. There is always a message for you through them. 

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