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Swordfish Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and Messages

Swordfish Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and Messages

This creature is one of the large predators of the sea. It is called a swordfish because of its long pointed bill.

It uses this as a slashing tool to hurt and weaken its prey before going for the kill. In the spiritual world, this creature has numerous meanings and omens we need to know. 

Therefore, I have decided to discuss the swordfish’s spiritual meaning in this article. If you’ve seen this creature in recent times, read this article till the end to know more about this unique creature of the sea.

The swordfish can become your spiritual guide. But you need to know what it means before enjoying its spiritual benefit. 

Let’s go!!!

Swordfish spiritual meaning


Spiritually, the swordfish is an omen of independence. When it shows up around you, the spiritual world wants you to be independent. Rather than depend on the people around you for ideas, support, and so on; trust in yourself much more. 

The swordfish can survive on its own. This makes it a confident creature. You can learn from this as well. Be a confident person. Refuse to let other people’s opinions define your worth. Only believe what you say about yourself. 

Now, some might call you cynical. Don’t give in to that pressure. Rather, stick to yourself and let people know the boundaries you’ve set. 

In addition to this, the long pointed bill of a swordfish is an omen of words. Whenever this creature appears to you in a dream, the universe wants you to be careful of the things you say. 

Your words carry power – according to what most religious books say! 

Therefore, let the long pointed bill of a swordfish inspire you to speak faith-filled words at all times. Also, be careful of the information you churn out to people. This protects you from betrayal. 

The swordfish is an omen of inner strength. Through it, you can be inspired to stay tenacious even in negative moments.

If you give up easily, the swordfish is a sign of resilience. In negative seasons, doggedness must be your watchword.

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Swordfish symbolism

Swordfish in the ocean

The swordfish symbolism is ACTION

Whenever the universe gives you a sign through this creature, one of its messages inspires action. It helps you to overcome procrastination and laziness. If you find it hard to act on your plans, then, the swordfish has come to warn you against laziness. 

In the African tradition, the swordfish symbolism is SPEED

Seeing it is an omen of promptness and progress. This means you will make progress in your life. If you are experiencing delay or retrogression, the sight of this fish means that a change has come. You will start making progress from now on. 

The swordfish is an omen of positive thinking.

If you are easily attuned to negativity, this creature was sent to change your thought pattern. It wants you to focus on the good things in your life and be optimistic that things will change. 

This is a creature of courage.

It inspires people to take big risks. As long as it propels you towards the accomplishment of your dream, it is a risk worth taking. Don’t let the fear of failure rob you of the great success at the other end of that HUGE PLAN.

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Swordfish spirit animal meaning

Swordfish spirit animal

People with the swordfish spirit animal have the following characteristics:

Tenacity: The swordfish spirit animal is a sign of tenacity. If this creature is your spirit guide, it means you are tenacious. Take this as an inspiration to deliberately weather the storms in your life. When things get tough, refuse to give in to the pressure. Stay dogged in the midst of it all. 
Determination: If the swordfish is your spirit animal, this is an omen of determination. It reveals that your focus is staunch. Also, it inspires you to not lose your focus or get distracted by irrelevant things. Keep this at the back of your mind. 
Inner strength: The swordfish is an omen of inner strength. If it is your spirit animal, then, you possess the inner strength to withstand pressure and handle responsibilities. 
Opportunity: The swordfish is a creature of opportunity. It loves to take advantage of certain moments. In the same way, we must learn to be sensitive to what goes on around us. The moment you see an opportunity, take advantage of it. This is why the swordfish is your spirit animal. 

Boldness, determination, focus, goodwill, and courage are 5 major characteristics and meanings of the swordfish spirit animal.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing a Swordfish: 7 Signs

Spiritual meaning of seeing a Swordfish

In this section, we will discuss the 7 signs of seeing a swordfish. When this creature shows up around you, below are the 7 powerful messages you need to know. Read on to find out. 

1) Own your space

The swordfish is a territorial creature. It fights for its territories and dominates over other weaker fishes. In the same way, you must own your space. Set healthy boundaries for people. Ensure you let people know their limits in your life. It stops them from taking undue advantage of you. 

This also builds self-respect and confidence. 

2) Protection

Through this creature, you can be assured of spiritual protection. Seeing a swordfish means you are under the watchful eyes of the universe. It is a good sign of assurance and comfort. Also, it encourages you to protect yourself from being infected by negative energy. 

3) Spiritual guidance

Native American folklore says that the swordfish is a creature that guides people into the afterlife. Since you’re not dead, this creature might show up around you as an omen of divine guidance. It inspires you to trust in the leading of God. 

Furthermore, seeing a swordfish means you should listen more to your inward intuition. This provides clarity and answers. 

4) Learn to speak up for yourself

Spiritually, the presence of a swordfish speaks of confidence. Whenever you find it around you, its long-pointed bill should inspire you to speak up for yourself. Don’t be scared of being misunderstood by the people in your life. Be confident. Speak up when there is a need to, and damn the consequence. 

5) New season

If you dream of seeing a swordfish in the morning, this is an omen of newness. It reveals that something new is about to happen in your life. This dream is the sign of a new season. You can expect new things to sprout from your life. Also, work on your mind to adapt to change. 

6) Good Luck

Swordfishes are seen as an omen of good fortune. Finding them around us means positive events are coming. This could also be a spiritual sign of abundance, wealth and good health. If you see a swordfish, it’s okay to expect something good to happen in your life. 

7) You are not alone

It is believed that a swordfish can be possessed by the spirit of the dead. So, if you find a particular swordfish appearing to you in your dream, this means you are being followed by the spirit of your loved one. This reveals that you’re not alone.

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Contrary to what people think, the swordfish is not a creature of aggression and hostility. It brings confidence to people’s hearts and encourages them to be determined. The next time you see a swordfish, it indicates that something spiritual is going on around you. 

As you open yourself up to this creature, you will experience strength and comfort.

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