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11 Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

11 Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Scarab beetles have been used as symbols of transformation and spiritual growth in many cultures throughout history. 

From Ancient Egypt to modern-day spiritual practices, these small creatures serve as powerful reminders of the importance of perseverance and resilience. 

In this article, we will explore the spiritual meanings behind 11 different types of the scarab beetle, discussing how they can help us take actionable steps into a more meaningful life.

Scarab Beetle Symbolism

Scarab Beetle

In ancient times, Egyptians were obsessed with the concept of resurrection and they believed that by removing the heart from a dead body and replacing it with a scarab beetle stone, the deceased would resurrect in the afterlife.

The beetle is also known to symbolize good luck.

In fact, there’s a sculpture of the beetle outside the Luxor Temple in Egypt that people rub and circle around in the hopes of acquiring good luck!

So, if it isn’t obvious already, the scarab beetle that fell on me that day sent good luck my way!

Black Scarab Beetle:

Black Scarab Beetle
Black Scarab Beetle

Like any other insect out there, the scarab beetles come in a lot of different colors, shades, and hues that may include dark green, vibrant orange-ish, purple, or maybe even rainbow!

However, black and brown are the most common.

Although both the colors of the scarab beetle symbolize the same things, the black one focuses more on obtaining the love and protection of Egyptian gods like Ra and Khopri.

If one does win this divine protection, Ra and Khopri are believed to remove harm and danger that might be caused by the visible and even the invisible. (Demonic entities and restless souls)

Golden Scarab Beetle:

Golden Scarab Beetle
Golden Scarab Beetle

The Golden scarab beetles on the other hand are believed to symbolize and even amplify good luck.

Their color is almost brass-like and, from a distance, they might look like flying nuggets of pure gold.

This is obviously a result of the beetle’s exoskeleton which shimmers in a way that resembles sunshine falling on a golden-metallic object.

Or, perhaps the golden color might be because of all the good luck it carries inside.

The ancient Egyptians buried a mix of both black and golden scarab beetles to help the dead obtain both good luck and the favor of the gods when he or she resurrects in the afterlife.

The symbolism of the Golden Scarab Beetle extends beyond Egyptology, appearing in:

Rainbow Scarab Beetle:

Rainbow Scarab Beetle
Rainbow Scarab Beetle

The following symbolisms are associated with seeing this beetle:

  • Good luck;
  • Harvest;
  • It is the end of a negative season;
  • Transformation;
  • Something good is about to happen;
  • A reminder of the power of nature;
  • Overcoming obstacles.

Spiritual meaning of seeing a Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetle
Scarab Beetle

Okay, so, let’s imagine you’re walking on the road and happen to see a scarab beetle out of nowhere. What happens now?

Well, as we mentioned previously, good luck is the first thing you’ll obtain from the contact.

The spiritual meaning of seeing a scarab beetle is that good luck is coming your way.

Or, if you’re feeling low, going through a rough patch, or maybe even depressed, contact with the beetle should sort of resurrect or restore happiness back to you.

And, this “resurrection” shouldn’t take much time and tends to happen immediately.

It won’t be anything physical and you obviously won’t become a completely new human being but the good luck obtained from the contact should make you feel like the darkness in your life has been overshadowed by a sudden light.

Spiritual meaning of Scarab Beetles in dreams

A lot of Black Scarab Beetles

If you’re seeing scarab beetles in your dreams then it could mean (or hint towards) messages and revelations from the divine.

These messages could be good or bad and lead to either success or failure.

However, they’re hard to interpret, decode, and understand without actually knowing the context.

So, if you’ve been stressed or overthinking about something lately, the context could be just that!

If you’ve been extremely sick or feeling threatened by someone or something, seeing scarab beetles in your dreams could mean that the divine is letting you know its protection over you and that you will be taken care of.

But, these messages don’t always have a positive intent.

Sometimes, they could be exploiting your worst fears and hinting towards the fact that one day or the other, you’ll eventually need to face them.

If you’ve been sweeping problems, fears, complications, or trauma under the carpet then those little six-legged creatures in your dreams could mean that you need to move on or fix them.

11 Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meaning

1) Be Careful With Your Friends

Although you might think you have the best and most amazing friends looking out for you, having contact with a scarab beetle might actually mean you’re wrong.

Your seemingly “friends” might actually turn out to be foes who either talk behind your back, reveal your secrets, steal from you, lie, or might just be wishing bad upon you.

Not trusting your friends might feel like a horrible crime in the beginning but as you start to see their evil sides unfold, you’ll be thankful the scarab beetle warned you beforehand.

2) Pay Attention To Your Health!

If you come in contact with a scarab beetle, it might mean that you’re severely neglecting your health.

Maybe you haven’t gone back to the gym for a whole year or just not eating right, neglecting your health can be dangerous and maybe even fatal in the long run.

Letting you know about your own health depletion can also be part of the scarab beetle’s protection symbolism as bad health poses a threat that can perhaps be more dangerous than another human or entity.

3) Unlock Doors & Opportunities

Whether you want more from your college degree or started a new business that you might want to scale, if you come across a scarab beetle, it could mean that the door of opportunities isn’t far from being unlocked.

Soon afterward, you might shake hands on the biggest deal of your life or add another stream of income to your primary one but it sure won’t take long for the opportunities to roll in quickly.

So, better buckle up for the ride because you don’t want to miss out on any of these!

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4) You’re About To Get Rich

Yes, we know, getting rich depends on your own effort, hard work, and consistency.

But, if you come in contact with a scarab beetle, chances are that YOU might NOT have to take that route.

You can either expect to win a huge lottery that will set you up for the rest of your life or see your business sales explode out of nowhere, through whatever means there are, just know that you’re about to make a lot of money!

But, apart from the monetary wealth, scarab beetles can also be a symbol of wealth that might be linked to honor or spirituality.

5) Quit Bad Habits

If you’re someone who’s absolutely obsessed with partying, alcohol, and drugs then fortunately or unfortunately, seeing a scarab beetle could mean that it’s time to let go.

Again, this might be a part of its protection symbolism trying to safeguard you from internal and external vulnerabilities.

If you’re severely addicted then rehabilitation or consulting a therapist might be a better way to go about this but whatever bad habits you have, just know that the scarab beetle could be a hint for you to avoid them.

6) You’re Going To Be Pregnant

If you’re a woman who hasn’t had any luck with conceiving then the sight of a scarab beetle might be what you needed.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that female visitors circle the sculpture of the scarab beetle in Luxor Temple seven times in the hopes of becoming pregnant!

Since the beetle primarily symbolizes birth, coming in contact with one might mean that you already are or are about to be pregnant soon and can endure the process of giving birth to a healthy baby!

7) Be Patient

Patience is a very important aspect of human life but sometimes this aspect simply slips out of our minds.

But, no need to worry! The scarab beetle you just came across might be there to remind you just that.

Whether you’re waiting to know if you’re hired or not, expecting a reply from an important client, or maybe just being skeptical about an investment, patience is crucial in everything!

Remember – you build with it and destroy without it.

8) Let Go Of Regrets

Well, similar to patience, regret is another important aspect of human life.

Not everyone might talk about it but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

Letting go of regret and following your intuition can be really challenging but also crucial to living a fulfilling life.

Your gut feeling and heart should line up with your actions.

Otherwise, you’ll end up doing things that you’ll regret.

However, letting go of past regrets is equally as important as not making regretful decisions in the future.

So, if you happen to cross paths with a scarab beetle, it might be a sign for you to rise up from the puddle of past regrets you’re sinking into.

9) You’re Protected

As we mentioned previously, coming across a scarab beetle might be a message from the divine letting you know that you’re protected.

This protection could be from bad people, negative energies, evil eyes, nightmares, demonic entities, and whatnot!

So, the next time you feel vulnerable in your dark and cold room or at work stressing about your financial situation, family, relationships, or future goals, just remind yourself of the scarab beetle and the divine protection you’re under.

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10) Open Up & Explore

Do you ever feel restricted from the inside?

Maybe you really want to try something new and exciting but just can’t.

Well, along with birth and resurrection, the scarab beetle is also known to symbolize freedom.

Thus, coming across one could be a sign for you to open yourself up for exploration.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you catch the next flight to Africa and begin exploring a random jungle there. Exploration can even start from within yourself.

Ask yourself – what is it that you really want to do or desire? And, try giving it a shot!

11) It’s A Symbol Of Good Luck

No matter the number of good days you have, a short spell of bad days can really make you wonder if there’s something wrong with your luck.

2 years ago, while going through my rough patch, I used to question my luck EVERY SINGLE DAY and which sane human being wouldn’t, right? After all, rough patches feel absolutely terrible.

Nonetheless, the scarab beetle landing on my shoulder restored my good luck and so should it restore yours!

The beetle is believed to symbolize and even amplify good luck which is perfect if luck has a history of not playing in your favor.

Is a Scarab Beetle a good omen?

The positive messages from this insect

If you don’t already know what a good omen is, it is simply just a superstition believed to bring good luck.

And, well, from what I’ve learned and experienced, the scarab beetle is most definitely a good omen.

But, it’s not only me that agrees to this.

If ancient Egyptians were reading this article (which they sadly aren’t because there’s no internet connection in the afterlife) I’m quite sure almost all of them would agree with this.

Today, jewelry, amulets, and sculptures of these scarab beetles are believed to symbolize good luck.

The love and appreciation for these tiny beetles is not only present in the hearts of native Egyptians but people all around the world!

The Scarab Beetle symbolism is positive or negative?

The negative symbolism from this beetle

Well, this is a little tricky to answer.

Since it’s an omen of good luck, it obviously has a positive symbolism.

But, whether the scale tips on the positive or negative side has a lot to do with the context.

Or, in other words, there’s no right or wrong way for the scarab beetle to work its wonders.

If you were really hoping to get a job at Apple and failed to do so even after having contact with the beetle, it doesn’t necessarily have to count as a “negative encounter”.

What if your good luck was working at a company far better than Apple?

So, you get the point right?

Seeing a scarab beetle in your dream or coming across one in reality always brings along positive results no matter how long it takes for them to be evident!

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now.

If you see a scarab beetle, good luck is right around the corner! Not only has my encounter with the beetle helped me discover my true self and purpose in life but has also led me to find answers to a lot of my unanswered thoughts and questions!

2 thoughts on “11 Scarab Beetle Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism”

  1. I dreamt of a scarab beetle gold / topaz ring that comes to me and I wear it and activate it. When I put it back in my box … many many beetles come and all things disintegrate – especially a necklace that I had gifted a friend who I thought is an honest person .

    The ring is spectacular and I then I am going on another journey to get the deep pink / red scarab beetle ring for myself and I got up …

    I have been going through some crazy times
    Can you tell me what my dream means ?

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