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9 Spiritual Meanings of Wind Blowing: Significance

9 Spiritual Meanings of Wind Blowing: Significance

I know one or two things about the spiritual meaning of the wind, which is why this article is coming forth at this point.

What you are about to read will change your mind about the wind.

It will also change your perspective about the importance of the wind to your physical and mental life.

Whenever you hear the word “wind”, the first thing that comes to mind is air. Another thing that comes to mind is coolness and the absence of heat.

Some people even associate it with rainfall and the winter season.

However, have you stopped to ask if the wind has any spiritual meaning? Come to think of it, the wind does not have a source, and cannot be seen, and yet, we feel its effect on our bodies and our environments.

These say a lot about the spiritual significance of the wind.

Because of the highly spiritual features of the wind, it is best to study the messages that can come through it.

If a wind suddenly blows across your face, don’t be quick to assume that it is because of an air conditioner, or an open window.

Stop to ask questions that trigger your spiritual senses to search for the spiritual messages embedded in the wind.

What does Wind Symbolize?

Wind symbolism

The wind symbolism speaks about the holy spirit. Biblically the wind is always used for the spirit of God as it moves across the earth or falls upon men.

Therefore, whenever people pray and the wind begins to blow, they associate it with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Also, if you suddenly feel a gush of wind in your room, it is believed that God has sent His spirit into your home to bless you, guide you and protect you from evil.

This is a common symbolism of the wind.

Apart from the biblical perspective, another wind symbolism speaks about nature.

It reminds you that the world around you is governed by natural and spiritual laws.

However, spiritual laws are preeminent. This teaches you to always respect the spiritual laws of the universe. Spiritual laws like:

  • The law of sowing and reaping.
  • The law of covenants.
  • The law of spiritual magnetism.
  • The law of dreams and interpretations.
  • The law of love and care in relationships.

These 5 spiritual laws are few out of the numerous spiritual laws that govern the universe. If you are religious, some of these laws will be taught by your spiritual leaders.

The wind reminds you of these laws and encourages you to abide by them.

Spiritual Significance of Wind

Spiritual Significance of Wind

Why is a wind spiritually significant?

The first answer to this question speaks about the essence of human existence. Without the wind, there will be no living thing on earth.

Biologically, oxygen is the reason for man’s existence, and it is gotten from the air or the wind.

Spiritually, the wind is the reason for our existence as spiritual beings. Without the wind, we will cease to exist in this form.

Another spiritual significance of wind is activity. The fact that the wind blows means that the universe is still active. The moment the wind stops blowing, everything becomes redundant and static.

Therefore, the wind allows you to remain active and alive. It gives you a feeling of vitality and strength.

Furthermore, the wind spiritually helps us to make decisions by feelings.

Do you know that your spiritual sense of perception does not need to come by sight? You can make decisions based on your inner voice or inner thought, and the wind can help you to accomplish that.

With the wind, you can know what next to do. You can know what to stop doing.

The Spiritual Meaning of Strong Wind

Strong wind

Whenever strong wind begins to blow, it spiritually talks about a strong spiritual activity in the area.

If you are sleeping, and the strong wind begins to blow, it spiritually tells you to be active.

Why should you be active? You should be active because there is a highly concentrated level of energy in your environment.

Now, this might be caused by witchcraft or an opened portal through rituals.

Furthermore, a spiritual atmosphere can be intensified through consistent prayers. That is, if you consistently pray in a particular spot, a strong wind will be prevalent there as a symbol of high spiritual activity.

Another spiritual meaning of strong wind is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

You will find this in the book of Acts. the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples of Jesus Christ in the upper room.

However, he came into the building as a rushing mighty wind. Therefore, feeling a strong wind while praying or fellowshipping with God in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Whenever a strong wind begins to blow, something spiritual is going on.

However, you need to be spiritually sensitive to see, hear and know it.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Wind Blowing

The Spiritual Meaning of Wind Blowing

The spiritual meanings of a blowing wind are categorized into 9. These 9 spiritual meanings cut across every aspect of life, and give us a clue about what to do and how to navigate our paths through life. 

1) Your sins are washed away

If you dream of a wind blowing away pieces of thrash, it is a spiritual indication that your sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus.

This message will come to you at a point of condemnation.

With this message, you will realize that God does not condemn you, nor call you a sinner because the blood of Jesus has cleansed you, and redeemed you from your sins.

Don’t forget the biblical meaning of the wind also speaks about the holy ghost.

Therefore, this dream can be interpreted as the Holy Ghost washing away your sins.

2) Stay positive

Feel wind in the face

If you suddenly feel the hot wind blowing across your face, this is a sign of negative energy.

Spiritually, this means that your thoughts are filled with negativity, and they have begun to permeate your spiritual environment.

This is why the air around you is hot and uncomfortable.

What is this saying to you? It is encouraging you to stay positive. That is, God is telling you to put your faith in him, and maintain a positive confession.

Doing this will restore positivity to your spiritual environment, and also attract good luck to your life.

3) An angel is around

If a cool breeze suddenly blows across your face, it indicates that an angel is around.

What attracts the presence of an angel? Firstly, your thoughts can attract angels; if you constantly meditate on positive and spiritual things, angels will be attracted to you.

In addition to this, your prayers can attract the presence of angels.

Lastly, God can send angels to give you a message or protect you from harm.

Therefore, if a cool breeze blows across your face in your room, it is saying that an angel is around to deliver a message to you.

4) Life is important

Accepting life

The wind reminds us of the essence of life. It constantly reminds us that life is meant to be valued and treated with honor.

Whenever the wind blows, it is time to reflect on the importance of life.

Spiritually, life could mean our inner soul, it could mean the cord that connects us with the spiritual realm.

It could also mean the reason for our existence. We must learn to value life and see it as important. This will be seen in the way you talk about it, live it, and take care of it. 

5) You cannot be predicted

The bible says that the wind blows wherever it pleases, but it is almost impossible to know where it is coming from or where it is going.

Spiritually, feeling the effects of the wind talks about being unpredictable. That is, people cannot easily determine your next line of action.

Why have you become unpredictable? You have become unpredictable as a defense mechanism.

You decided to keep your plans to yourself because of your past betrayals and relationship failures.

This message is not telling you to loosen up. It only speaks about how people think about you, and talk about you behind your backs. People see you as unpredictable.

6) Someone is trying to access your secrets

Wind vane

What you are about to read might seem funny, but it is a powerful secret.

If you dream of people erecting a wind vane to know the direction of the wind, it is not a sign of technological advancement. It is a sign that someone is trying to access your secrets.

You need to understand that people will try to ask questions about you whenever you become unpredictable.

This dream is meant to make you super-alert and vigilant.

Why are they trying to access your secrets behind your back if they have no hidden agenda? This makes sense right? Therefore, be watchful.

7) Freedom of choice

The wind is free. It can blow however it wants, and wherever it wants.

Spiritually, this means that you are free to make decisions as you deem fit. It speaks about having the freedom to speak as well.

This emphasizes freedom.

Therefore, if you have boxed yourself within the confines of limitation, now might be the good time to take off the lid and explore the world of freedom.

8) Stop allowing people to hold you down


Another spiritual meaning of the wind talks about breaking away from people that attempt to hold you down.

For example: if you dream of bursting a balloon, it spiritually talks about breaking out of limitations.

However, if you dream of blowing air into a balloon, this spiritually talks about creating limitations for yourself based on the words and perceptions of people.

This is not a spiritually good sign. Take deliberate steps to break free from limiting people after this dream.

9) Be patient

If wind begins to blow as a sign of rain, this is a message that encourages you to be patient.

Through this dream, you will see that the future you have is bright.

However, you need to be patient enough to enter that glory.

Now, no matter how much you desire rainfall if the wind is meant to come before the rain, that is what will happen.

You will need to wait for the wind to fulfill its cause before the rain will come.

In the same way, the things happening around you are preparing you for the glorious future ahead.

Therefore, you need to embrace patience, work diligently, and expect a sudden turnaround in your life.

Dream of Strong Wind Blowing

Wind dream meaning

Whenever you dream of traveling on a ship, and a strong wind begins to blow, this talks about a coming rough season of your life.

This is a prophetic message, which speaks about endurance.

This dream is meant to prepare you for what lies ahead.

The dream simply means that the coming season of your life will be filled with negative and contradictory situations. However, you must be ready to persevere. 

Another spiritual meaning of strong wind blowing is direction.

For example: if a strong wind begins to blow in your dream with thick dark clouds, you will know that it is going to rain. The thick dark cloud with the strong wind gave you such insight.

Spiritually, this is also possible. With the strong wind blowing, you will get direction for your life, and know what to do per time.

Is Feeling Strong Wind a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Woman feeling wind

No, feeling strong wind is not a bad spiritual sign.

Whenever you feel strong wind, it does not talk about a bad omen.

It reveals the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, it talks about direction.

It also reminds you about the beauty of nature and encourages you to pay attention to your life.

Final Words

The wind can have both physical and spiritual meanings, which are beneficial to our lives.

Therefore, always harness the energy of the wind whenever it blows around you. The information you have gotten here should stand as a guide – thus helping you to fully understand what it means to feel a strong wind.

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  1. There is this one woman at work that gives me bad vibes often when she walks past me I feel a gust of wind and a creepy feeling, is this a sign that my angels are protecting me from her vibe. I’m sure she’s evil she’s never happy always complaining, always hating on someone and I now she doesn’t like me at all and is always trying to undermine me.

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