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9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

9 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

Whenever you see hearts everywhere, pay attention to the 9 spiritual meanings you are about to read.

These 9 special messages give you a clue about the message for you through the heart symbol. 

In the spiritual world, special objects and symbols like hearts, and so on carry divine power that releases specific messages for our lives and advancement.

Understanding the message they bring has its benefits, and we will discuss all of that later on in this article.

Therefore, if you have seen hearts consistently for a while, this is the time to get answers to the purpose for such an experience.

The Heart Symbol Meaning

Heart Symbol

The heart symbol is a special image everyone loves to get. The reason is tied to its reassuring energy that takes away worry, stress, and anxiety.

In the spiritual world, whenever people begin to get the heart symbol consistently. It indicates that they desire to be reassured of something.

Hearts are reassuring signs that you are not alone.

The heart symbol spiritually points to the fact that someone else is thinking about you at the moment.

Therefore, stop feeling destitute, lonely, and abandoned.

Getting the symbol of a heart should help your mind to see the beauty of true love and affection.

When you get the love symbol, it is also a spiritual sign of affection.

Most importantly when you are given this symbol by someone. It indicates that the person loves and cares for you.

Therefore, decide whether to reciprocate such love or not.

Spiritually, you can also dream of holding the love symbol as a spiritual sign from the universe.

The spiritual world gives people this sign to assure them that they are in safe hands.

It comes at a point of mental vulnerability to strengthen the minds of people and remind them that their lives are fully protected by the spiritual world.

The black heart symbol is a spiritual omen of grief.

This clearly reveals that there is darkness in people’s souls, which comes through grief and sorrow.

The black heart symbol shows that something bad is about to happen, and it prepares people’s minds for the inevitable.

The spiritual world will give you a black symbol to reveal the state of your heart to you. A black heart is a sign of too much negative energy in your soul.

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Heart-Shaped Objects

Heart-Shaped Object

Finding heart-shaped objects symbolizes the intention of people.

Whenever you constantly find heart-shaped objects, it means that the universe wants you to pay more attention to people’s intentions rather than their actions.

This is one way to accurately judge people and their intentions.

The spiritual world will give you a sign like this whenever you are on the verge of making wrong decisions and judgments based on biases and sentiments.

Finding heart-shaped objects tells you to always observe people’s intentions before judging them as right or wrong.

This is how to never judge people wrongly or blame them for what they never did. 

Whenever you find a heart-shaped plate, this is a sign that your mindset needs realignment.

Especially when the plate is broken.

It is telling you to properly align your mind with your purpose.

For a long time, your mind has been distracted by varying thoughts and belief patterns. However, the time has come for you to take drastic actions against this.

You have to subject your mind to align with the path of your destiny. It is believed that people eventually achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Therefore, getting a heart-shaped broken plate is telling you to put your mind to fulfilling a purpose

Finding heart-shaped objects means you will find love soon enough.

This spiritual message is always given to people who have suffered heartbreak in the past.

The moment you dream of finding a heart-shaped object, it instantly depicts that someone will love you for who you are.

This message is a good sign.

It assures you of finding genuine love and enjoying such love till the very end.

The universe sends signs to heal the broken heart, and help people’s hearts to be opened to true love.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

Biblical Meaning of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

The Bible has something to say concerning seeing hearts everywhere. This is the Christian perspective.

When you see hearts everywhere, these are the biblical meanings:

  • Seeing hearts everywhere reminds you of the love of God towards you. John 3:16 tells us how much God loved mankind.
    • Therefore, there is no point in arguing the reality of God’s love.
    • This spiritual message always goes to people who made a mistake and feel guilty about it.
    • This is a reassuring message from God, which restores peace and calmness to people. Irrespective of what you have done, God still loves and cares for you. 
  • Whenever you see hearts everywhere, the bible points to Jesus Christ. The perfect example and symbol of God’s love for man is Jesus. Therefore, whenever God sends this sign to you, it is a reminder of Jesus.
    • Whenever you think about Jesus, you will never lose sight of God’s love for you. You will constantly remind yourself that Jesus died for your sins and rose again on the third day.
    • Therefore, you are eternally free from the shackles of evil spirits and hatred.
  • The Bible speaks of hearts as setting the right mindset that you deserve to be loved. Anytime you consistently see hearts around you, it indicates that you deserve to be loved.
    • It encourages you to never see yourself short of this fact. The spiritual world is encouraging you to accept the fact that people should love you for who you are at all times.
    • The bible helps people’s minds to accept and embrace love – especially when they have been buffeted with heartbreaks and hatred in the past.
    • If this sounds like you, then embrace the love message coming from the bible.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Hearts Everywhere: 9 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

In the spiritual world, there are 9 meanings of seeing hearts everywhere. These messages are important because they shape our mindsets. Let us look into them one after the other.

1) Red Hearts

Red hearts in the spiritual world are a sign of love. It shows the deepest emotions of people. It also reveals the vulnerable part of people’s lives.

Getting a red heart sign from someone means you are loved and special.

This is meant to encourage you to never look down on yourself for any reason.

Additionally, when you dream of sharing red hearts with someone, it could spark the start of a romantic relationship.

This spiritually means that you are about to enter a season full of love.

If you are married, seeing a red heart sign tells you to love and care for your spouse more than you have ever done.

2) Purple Hearts

Purple Heart

This spiritual omen encourages you to never settle for less.

It demonstrates that you are royalty and special.

The spiritual world gives such a sign to people who are battling with self-doubt. Seeing purple hearts everywhere is a spiritual sign of confidence.

It tells you to be proud of yourself at all times, and boast about your accomplishments.

The spiritual world will send this sign to you to spur you to aim for the best in life.

3) Green Hearts

Getting green hearts as a spiritual sign means wealth and abundance are coming.

This is a reassuring message for people who are going through a hard season in their lives.

The universe has sent this message to promise wealth.

Apart from the promise of wealth and abundance, the spiritual world also gives green hearts as a spiritual warning and encouragement.

It is given to help people’s minds embrace the possibility of becoming wealthy in life.

The universe will send green hearts to you to teach you the power of imagination. 

What does this mean?

It means that your mind should think about money and prosperity all the time. Believe that you can be wealthy. All of these attract wealth to you eventually.

4) Blue Hearts

Blue Heart

Blue hearts are spiritual omens of peace in the midst of tough situations.

The moment you consistently get blue hearts as a spiritual sign, it is telling you to embrace the peace of mind.

No matter how tough things will get, your mind can handle the pressure

Additionally, the blue heart sign assures you of victory over a situation.

Therefore, don’t give in to despair.

Barricade your heart with peace and let its energy flow all over your chakras.

Keep your mind in control and stop allowing your situation to control how you feel.

5) White Hearts

This spiritually talks about positivity.

When white hearts show up around you consistently, it could spiritually point to having a purified mind.

When you dream of holding a white heart symbol, this is telling you to embrace positivity.

No matter what happens around you, keep positive energy around you all the time.

Doing this is beneficial because it strengthens your mind and your conviction. It ensures that negative energy does not thrive around you.

6) Black Hearts

Black Heart

Spiritually, black hearts mean grief and sadness.

It means that you are going through a dark moment.

  • The spiritual world is revealing this as a black heart not only to show the state of your mind.
  • The spiritual world is reassuring you with the black heart sign.
  • You are coming out of this season of your life stronger and better than ever before. 

Another spiritual message you can get from black hearts is protection.

The spiritual world is telling you to protect your mind from becoming affected by negativity.

Also, protect your mind from manipulative and wicked people who seek to take advantage of your vulnerability.

7) Orange Hearts

Orange hearts spiritually talk about creativity and wisdom.

It encourages people to look deep within their minds to draw out their potential.

Seeing orange hearts prompts people to go on a journey of self-discovery.

It asks the question “Who are you?”. The moment you find it hard to answer this question, it is a sign that you don’t know what you are meant to accomplish in life. 

That is enough reason to search deeply within your mind. 

8) Blue Hearts tied together

2 Blue Hearts tied together

Spiritually, this sign talks about genuine friendship.

Whenever you get a sign of 2 blue hearts that are tied together, it spiritually encourages you to trust your friends.

This message is given to reassure you of the pure intentions of your friends.

It is sent to you as an omen of peace and love.

This spiritual omen tells you to not fear your friends anymore. It is okay to trust them. They mean no harm and have your best interest at heart.

Use this message every time you start doubting your friends.

The moment you get 2 blue hearts that are tied together as a sign, it speaks about genuine friendship.

9) Gray Hearts

Gray hearts means you are not paying enough attention to your health.

This is a warning sign from the universe.

You should pay heed to it.

Whenever you constantly get gray hearts as a spiritual sign, it indicates that your health is in jeopardy.

This is telling you to take some time off to rest well.

Take a break from work to rejuvenate your body system.

Stop putting too much pressure on yourself.

It affects the state of your health and eventually the state of your mind.

Why do I keep Seeing Hearts everywhere?

Hearts in flowers

The reason for this is that the universe has a message for you through hearts

Hearts don’t just show up randomly in people’s lives.

They are placed strategically to get people’s attention and pass a spiritual message to them.

Whenever you keep seeing hearts everywhere, it spiritually gets your attention for the purpose of conveying a spiritual message.

Should I be Concerned?

The symbol of love

Yes, you should be concerned about seeing hearts everywhere.

Never ignore this symbol whenever you see it.

Pay attention to the color, and refer to the information in this article for clarity and definition of its spiritual message

Final Words

Spiritually, getting heart symbols is not common. Therefore, count it a special moment to get such a spiritual sign. Pay attention to it, and absorb the message it brings with an intention to obey its instructions. 

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