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Black Heart Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages for You

Black Heart Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages for You

Have you ever been called a black heart? Don’t feel insulted.

Several things contribute to being called a black heart – most of which are spiritual.

Also, if you have ever dreamt of anything that talks about a black heart, there is a spiritual message for you.

In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about the black heart’s spiritual meaning along with its 7 important messages for you.

What does a Black Heart mean Spiritually?

Black heart in spiritual world

A black heart describes the soul of an individual. To understand what it means, we need to pay attention to the message of the black color. Seeing a black heart spiritually talks about the state of mind of people. 

You have been hurt by someone:

A black heart spiritually means that you have been hurt by someone.

Anytime you see a black heart in a dream, it indicates that you are suffering from emotional darkness because of someone’s reaction toward you.

Now, this does not have to necessarily run deep.

Having a black heart does not have to speak about betrayals or other highly intense emotional traumas.

A black heart spiritually speaks about the state of your mind because of what you recently experienced.

This might be due to a snobbish attitude from your friend, or a misunderstanding.

Lack of understanding between couples:

Another spiritual meaning of a black heart means a lack of understanding between couples.

Don’t forget that the black heart is a LOVE-SHAPED figure.

Therefore, the fact that it still maintains the shape of love indicates that both parties still love each other.

The black color in the heart indicates a lack of understanding. This can be dealt with if the couples learn to talk things out between themselves. 

What does a Black Heart Symbolize?

Black heart symbolism

The black heart symbolism represents inner fears, doubts, and unbelief. It reveals the insecurities we face in our lives. In the spiritual world, black hearts are the reasons for our fears and insecurities.

Anytime you dream of a black heart, it signifies your lack of trust.

This means that you don’t trust yourself enough to accomplish a task. It is saying that you prefer to delegate these duties to other people.

Now, the universe is going to say something about your mindset, but that will be addressed later. 

A black heart also symbolizes facing disappointment at work.

For example, if you receive a black heart symbol while going to work, it is a sign that your day will be full of disappointments.

Your boss might not like your deliverables, you might have a misunderstanding with your fellow employees, and so on. This gives you a clue about how your day will go.

Another black heart symbolism talks about loneliness.

Lonely people are often termed as black-hearted. In the spiritual world, the black heart symbolism is telling you to build solid relationships with people.

Having a black heart might be good for inner security, but it has its disadvantages, which rob you of having access to the right information. 

What does wearing a black heart on a necklace mean?

Black heart necklace

In the spiritual world, wearing a black heart necklace is a sign of grief.

Whenever you see someone wearing a black heart necklace, it is an indication that his/her heart has been broken.

The black heart necklace speaks about the person’s state of mind.

Another spiritual meaning of wearing a black necklace is HOSTILITY.

When people have suffered too much from trusting people, they always put on a black heart necklace as a sign of warning people.

They do this to deliberately ward off people. With the black heart necklace, they are sending a message that their hearts have been hurt by too many people, and there is no space to accommodate new relationships.

If you ever meet such a person, don’t approach them. You might be confronted with hostility. 

Wearing a black heart on a necklace means a search for emotional healing.

People that have been hurt might wear a black heart on a necklace to seek healing. It also shows that they are ready to talk to someone.

It shows a desperate need for someone to talk to.

Black Heart Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages and Powers

Black Heart Spiritual Meaning

The black heart spiritually speaks about different things. Anytime we see a black heart in our dreams, it also talks to us. Understanding what the black heart means is important.

However, knowing the spiritual messages and powers of the black heart is much more important. Therefore, let us talk about the 7 messages and powers of a black heart.

1) You feel lonely

When you dream of sitting alone in the center of a big black heart, it is a figurative expression of loneliness.

This speaks of being single, and in desperate need of a spouse.

When people are searching for their twin flames, it is easy to know. Watch out for the black heart symbol around them.

You will always see this on them.

For you, it is a message from the universe, which does the following:

  • Reveals that they are watching over you.
  • They know what you need.
  • There is an assurance that your soul twin will be connected to you soon. 

Therefore, as much as this message reveals the state of your heart, it also addresses the situation with a message of assurance.

2) Forgiveness

The black heart comes when we have been hurt by someone.

It comes with negative emotional energy, which affects us in unimaginable ways.

When things begin to get out of hand, we might begin to get several black heart dreams.

We might see a burning black heart and other shades of the black heart dreams. Once this become consistent, only 1 message can be gotten.

This is speaking about forgiveness.

You have held on to hurts for so long.

The time has come to release this from your heart and move on. Anytime you are hurt, getting black heart dreams inspires forgiveness and moving on.

3) Be open to meeting new people

After having numerous negative experiences from past relationships, we might be forced to close out our hearts to meeting new people.

When this happens, it is called a black heart.

Now, the universe will send the black heart to NOT encourage this act.

Do you know why? It is impossible to do without people.

Truly, genuine people are scarce, but this is not enough reason to shut out your heart to people.

Seeing a black heart is a message from the universe that encourages meeting new people. It is telling you to be receptive. You will discover that there is a lot of good in the people around you.

4) Sadness

Having a black heart is also a spiritual sign of sadness.

This describes the hearts of people that have gone through various negative situations. It takes a while to develop a black heart.

This is why it is a strong feeling in the heart.

Whenever you have a black heart out of sadness, you will have dreams of laughing, dancing, and playing around.

This is telling you to embrace joy. The things around you might look contrary, but you have the inner control to choose what you want.

How you respond to the situations around you matters. Stay in control by choosing to get rid of your black heart of sadness.

5) Believe in yourself

Seeing a black heart necklace signifies self-doubt.

Now, this is a little different.

This self-doubt came from the words of people to you.

You developed this negative mindset because a lot of people have looked down on you.

Now, the universe is inspiring you to take the reins of your life. You have given people too much priority.

It is time to become selfish.

With a black heart symbolism, you will become strong emotionally to resist that negative emotion of self-doubt. Seeing a black heart should inspire you to believe in yourself at all times. 

6) Purify your motives

Having a black heart could also indicate an unholy motive.

  • If God calls you a black heart, it is not a good sign.
  • It means that you have corrupt motives and intentions.
  • It signifies that the reason for doing certain things is purely selfish, greedy, and evil.

Therefore, take this message as a call to repentance. Check your heart, and ensure that every form of evil energy is purged from it.

7) A feeling of love and compassion

Just like the red heart, the black heart also speaks of love and compassion.

Whenever you get a black heart necklace, it means someone loves and cares for you.

If you also dream of giving someone a black necklace, it says that you care for an individual.

Most times, this sparks a romantic relationship between people.

Should I use a Black Heart?

About this symbol

No, you should not use a black heart because of the numerous negative messages it sends.

To prevent being misunderstood by people, it is best to stay away from using a black heart.

Final Words

With what you just read, you know where you stand as a black heart. Therefore, heal up from that negative emotion and look forward to enjoying a better future than your past experiences. Share your experience with the black heart in the comment section.

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