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11 Spiritual Meanings of Oranges: Real Life and Dreams

11 Spiritual Meanings of Oranges: Real Life and Dreams

Fruits are given to us by the universe as rewards and encouragement.

Beyond the sweetness of fruits, the energy they release is also beneficial to our subconscious. 

When you see an orange fruit, it has a symbolism you should pay attention to. Several questions have been asked concerning the spirituality of oranges.

The answer lies in this article

The 11 spiritual meanings of oranges in real life and dreams are important. Let’s start?

What does an Orange Represent Spiritually?

Basket of oranges

An orange fruit represents the benefits of hard work

Do you know it takes hard work to grow an orange tree and reap its fruits? Yes, it takes years of toiling and hard work.

But guess what? Once you begin to reap the fruits of an orange tree, it won’t stop.

The benefits of hard work can be gotten from an orange fruit

Whenever the universe wants to teach you about hard work and its benefits, an orange fruit might be sent to you.

God loves hard work.

He wants all of his children to be diligent in their business.

This is the only way He can bless them.

If you are not hardworking, then, getting an orange fruit as a spiritual sign encourages you to embrace the concept of hard work.

The benefits of hard work are:

  • Reaping the fruits of your labor.
  • A strong character build.
  • People will trust you.
  • The universe will bless you.

Anytime you see an orange, be reminded of how long it took to plant it, and let this encourage you to be ready to put in the required effort to accomplish your dreams.

The Orange Symbolism

Oranges symbolism in spiritual world

The orange symbolism means good luck and positivity. Whenever you get the orange fruit symbolism, it spiritually points to good luck. It opens your mind to expect good things to happen to you.

Getting the orange fruit symbolism also gives you a positive vibe that keeps you going in life.

The orange symbolism in the morning comes to tell you how your day will turn out.

Since it has positive energy to give, expect to enjoy good things during the day.

In the spiritual world, the energy of spiritual objects determines the message they bring.

Therefore, the moment you see an orange fruit in the morning, expect good things to happen to you during the day.

Another orange fruit symbolism encourages you to speak positive words.

Your words are powerful tools.

You must learn to use them constructively in your life

Whenever you dream of eating oranges, it is one of the ways to get the orange symbolism, and it encourages you to speak positively.

Protect your mind from negativity by speaking about good things happening to you. 

Spiritually, everything about an orange fruit depicts positivity and prosperity. We will look into more of this later on.

Spiritual Meaning of an Orange in your dreams

Sliced orange

Whenever you dream of oranges, there are 3 messages you can get

1º Message is concerning unripe oranges:

Dreaming of unripe oranges tells you to be patient.

It reveals that you are not in the stage of enjoying the fruit of your labor. You still need to put in a lot of effort to reap the rewards of your labor.

Therefore, get ready to work hard.

Take advantage of time, and let your mind be ready to stay diligent, patient, and consistent. It might take time, but it is worth it.

2º Message is concerning ripe oranges:

The moment you dream of ripe oranges, it spiritually indicates that you have entered your harvest season.

Therefore, expect good things to happen to you in your life.

Spiritually, getting ripe oranges indicates that the time has come to reap the rewards of your labor.

Ripe oranges in dreams also show you that opportunities are around you.

It inspires you to open your mind and inner eyes to see these opportunities and take advantage of them.

3º Message is concerning spoilt oranges in a basket:

This represents the ideas you failed to implement.

The spiritual world has given you such a dream to encourage you.

You need to learn how to implement every idea that comes to your mind. 

Spiritual Meaning of an Orange in Real Life

Seeing oranges in real life

Seeing oranges in real life speaks of fertility. Now, fertility is in 3 parts:

  • Concerning women and giving birth to children;
  • It can affect your work productivity;
  • It can affect your mindset.

In real life, oranges are also a sign of good luck.

When an orange fruit rolls in front of you, it means you are about to get good news from a friend or distant relative.

11 Spiritual Meanings and Messages of Oranges

The spiritual meaning of oranges

Whenever you see an orange fruit, the following 11 spiritual meanings and messages can be obtained. Kindly note that these messages cut across various aspects of life.

Therefore, choose the ones that best suit your life and resonate with what you are going through at the moment.

1) God will reward you

When you see an orange fruit, it means that God will reward you. This indicates that nothing you do will go unrewarded.

Now, this can either be good news or a warning sign.

If you are not living right or putting in a lot of work towards your goals, this might be a caution sign.

However, if you are doing what is right, then take this as good news.

2) Don’t give up

Hope in spiritual world

The spiritual world can send an orange fruit to you as encouragement.

Life can hit you hard at times. You need to understand this fact.

There will be difficult seasons and fruitful seasons. No matter what season you are in, orange fruits are sent to encourage you.

When things get tough, stay in the fight. Never give up.

Getting an orange fruit as a sign from the universe is an assurance that something good will happen to you soon.

It inspires your heart to keep working hard.

3) Implement the ideas you have

Spiritually, oranges represent the ideas you have.

They represent the numerous ways you can accomplish a task. Now that you have such ideas, the time has come to implement those ideas.

When you see orange in your dream, the spiritual message embedded in this omen encourages you to implement every idea you have.

Stop leaving the ideas you have on the table.

Having this attitude reduces your creative power. It also blocks your mind from thinking constructively.

4) Stay Positive

See the good thinkgs in life

When you dream of holding an orange fruit in your hands, it spiritually encourages you to stay positive. The world around us is full of negativity.

Every day has enough reason for us to never believe in positivity. 

However, we can choose to either stay negative or not. The latter is better.

Choose to stay positive.

The energy from an orange fruit encourages you to stay positive.

When you are positive-minded, good luck will come into your life.

Thinking about good things opens you up to enjoying the numerous goodness on earth.

5) Prosperity

Orange fruit is an omen of prosperity. It attracts money to you.

The spiritual world uses orange as a spiritual sign of lucky money.

Getting an orange fruit as a spiritual sign assures you that money will come into your life.

If you have debts to pay, an orange sign is an assurance that money is coming. God is telling you that your debts will be paid.

Whenever you have a need that requires financial resources, it is believed that keeping orange peels around you attracts money to you.

It makes all the financial resources you need available. 

Money flows when orange signs are given.

6) Spiritual Sensitivity


Dreaming of oranges helps your spiritual sensitivity.

It enhances your spiritual senses. Whenever you feel spiritually drained, orange fruits can heighten your spiritual sensitivity.

Also, it can be given to you as a spiritual sign to heighten your senses.

The moment you feel disconnected from spirituality, place orange fruit in water, and bathe with it.

The water flows into your body and restores your energy

Messages that center around spirituality can be gotten through orange fruit.

When you become spiritually sensitive, it becomes easier to get signs and messages.

Therefore, pay attention to this message.

7) Happiness

Orange fruit brings happiness to people’s lives.

It reminds you of the benefits of staying happy.

Happiness does not deny the negative things around. This message only encourages you to stay on the positive side.

Another spiritual message you can get from orange fruit tells you that you deserve to be happy.

Whenever you dream of orange fruit, decide to stay happy at all times.

No matter what people say about you, remind yourself that the choice to stay happy lies within your power. 

Spiritually, getting orange fruit as a message inspires joy, happiness, and positivity.

It also encourages you to share the same joy with everyone around.

8) Be Patient

You need patience

Taking an unripe orange fruit encourages you to be patient.

Patience is a virtue you must have in life.

Whenever you are in a haste, your mind skips important details, which affects your level of progress.

Stay patient. No matter how long it takes, remind yourself that God’s time is the best.

Pressures will come at some point, but you are stronger than that

Whenever you hastily try to speed up your life’s process, you stand at risk of making mistakes, which brings you back to the point you left in a haste.

Therefore, for continued promotion and progress, embrace patience.

Drinking an unripe orange fruit speaks against haste.

9) Good Luck

When someone gives you a basket full of oranges, this is a sign of good luck.

It spiritually means that something good is about to happen to you.

Spiritually, it is not normal to dream of getting a basket full of oranges.

Therefore, once you get this spiritual sign, expect good things to happen to you.

Also, be open to new opportunities. This dream is significant because it comes just before your big break happens.

10) Good Health

Good and stable health

The spiritual message of orange fruit speaks about good health.

It encourages you to pay attention to your health and also assures you of enjoying good health.

When you dream of taking the orange juice, it spiritually indicates that you will enjoy good health.

Take this message as a promise from the universe.

Let it inspire faith in your heart concerning your health. If you are sick, taking orange juice helps your body to recover faster because of its spiritual energy.

11) New Beginnings

When you dream of planting an orange tree, this means that the universe has given you a clean slate to start afresh.

In the spiritual world, this signifies a new phase of your life.

It is a message of new beginnings.

What does it mean to receive an orange as a gift?

Receiving oranges

Receiving an orange as a gift means wealth and prosperity.

It spiritually tells you to expect to get a huge favor from someone.

The moment you constantly dream of receiving oranges as a gift, open your mind to wealth and prosperity.

What does it mean to Offer an Orange?

Giving oranges to someone

This is a spiritual sign of receptiveness.

Offering an orange to someone can be seen as extending a hand of friendship to such an individual.

It could also indicate loyalty between friends.

Additionally, if you offer an orange to your spouse, it is seen as an omen of good luck in your marriage.

It is also believed to foster care and genuine love in your marital affair.

Are Oranges a Good Luck Sign?

Orange tree

Yes, oranges are a good luck sign

Seeing oranges in real life and in your dreams indicates that something good is about to happen to you.

It opens your mind to expect favors from people. 

Furthermore, seeing an orange brings health and emotional stability to you

Final Words

Open your mind to the energy from orange fruits. You stand to enjoy a lot of benefits by doing this.

In addition to this, also pay attention to the 11 spiritual messages of oranges (as explained in this article). They will help your mind to understand what message comes from the universe.

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