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11 Banana Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism in the Bible

11 Banana Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism in the Bible

It came as a shock when I discovered that the banana is a sacred fruit of great spiritual relevance and meaning.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

This fruit that I have eaten for the most part of my life has been used for centuries by the universe. It has been sent on errands and has delivered massive spiritual messages to people.

The day I understood this, my perspective about bananas changed. This is what I intend to share in this article.

Just in case you are like I was, this article gives all the needed information concerning the spiritual meaning of the banana and its symbolism.

  • What does the banana have to say about your life?
  • Biblically, when you see a banana, what should you expect?
  • Are bananas a good luck sign?

All of these questions will be answered.

Without a shadow of a doubt, your perspective will change concerning bananas, and you will begin to treat them specially.

There are 11 banana spiritual messages; let us discuss them.

What do Bananas Symbolize?


Bananas reveal the sweetness of life. It opens our inner eyes to see the good things that life has to offer.

Negativity is real. We all suffer from it at one point or the other. Therefore, it is understandable to be pessimistic.

When things get out of hand, the spiritual world can take drastic steps to fill our lives with sweetness. 

To get this done, the banana symbolism will be activated. Once this happens, your mind needs to look on the bright side.

You need to constantly appreciate the good things of life. You need to see yourself as worthy enough to enjoy all the good that life has for you. 

The banana symbolism is an omen of positivity.

Whether it is ripe or not, it keeps people positive. For a moment, you will forget the evil things you have suffered, and suck in the good things around you.

The banana symbolism is also a sign of creativity.

The yellow color of ripe bananas inspires us to be creative.

It keeps us innovative and leads to amazing inventions.

Whenever we need to solve problems at work, the banana symbolism will be sent to activate the creative power we have. 

It has the energy to also grant us divine wisdom. This is the divine ability to solve problems in our lives. Do you need an urgent solution? Pay attention to the banana. It comes unwrapped as a solution.

The Banana Symbolism in the Bible

Banana Symbolism

Biblically, the banana symbolism speaks about Joy. This is what the bible has to say through the banana.

Anytime you go through negative situations, it is a normal response to feel depressed and neglected. However, God has a message from you, which speaks of Joy.

Now, this comes in different parts. Let us look at them closely:

  • The banana symbolism according to the bible inspires us to be Joyful in difficult times.
    • Whenever you get a banana while going through difficult moments, this is a message from God concerning your happiness.
    • Through the banana, God is encouraging you to never allow your negative condition to weigh you down.
  • In the bible, the banana fruit also helps us to stay happy at all times. This means that your joy will remain constant at all times.
    • People who are called a banana are never bothered by situations and circumstances.
    • No matter what comes their way, they always maintain an attitude of gladness. This is who God wants you to be.
    • According to his words, he expects us to always rejoice in his grace.

The banana symbolism according to the bible is an inspiration for Joy. When God gives you this fruit as a gift, he is encouraging you to remain happy.

What does it mean when you Dream about Bananas?

Spiritual meaning of bananas in dreams

Dreaming about bananas is not usual. It means that the universe has something to say. In the spiritual world, dreaming about fruits makes us sensitive to spirituality.

When we see bananas in our dreams, it means that there is something around us that needs our attention, and only a sensitive mind will get this message.

Dreaming about bananas also points to the harvest of seeds.

We will talk about this later.

Whenever you see bananas in your dream, the spiritual world is indicating a future moment of harvest. That is, you are about to reap what you sowed.

Dreaming about bananas is not to be taken for granted. Therefore, anytime you see an image of bananas, pay attention to that dream.

The universe has something to say, and it could also indicate a harvest.

Banana Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages for You

The spiritual meaning of bananas

When bananas come to your life, there are 11 spiritual messages they bring. These messages should be understood. Therefore, let us get into them right away.

1) Be contented with what you have

The banana speaks of contentment. Whenever you see the banana fruit, it brings a message of contentment. It reminds you to be content with what you have.

Because of the seeming successes of people, it might be hard to stay content with the little success in your life.

Yes, it is okay to be inspired by other people’s success

The banana comes to protect you from falling into the extreme end of pressure.

Therefore, when you begin to feel pressured by people’s success, seeing a banana reminds you of the beauty in your possession, and inspires you to stay content.

2) Fall in Love with who you are

Love yourself

The banana fruit helps people to fall in love with who they are. It reminds people of the goodness they represent.

The past mistakes we make are capable of making us lose confidence in our skills and abilities. It is dangerous to be in this position.

That is why the spiritual world will send the banana to you for help

Anytime you dream of eating a banana, it is an encouragement from the universe to keep you mentally healthy.

It is telling you to fall in love with who you are.

It is telling to never allow other people’s strengths to exaggerate your weaknesses. You are perfect just the way you are.

3) Something good is about to happen

In the spiritual world, bananas are a sign that something good is about to happen.

Whenever you constantly dream of seeing a banana, it indicates that a good message is about to come into your life.

This sign keeps you optimistic and expectant of good things.

It also helps your faith to become stronger than before.

Do you desire to enjoy good days? The banana symbolism brings the answer. It says that something good is going to happen. 

4) Abundance

Sign of abundance

If you dream of a monkey sitting in the midst of millions of bananas, this speaks about your life. In that dream, you are the monkey.

To a monkey, millions of bananas is a sign of abundance. It means that you are going to have everything you desire, and more.

Therefore, if you are going through scarcity, take this dream as an assurance of abundant supply of resources.

This also speaks of lucky money. That is, you are going to enjoy wealth in the coming days. Take this dream as a sign of good luck.

5) The harvest has come

Bananas are a sign of harvest. This means that everything you worked for is about to yield the results you desire.

If you have been working for a long time without evident results, this is a sign of harvest.

In the spiritual world, seeing a banana indicates that you are about to reap the fruits of your labor.

This indicates that the universe sees your efforts and is planning to reward you for them.

Now, this can either be good or bad news. If you have not done well in the past, the reward might not be as good as expected.

This leads us to the next spiritual message of a banana.

6) Work for the future

Ripe banana

Seeing a banana indicates that you are in a planting season.

This means that you are in a moment of sowing seeds for the future.

What does this mean in the real world? It means that you should work hard and work well for the future.

Without this, there will be nothing to reap and enjoy.

Whenever you see a banana, be reminded of the dignity of labor, and the reward that comes out of genuine labor.

If you want your harvest to be great, your labor must also be great. This is only how to get the reward you desire.

7) Meeting with your twin flame 

When you see 2 bananas on the floor, it indicates that your twin flame is about to connect with you.

Now, this message is for those that are single and actively searching for love. This message comes to people who are in their love phase.

This sign is telling you to be open in your heart to new people.

The reason is that one of these people is your twin flame.

In the spiritual world, 2 bananas on the floor is a good sign. It indicates that you are going to meet your twin flame soon. 

8) Health

Good spiritual health

For sick people, if you dream of drinking banana juice, it is talking about good health.

This is a promise from the universe that you will enjoy good health. It means that you are not going to be sick for a long time.

If you are sick, dreams of drinking a banana juice means that you are going to enjoy speedy recovery.

Therefore, take this dream as a sign of hope. Let it help your heart to believe in healing.

9) Everything in your life will be easy

Africans believe that bananas are a sign of an easy life.

Unlike coconut and other hard fruits, a banana is easy to chew, and makes digestion easier.

All of these points to the fact that the universe has given you an easy and smooth life.

If you are going through a hard time or season, dreams of bananas are signs that things will become a little bit easier.

Everything you do will begin to prosper, and you will not have to struggle to get evident results in life.

10) Fertility

Sign of fertility

It is believed that bananas are a sign of fertility.

Women who dream of bananas are likely to give birth to more kids than women who do not.

Therefore, if you dream of bananas as a woman, it is telling you to expect a child. It is revealing that you are going to have more babies (if you already do). 

However, if you don;t have a child yet, this is a sign that gives you hope.

It is telling you to embrace the positive energy of the banana for your fertility. It means that your prayer for a child has been answered.

11) Give it time

Seeing an unripe banana is an inspirational message.

It is telling you to give things time.

This message is encouraging you to not be hasty. You need to wait for things to happen in their seasons.

If you have been praying for something, seeing an unripe banana means that your prayers will be answered, but you need to give things time to evolve.

Banana Dream Meaning

Ripe banana

When you dream of bananas, there is something to get from it. The 11 spiritual meanings of a banana have done justice to that.

But, we must talk about something important:

  1. When you have a banana dream in the morning, it indicates that good luck is coming into your life.
  2. Whenever you dream of a banana in the afternoon, it is a sign that you have a pressing need.
  3. Dreaming of bananas in the night means that the universe is about to communicate a message to you.

Are Bananas a Good Luck Sign?

Bananas and good luck

Yes, bananas are a good luck sign.

Seeing them indicates that something good is about to happen.

Additionally, they release positive energy into your environment, which makes it conducive for amazing things to happen.

Final Words

Beyond the sweetness of a banana, you must also pay attention to its spiritual significance. In the spiritual world, bananas can be sent as a spiritual message to you. Therefore, be open in your heart to the banana.

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    1. I’ve learnt so much this morning because I just woke from dreaming of plugging bananas from the plant itself and with your detailed breakdown on having a banana dream I’m well satisfied with your explanation. Thank you

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