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Home » 11 Spiritual Meanings of Magpies Visiting You – Bad Luck?

11 Spiritual Meanings of Magpies Visiting You – Bad Luck?

11 Spiritual Meanings of Magpies Visiting You

Today I will reveal what is the magpie symbolism and the spiritual meaning of magpies visiting you!

Magpies are known to be intelligent and knowledgeable creatures.

Seeing them also speaks about living a simple life in the most honorable way. It seems simple, right? But that is not all there is to magpies.

Whenever they visit you, there are 11 spiritual meanings you will get.

These are more detailed and broader messages that address several aspects of your life. 

Let us discuss them one after the other.

What do Magpies Mean Spiritually?


Magpie is a bird. Spiritually, other birds also are used for angels. The Bible and other spiritual books agree with this fact. The first spiritual meaning of magpies is the presence of angels.

It is believed that angels take the form of these creatures to carry out their divine assignments in the physical world. 
Furthermore as other birds do, this bird possesses some amazing qualities, which might bring spiritual messages to us.
Magpies have a high cognitive ability. This means that they can identify objects from afar. In the spiritual world, this means your mind has to be sensitive enough to pick up spiritual information
Another amazing quality of a magpie is its intelligence. It is believed that the magpie is one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. In spirituality, this points to having emotional and mental stability.
With the energy from a magpie, you can stand strong mentally. Furthermore, you will not be easily shaken emotionally.

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What do Magpies Symbolize? Magpie Symbolism

Magpies symbolism

The magpie symbolism is associated with closeness to the spiritual world. Amongst the numerous species of birds in the world, magpies stand in the class of powerful birds that draw the attention of spirits and gods.

This is why the symbolism surrounding it has a touch of spiritual connection.

It is believed that when people meditate on the magpie, their minds become saturated with a high energy frequency, which creates a channel of spiritual communication.

The reason you should not take this symbolism for granted is that it only comes when an urgent message has to be delivered.

From my research, people will encounter two magpies in the spiritual world thrice in a lifetime.

Each moment should not be taken for granted.

As you go through life, be open in your mind. The moment a magpie begins to flock around you consistently, pay close attention to it. 

The magpie symbolism also speaks of the inner battles you have to fight. Spiritually, it is telling you to be ready to fight those battles.

Stop shying away from facing your inner conflicts.

Face them once and defeat them forever. The magpie gives people the inner confidence and fortitude to face their worst fears.

So, believe me, the magpie meaning is really positive for you. This power animal is here to help you and give you good news.

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Spiritual Meaning of Magpies Visiting You

Meaning of a magpie visit

Magpies are not domestic birds. Therefore, don’t expect them to visit you often. Their intelligence almost matches that of humans.

They are aware of the danger that comes with staying around humans for a long time.

This tells you that finding a magpie around you is not normal. Even though its instincts are telling it to fly away, it cannot.

The reason is that there are spiritual messages it has to deliver. 

To understand these messages, you should pay attention to the number of magpies that come. Let us talk about the spiritual and symbolic meaning of 1, 2, or 3 magpies visiting you.

1 Magpie Visiting You:

Have you seen a single, solitary magpie? That’s a positive omen! This lone magpie is a spiritual sign of your guardian angel. It means that your guardian angel is around you.

Let this create an atmosphere of spirituality around you. In addition to this, it should help your mind to create the perfect desire.

Such an atmosphere helps your desire to become manifested in the shortest time possible. Birds like a magpie are best suited for angelic appearances.

This is why they are used as a portal to the angelic realm. So, seeing one magpie it’s a great sign of good luck!

2 Magpies Visiting You:

In the spiritual world, this talks about friendship and cooperation.

Anytime you have this encounter, it encourages you to make friends and cooperate with people.

This is a spiritual sign that encourages strong community building. 

3 Magpies Visiting You:

Have you seen three magpies? It is believed that this is a sign of our ancestors

In witchcraft, seeing 3 birds in your home means that the ancestors have come to visit. This visit is not normal. It could either be a warning sign or a commendation.

Across several other cultures, seeing 3 magpies means the spirit of your loved ones has come around to check on you and the state of the family.

So, three magpies are not a sign of bad luck, just like some people believe.

4 Magpies Visiting You:

In many cultures, seeing four magpies is related to spiritual balance, good fortune, and good news. So, seeing these birds in groups of four, it’s a very good omen!

Have 4 magpies appeared in your dreams lately? That’s also a great sign!

It’s a good fortune sign. It’s a sign that you will receive good news very very soon. So, don’t worry about magpie visits.

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Have you seen more magpies?

Single magpie

Seeing five, six, seven magpies, eight magpies, nine magpies is a sign of great blessings in your life. These beautiful birds are here to give you good news, blessings, and hope.

So, don’t ignore this auspicious sign from the Universe!

Believe me, these charming birds are great messangers from the spirit world, birds that you should not ignore.

Magpie Spirit Animal Meaning

Magpie Spirit Animal

Since this bird is a totem animal, it can establish a strong spiritual connection with people. This also means that it can guide people and share its energy with them.

When an animal becomes your spirit guide, you will exhibit its qualities. 

Therefore, what are the qualities of a magpie?

Strict attention to detail: People who are connected to this bird will never be loose with information. They will possess a strong appetite for proper scrutinization of every fact, detail, and record.
If a magpie is your spirit animal, you will love reading books: That unquenchable thirst for knowledge comes from the magpie spirit animal. People who love reading books for academic and research purposes are closely associated with this bird.
You will be protective of your environment: Magpies are territorial. Any intruder is always met with strong hostility. Therefore, if you don’t like people invading your privacy, then you have a strong connection with the magpie bird.
The foremost way to know if an animal is your spirit guide or not is by how your mind connects with it: If you don’t feel connected to the bird, then it is not your guide. However, if your connection with the bird almost seems like an obsession, then, it is a clear sign that this is your spirit guide.

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11 Spiritual Meanings of Magpies: Real-Life and Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Magpies

Either in real life or dreams, this creature possesses divine powers to speak to you. Not everyone hears this message because of their closed minds. You should change this narrative. When you see magpies in real life or dreams, there are 11 spiritual messages you will get. Let us look into them right away.

1) Academic Success

This is strictly for students. When you see this bird in real life, it brings a promise from the universe concerning your academic pursuit.

It assures you of success and excellence.

Run with this message.

Let it fuel your determination to read more and devote more time to gaining wider knowledge.

This is a sign from the universe that not only makes you happy but also places a responsibility on you to prepare properly for your tests, projects, or examinations

Do you desire academic success?

This is a bird you should look out for. Whenever it begins to show up around you consistently, you will have what you desire.

2) Play your part

Lack of action

Most times, people pass the blame for their failures to the universe.

They assume that God hates them so much.

One of the reasons for this behavior is to justify laziness and lack of action. 

For example: If you are praying for a financial miracle, the universe might give you a business idea. This is to help you play your part to get the miracle you have prayed for. 

The problem is that people don’t always want to get the other side of the coin.

Well, you should change that mindset if you have it.

The moment you begin to dream of a magpie, it indicates that you should play your part.

After praying for a miracle, look out for what your part is, and get to work. Partnering with the universe brings results to you speedily. 

3) Let good overcome evil

The black and white feathers of this bird signify a conflict. It talks about the battle between good and bad in your mind. You have felt this.

Therefore, this message is not strange to you. No matter how hard it gets, never allow evil to overcome the good.

Fight to ensure that the good side of you overcomes the dark side of your past.

Once this happens, you will enjoy positivity. This leads me to the next spiritual meaning of seeing a magpie.

4) Positivity (not bad luck!)

Spiritual positivity

This is a spiritual creature of positivity and good luck (not bad luck!).

The moment you find it around you, ensure to release every negative emotion you have bottled up in your mind.

One of the best ways to regain control of your emotion is by doing all you can to stay positive. It might be hard – especially if you are in a toxic environment.

However, with the help of a magpie, it becomes easy to stay positive.

The energy that exudes from a magpie saturates your environment with goodness. 

5) You have amazing potential

You don’t have to wait for this creature to tell you this.

However, if you are taking too long to discover this truth, then the magpie will begin to show up in your dream.

Once you have dreams about this bird more than twice, it is a loud message.

This is a spiritual good omen that should help you discover the amazing potentials you have.

A realization of this potential will breed self-confidence (which we will discuss later). 

Seeing a magpie opens your mind’s eye to see the amazing potentials you have. 

6) Learn to take action

You need to take action

It is not good to have ideas without implementation. 

Sadly, this is where a lot of people get stuck.

They cook up amazing ideas but fail to implement them for no reason.

If you are stuck in this situation, then the magpie also has a spiritual message for you. It is telling you to take action immediately after you get ideas.

Stop trying to think about the idea twice.

Never doubt the success of the idea. When you start taking action on the ideas you generate, progress will be inevitable.

7) Self-Confidence

No matter the potential you have, if you are not confident in yourself, it becomes difficult to make an impact in the world.

Confidence is how you can boast about your quality.

It is how you can make use of the potential you have. Therefore, embrace self-confidence.

Among all the spiritual creatures in the universe, magpies are one of the most confident I have ever seen.

You can open your mind to them.

Let these creatures bless you with the power of confidence. It is a tool you will use to wipe out the feeling of inadequacy in your mind.

8) Watch out for deceptive friends

Be careful with your friends

Whenever you dream of 7 magpies far away from you, it is a sign that you are in danger. 

Don’t be scared! This does not mean you will die or fall sick. 

The spiritual message from this dream points to your friends. Some (if not all) of them are deceiving you.

They are secretly luring you into a trap.

On some occasions, they might be taking advantage of your caring heart to extort you. 

You have to be on your guard against them. Do all you can to protect yourself from their deception. This is why the universe has revealed the message to you.

9) Be an Opportunist

Life is full of opportunities. The only question is “Are you willing to take advantage of such opportunities or not?”

The link between your next level of success and failure is an opportunity you either take advantage of or lose out on.

When you constantly lose out on opportunities, the ripple effect will be retardation, stagnancy, depression, and so on.

This is why the universe has sent one or two magpies out to you.

They are creatures of opportunity.

Learn from them. When the next opportunity arises, be rightly positioned to take advantage of it.

10) Protect yourself at all time

Spiritual protection

The Bible says “evil strikes when men least expect”.

You need to protect yourself at all times. Negative energy and evil spirits are secretly lurking around you.

They are looking for a loophole.

You need to call on the magpie spirit animal to help you.

When it comes into your life, you will be strong enough to protect yourself from darkness and evil. 

11) Learn to Express yourself 

You don’t need to be an extrovert before you learn how to express yourself. Whether you are an extrovert or not, the power of self-expression cannot be undermined.

You need to understand that people will never truly understand you until you can communicate effectively with them.

Therefore, take a cue from the noisy magpie.

Speak out.

Tell people about what you expect.

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Magpie Feather Meaning

Magpie Feather

Magpie feathers only have 2 colors. These colors have diverse spiritual and symbolic meanings we should talk about.

Black magpie feather:

For Native Americans, hen you get this feather as a sign, it speaks about your confused mind. This means that you have a lot of unanswered questions. It could also point to sorrow or regret. 

White magpie feather:

In Eastern Cultures and Nordic Mythology, this speaks about purity and innocence. It describes the state of the human soul when it is first brought forth into the world.

Are Magpies a Good Luck Sign?

Magpies and good luck

Yes, in many cultures magpies are a good luck sign.

A magpie bring a series of opportunities into people’s lives. Additionally, they ensure that people become confident in themselves.

For spirituality purposes, a magpie can draw people closer to the spiritual world and enhance their spiritual sensitivity.

To Conclude The Magpie Meaning

You still have an opportunity to enjoy the power of a magpie. They are not a sign of bad luck, instead, they are interesting birds with positive messages for your life.

All you have to do is to pay attention to everything you have just read and implement them when next you encounter magpies. The information you have gotten is powerful enough to liberate your mind and prepare you to harness the energy from magpies.


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  1. Wow I had one magpie visit for 8days alone after my dad pass 8 months before and also my partner 8 days after he passed then their was 2 and today after like 14days daily sitting on my balcony looking at me thrir was 3 and I felt connected to one that was right in front of my window.

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