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9 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Crickets: Day & Night

9 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Crickets

When a cricket sounds, everyone can tell. The distinct sound of crickets makes it impossible for people to doubt their presence.

What does this mean? It encourages you to spot your differences and leverage it.

Because of the unique and individualistic nature of crickets, people have termed them to be selfish.

But is that all it means? We are going to examine the spirituality of hearing crickets and also look at the 9 best spiritual meanings of hearing crickets.

Let us begin.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Crickets?

Cricket spiritual meaning

The spiritual meaning of crickets is a quest for the attention of others. It is believed that crickets make loud noises at night to get the attention of people. The cricket spirit animal loves to seek attention and fame.

This makes it the best symbol for fame seekers. If you discover an unquenchable thirst for fame and attention, you are related to the cricket spirit animal.

Also, when the time to be famous has come, the spiritual world will send crickets to you.

This spiritual message will be best conveyed through cricket because of its loud voice.

Crickets speak of our ambitions and goals:

The loud noise they make refers to the noise in our soul that comes from our set goals.

With this sign, you will realize that your goals can be achievable.

Also, this helps your mind to be emboldened to take big steps of faith. If crickets are commonly found around you, it is time to smash your goals.

When you set goals for yourself, crickets can come into your life as empowerment to smash them.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of crickets centers around goals and ambitions.

You will discover your inner voice:

With the loud voice of crickets, you will discover your inner voice.

It is easy to get lost among the crowd. Especially if we look to the crowd for validation.

Once we lose our voice, everything else will be lost.

It is important to pay attention to this. If you constantly see a cricket or hear a cricket, it is saying that your voice is lost.

It is inspiring you to discover your inner voice, and listen to it alone. Seeing a cricket in your dream places you on the path to discovering your inner voice.

There is enough strength to withstand pressure:

Spiritually, crickets come to reveal that there is enough strength to withstand pressure.

When negative situations stare at us in the face, it is easy to give in. Trust me, I have been there before, and the feeling still lingers in my memory.

There is a subtle temptation to throw in the towel and accept defeat.

However, the cricket will be sent to you from the universe as encouragement.

Whenever it shows up, your emotional life, mental life, and spiritual life will be strengthened to handle what lies ahead.

The cricket’s spiritual meaning says that you have enough inner strength to withstand pressure.

What does Hearing Crickets mean Spiritually?

Hearing crickets in spiritual world

Hearing crickets is a sign of spiritual hearing. There is an old superstition to this.

Years ago, it was said that the universe uses several methods to get people’s attention, and also test them to know if they are attentive.

One of such ways is through the voice of crickets.

Ancient beliefs have it that when people hear crickets, their spiritual hearing abilities are working fine, and they can get further spiritual messages from the cricket

This is why hearing cricket connotes an active and functional spiritual hearing ability.

When you hear crickets, expect further spiritual signs to come.

Sometimes, hearing crickets does not bring the message. It only keeps your spiritual hearing ability active. Pay attention to what comes after hearing a cricket.

Apart from the point stated above, it is also possible to get direct messages from crickets.

Whenever you hear them singing in groups, they inspire love and commitment to friendships and associations. That is, they help people to become closer, and bond perfectly.

The choral song of crickets signifies unity and harmony among friends.

If you are not in sync with your friends, take this sign as a push. The spiritual world is encouraging you to develop a close relationship with the people around you. Don’t be a lone ranger.

Spiritual Meaning of the Cricket’s Voice


Additionally, the voice of crickets also sounds an alarm. If you are looking for direction, one of the things to observe is hearing crickets.

When you ask the universe for direction and crickets begin to sound, it is a red flag.

It is telling you to not go ahead with that decision. This is one of the ways to enjoy divine guidance. 

Through the voice of crickets, you can enjoy protection.

Spiritually, the vibration that comes from the chirping of crickets creates a wall of protection around people.

Therefore, if you open your heart to the voice of crickets, you can also enjoy protection.

Hearing crickets means protection.

It signifies that the universe is watching over you. There is no need to be scared of evil. 

Hearing the voice of crickets also means fertility and abundance.

It is believed that the voice of crickets multiplies our efforts, doubles our results, and ushers us into a realm of abundance. Therefore, hearing crickets is a sign of abundance and fertility. Take note of this.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Hearing Crickets

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Crickets

Hearing crickets has 9 spiritual meanings. Through the voice of cricket, we can get the following spiritual messages:

1) You are unique 

Whenever you look down on yourself, crickets might come to speak to you. Through their voices, you will understand how unique and special you are.

Only a few insects make noise at night.

Cricket is among those few, and this makes them special.

Let this remind you that being different is not bad.

You need to accept this reality. Your unique abilities, potentials, and personality make you different; but it does not put you in a less privileged position. 

2) You have more than it takes to succeed

If you need a motivational message, go out at night and listen to the song of crickets.

Whenever you are down, crickets will begin to sound at night as motivators.

  • They will send different messages to you through their voices.
  • They open your eyes to see how special, unique, and powerful you are.

Hearing crickets speaks about success.

It shows you that you have more than it takes to succeed. Therefore, do not look down on yourself, or give up on the chase for success.

3) A new season is coming

It is abnormal to hear crickets in the morning. Whenever it happens, there must be a spiritual reason.

The reason indicates the dawn of a new era.

Whenever a new season of your life emerges, crickets will be heard in the morning. Their sounds are ushering you into the next phase of your life.

Also, if you dream of hearing crickets in the morning, this is saying that a new season is coming.

This message comes to prepare you for the new levels of change that lie ahead of you.

Therefore, you should accept this message with an open heart.

4) Trust in yourself

Without trust, it is impossible to achieve great things. I have seen people lose trust in themselves over trivial reasons.

Some people don’t trust themselves because of a mistake they made in the past.

This should not be.

However, after several methods of communication, the universe will open your ears to hear the voice of crickets.

When this happens, you will be inspired to trust in yourself much more.

You will be encouraged to KNOW that you have something to offer your generation.

This message leads to self-esteem healing. It brings your pride back to you and allows you to be confident in yourself.

5) You need to put in more efforts 

For career-focused people, hearing crickets at work signifies that you are not putting enough effort.

This message comes as caution and encouragement.

It is okay to get tired or feel useless. Staying on a job for years without promotion sucks!

However, the cricket sound is here to push you harder. It is telling you to put in more effort.

Do you know why? It is because your efforts will yield great results in the future. Hearing a cricket at work is encouraging you to not give up trying. 

6) You are seeking direction

Whenever you see yourself sounding like a cricket in a dream, this signifies a lack of direction. It reveals that you are confused about something.

It is normal to be confused – we all get confused at one point or the other.

Therefore, there is nothing to feel bad about.

Once you have this dream, take the responsibility to pray to the universe. Ask for direction, and also pay attention to your mind.

During the prayer, whatever comes to your mind is the possible solution to your dilemma.

Seeing yourself sounding like a cricket shows a lack of direction. However, praying about it brings clarity.

7) Listen to your inner voice

This is another spiritual meaning of hearing crickets.

When crickets consistently sound at night, it is because you have failed to listen to your inner voice.

In the spiritual world, the inner voice of men is how they can get answers to puzzles.

This message goes with the previous one because the inner voice is how we go about our lives. It is how we know what to do, and what steps to take

Therefore, listen to that voice.

Another word for inner voice is intuition. Pay attention to your inward intuition, and trust it above all else.

8) Good Luck

Because of the intense energy vibration of crickets, their voices attract good luck.

If you hear crickets when you are about to leave for work in the morning, expect good things to happen to you during the day.

This has been tested and trusted.

We have received several reports from people concerning this, and they all affirmed it to be true.

Hearing crickets in the morning (on your way to work) brings good luck to people.

Therefore, be open to this.

To harness this energy, release positive affirmations into the universe after hearing the sound of the cricket.

It channels every positive energy towards you for the day.

9) Rewards

Either good or bad, hearing crickets means that your reward will come. It comes to pay you back for what you have done so far.

For example, if you have stayed on the true path for long, hearing crickets after a long time speaks about getting rewarded for your past deeds. 

Biblically, this is also true. God will reward everyone for what they have done. Hearing crickets brings the same spiritual message. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Crickets at Night

Hearing Crickets at Night Meaning

When you hear crickets at night, several spiritual meanings and messages are attached.

As we have seen earlier there are 9 messages and spiritual meanings of hearing cricket.

However, additional details come when you hear them at night.

Let us discuss this:

  1. When you hear cricket while sleeping at night, it is telling you to be alert. This happens every time you let down your guard. The sound of crickets comes to wake you up from your spiritual slumber and inactivity.
  2. If you hear cricket at night while eating, it tells you to take care of your health. This message inspires more rest and good food. Through the voice of the cricket, you will discover that your health is far more important than anything you want to accomplish for yourself.
  3. When you hear crickets at 10 pm, it is telling you to prepare for the next day. 10 pm is a time to evaluate what you have achieved so far. This helps you to prepare for what comes next.
  4. Dreaming about hearing crickets at night speaks about becoming more spiritually sensitive.

Could it be a bad spiritual sign?

Crickets and bad luck

No, it is not a bad spiritual sign to hear crickets at night.

When you hear crickets, it either brings good news or a warning sign. 

Final Words

With the cricket symbolism, you will get direction and have a deeper spiritual understanding of many things.

Furthermore, it will foster smooth relational skills with people. This article has outlined the top 9 spiritual meanings of hearing crickets. Make use of them for your benefit.

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    Today I was working at a health clinic as a remedial massage therapist, and while I had patient on the table for a treatment, a cricket began to chirp beautifuly. This happened for 2 days so far. However I was unable to locate it, so it remains indoors. It made me feel joyful and it was so unusual for it to be indoors. Even my client liked it….it provided a certain kind of ambience.

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