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9 Spiritual Meanings of Having Seizures: It’s a Bad Sign?

9 Spiritual Meanings of Having Seizures: It’s a Bad Sign?

When you suddenly have an electrical disturbance in the brain, it is called a seizure. This medical condition is common. However, there are tiny details we might have missed concerning it.

These details are as regards the spirituality of this condition

Now, I am well aware of the medical implication of going through it; but does that erase its spirituality? Not at all

Therefore, let us talk about the 9 spiritual meanings of having seizures.

Is this really a bad sign or not? Read on to find out more. 

Medical Warning: Don’t proceed with this article without reading this section.

Seizures can lead to death. Don’t take this lightly. As much as it is okay to pay attention to the spirituality surrounding this condition, understand that it is a MEDICAL CONDITION and should be treated as such.

Therefore, whenever you have a seizure, seek medical attention. This helps you to know if you are suffering from a serious medical condition or not. Don’t leave seizures unattended. 

Done? Then, let’s move on.

Seizures and Spirituality

Seizures in spiritual world
It is believed that people with seizures like epilepsy are possessed by the spirit of a lizard.

Seizures occur in different forms. One of the common forms of seizures is what we call epilepsy.

This comes with a lot of other symptoms like foaming in the mouth.

This medical condition has existed for thousands of years and has been linked to spiritual reasons, histories, and omens. 

Firstly, it is believed that people with seizures like epilepsy are possessed by the spirit of a lizard.

This belief is paramount in Africa.

Well, don’t be quick to judge the myth.

In the olden days, people reported having seen a lizard spirit entering someone a few minutes before the epileptic seizure

Furthermore, it is also believed that epileptic seizures are caused by demons.

When a child is possessed by a demon spirit, one of the signs is seizures.

While conducting thorough investigations about seizures and spirituality, we found hundreds of myths about this medical condition.

However, one thing to note is that; this is a medical condition that has its roots fastened in the spiritual realm. 

Can Spirits Cause Seizures?


Yes, spirits can cause seizures. One of the common spiritual reasons for experiencing seizures is the possession of spirits. 

The next question to ask is “what type of spirits can cause seizures?”.

Not every spirit can cause seizures.

It takes a high level of spiritual perception to understand this.

Keep this in mind. The next time you find someone convulsing, don’t be quick to ascribe it to a spiritual being. Understand WHAT type of spirit is causing this.

Let me get straight into the answer.

Evil spirits cause seizures.

They use this medical condition to attack young children the most. The reason is to frustrate the parents of such children or drive them mad. 

This is similar to the experience of Jesus in the bible. The evil spirit was cast out of the child, and the child was healed.

The next time you find a child in this condition, look for an exorcist to cast out the demon spirit or burn incense to cast out the evil spirit

Does this mean seizures only have a bad spiritual message and omen? No, it does not mean that.

Later on, we will discuss the several spiritual meanings of having seizures. 

Spiritual Significance of Seizures

Seizures in spirituality

When there is an abnormal electrical charge in the brain, it causes seizures. This is a medical explanation for this condition.

  • However, what is the spiritual significance of this?
  • How does it relate to spirituality?
  • Why does it have anything to do with spirituality?

It is important to note that the fact that this condition deals with the brain makes it spiritual.

The brain is connected to the crown chakra.

This chakra is how we connect to the spiritual world. When people lose their spiritual sensitivity, it is due to a problem with the crown chakra.

The fact that seizure is connected to the crown chakra makes it a spiritual condition.

Another spiritual significance of this condition points to the wholeness of man. It is funny how a simple electrical charge in the brain can affect the whole body.

This points our attention to how the spiritual world can control the physical.

Although the sign is not physically favorable compared to other signs, it still points our attention to this fact.

This also tells us to pay attention to our spiritual health. Seizures are believed to be a sign of spiritual sickness. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of Having Seizures

Spiritual Meaning of Having Seizures

When you go through this medical situation, take the following spiritual meanings to heart. They will guide you. Through these messages, you can depict the cause of your seizure, or get other spiritual signs about your life. 

1) Dream of Having Seizures at Work

This speaks about the lack of creativity at work.

It reveals the reason for your underperformance at your workplace.

Once you wake up from this dream, engage in mind-development exercises.

Additionally, seek counsel from people on how to solve situations at work. You can also reduce your work pressure for some time – until you can handle it again

Having this dream tells you to improve on your work creativity and activeness.

2) When you dream of having seizures in your home

Family problems

Spiritually, it indicates unhappiness.

That is, you are not happy with someone in your family, and this is causing mental stress.

Having this dream tells you to let go of this hurt.

The universe has spoken through this dream.

You have a responsibility to adhere to that warning.

No matter what has been done to you, it is time to let go.

Your mind needs to be relieved of that pressure.

3) Take care of your health

Spiritually, seizures mean you should pay attention to your health.

When you dream of having this, take it as the only warning sign you need concerning your health.

It indicates that your health is in jeopardy because of how wrongly you treat it.

Therefore, take time out to rest properly.

Reduce your work stress, mental stress, and physical stress for some days. If need be, take a break from work.

All of these will help your body to heal and recuperate better

4) Depression

Spiritual depression

Having consistent dreams of seizures shows a sign of depression and anxiety.

Spiritually, this means your mental health is at stake.

Is it bad to be depressed and anxious? Not at all.

It simply means that you are human.

However, you need to create a boundary for it. Keep out negative energy from your mind every time.

If not, you will constantly have dreams of suffering from this medical condition.

Through this, the spiritual world can calm your nerves, and assure you that things will be fine with you.

Therefore, see this as a message of encouragement. Let it relieve you of depression and anxiety.

5) You need to be spiritually sensitive

Lack of spiritual sensitivity can also be called spiritual seizures.

Therefore, when you dream of this, it is telling you to stay spiritually sensitive.

Spiritual sensitivity helps you to easily pick up divine messages without wasting much time.

Additionally, it blesses you with the foresight to access the future and predict events before they happen

Once your spiritual senses are down, you will dream of having a seizure. It could be epileptic or not.

After having this dream, spiritually rejuvenate yourself by meditation and constant prayers

6) Prepare for Change

Spiritual change

A seizure is sudden.

When it happens, it causes changes in behavior, movements, and so on.

The spiritual world uses this condition to prepare people for change. If you suffer from this medical condition, see it as an omen of change.

Let it prepare you to expect anything to happen at any time.

It will keep you alert and extra sensitive to time and seasons.

7) A spiritual attack

Once you have seizures more than 5 times in your dream and real life, it indicates a spiritual attack.

Take drastic actions. Don’t let this slide. You are getting this omen to tell you to seek spiritual help. 

8) Pray for direction

You need to change direction

Through this condition, you can get this message.

Subtle seizures can leave you blinking into an empty space for a long time. When this happens, you should pray for direction.

It reveals that your mind is seeking an answer, which needs to be found as soon as possible. 

9) Witchcraft

Christianity believes this to be a sign of witchcraft.

Therefore, it is advised to cast out the spirit.

People who suffer from this medical condition are taken to worship centers for deliverance sessions because it is believed to be the only way to heal them.

Are Seizures a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Seizures and bad luck

Yes, they are a bad spiritual sign.

They can signify the presence of evil spirits or the activities of witchcraft.

This is why you should not take this medical condition for granted.

As much as it is advisable to see medical healing, ensure you also seek spiritual help. 

Final Words

Whether this happens to you in real life or your dreams, take it as a serious spiritual sign.

Act immediately on any message that comes through it.

This article has exhaustively explained the spirituality of seizures to you. There is no need to be in the dark about this condition anymore. 

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