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7 Spiritual Meaning Of Gnashing Of Teeth: Day and Night

Spiritual Meaning Of Gnashing Of Teeth

Are you notorious for gnashing your teeth in the middle of the night?

Well, as insane as it may sound, there could be a spiritual reason why you may be doing that!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about the gnashing of teeth and its possible spiritual reasons.

Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Spiritual Meaning Of Weeping and Gnashing Of Teeth

Spiritual Meaning Of Weeping and Gnashing Of Teeth

First and foremost, understand that gnashing of the teeth is a primary indicator of discomfort inside your body.

It may be an inherent habit for many people during times of anger, frustration, or high stress. 

If you actually were to pay attention to yourself when furious, you’ll realize that you start gnashing your teeth involuntarily in the heat of the moment. 

Spiritually, however, gnashing could mean that there’s something you want to let out but can’t.

It may be pent-up words, intrusive thoughts, or even certain truths that you’ve been holding in for too long. 

Therefore, whenever you feel your teeth gnashing involuntarily during the day, take it as a sign to contemplate what you may be holding back and let it out without hesitation.

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Gnashing Of Teeth At Night Spiritual Meaning

Woman sleeping

If you gnash your teeth at night, it may be a sign of internal fear

You could have an important job interview or a stressful social interaction the next day which may be causing your mind to overthink and overwork. 

Feeling emotionally threatened can also trigger fear from within. I.e. If you’re dealing with problems in your relationship that may be bringing it to the verge of failure or separation, feeling threatened in such a situation is pretty common. 

Even if that’s not the case, something undoubtedly may be disturbing you internally if the gnashing continues for an extended period of time.

Ponder over what it could be and either face that fear or eliminate it from your mind some other way. 

DO NOT let it linger around for long!

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Spiritual Meaning Of Gnashing Of Teeth During The Day

Spiritual Meaning Of Gnashing Of Teeth During The Day

The fear of encountering someone unexpectedly can often result in gnashing of teeth during the daytime, especially when it’s someone you don’t want to come across that day

However, the urge to acquire a powerful position or dominate in certain situations where you feel inadequate can also trigger grinding of the teeth. 

I.e. You may gnash and grind your teeth around people who appear to be of higher status; you wish to be taken seriously and given importance in those particular situations.

The involuntary response stems from the fear of being neglected or disregarded

The same applies when expecting to meet someone out of the blue where gnashing may intensify as the chances of encountering that person slowly increase.

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7 Possible Spiritual Meanings Of Gnashing Of Teeth

Gnashing Of Teeth in Spiritual World

1) Disappointment

If someone or something has deeply disappointed you recently, gnashing in your teeth may become more frequent.

Although disappointment is a temporary feeling, it can really mess with the heart and lessen your motivation to move forward in life.

Oftentimes, it can be powerful enough to make you completely abandon something and lose all hope.

So, the spiritual world may be trying to tell you that the disappointment could worsen in the foreseeable future but you must keep it from taking over your mind.

2) Spiritual Disconnection

Gnashing of the teeth during the day can be a sign of spiritual disconnection

It means that the spiritual world isn’t able to communicate and send signals to you effectively.

This may be because you’ve been too invested in worldly matters, ignorant of the higher power, or simply never tried understanding the concept of spirituality

Staying disconnected like this for long can take a serious toll on your wisdom, morality, perception, and power to interpret certain patterns of life which is why you must look into your gnashing teeth problem more in depth. 

3) Loss Of Control

If you feel that the gnashing in your teeth is completely involuntary and you have no control over it, the spiritual world may be trying to highlight something important about your life

In most cases, it’s that you’ve lost control of the direction of your life and are not in the driver’s seat anymore.

There’s no plan, no execution, and things are going exactly where they shouldn’t

The spiritual world is warning you through these stress signals that you need to take charge and stop allowing your life to free float. 

4) Disrespect & Anger

In Biblical scriptures, gnashing and grinding of the teeth is seen as a sign of disrespect and anger towards someone

I.e. When the wrongful and wicked people want to humiliate and bash the righteous, they gnash their teeth at them.

However, the scriptures also suggest that grinding of the teeth may be a sign of deep pain, especially when it’s accompanied by lament.

Many believe that hell will cause wrongdoers to have gnashing teeth but the feeling of pain derived from it will last for eternity

5) Inability To Express Emotions

Gnashing teeth can sometimes even connect with the inability to express emotions properly

This may be because an overwhelming amount of emotions trapped inside the heart can try to escape by causing distress and involuntary actions inside the body. 

  • You may have trouble communicating with people;
  • Getting your thoughts/ideas through;
  • Expressing certain emotions;
  • Or just feeling anything in general.

Your heart needs a medium like words, actions, or expressions to let out its burden, so you must pay attention to its signs and teach yourself to let out sometimes

6) Punishment

Many people, especially Christians, believe that hell will have many other forms of punishment aside from fire.

This includes painful grinding and gnashing of the teeth.

Unfaithful servants of God who found life in evil will suffer for their wrongdoings on earth and regret while furiously grinding their teeth as a way of expressing tormenting pain. 

The wicked will realize all that they lost in the eyes of God and where destiny has brought them only after the suffering and torture of hell has already begun.

Jesus himself has mentioned that the wicked will grind their teeth when their eyes open up to the fact that the gates of heaven are closed for them. 

7) Presence & Fear Of Supernatural Entities

If you often find yourself waking up at 3 am in the morning with chills and involuntary teeth grinding, it may be a sign that there’s something supernatural lingering around

The twist here is that, somewhere deep inside your heart, you’re aware of the supernatural presence and can’t hold back your fear.

Grinding teeth is an obvious sign that you feel threatened by the unseen and what it could possibly do to you. 

Take it as a serious message from your intuition to get as far as possible and protect yourself.

Even if the entity doesn’t intend to hurt you, its activities can still give you a possible heart attack or bring negativity into your life.

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Is Gnashing Of Teeth A Sign Of Negative Energies Around?

About this spiritual problem

Yes, it definitely can be!

As I mentioned earlier, gnashing of the teeth, in most cases, is a sign of stress or discomfort.

That discomfort can also stem from negative energies surrounding you as a cause of family conflicts, jealousy, or possibly even black magic

If there’s a lot of hatred or envy among your family members, it can pollute and toxify the environment you may be in, therefore, leading to the breeding of negative energy. 

Since home is the place where you may spend most of your time, it’ll be better to find a spiritual remedy to cleanse its air as quickly as possible before you get overburdened by the bad energy.

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Shall We Conclude?

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: although you may think gnashing of the teeth is nothing but involuntary contractions, there could be more to it than just that!

Your inner spirituality is trying to send signals to you so you can better understand what it’s dealing with. 

It may be overloaded with excessive stress, bad energy, fear, and everything in your environment that doesn’t fit the description of good.

Pay close attention to your emotions and use your intuition to interpret exactly what the gnashing in your teeth could be stemming from. 

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