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Home » Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Doors and Locked: Is It A Sign?

Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Doors and Locked: Is It A Sign?

Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Doors: Is It A Sign?

Today I will reveal the spiritual meaning of broken doors and also signs from locked doors. Let’s start with my personal experience!

I went out with an old friend from high school recently. It was hours of catching up, especially with the good food and drinks we had.

I dropped her home but received a call from her 10 minutes later. She asked me to come back to her house as she needed help. 

I saw her sitting by the sidewalk outside of her home. She was a bit distraught as she told me she had lost her key and couldn’t enter her home. She was anxious as last night she also dreamt of a locked door and now she was locked out of her home

Two doors in her home seem broken.

The other one had to be taken off as it was a safety hazard while the other one seemed to have two hinges ready to come off anytime.

I sat down with her so she could calm down.

What does this mean she asks? She has broken doors at home and has dreamt of a locked door and now dealing with a locked door?

And so this became a lengthy discussion of the spiritual meaning of broken doors and locked ones.

Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Doors In Real Life

Broken white door

Broken doors in real life spiritually stand for how some things will be broken in our lives and how some can be fixed while others can’t.

Think of the different things that you have broken in your life and how you’ve handled the situation.

Think of relationships and how sometimes we do things that can break or end a relationship. Sometimes we can still mend the broken relationships with others while other times the relationship becomes irreparable.
Reflect on how things break such as appliances or furniture. Sometimes the broken things can still be repaired like an air conditioner but sometimes they can no longer be fixed.
Taking care of things makes them last longer. Think of how well you took good care of some of your material possessions, which helped prolong their life.
Reflect on the times you broke something valuable to you that you cannot fix. You may have mourned for a bit for this loss but later simply moved on because there is nothing else you can do.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Broken Doors In Dreams

Broken brown door

Ever heard of the saying “When God closes the window, He opens the door.” The spiritual meaning of dreaming of broken doors is almost the same.

When there are broken doors in your dreams, then this is a sign that some doors will be closed to you.

This means you won’t be getting something you’ve hoped for or there is something important to you that you have now, which will be taken away. 

The dream of broken doors is a sign that you will experience some loss but this will be offset by something greater or better.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Locked Doors 

Spiritual Meaning Of Locked Doors 

Locked doors in dreams:

When you dream of locked doors, this is a reminder from the ones above that some things are just not meant for you.

This is the universe’s way of telling you a valuable life lesson; you may want something but if the heavens don’t want it for you, it will never be yours.

Think of the times you prayed hard and worked diligently to get what you wanted. But despite all your efforts you never got what you wanted.

The locked doors in your dreams represent those times

Only the heavens can unlock the door but if it’s not meant for you the door will never be opened.

Locked doors in real life:

The locked doors in real life are a message from the ones above to wait for your turn. Think about it, what do you do when the door is locked?

Most likely you knock and wait for someone to open it if you do not have the keys to the door.

This is the message of the heavens when you are dealing with locked doors in real life.

You have to wait until they are opened for you to be able to enter the premises.

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7 Spiritual Signs And Message From Broken Doors

Spiritual Signs And Message From Broken Doors

1) Value your relationships

Sometimes broken doors can no longer be fixed. The same can be said of your relationships. 

As such, when you encounter broken doors, think of your relationships and how valuable they are to you.

Also, reflect on how you could possibly be hurting your relationships with your actions and words.

2) An accident is coming

Broken doors can sometimes be a sign that an accident will happen. This could involve you or your loved one. You may want to be careful in the next few days.

You can also choose to pray and ask the heavens to spare you from this accident. You may also take other precautions you find necessary.

3) A new home

Broken doors can also be heaven’s way of telling you that you will soon be moving to a new home. It is a sign that you will soon be packing your things.

You may be relocating for work. You could also be blessed with a home of your own and thus will need to give up your rented place.

Sadly, you may be also moving to a new home because you are being evicted or asked to leave by your landlord

4) Some progress

If you seem to be stuck or not at all moving to where you want to be in your life, and you encounter a broken door, then take this as a sign from the heavens that you will soon be making progress.

You may be feeling stunted, not growing or achieving any of your goals.

You may be frustrated at where you are in your journey. And so the universe sends you the broken door as a message that all will be well and there will soon be some progress.

5) Stop making mistakes

When you come across a broken door, then ask yourself if you have been making one mistake after the other.

Chances are the broken door is a sign from heaven to stop making those mistakes.

Sometimes we justify making mistakes by saying they are too small anyway. But the heavens still know what you are up to and send a warning like the broken door to stop making these errors.

Over time things will be broken much like the door you saw.

6) Consistency

The broken door may be a sign from the heavens that you need to be more consistent in your words, thoughts, or habits.

This is the universe’s way of warning you that all your efforts will be in vain without consistency.

When you see a broken door, then reflect on your goals and how your inconsistency is becoming an obstacle to achieving them.

Consider taking steps to become more consistent in the future.

7) An illness

A broken door sometimes is a message that someone will be falling ill. this could be you or someone you care about. This is a bad omen for you.

The illness may be something simple like flu or colds. But it could also be life-threatening. The illness may make you or your loved ones beg the heavens to end the pain.

Are Broken Doors A Bad Sign From Heaven?

Negative signs from broken and locked doors

Yes, sometimes broken doors are bad signs from the heavens as you are being warned of something bad about to happen.

But sometimes the broken door could also be about good things coming your way that will put a smile on your face.

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It’s not every day that you will encounter a broken door.

After all, doors are often known to be sturdy and resilient to many harmful elements.

But when you come across one, then take the time to consider what the universe is trying to tell you with it.

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