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Home » Spiritual Meaning of Ants Crawling on Me (You): 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Ants Crawling on Me (You): 7 Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Ants Crawling on Me (You): 7 Signs 

Today I will reveal the spiritual meaning of ants crawling on me (you).

I see ants and different memories are flashing back.

There was this anthill in a jar that we had. This was my older brother’s science project. He had to replicate one of the anthills he had seen in person. And so our dad found the biggest jar I have ever seen at that age and brought it home.

I went with my brother to look for the ants at a stream and a big garden nearby and ants ended up crawling on me and my brother.

I always marveled at how industrious these ants were and how they would form lines, carrying their food to hide for the rainy days.

Their discipline was something that my father always reminded us about.

My fascination with ants now goes beyond their ability to find and store food or their great teamwork. I am still in awe at how they are programmed to do what they do but I am more curious about the spiritual meaning of ants crawling on me or any other person.

Spiritual Meaning Of Ants Crawling On Me (you)

Black ants

There are different spiritual meanings when ants crawl on you depending on the kind of ant.

Red ants crawling on you:

Red ants
Red ants

I always dreaded when a red ant would crawl on me after the first bite I experienced. But now I understand that the bite could be the heavens’ way of reminding us that life is full of pain and yet things can be alright.

Think of how a red ant would bite you. They can come quickly and unexpectedly and the red ant bite could hurt so much.

When a red ant crawls on you, then this is a reminder that we all for sure would experience pain in our lives.

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Black ants crawling on you:

Black ants crawling on you
Black ants

When black ants crawl on you, then ask yourself, when was the last time I talked to my loved ones? This is actually a sign from heaven to communicate more often or more effectively with the people you care about.

The black ants that crawl on you may be a sign that you need to be like them. These ants communicate the whole time so they can work in synergy. 

Big ants crawling on you:

Big ants
Big ants

Big ants crawling on you is a reminder of your strength. Big ants, after all, are notorious for being able to excavate wooded areas all because of their strength.

Big ants, often also referred to as carpenter ants are considered to be the most problematic of the ants as they can cause massive damage to the property. 

They excavate wood and leave lasting and even irreparable damage. When you think about it, how can a small creature (and big ants are still small compared to many insects) wreck so much havoc in something as hard as wood?

The answer is strength. They may be small but they have put to good use their strength and thus can excavate much wood

Small ants crawling on you:

Small ants
Small ants

Small ants crawling on you spiritually means playing to your strengths. Think about the small ants, and how they use their size to get into those small areas or holes to get food.

They also use their size to run as fast as possible and disperse very quickly when someone breaks their formation.

When small ants are crawling on you, then this should be followed by some deep introspection. Ask yourself:

What are your strengths and when did you find out or discover them?
How have you used your strengths to your advantage? 
Are you using your strengths to be a blessing to others?
How can you use these to live a spiritually pleasing life?

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Soldier ants crawling on you:

Soldier Ant
Soldier ant (Image from AntARK)

Soldier ants are physically strong because their main task is to protect the colony from predators. Some soldier ants crawling on you should remind you of what this kind of ant does for its colony.

Thus, the spiritual meaning of soldier ants crawling on you is to be a protector of the people you love and those who are weak.

Think of the ways you can defend and protect those whom you care about. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Ants Crawling On You In Dreams

Black ants in dreams

When you dream of ants crawling on you, then take this as a sign from the heavens that you need to be a team player.

Teamwork is necessary to survive and thrive in life and this is best depicted by ants. 

Maybe you are being difficult or refusing to help or concede. You could also be in a position to be the peacemaker in your group but refuse to intercede and instead just keep quiet.

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7 Signs And Messages From Ants Crawling On You

Messages From Ants Crawling On You

1) Hard times are coming

Sometimes the heavens send you ants to crawl on you as a warning that you will soon be experiencing hardships that will put your faith to the test and may leave you begging the heavens for more strength.

You are being warned so you can prepare. These may be provisions like food, additional income or savings. This could also mean storing up goodwill so others will be willing to help you during your most difficult times.

2) More friends

 Ants are visually great to look at because they seem to be in fellowship with one another all the time. And one of the spiritual meanings of ants crawling on you is that soon you will have more friends or you will soon form deep bonds with several people.

You may be encountering people with whom you will get along so well. Maybe there are people you’ve known for years but never really bonded deeply. 

The ants crawling can be a sign that you will soon have more friends or deeper friendships. Make sure to open up your heart for this.

3) Improved looks

Crawling ants on you may also be a positive sign that you will soon enter a physically beautiful phase.

Whether you are a girl or a guy, this could be a message that your look will improve for the better and you will be more physically attractive in the eyes of other people.

You may lose weight or fill out. Build some muscles or cut or color your hair. For whatever reason, you will look so much better and people will notice the change.

4) Emotionally tired

The ants crawling on you could be a physical manifestation of how emotionally tired you are of your life or current circumstances. This could be heaven’s way of letting you know that they are aware of your emotional distraught.

The ones above are likely telling you to hang in there even if you are feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

This is a reminder that your feelings may be in turmoil but you are indeed a strong person.

5) A little accident

You may want to be a bit more vigilant in the next few days or weeks when you experience having ants crawl on you.

This could be a message from the ones above that you will have a little accident soon.

This is nothing life-threatening such as a major car crash. Instead, it could be something like slipping off the floor and spraining your ankle or leg.

You may have some fractures or light burns. Make sure to be extra careful.

6) A feast with loved ones

The ants crawling on you may be a message from the heavens that you soon will be much like the ants in fellowship. You and your loved ones will gather and have a nice feast and great conversations.

This is a positive sign as aside from the great-tasting food you will eat, you also get to spend time and stories with people you care about.

These could be loved ones you see often or those with whom you have not spent much time within the last few years.

7) Relationship troubles

The ants crawling on you may be a warning that you will encounter some relationship troubles.

This will be emotionally distressing and may leave you confused for a time.

This relationship problem isn’t just with a romantic partner. You may also be fighting with your sibling or parents, and your relationship will be strained for a while. The relationship in peril could also be with an employee or a business partner. 

Are Ants A Bad Sign From Heaven? 

Small ants

Sometimes ants can be a sign from the heavens of bad things to come but not always.

Sometimes, the ones above also use ants to carry positive messages.

Do not fret or be alarmed when there are ants even when they are crawling on you as they are not always bad omen.

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Everyone will experience having ants crawl on you.

Sometimes a person would be unlucky and be bitten by the ant and cry like I did as a child. But aside from the fear of getting bitten or marveling at how ants work, think of how they are being used by the ones above to bring you a message.

Keep in mind that there are likely spiritual messages when ants crawl on you.

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