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9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You (spiritually)

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You (spiritually)

It is funny that even though spiders are tiny creatures, most of us really fear them. But you need to understand that spiders are spiritual animals.

They symbolize power and magic with a unique lesson in making your destiny the way they weave their own cobwebs.

Therefore, spiders have a connection in communicating specific spiritual messages when they crawl on you.

According to spiritualists,  the color of the spiders you see dictates their symbolism,  their meaning, and the message they communicate to you.

They can either bring good or bad omens.

What does it mean when a Spider Lands on You?

Tarantula landing on me meaning

A spider landing on you might have different meanings depending on the situation.

Firstly, a spider landing on you might represent how you respond to challenges in life.

For example, are you a reactive individual driven by emotions? or a  proactive individual who analyses the situation and makes a decision guided by intuition?

  • You’re reactive: if a spider lands on you and you start screaming and feeling scared, it means that problems caused by external forces dominate you;
  • You’re proactive: if a spider lands on you and you slowly and gently let it crawl away on its own. You get energy from a place of purpose and passion.

If you are reactive, the spider can bite you, and do you know how poisonous spiders are?

But if you remain calm and let it walk off you, it won’t bite because spiders only bite when they feel agitated. 

Secondly, a spider landing on you means it is taking advantage of an opportunity coming its way.

For example, if you are walking under the trees and a spider falls from the cobweb unexpectedly, and it lands on you, it means the spider you’ve been ignoring the universe signs.

The learning from this is that you should be open-minded to identify and take advantage of opportunities that come your way instead of letting them pass.

There are a lot of opportunities around you that you must open your eyes to see and grab.

You must get out of your comfort zone and seize those opportunities you have been ignoring.

Therefore, when spiders land on you frequently, it reminds you to take advantage of opportunities around you. It is also a sign that you are a manifester and a very creative individual.

What does it mean when a Spider Crawls on You?

What does it mean when a Spider Crawls on You?

It is believed that spiders never crawl on just any person unless it is your spirit animal. Therefore, spiritually, if a spider crawls on you it means that a spider is your spirit animal.

It is believed that for a spider to crawl on you, a bad omen might come your way.

Secondly, a spider crawling on you can also signify people with negative energy in your personal space.

Because of their presence in your life, their negativity can be a barrier to your prosperity and success.

Therefore, this is a clear message that you need to remove them from your life and personal space to attain your desired success and well-being.

What does it mean when a Spider Falls on You?

Big spider on someone's hand

It is a good sign for a spider to fall on you. The small size of spiders makes their falling quick and abrupt.

When a spider falls on you,  you will suddenly get good news or be stuck with great ideas simply because it is believed that spiders are omens of good luck.

Hence, it inspires and guides your visions.

Additionally, a spider falling on you can mean that your effort and hard work in a particular activity are paying off.

On the other hand, a spider falling on you can also mean something strange is about to happen.

For example, you should be cautious if a dead spider falls on you. Because this is believed to be a warning sign about the state of your health.

You should take caution if a dead spider falls on you since this is a  serious sign that you might fall victim to a dangerous disease if you decide to ignore this sign.

It would help if you understand that a dead spider is an omen of sickness.

Lastly, a spider falling on you can mean a transition in the spiritual world. The transition can be in terms of job rank or career.

Therefore, this alerts you that the change you have been waiting for has finally come to pass.

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You

Spiritual Meaning of a Spider Crawling on You

It is believed that a spider is your spirit guide when spiders crawl on you more frequently.

A spider like any other spirit creature can pass great spiritual messages and meanings since they are directed by the universe to come and protect us from evil or to relay specific spiritual messages to us.

The messages can either be bad or good news. Therefore, a spider crawling on you alerts you of what is about to happen and how you are supposed to respond to the situation.

Therefore, let us now go into details of the 9 spiritual meanings of a spider crawling on you.

1) Spiritual Protection

When spiders crawl on you, it is a sign of protection from negative energy or evil powers. Therefore it is believed it protects people from the dark forces.

For example,  in the Christian religion, there is a wonderful story about spiders as a source of protection.

This story is well narrated in the story of David:

Who had to hide from King Soul in a cave to save himself from the prosecution and torture by King Soul.

A spider appeared unexpectedly at the cave entrance where David had entered and made a cobweb at the cave opening.

Hence, no one could have thought David was hiding inside the cave. Therefore it is the spider saved  David’s life. Thus, being positive during challenging times helps you to overcome pressure.

2) Emotional Balance

White spiders mainly communicate this message. A white spider is believed to be a symbol of emotional balance.

Mainly because white is associated with purity, and spiders are always seen as animals in harmony with nature.

You might be a victim of emotional imbalance, which is a challenge most of us are fighting.

Therefore, you must try your best to gain emotional balance no matter your situation.

Spiritually, when this happens to you, know that the universe is trying to remind you to work on your emotional imbalance since, it can affect you in many ways.

3) Wisdom

In most cultures, spiders are seen as creatures of great mystery and power. For example, a white spider is considered a source of wisdom in most cultures around the world.

Secondly, the cobweb is also a symbol of knowledge, because it is an intricate structure that is very unique, beautiful, and appealing to the eyes.

Therefore, spiritually, a spider crawling on you might be a reminder that you need to embrace your wisdom in a particular situation you are currently facing.

4) Danger

Although most spiders are harmless, some are extremely dangerous to humans.

Though it is not proven, most people believe that red spiders are very dangerous; hence, you should take a lot of caution when encountering them.

Spiritually, a red spider crawling on you symbolizes danger. Therefore, this is a way of the universe alerting you of a possible danger that is coming your way.

It is prudent to be very keen not to find yourself in the same danger you have been informed of by the spirit world.

5) Prosperity

In most parts of the world, spiders are seen as signs of prosperity and fortune.

This symbol of prosperity and fortune is often associated with the tiny money spider since it is believed to be associated with a good omen when it crawls on you.

The ability of spiders to create cobwebs from nothing to something great is seen as a symbol of abundance and wealth.

6) Change

In many cultures across the world, spiders are seen as symbols of change and transformation.

Therefore, sometimes when a spider crawls on you it just makes you aware of the change that is coming.

For example, spiders are generally associated with new great beginnings. This is mainly because the spiders are not bound to their webs they can always build new ones.

Therefore, a spider crawling on you might be an indication that change is coming your way or a reminder to encourage you to accept the change that you currently facing in your life.

7) Creativity

Spiders are considered to be among the most creative animals because of their ability to weave their webs in a unique and amazing manner.

The weaving of the web is a complex process that requires a lot of creativity and technical know-how.

In the spirit world, spiders have been deemed symbols of creativity .

Therefore, if a spider crawls on you, it might be reminding you about the power of creativity and imagination in your life.

8) Self-Confidence

When a spider crawls on you, it might also be reminding you to be confident in yourself.

You might be going through a lot in life but this is a symbol that the spirit world has your back and you should not be afraid.

No matter how difficult it gets, know that you are important and there is a lot you can offer to the world.

Therefore, spiders can crawl on you during tough times to strengthen your self-esteem at your lowest.

9) Fruitfulness

It is believed that spiders are among the most fruitful spirit creatures. Therefore, sometimes when a spider crawls on you, it is expected to bring fruitfulness to your life.

In case of such a scenario, expect positive results and embrace it.

Spiritual Meaning of A Spider Crawling on Me in Bed

Spider on my bed: Spiritual meaning

Even to spider lovers, this might to so frightening and shocking. Spiritually, this might be a cautious reminder.

If this ever happens to you, spiritually, it has the following meanings;

  • You need to take action and stop procrastination;
  • The truth that has been hidden from you for a long time will soon be revealed to you;
  • Be very cautious and vigilant.

Why do Spiders Keep Crawling on Me?


Do not ignore the repeated occurrences of spiders crawling on you. In most cases, this happens when the universe wants to communicate particular messages to you.

Additionally, the repeated appearance of spiders is also a message on its own since depicts the seriousness of the message.

Other reasons why the spider keeps crawling on you can be the following;

  • If a spider is your spirit animal;
  • In case you need to give the spider more attention because it has not been able to communicate the message from the universe to you;
  • When the spirit world needs to communicate with you;
  • If great or bad things are about to happen to you, spiders can appear to alert you.

Therefore,  you should understand that spiders do not appear to anyone. Hence, if they appear to you, you should be very attentive so that you can quickly get the message.

Should I be concerned spiritually?

Spiders and spiritual problems

It is not usual for spiders to crawl on you therefore if they do you should be concerned

You don’t need to worry if it occurs all you need to do is pay close attention to it for you to understand the message it has brought to you from the universe.

This article I have written will help you understand the message it’s trying to pass to you.

Final Words

Spiders crawling on you has a wide range of meanings since they are spiritual animals.

Therefore keen attention should be given when you realize that a spider is crawling on you because it happens for a reason.

Usually, the messages or the signs are generally of things happening in your life.

However, if it ever happens to you but you need help understanding the meaning, always refer to this article for use.

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  1. For the last 2 mornings the same spider has woken me up crawling on my shoulder ,I knocked it of today, 5 mins later it was back again , I am scared of spiders , don’t kill them or remove them if I can help it sorry I never kill them, sometimes remove them, this little guy will be removed, if he does it again. I am unwell am undergoing tests could he be warning ⚠️ me that I am sick , i knew we shared a bedroom but he had hes corner and never bothered me , my cat has started sleeping with me , and she only did that when I had cancer so perhaps sir Edwin ie spider is telling me to pay attention

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