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9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You (spiritually)

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You (spiritually)

After so many years of studying spirituality, I recently discovered that spiders have a part to play in speaking certain spiritual languages to us.

Through their behavior around people, it is easy to depict if they bring good news or bad news to us.

For example, we believe that spiders are an omen of good luck if we find them carrying their eggs into their web, or if we find them in a pool. 

Now, in this article, we want to discuss something else about them.

What does it mean for a spider to crawl on you?

Except you have a keen love for spiders, it is repulsive and scary to find them crawling on you.

Funnily, you might not know they are walking all over your body until they get to the sensitive parts of our bodies with a lot of hair.

Their subtle and slow movements make them almost undetectable on our bodies.

In some dangerous cases, we might probably know after they have stung us (this is for spiders that can sting or bite). 

This is why we should look into this topic right away. It will enlighten us further and rightly position our minds to get the spiritual message targeted at us by this sign

What does it mean when a Spider Lands on You?

Tarantula landing on me meaning

When this happens to you, it speaks of taking advantage of opportunities. In Yoruba Culture, it is believed that a spider finds people’s heads as an opportunity.

For example, if the spider falls from its web unexpectedly, the head of an individual walking on its path might be the best place to land on.

The reason is to prevent a total fall to the ground.

Spiritually, the message is not all about the spider. It focuses on you

The lesson to learn from this is that your mind should be opened to spot an opportunity and take advantage of it.

I have realized that a lot of opportunities fly around us.

However, we have allowed ourselves to become either oblivious to this reality or too lazy to go after those opportunities.

Therefore, when spiders land on you consistently, see it as the best motivation you need to take advantage of opportunities.

Never let go of an opportunity to change your life.

When you pay attention to this message, not only will your mind be open to opportunities, but you will also become more vigilant and sensitive to what is around you. 

What does it mean when a Spider Crawls on You?

What does it mean when a Spider Crawls on You?

The first spiritual meaning of having this experience is an introduction to your spirit animal.

It is believed that spiders will never crawl on just anybody. It will only crawl on you if it is your spirit animal.

Therefore, you might want to study a bit about what it means for a spider to be your spirit animal.

This helps you to understand what to expect – even as you open your mind to the energy of this creature.

In the spiritual world, you will also discover that you will have this experience when something bad is lurking around you.

I read a myth, which said that a spider that crawls on people marks them for protection.

Not only does it mark them for protection, but it also tells them to be extremely careful because of the high activity of negative forces around them. 

Therefore, if this happens to you, pay close attention to these 2 messages:

  • Firstly, the spider is your spirit animal. 
  • Secondly, it is warning you against the negative forces around you while crawling on you to mark you for protection. 

What does it mean when a Spider Falls on You?

Big spider on someone's hand

When a spider falls on you, it is always sudden, right? That first sudden energy that runs through your veins is a message in itself.

It was sent to tell you to expect something strange to happen.

Now, this is something good.

Therefore, don’t be scared of negative news and events.

Whenever a spider falls on you, it is also an omen of good luck.

It tells you that your expectations of the past are about to be accomplished by the spiritual world.

However, if a dead spider falls on you, you should beware.

This is a warning sign about your health. If care is not taken, you might fall victim to a terrible sickness, because you have failed to take care of your health.

The dead spider is an omen of sickness.

Therefore, ensure you open your mind to this message whenever it is given to you. 

Furthermore, the spiritual world can use this experience to speak about a change or a transition.

This might be a change in your career or a relocation to another country. It announces this change before it happens. 

9 Spiritual Meanings of a Spider Crawling on You

Spiritual Meaning of a Spider Crawling on You

Spiritually, whenever a spider crawls on you, there are 9 messages you might get. These messages are omens that can guide you on your path to fulfillment and awareness. Therefore, we need to discuss them in detail. Have you ever dreamt of spiders crawling over you? These 9 spiritual meanings are also for you. 

1) Direction

People go through confusing situations in their lives. This is not because they are lazy or have not searched around for answers.

It is due to the pressure in their minds to get out of certain negative situations.

If you fall into this category, then, I have good news for you.

Anytime a spider crawls on you, it is a sign of direction and clarity of mind.

This means that what you are searching for will come to you as answers, ideas, and innovations.

Spiritually, God uses this omen to speak to our hearts and make things clear on our paths.

Therefore, when this sign comes to you, expect clarity to follow. 

2) You are going through a difficult moment

Sometimes, the spiritual world can send spiders to crawl on you as a sign of solidarity and friendship.

When people go through difficult moments, it feels lonely.

This is why you hear of suicide cases on the increase.

Sadly, the universe might have sent several messages to them as a sign of solidarity, friendship, and support.

However, they have not paid enough attention to these signs.

You should not be like that. No matter how tough things get for you, always remind yourself that the spiritual world has your back.

A spider will crawl on you to further communicate this message to you.

3) Use the power of your imagination

In the spiritual world, the power of spiders is closely associated with imagination and creativity.

You should meditate on them once in a while to stir up your creativity.

Do you know that the power of your imagination can change your life?

If you make use of it positively and constructively, you will be amazed at the positive changes that will happen in your life.

This is why the universe has sent a spider to you.

Whenever this creature crawls all over you, it is an inspiration from the universe. This tells you to use the power of your imagination

4) Be Self-confident

Whenever a spider crawls on you, it is telling you to be confident in yourself.

Don’t look down on yourself because of the “disadvantages” you have spotted around your life.

No matter how tough things get, remind yourself that you have something to offer to your world.

Spiders crawl over people to heal their self-esteem.

Therefore, whenever it happens to you, check to see if you are confident in yourself. If you sense any iota of fear, then, talk yourself out of it. Use positive affirmations. 

5) Prepare for Change

Through this sign, the universe can encourage you to embrace changing situations around your life.

In the spiritual world, things can change at any time, and we must be ready for such moments.

Therefore, whenever spiders begin to crawl all over you, it might be an indication that a season is about to change.

Also, this might be telling you to learn to adapt to changes.

It might be difficult at first, but you must choose to not be negatively disposed to change moments of your life.

See change as part of your life and accept whatever it brings

6) Fruitfulness

It is believed that spiders are one of the most fruitful creatures.

Whenever they appear to people, it is expected to bring fruitfulness to their lives.

Therefore, whenever they crawl all over you, it is a spiritual sign of fruitfulness.

This means that everything you lay your hands on will yield positive results.

A sign like this is meant to keep you positive and expectant of good things. 

Whether this happens to you in the morning, afternoon, or night, see it as a sign of fruitfulness.

Get set to reap the harvest of all your past efforts. 

7) Emotional Balance

When people become emotionally imbalanced, it is believed to be a sign of weakness.

As an individual, you must do all in your power to fight against such.

Ensure that your emotional weakness does not get too extreme and obvious for people to notice.

One of the ways to achieve this is by allowing spiders to crawl all over you.

This is believed to heal your emotional chakra and restore balance to how you feel from time to time

8) Protection

Another spiritual meaning of spiders crawling on you is protection from negativity. It is believed to protect people from negative thoughts and voices.

Furthermore, it could also be a warning sign from the spiritual world against negative thoughts.

If you are going through a depressing moment, seeing spiders all over you is telling you to maintain a positive attitude.

Ensure that negativity does not thrive in your mind for a long time.

When this happens to you, your mind will feel protected.

Furthermore, you will realize that your inner strength is enough to get you through tough situations.

It also helps you to absorb pressure without falling apart

9) Use your Inner Wisdom

The 8 legs of this creature are known as an omen of wisdom.

Therefore, whenever they crawl all around you, it might be inspiring you to use your inner wisdom for the good of the world.

The power within you should be harnessed every day.

You can proffer solutions to complex situations in life.

Let this message be an eye-opener

Spiritual Meaning of A Spider Crawling on Me in Bed

Spider on my bed: Spiritual meaning

If this has happened to you before, then, you should learn to take action.

When spiders crawl on people in bed, it is telling them to take action.

This sign is only given to people who battle with indecision and procrastination.

Therefore, ensure you take this seriously.

It is sent to people as a warning sign.

Furthermore, it inspires people to never stop taking action on their dreams and goals.

This message enhances our creative powers. It helps us to always be proactive on our goals and the decisions we have taken.

Another spiritual message from this spiritual sign helps us to be vigilant.

Whenever we sleep, our minds shut off and we also lose sensitivity.

However, when spiders crawl over us on the bed, they have come to awaken our sensitivity. 

Why do Spiders Keep Crawling on Me?


This will constantly happen because of the following reasons:

  1. You are not paying enough attention to the spider.
  2. The spider is your spirit animal.
  3. Your mind needs to be awakened to certain spiritual signs and omens.
  4. Something good is around the corner.
  5. You need to be protected against negative forces.

In some cultures, it is also believed that spiders will continue to crawl on people when they are under a spiritual attack.

One such culture is African culture.

Therefore, pay attention to this as well.

Especially when you feel sad by seeing the spiders on your body. 

The consistency of a sign also shows the seriousness of its message.

This is why your mind should be sensitive enough to such signs. It is not normal for spiders to keep crawling on you except there is a message you need to get. 

Should I be Concerned?

Spiders and spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned. It is not normal for spiders to crawl on people. According to research and facts, it rarely happens to people.

Therefore, if you ever have this experience, pay attention to it. Consider all the possible messages you might be receiving from the universe.

With the information in this article, it won’t be difficult to understand this, right?

Harness the power of spiders when they crawl on you. How will this be possible?

By opening up your mind to them, and seeking to understand what they are communicating to you through their actions. 

Final Words

Spiders are powerful creatures.

Their activities around you are also highly spiritual.

This is why you should never take them for granted.

The next time you experience spiders crawling all over you, refer to this article and understand what it means to you.

This won’t happen consistently without spiritual reasons.

Therefore, don’t discard it as one of the natural things that happens to you. Pay attention. Take this seriously, and open your mind to know what it says to you. 

I hope you enjoy the power of spiders when they crawl on you – even as you open up your mind to them. 

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