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Shadow Walker Spiritual Meaning: Native American

Shadow Walker Spiritual Meaning: Native American

Growing up, I was never aware of what a shadow walker was. I have not encountered it in any of the books I’ve read or movies and television series.

Maybe this genre simply did not appeal to me, that’s why I never really gave shadow walker much thought until recently.

But in the last few weeks, I have been encountering shadow walkers quite frequently. It started with a television series I got addicted to.

And then there was this nephew of mine whom I met up with the other day. This nephew asked me “What do shadow walkers mean?”

He was insistent that I give him an answer given that I am always finding the spiritual meaning of things.

And so as a fulfillment of my promise made to my nephew, here’s an article dedicated to the spiritual meanings of a shadow walker.

What is a Shadow Walker?

Shadow Walker

A shadow walker is someone capable of navigating the darkness they find inside them and in others.

They are highly capable of confronting their ‘demons‘ or their ill feelings and even hiding the hurt they often feel inside.
What makes shadow walker is their ability to go deep into themselves and others to understand their and other people’s psyche.
They commit to exploring what others are feeling in order to help them. Not everyone can delve deep into their feelings as this requires a very high level of both spirituality and self-awareness.
Shadow walkers have the ability not only to reflect on their and other people’s feelings but also are great at handling their emotional pain.
They do not make it a habit to hide and run away from deep emotions instead they deal with their feelings regardless of how deep or strong these emotions are.

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Shadow Walker in Native American

Native American

Native American shadow walkers are almost the same except that they are also tagged as healers.

These shadow walkers in Native America can also reflect well on their psyche, and dig deep into their feelings as well as others to heal emotional wounds.

Native American shadow walkers dig deep into one’s psyche to heal with the help of other tools. They have their potion and rituals in helping heal others.

Not all can be shadow walkers in Native American culture.

These shadow walkers are chosen ones and possess special skills and knowledge in healing emotional wounds which they have inherited from their ancestors or learned from others. 

One cannot simply claim to be a shadow walker as the communities and families know that there are only a handful of shadow walkers among them.

They are known in the community and even revered by many because they can help heal the deepest emotional wounds of others.

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Shadow Walker in Witchcraft


Shadow walkers also exist in witchcraft. These are special kinds of witches who use other people and spells to heal others.

Shadow walkers in this context are witches too but they can erase the deepest wounds from one’s memory.

The belief is that these shadow walker witches can wipe off a person’s unwanted memory so he or she can function well and live life to the fullest without his or her past bothering him or her.

For example: a person who has a painful past that prohibits him or her from progressing in life may seek an audience with the shadow walker witch. 

The witch in return will turn to her potions, conceptions, and spells to wipe off the painful memories of the person.

Once done the person will no longer remember the painful memory of the past and hopefully, this will allow the person to heal fully.

Shadow walkers in witchcraft are not bad as they are portrayed by some. Instead they are healers, too using different means to help.

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4 Types of Shadow Walkers

Types of Shadow Walkers

The definition of shadow walkers may vary from one culture to another or from one religious belief to another.

Generally, there are four ways of classifying shadow walkers:


Dream walker

This kind of shadow walker is capable of looking into dreams and finding their meanings to help a person dig deep into their psyche. The ability to interpret and look into dreams requires a very high level of consciousness.

Shamanic walker

As the name suggests, a shamanic walker practices shamanism and is a mystic capable of traveling to different realms. They alter their state of consciousness by the use of substances or plants so they can go to other spiritual realms.

Magous walker

Magous walker uses magic expertly to delve into a person’s psyche. This walker’s use of magic allows him or her to move into various planes of existence or dimensions to dig deeper into a person’s spirituality or personality

Celestial walker

These walkers are capable of connecting to the special realms, which is why they are called celestial walkers. Their ability to gain information that is not easily obtainable by most people or even walkers is what makes them extra special

Shadow Walker Spiritual Meaning

Shadow Walker Spiritual Meaning

1) Healing

Shadow walkers can walk through their inner darkness and delve into other people’s emotions.

This is a powerful tool for a healer, which is why it is not surprising that one of the primary spiritual meanings of shadow walkers is healing.

For some, shadow walkers are known as the best healers not of physical illness but of emotional ones.

They have been given great powers to even go to other spiritual realms because sometimes this is what is needed to help others.

2) Careful of overworking

Your inability to understand what you are feeling may be a sign of being overworked.

Many seek the counsel or help of other people to understand to process their emotions or even heal themselves from past trauma because they are unable to.

This is not because they do not try to understand themselves but rather because they work themselves to the bone that their emotions have already gone haywire.

Be careful not to go on extended periods of no rest as you will have difficulties understanding your emotions.

3) Be in nature

One of the ways to be more in tune with yourself and your feelings is to be in nature.

When you are feeling overwhelmed or when you think of the shadow walker, then this is a sign that you must spend time in nature.

Head to the beach where the sound of the waves may refresh your spirit and soul. You can also head to the forest, go hiking and hear the birds sing.

The songs of the birds may lead you to reflect on where you are right now in your life and where you intend to be.

You may not need a special healer like the shadow walker if you just spend time with nature.

4) Transformation

Some shadow walkers transform so they can be of help to others. This is why they also symbolize transformation in the spiritual world.  

They transform so they can be useful to other people and their transformation may include going to other spiritual realms.

This is a special power that not all possess.

Their ability to transform is what also helps other people to change for the better.

5) Reinvention

In some cultures and communities, shadow walkers are sought after as healers because they can help people change

Shadow walkers who use various tools like spells or even potions are not frowned upon by many cultures. Because the goal is to help people reinvent themselves.

Many have difficulties changing without help and they go to healers like shadow walkers to reinvent themselves or change their current circumstances.

6) Intuition

Shadow walkers heavily rely on their intuition especially since there is no hard science on how one can delve into spiritual realms or travel through the darkness. 

Shadow walkers use their intuition heavily on which tool or method to help other people.

Whether spells, a walk through one’s darkness, or simple mindfulness, the shadow walker relies on his or her guts to do what is necessary to achieve what needs to be done.

7) Balance

Shadow walkers are known for being great to balance the darkness and light when traveling into other realms.

This is pretty much what we need in life. We need to balance things out, the good and the bad, the dark and the light.

Balancing things does not come overnight.

Not everyone can travel or confront the darkness within themselves but they can be like the shadow walker and try balancing the darkness with the light.

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Shall We Conclude?

Shadow walkers may not be the easiest thing to understand. For many, what they do is rather a complex concept that may require more imagination than usual. 

What is important is to keep an open mind that they do exist and in the future may be valuable to you.

Just remember that you may encounter or need the help of shadow walkers at one point or another.

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