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Pigeon Spiritual Meaning: Coming and Flying Into House?

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning: Coming and Flying Into House?

Pigeons are special creatures. Among the birds in the universe, they are abundant on the face of the earth. You will find them anywhere and almost everywhere. Their confidence, courage, and extremely loyal features are selling points of this bird. 

According to ancient history, pigeons have been used as spiritual messengers to people in the past.

In today’s world, it is sad that we have not paid enough attention to this creature.

Pigeons keep showing up around us for spiritual reasons, but our minds have not been opened enough to understand what they are trying to say to us. 

This is why I have decided to unveil the spiritual meaning of seeing a pigeon. 

This article will discuss what it means to see a pigeon coming and flying into your house. Let’s start?

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

White Pigeon

The pigeon is seen as a friend of man!

This is because it is found living on the roofs of houses, on the streets, in barns, gardens, and so on. 

Therefore, when you see a pigeon, its first message points to friendship. This unique bird has come to spend some quality time with you – to keep you company

If you just went through an emotional heartbreak, betrayal, or trauma, a pigeon means you will find true and loyal friends again. 

Spiritually, a pigeon is also believed to represent a spiritual messenger. When it comes to our lives, this implies that the universe is trying to get our attention – to deliver a spiritual message to us. 

Hence, there is a need to become overly sensitive to this bird. When you find it around you, it implies that something spiritual is going on.

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What do pigeons symbolize?

What do pigeons symbolize?

As we have discussed earlier, whenever you find pigeons flocking around you, they are a sign of spirituality. Now, let us begin to understand their spiritual essence by looking at their symbolism. 

Pigeons symbolize peace. According to ancient history, a kingdom can send pigeons to another kingdom (during the time of war) as a sign of a truce. If that kingdom responds with pigeons, then, it means that the war is over. However, if there is no response, then the war continues. 

There is no need to fight wars today! (Lol)

However, there are several inner battles we fight. People can offend us, or we can get into heated arguments with friends.

When these happen, conflict, uneasiness, anger, resentment, and other negative energies will flood our minds.

The moment you see a pigeon, it is a sign of peace. Through this bird, the universe is encouraging you to make peace with yourself and those you have offended, or who have offended you. 

Additionally, pigeons symbolize angels. Because of their pure heart and proximity to the spiritual realm, seeing these birds could imply that angels have come to visit the world of men.

This might not have anything to do with individuals.

It might simply be an announcement for everyone to be conscious of supernatural activities around them. 

On the other hand, it might be sent to you. This is why when you see one pigeon, it implies that your guardian angel has come to visit you. 

In summary, here are the symbolism of pigeons:

  • Peace;
  • Angels;
  • Loyalty and friendship;
  • Good luck;
  • Good health;
  • Social Interaction.

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Spiritual meaning of a pigeon coming into the house

Spiritual meaning of a pigeon coming into the house

Have you ever experienced a pigeon flying into your house? Well, to you, this might not be the first time. But, it could also mean that a spiritual sign has been hovering around you for a long time without your notice

Let me help you!

In this section, we will discuss what it means to see pigeons coming into your house. 

Read on to find out:

  • When a pigeon comes into your home, the first spiritual message reveals that your guardian angel has come to check up on you. According to the bible, angels are believed to be special messengers sent to men. When they come to us, it means our prayers have been answered. Sometimes, they come to us for spiritual protection. 
  • Seeing pigeons coming into your house might signify the restoration of peace. For example, if you are at loggerheads with someone in your family, pigeons coming into your house inspire peace. They have come to tell you to initiate conversations to restore peace and order in the home. 
  • The spiritual world causes pigeons to fly into our homes as a reminder to keep a clean heart. This is also a biblical meaning. According to the bible, God sees the heart of every man and he wants us to have pure intentions towards one another. This is why you found a white pigeon in your home. It has come to remind you of this spiritual truth. 

Spiritually, this is a positive sign.

Finding a pigeon coming into your house in the morning means that something good is about to happen to you.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Pigeon flying in front of you

Spiritual Meaning of a Pigeon flying in front of you

Except the pigeon is your pet, it is not normal to find one flying in front of you.

This sign is strange and eerie to get. However, there are amazing spiritual messages you could get by opening up your mind to them. 

Let us discuss this right away.

  • The pigeon flying in front of you is your spiritual guide. It has come to lead you on the right path. Most times, this sign is given to those who are praying to God for guidance. It means that you are at a crossroads in your life, and you need direction from God URGENTLY. Well, seeing a pigeon flying in front of you is a good sign. It means you are receiving direction and guidance. 
  • In the evening, whenever you find a pigeon flying in front of you, it implies that you have done well during the day. This is a sign of KARMA. God is telling you to expect a reward for the kindness you showed during the day. 
  • Furthermore, whenever a pigeon flies in front of you at night, it implies that you are nearing the end of a season. This omen prepares you for the coming season. It also makes you alert and sensitive to approaching unique opportunities. 
  • Just like seeing a pigeon in your house, whenever you find this bird flying in front of you, it means that your guardian angel has come to visit you. Another way to view this message is that your guardian angel is with you everywhere you go. Therefore, never feel vulnerable or insecure. 

With these messages, you will know how to receive the pigeon spirit animal into your life. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Pigeon flying over your head

Pigeon flying over your head

When pigeons fly over your head in the morning, it is believed to be a sign of clarity.

The energy from pigeons brings clarity of mind to people battling with confusion.

Therefore, if you need clarification about anything, pigeons are the best guides you should turn to.

They will fly into your life at this crucial moment and supply fresh insights and wisdom to you concerning the issue at hand.

The next time you see pigeons flying over your head in the morning, it means you are about to get clarity in the confusing areas of your life. 

In the afternoon, when a pigeon flies over your head, it encourages you to stick to the path you have chosen.

This unique experience can be given to you as an affirmation. With this sign, you can go ahead with whatever you have decided to do.

When people doubt their decisions, pigeons can be sent as a green signal. 

This bird will fly over your head whenever you are worried and anxious. The reason is that its energy of peace is needed at such a moment.

Therefore, whenever you see pigeons flying over your head, they are sharing peace with you. They are also telling you to embrace peace of mind over anxiety and depression. 

You will see a pigeon flying over your head whenever the universe wants you to know they are watching over you. This message eliminates every form of insecurity, loneliness, or despair. 

What does it mean when a Pigeon comes to your window?

Grey pigeon at window

When a pigeon comes to your window, here are the spiritual meanings of this sign:

If your window is closed, then, the pigeon is telling you to become more open to opportunities. This omen indicates that a lot of opportunities have passed you by in recent times because of your closed mind. 

Hence, you need to constantly develop an open mind to see these opportunities, accept them, and take advantage of them for your good. 

Additionally, this sign encourages you to be open to meeting new people. It is telling you to become receptive and friendly. The reason is that you really cannot live a good life without the input of others. 

If your window is opened, then, the pigeon is affirming that you are receptive to people, open to opportunities, and ready to accept new perspectives. 

Furthermore, when a pigeon comes to your window at night, it might be telling you to be more spiritually sensitive than ever before.

This is because negative entities are trying to penetrate the core of your being through negative energies.

You need to spot when negative feelings start flooding your mind and STOP them in their tracks. Doing this makes you spiritually invulnerable.

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Pigeon Color Spiritual meaning

Black and white pigeon

To understand what a pigeon means, you can also pay attention to its color

Colors speak various messages. In this section, we will discuss the color of pigeons and what they have to say to us. 

White pigeon’s spiritual meaning:

White pigeon

Below are the spiritual meanings of seeing a white pigeon:

  • It is a sign of your guardian angel;
  • Seeing a white pigeon is also a symbol of a truce;
  • Whenever a white pigeon comes into your life, it is inspiring you to keep a pure heart;
  • This is also a sign of genuine love between couples;
  • White pigeon means spiritual sensitivity and a heightened sense of spiritual awareness.

Black pigeon’s spiritual meaning:

Black pigeon

When you see a black pigeon, its color speaks volumes of messages. 

Here are the spiritual messages applicable to you:

  • This bird is telling you to be wary of the friends around you. Since it wants you to be loyal to them, you need to also be careful of their evil intentions towards you. Hence, the need for more sensitivity. 
  • Seeing a black pigeon is a sign of divine wisdom and intuition.
  • This black pigeon is telling you to stay defensive. Always be on the lookout for what might harm you and try as much as you can to avoid and avert it. 
  • This bird encourages you to embrace your uniqueness.

Gray pigeon’s spiritual meaning:

Gray pigeon

The universe sends a gray pigeon to you for the following spiritual reasons:

  • It is given to you when you need clarity. The presence of a gray pigeon indicates clarity of thought – especially for decision-making purposes.
  • Through gray pigeons, you are inspired to stay persistent even during tough seasons. 
  • A gray pigeon is also believed to represent hard work and determination. It encourages people to stay determined and keep off distractions. 
  • Another spiritual meaning of seeing gray pigeons means change. These birds indicate that a season is coming to an end. It is sent to prepare people for the transition. 

Black and white pigeon spiritual meaning:

Black and white pigeon

When you see a black and white pigeon, its first spiritual meaning points to maintaining the balance between good and evil.

In life, good and evil exist. We must never deny one while neglecting the other. 

Through the white and black color of this bird, you can also learn how to cohabit with people.

That is, the spiritual world sends a black and white pigeon as a reminder that everyone has their individual preferences and perceptions.

Therefore, you must learn to embrace and accommodate one another.

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Spiritual meaning of seeing pigeons kissing

Two pigeons kissing

Whenever you see pigeons kissing, it is believed to be a sign of generosity. During courtship, the male pigeon kisses the female not just for romance; but to pass food to her.

This also happens between the mother pigeon and her squabs.

Through this show of affection between pigeons, the spiritual world is telling you to remain kind and generous to the people around you.

Embracing selflessness empowers you to make the world a better place. 

In addition to this, when pigeons kiss, it is a sign of a cordial relationship.

In the same way, we can establish a cordial relationship between us and other people by understanding differences and learning how to effectively communicate our feelings. 

Spiritual meaning of seeing two pigeons together

Two pigeons together

This indicates friendship and loyalty. In the spiritual world, the predominant meaning of pigeons is loyalty.

Seeing 2 pigeons together is an inspiration to remain loyal to your friends

If you find these 2 pigeons fighting, then, the universe reveals that the loyalty you have to your friends is about to be tested. It could also be a warning you to learn how to manage your emotions – especially when your friend has wronged you

Furthermore, seeing 2 pigeons together speaks of tolerance. It helps us to learn how to live with difficult people; while managing how we react to their annoying behaviors. 

The spiritual meaning of seeing 2 pigeons together helps your relationship

Are pigeons a good spiritual sign?

The magical signs from pigeons

Yes, they are a good spiritual sign.

Because of their innocence, finding them around indicates positive energy for friendships. It is also believed that they guide us on our paths by helping us make the best and wise choices. 

If you ever find a pigeon around you, trust me, you are very lucky! This bird comes with spiritual benefits. 

As we have also discussed above, with pigeons, you will be loyal and also surrounded by good friends. 

They can also be possessed by angels, which makes them full of positivity.

Shall We Conclude?

Throughout the ages, this bird has held a special place in the heart of people. Till today, its spiritual significance stands out for all to see and acknowledge

With the information I just disclosed in this article, you should never take the presence of pigeons for granted. 

The next time you find them around, meditate upon the meanings you just read and open your mind to the energy they transmit. 

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    1. I literally was driving on the highway and someone release 3 pigeons from a box they flew directing in front of me traveling 70 mph and died. What the heck dies this mean. I feel horrible 😢

  1. I see a flock of pigeons around one of the clients I visit, am a carer, I only see them there I am not sure what it means I look out for them every day.

    1. I saw a pigeon half n hour a go in my business place he was all over the counter picking my costume on his hand walk on the money on the counter.n then he started pick my hand too.he flew out of the shop fly around it n come back .I left the shop.n he fly out wen on the top of the shop.the rain comes down same time n he fly away.wat could it be

  2. Two young pigeons flew on top of my truck and look at me while I was backing up what does that mean it was beautiful because it happen out of no where

  3. I’m a smoker, so first thing this morning I woke up and went out the back of my house for a cigarette, before i lite my cigarette it was either a white dove or pigeon that flew past me and done a semicircle then disappeared in front of my neighbors house, straight away I thought that was odd. A couple hours later, my sister came over we sat down outside on the front step, catching up. I told her about my experience with the white bird this morning, straight after telling her what I seen, a flock of pigeons at least 20+pigeons flew right over us, gave me the shivers as we watched them fly over my sister got creeped out. So that was my fist ever experience after seeing a white dove or pigeon in the morning. I believe I am being sent a message, lately i have come across spiritual numbers from my guardian angle. Adding it all together actual makes sense to me.

    1. A pigeon flew over my head when I came in my class room it was as if it was waiting for me it was 10 inches over my head and the same thing happened the day after what does it mean ?

  4. I am really working on my spiritual soul self. . And trying to manifest the life I was put on this earth to live. There have been a lot of obstacles is a understatement , but I know they happened to prepare me for something bigger. I have been stuck in a abusive and toxic situation I am trying to get myself and my baby girl out of. I’ve been doing everything to get us there but the universe works on its own time… not mine. Lol. I have so many loved ones on the other side. It is sometimes hard to feel like I’m in the world because my heart and mind wander to the heavens for other realms. I’ve been manifesting and living accordingly and I feel like it is all so so very close. But I have had several set backs .. this was starting to discourage me. Today on my way home I stopped at the cemetery to see if I could remember where 2 members of my soul family were buried .. it had been a very long time. And I have been feeling guilty for not being there more for one of these two. They are soul mates, twin flames even. And they both left the 3d world during my active addiction. I now have almost 2 years and I keep thinking about them. So I stopped at the cemetery and just told them I love you guys, I miss you, and I am sorry. Then I turned the radio to the station they listened to the most. And there was a U2 song playing.. “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. ” I started to cry and right as I was pulling up in to my driveway.. there were 2 pigeons just standing still next to one another. Didn’t even move from the sound of the car. It took me getting out and walking towards them. Then they flew over me up into a tree near by. I immediately knew it was them. I have so many angels… I know everything is going to fall into place. As it is meant to be. But I’m starting to think I need to leave my comfort zone of this house, even if it means a shelter. Or renting a room from someone until I can get on my feet. I have also recently been working on my passion since childhood.. musician songwriter and singer. I recently entered a contest, which is nothing I would normally do. And I keep getting signs that it might happen. I know it’s possible now, I know I deserve it and I know my experiences and wisdom through challenges are for something. Maybe I could help more people who are in that dark space of active addiction and abuse from self and others… thanks

  5. A pigeon came walking in an outdoor hallway as I was cleaning the doors at work last week. It stayed with me for a short while then walked away. I also noticed a pigeon feather in front of the office door. I didn’t think too much of the feather at the time. I didn’t link the two together. My mother just passed away several days ago. Now I know why the pigeon came to me…

  6. My grandfather passed away yesterday and this morning there has been a pigeon who stands on my balcony and coos. He has been coming and going all morning and its the same pigeon. What does this mean?

  7. Hello! Hopefully you read my comment. Im so helped by your information. But can you help me more about this information? I mean, may I get the scientific reference about Pigeon means, because I need that for my thesis and I need more references include scientific reference to prove that this information it could be valid. Hopefully you read and reply my commment. Thank You!

  8. I’ve been sick for a while and have been, praying for a miracle and for better days. To days I seen a pigeon in my porch and I thought this must be a sign of good things to come I hope.

  9. I have a few pigeons that walk into my lounge through the patio door, but one little black pigeon visits more than the others, today it was walking around a lot, then suddenly jumped onto the arm of my chair, looked at me, sat for a while, I then patted it and it flew back out the patio door. Is this a sign of good luck?

  10. Please, recently black pigeons has been settling ontop my roof in the evenings making a lot of noise for more than a week now. Please what does it men?

  11. I was biking with my 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son to school this morning and upon reaching the alley way to the school there was a pigeon perched up on a power line above. It didn’t tweet or flinch even though I was quite close to it, I thought it unusual because I had never seen one there before. It stared at me contently and was still there when I biked back home. Not even a few hours later I passed a car with the license plate “pigeon” and immediately thought hmm that can’t be a coincidence? Well I kid you not a few more hours passed I go on my tick tick and the first video I see is of a dog named you guessed it “pigeon”! So after all that I thought the universe is definitely sending me a sign or 3 I need to find out what it means! I like to think all 9 meanings have a significance to my life and my angels and the universe were making sure I received it, so thank you for helping to deliver my message 😌

  12. This Monday my baby kitten was knocked dead by a car I discovered that Thursday by going door to door looking and asking the neighbours his missing showing them his pics , was told by the people his died , I cried so heavy was not coping at all I prayed to god to watch over my child , yesterday I find the grey farther in my lounge …

  13. Yesterday i was sitting on the bed at my work because im a massage therapist so the same time I sat there this pigeon came in but walking and it walk toward to me infront of me and i wach it but the same time like i was having a close connection with it i just steard at it walking close by infront of me and it went on walking on my left side beside me were I’m sitting and it just started to flew behind me den came down and walk outside back. And flew up it was so nice.

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