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Home » 9 Pigeon Spiritual Meanings: What do Pigeons Symbolize?

9 Pigeon Spiritual Meanings: What do Pigeons Symbolize?

9 Pigeon Spiritual Meanings: What do Pigeons Symbolize?

In this article, we are going to be looking at the spiritual meaning and symbolism of coming in contact with a pigeon. This will cause a paradigm shift in your thinking, and also help your mindset to be open to learn from the pigeon and be filled with its essence.

Pigeons are known to be friends of man since the medieval ages. Therefore, there is no contest against the high probability of having an encounter with the pigeon. 

However, the danger lies in how you approach the presence of the pigeon. As humans, we tend to fall into a subtle error of losing sight of the importance of the things around us because of how frequently we see them.

This is why a lot of people don’t find the presence of the pigeon spiritual enough to give them wisdom.

Have you heard that angels can come to us in the form of a pigeon?

Oh! That sounds strange, right?

It is true. Our guardian angels can come to us in the form of a pigeon.

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In this article, I am going to explain why our guardian angel will choose to appear to us in the form of a pigeon. This and many more are the subjects of discussion in this article.

In this article, you will also discover the 9 powerful spiritual meanings of a pigeon, and the 5 symbolisms of a pigeon.

What does Seeing a Pigeon mean?

What does Seeing a Pigeon mean

When you see a pigeon, there is a high tendency that you will not feel spooky. The reason for this is because of the frequency of its appearance.

Unlike other birds like the raven, eagle, or vulture, which are rarely seen and most revered because of their scarcity, the pigeon is found in our homes, on the streets, and even in farmlands. You can find the pigeon everywhere.

Therefore, it is easy to bypass this amazing animal without paying attention to its spiritual side.

Seeing a pigeon is a sign of spiritual communication between the universe and your soul. Whenever you find a pigeon around you – no matter how frequent it is, you need to be ready to receive a spiritual message from the pigeon.

The pigeon is one of the special and direct messengers of the universe. It is believed that the universe brought the pigeon to live with mankind because of how useful it will be when it comes to communicating with man.

When you see a pigeon, it is a sign that the universe wants to communicate with you.

There is a message from the universe to you, which is brought by the pigeon. Therefore, the best response is to pay attention to the pigeon and hear what it has to say to you.

The pigeon will not speak to you. However, you can leverage the different spiritual messages in this article to understand what the pigeon means to your life whenever it shows up.

When you see a pigeon, it is a sign of divine inspiration. It is believed that the pigeon can inspire you to achieve anything you desire.

Furthermore, it is believed that the pigeon can bring ideas into your head, which will proffer a solution to the problem you are dealing with at the moment. 

Therefore, when you see the pigeon, it is a spiritual sign that should never be taken for granted – most especially when you find the pigeon in an uncommon place. 

What do Pigeons Symbolize

Pigeons symbolism

Pigeons carry different symbols in our everyday lives. From the things we do to the decisions we make, different pigeon symbolisms can help us become better and efficient. 

There are 5 pigeon symbolisms, which stand out among several others. This 5-pigeon symbolism is strategic, powerful, and capable of giving you wisdom.

Let us look at these symbolic meanings to discover amazing truths about the pigeon.


Two Pigeons

In the African culture, the pigeon is a symbol of loyalty. It is believed that anyone who accommodates the pigeon becomes the power of the pigeon.

I heard a touching story, which brought tears to my eyes. There was a rich family in Africa – this was in the early 80s. This family accommodated a lot of pigeons. They fed the pigeons and allowed these birds to nest in their environment.

After some years, a tragic incident happened; the house got burnt. Luckily enough, the family members were not in the house when this incident happened.

However, the touching part of this story was that the pigeons did not leave the house when the fire was burning because they thought that their owners were in the house. They stayed and burned to death as a sign of loyalty to their owners.

This story has always made me treat pigeons with so much care. Therefore, when you see a pigeon, it is a sign of loyalty. It is a symbol of loyal friends who are willing to die for you – if needs be.


Group of Pigeons

The pigeon is a symbol of productivity. It is believed that whenever the pigeon flocks into a house, it brings a massive increase in the results of every effort.

The pigeon will bless all of your efforts and make you productive. This is why you should not be hostile to the pigeon whenever it shows up in your house.

By accommodating the pigeon, you will begin to see massive results from your efforts. In addition to this, if you have been worried about your life because of the fewer results you are getting from your efforts, the pigeon is a symbol that brings you hope.

When you see more than one pigeon, then it is a sign that all of your worries are over, and you will begin to see massive results and productivity from henceforth.


Pigeon eggs

The pigeon is one of the few birds that take care of its babies. The pigeon takes full responsibility to ensure that its baby grows and fully matures enough to fend on its own.

Therefore, whenever you see the pigeon, it is a sign of nurturing and caring. Either as a parent or not, this means wisdom to you. As a parent, the pigeon is a symbol of good parenting.

It is a sign that you need to learn how to care for your child much more. You should learn to sacrifice for your baby’s well-being.

If you are not a parent, the pigeon is bringing you a promise that you are going to give birth and is also showing you how to be a good parent. The pigeon has come to tell you that you must care for and nurture your child properly.

Higher perception


In the ancient tradition, the pigeon is used as a post. This simply means that the pigeon is sent to deliver a letter to someone.

According to statistics and research, it has been recorded that the pigeon has a high level of perception, and always delivers the message to the right person on time.

Therefore, the pigeon is a symbol of higher perception about yourself and life in general. 

Guardian angel

White pigeon flying

The pigeon is a sign that your guardian angel has come to visit you. 

Why will your angel use the pigeon?

The answer is simple! Angels love to use an animal that is common to us.

The reason for this is to not create fear in our hearts when they indicate their presence. This is why the pigeon is a good animal to be used by angels. It will help you maintain confidence and full relaxation when they come to you in that form.

Therefore, when next you see a pigeon, make your requests because your guardian angel has come to pay you a supernatural visit.

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White Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

White Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

The white pigeon is not commonly found around us.

Most of the pigeons you will commonly find are the spotted ones. Therefore, whenever you find the white pigeon, you should be more conscious of its appearance because it is not a common occurrence.

There are 4 spiritual messages from the white pigeon to you, and we are going to explore them one after the other:

The white pigeon means peace

If you find the white pigeon when you are having troubles in your heart, then you must understand that it is time to find your inner peace.

The white pigeon has come to show you the way to find your inner peace. It also brings a guarantee that everything will become better if you can learn to be patient with the process – no matter how painful it is.

The white pigeon means to love from our lost loved ones

Whenever you find the white pigeon, the spirit of your lost loved one has come to speak with you, and the language is in the white color of the pigeon. In the spirit world, the white color is love.

Therefore, whenever you see the white pigeon, the spirit of your lost loved one has come to tell you that they love you and are with you. This will often happen when you are feeling the pain of losing a loved one.

The white pigeon indicates the presence of your angel

Angels are mostly associated with a white feather. Therefore, whenever you see a white pigeon, it is a sign that your guardian angel has come to visit you. The symbolism of a pigeon is closely associated with the presence of an angel.

Therefore, whenever you find a white pigeon, it is a clear sign that your angel has come to give you a message or grant your requests.

The white pigeon is a sign of hope

Finding the white pigeon is a sign that everything will be better. The universe has sent the white pigeon to encourage you never to give up on your dreams because things are not working as expected.

The universe has sent the white pigeon to assure you of a positive turnaround in your life and business.

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

Pigeon Spiritual Meaning

The 9 messages of the pigeon can lead to a total transformation if we allow them into our lives.

Not all of these messages will make sense to us because we are in different phases and cycles. This is why you have to pick each message one after the other and check with your current phase to see which one fits perfectly.

However, it is important to always learn from the pigeon. Therefore, let us learn from the pigeon, and see what it has to offer us:

1) Loyalty

The symbol of a pigeon is loyalty. Therefore, it is wise to pick this as a message from the universe.

When you find a pigeon around you, it is a sign that you have a kind and committed heart to every relationship you find yourself in.

When you find two or more pigeons, then it is a sign that you are in the company of loyal friends, who will always watch out for you, protect you and sacrifice to ensure you are better.

The pigeon brings a message of loyalty from a personal and corporate perspective.

2) Find what works for you

The eagle loves to live alone in higher mountains, while the pigeon loves to live on the roofs of people and it loves to flock around with other pigeons. Both birds are comfortable with their lives.

Therefore, whenever you find the pigeon, the universe is encouraging you to not allow yourself to be pressured to become who you are not supposed to be.

Don’t make yourself uncomfortable and unproductive because you are trying to be like another person. If you are meant to be a pigeon, don’t be an eagle. 

3) Spiritual transformation

The pigeon is an agent of spiritual transformation because it will always make you spiritually sensitive.

When you pay attention to the pigeon, you are going to experience rapid spiritual growth and transformation which will make you align yourself perfectly in your spiritual destiny path.

A lot of people have found their spiritual purposes by looking up to the spirit of the pigeon.

This is why you have to always treat the pigeon with reverence whenever you find it around you. The pigeon has come to tell you that it is time to become spiritually sensitive and alert.

The pigeon has come to tell you that it is time for a spiritual awakening.

4) Learn to forgive

The pigeon is a symbol of freedom and forgiveness. You will never find the pigeon keeping malice with its fellow pigeon. This is also commonly found in those whose spirit animal is a pigeon.

Whenever you find a pigeon, it is a sign that you have to let go of every hurt you have held in your heart for too long.

It is time to forgive those who have hurt you badly.

Holding hurts in your heart will not give you the freedom to fly like a bird and move on with your life., therefore, you must resolve to let go of every hurt you are feeling in your heart against other people.

5) Productivity

The pigeon will always bless your effort. When you find the pigeon animal in your house, then the universe has come to bless all of your efforts with productivity.

If you have been relentlessly carrying out a task with no results, then the pigeon is a beam of hope. With the presence of the pigeon, the universe has come to assure you that your efforts will begin to yield fruitful results.

6) Good luck

The pigeon is closely associated with good luck – most especially the white pigeon. If you find the pigeon in your home, then you should expect good things to happen to you in a short while.

Whenever a pigeon flies over your head, then you should expect opportunities to open up for you. The pigeon is believed to bring good luck into the life of anyone who finds it.

7) You will experience financial stability

If you have been battling with debts, the pigeon is a sign of abundance. This spiritual message was gotten from a testimony.

There was a report from a woman in Milwaukee about the pigeon’s visit to her in the dream and how it transformed her life in 3 weeks.

Therefore, whenever you find a pigeon during a time of financial crisis, it is a message from the universe that your financial life is going to take a new turn.

8) Be persistent

The ability to survive tough times comes with the pigeon spirit animal. Therefore, whenever you find the pigeon around you, the universe has come to encourage you to be persistent.

If you are going to get anything good out of life, you must be ready to weather the storms of life. It is a façade that everything will always go well for you.

Most times, you will go through tough times to test your ability to withstand pressure and also build solid character on the inside of you. Therefore, you must learn to be persistent in the face of hard times.

9) Get out of your comfort zone

The pigeon has come to inspire you to leave your comfort zone. Your comfort zone has become a cocoon that has boxed you from exploring new sides to life.

Therefore, whenever you find the pigeon in your room, it has come to push you out of your comfort zone. With the pigeon animal, you will go for new opportunities and take new responsibilities, which will make your life better eventually.

Pigeon Feather Meaning

Pigeon Feather

When you find the feather of a pigeon, it is a sign of protection.

In certain tribes, the feather of pigeon is often hung on doorposts and window frames to ward off evil. Therefore, the feather of a pigeon is a sign of protection.

The feather of a pigeon is a sign of inner freedom. It gives you the freedom to go for your dreams and take giant steps towards your life’s ambition.

The feather of a pigeon is also a token from the spirit of your lost loved one. When you see a white pigeon feather, it is a sign that your lost love one is watching over you, and showering you with love, hope, and confidence.

Pigeon Symbolic Meaning

White Pigeon

In Hinduism, the pigeon is a symbol of redemption and transformation.

The pigeon is closely associated with the goddess of death. However, the hinduists chose to see death as a transformation from one phase of life to another. Therefore, the pigeon is a symbol of transformation and redemption of the soul.

The Greeks see the pigeon as a symbol of love and beauty. The reason for this is because of its close association with Aphrodite the goddess of love. Therefore, whenever you see the pigeon, it is a sign of finding true love.

The pigeon is also a sign of fruitful harvest. It is believed that the pigeon brings fruitful harvests to the farmland of everyone who is into farming – this is an old belief and practice. However, it can be used for other aspects of our lives.

What does a Pigeon Represent for Native Americans?

Native American People

The pigeon is a symbol of fertility for the native Americans. Pigeons love to flock together in 10s and even 100s. Therefore, the native Americans believe the pigeon to be a sign of the multiplication of results.

The pigeon is also believed to bless barren women with children. 

The pigeon is also a loyal messenger of the universe to humans, and it is believed to teach humans the art of loyalty. Anyone with the pigeon spirit animal will be loyal to everyone around him/her.

These are the beliefs of the native Americans concerning the pigeon.

Generally, the native Americans believe the pigeon to be a symbol of good luck.

Final Words

The pigeon is specially ordained by the universe to bring spiritual messages to us. Therefore, we must be ready to learn from the pigeon and draw from its essence whenever it shows up on our path.

It does not matter how frequently we find the pigeon, all that matters is that we pick the message from the universe and make use of it to make our lives better.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of seeing a pigeon? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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    1. A pigeon flew over my head when I came in my class room it was as if it was waiting for me it was 10 inches over my head and the same thing happened the day after what does it mean ?

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  5. A pigeon came walking in an outdoor hallway as I was cleaning the doors at work last week. It stayed with me for a short while then walked away. I also noticed a pigeon feather in front of the office door. I didn’t think too much of the feather at the time. I didn’t link the two together. My mother just passed away several days ago. Now I know why the pigeon came to me…

  6. My grandfather passed away yesterday and this morning there has been a pigeon who stands on my balcony and coos. He has been coming and going all morning and its the same pigeon. What does this mean?

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  8. I’ve been sick for a while and have been, praying for a miracle and for better days. To days I seen a pigeon in my porch and I thought this must be a sign of good things to come I hope.

  9. I have a few pigeons that walk into my lounge through the patio door, but one little black pigeon visits more than the others, today it was walking around a lot, then suddenly jumped onto the arm of my chair, looked at me, sat for a while, I then patted it and it flew back out the patio door. Is this a sign of good luck?

  10. Please, recently black pigeons has been settling ontop my roof in the evenings making a lot of noise for more than a week now. Please what does it men?

  11. I was biking with my 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son to school this morning and upon reaching the alley way to the school there was a pigeon perched up on a power line above. It didn’t tweet or flinch even though I was quite close to it, I thought it unusual because I had never seen one there before. It stared at me contently and was still there when I biked back home. Not even a few hours later I passed a car with the license plate “pigeon” and immediately thought hmm that can’t be a coincidence? Well I kid you not a few more hours passed I go on my tick tick and the first video I see is of a dog named you guessed it “pigeon”! So after all that I thought the universe is definitely sending me a sign or 3 I need to find out what it means! I like to think all 9 meanings have a significance to my life and my angels and the universe were making sure I received it, so thank you for helping to deliver my message 😌

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