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Mole on the Eyelid and Eye Spiritual Meaning: 9 Superstitions

Mole on the Eyelid and Eye Spiritual Meaning: 9 Superstitions

Believe it or not, moles (the skin ones, not the underground ones) have a wide array of spiritual meanings.

As well as having spiritual significance, they’re also said to have some sort of bearing on how you will live your life

If you’ve never delved into the world of moleosophy (also known as moleomancy), don’t fear.

I’ve got the answers you’re looking for, right here.

What does a Mole on the Eyelid Mean Spiritually?

Eyelid with a lot of moles

If you’re female and you have a mole on either of your lower eyelids (inner margin), you’re apparently going to have a whirlwind romance… and not necessarily in a good way.

Some believe that this mole signifies making quick and bad decisions in love, perhaps running away with someone highly incompatible or bad for you

If you’re a man and you have a mole on the upper right eyelid, right on the inner corner, you might find yourself coming into money completely out of nowhere.

Perhaps a rich relative will leave you a handsome inheritance, or you’ll sell something that you created for a princely sum? 

What does a Mole on the Eyes Mean Spiritually?

Eyes with moles

In moleomancy, the right and left sides of the face can hold different spiritual meanings for moles on the skin.

There are also differences between the spiritual meanings for males and females in some cases, too. 

Spiritual Meaning of a Mole on the Eyelid

Spiritual meaning of a mole on the eyelid

The placement of your mole is very important.

Different locations have different spiritual meanings and significance.

In males, the right-hand-side of the body is said to be the ‘bad’ side, but this is opposite in women.

The left-hand-side of the body is said to have negative connotations for the ‘fairer’ sex. 

Mole on the Right Eyelid:

Having a mole on the upper right eyelid, for men, is a good thing.

It denotes:

  • Having wealth;
  • Buying and/or owning property;
  • Being successful in life.

Mole on the Left Eyelid:

Men with upper left eyelid moles are said to be successful also, but in more of a simple and pious way.

Successful does mean different things for different people, after all. 

Mole on the Upper Eyelid:

If the mole on your upper eyelid is hairy, the meaning is a positive one, according to moleosophy.

If you’re on the hunt for fame and/or fortune, there’s a good chance you’re going to get it.

Just remember to be careful what you wish for

Mole on the Lower Eyelid:

According to some reports, having a mole on the lower eyelid, whether you’re male or female, is not a good thing.

Unlike upper eyelid moles, you will not have wealth; you will lead a life where money is a constant struggle. 

Mole Inside Eyelid:

Moles situated right inside the eyelid, often unseen, could be a sign that you have luck on your side in life.

Bumpy patches should quickly pass, and you shouldn’t find yourself in any kind of financial turmoil that you can’t handle.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Mole in the Eye

Spiritual Meaning of a Mole in the Eye

Also known as sclera, a mole in the eye is seen as something quite remarkable in many places around the world.

It is quite an unusual thing, after all. 

Having a mole on your actual eye is meant to be a good omen. Wealth and good fortune are likely to fall into your lap, without too much work or effort on your part. 

Mole on the Right Eye:

The right eye is often seen as a good spiritual omen in many different places around the world

Mole on the Left Eye:

The left eye has a completely different meaning when it comes to moles.

The right eye might be a good place, but the left one is most definitely bad.

Having a mole on the left eye is said to be a symbol of being a very angry and aggressive person, which can get you into a lot of trouble if you can’t get it under control. 

Some cultures also believe that moles on the left eye are a sign of arrogance. (Not that I’m saying you’re arrogant, of course!) 

Mole Next to the Eye:

Is your mole in your eye socket, close to the eye?

Spiritually, this is linked to:

  • Being a calm and kind person;
  • Not quick to anger;
  • Rarely in trouble.

Far from being confrontational, eye socket moles are said to symbolize a person who is all for peace, love, and tranquility

Mole Under the Eye:

A mole right underneath the eye, in the area where dark circles would form, is linked to a rocky patch in the love department of your life.

This could indicate a period of arguing, a breakup, or just the simple realization that the two of you aren’t quite as compatible as you first thought. 

Mole Near the Eye:

If the mole is something around the right eye, many cultures believe it to be a sign of beauty – but this doesn’t necessarily mean external beauty.

It could also be related to inner beauty, such as bring kind to people, particularly those ‘below’ you. 

Mole Besides Eye:

Is the mole next to your left eye? If so, you might find yourself playing away from home, or getting into relationships where someone else is unfaithful to you.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Mole on Eyebrow

Mole on Eyebrow Meaning

Do you have moles in almost identical places on both eyebrows? These are known as “twin moles,” and would suggest that you have a personality that can be seen as split-in-two.

These types of moles are often associated with the Gemini zodiac symbol – the twins. 

Gemini is also association with lovers, so having moles on both eyebrows could be indicative of being in love with two people (or things – jobs, homes, cars, hobbies, etc.), and not being able to make a choice. 

Left Eyebrow:

Have you noticed a mole on the left side of your eyebrow?

This can mean a few things but is mostly associated with not being able to manage money successfully.

This can lead to all sorts of problems, as you can probably imagine.

A little debt soon turns into a big debt, and then your credit score plummets.

Once that happens, life gets pretty tough… especially if you want to work in certain places, or live anywhere.  

Right Eyebrow:

In molesophy, a skin mole on the right eyebrow is linked to very good things if you’re family orientated.

Your children are going to be happy and healthy, and your relationships (marriage, long-term, civil partnership, etc.) will be everything you wish for them to be.

Happy-ever-after is apparently on the cards for you. 

9 Superstitions about Moles You Should Know

Superstitions you should know

If you still don’t find the mole symbolism, we’ve already discussed relatable, here are a few more spiritual meanings and superstitions about moles you should know.

If one of them jumps out at you, tugging on your heartstrings or instantly making you think or someone/something, that one could be the meaning for you. 

Spiritual meanings are subjective, after all. 

1) Problems with Confidence and Self-Esteem?

According to myths and legends, seeing a new mole anywhere on your body is said to be a mark of feeling not very confident in yourself.

You’re definitely not the only one, if you are feeling that way.

Lockdown, Covid, and various other things have made life quite uncomfortable – even unpleasant – and we’re all a little unsure of who we are and how we feel about ourselves

If you have been feeling this way, the universe has heard you – that’s why the new mole has appeared on your body.

It is almost like a new marker of your life, or a blemish (spiritual scar) caused by a problematic patch.

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2) Problems with Someone Else?

If you notice a new mole on someone else, or you have a dream about a new mole (or just a mole) on someone else’s body, it might be a sign that you’ve noticed something ‘bad’ about their personality or behavior that you don’t like all that much

  • Perhaps you’ve been quarrelling with that person, or something they’ve done has aggravated you more than it usually would?
  • Is the situation about to get worse?

For you take the sign as a message, perhaps its’s time to be cautious, so you can ensure things don’t get considerably worse! 

3) Trying (and Failing) to Get Someone’s Approval?

  • Have you recently noticed a new mole somewhere on your body?
  • Or a small blemish that looks like it might turn into a mole?

If yes, it could be the case that you’re struggling to get approval from someone else.

Maybe, just maybe, you feel blemished – too blemished for other people (or just one person) to accept you?

First and foremost, you don’t actually need anybody else’s approval.

Remember that!

The only people you really need to impress are your higher power (God, for example), and yourself. No one else’s opinion really matters. 

If you’re struggling to win over someone’s approval in terms of a new relationship, or a new job, maybe you’re struggling to get in (or win that person over) because they’re not meant for you?

Everything happens for a reason, after all. 

4) A Permanent Mark for a Permanent Goal

In some cultures, a new mole, either in real life or a dream, is a sign that you’re going to tick off a big goal or achievement.

  • Maybe you’re going to finish training to get a better job?
  • Learn a new language?
  • Travel the world?
  • Write a book? 

The mark (mole) is permanent.

That would suggest, in a spiritual sense, that the ‘thing’ will either be finished and ticked-off by you, or abandoned forever by you.

We could all learn to let go of the things that aren’t beneficial for us, right? 

5) Black Moles Aren’t Good

If you spot a new darker, almost black mole on your skin, myth and legend would interpret it as a bad omen.

A black skin mole is linked to facing huge obstacles in life – and this can be either short-term, in your close future, or something future down the line

6) Moles on the Lip Aren’t Great, Either

In some cultures, moles on the lips are not a great sign.

It’s a spiritual symbol linked to problems with health, struggling with yo-yoing weight, and/or putting on weight quickly/easily. 

Sorry to be the bearer of not very nice news. 

7) Lower Lip Moles Are Marginally Better

Slightly linked to lip moles in general, lower lip skin moles are said to be linked to being a ‘foodie’ – loving food, having great taste in food, and being knowledgeable in food

8) Right-Side Cheek Moles Are Pretty Good

In the practice of moleosophy (the practice of reading skin moles), a mole on the right cheek is a sign that you’re going to earn a decent living in life.

It’s not all down to luck, either; right cheek moles are also associated with clarity of thought and making good decisions. Perhaps great investments are in your future? 

9) Right-Side Forehead Moles Are Great!

If you have a mole on the right-hand-side of your forehead, the future is going to be good for, according to some spiritual belief systems.

This placement of a skin mole is linked to wealth, so either you’re going to be a big-earner, or you’re going to win the lottery. 

(Or, you know, countless other ways to get your hands on a big stash of cash!) 

Are Moles a Mark from Past Life?

Past life signs and messages

Some people do believe that moles and other skin marks are remnants of scars and other things from past lives.

Strawberry-colored birthmarks, for example, are often spiritually linked to being burned in a past life

Other moles and skin blemishes are thought to be signs of battle wounds, such as:

  • Sword slashes;
  • Poisoned arrow marks;
  • Knife stabs;
  • Or even bullet holes shot from olde time guns. 

Are Moles a Good Luck Sign?

Moles in the eyes and good luck

If you find a lighter-colored skin mole, yes, the sign is supposed to be a good one. (Or a warning to avoid something bad, at least.)

If you find a dark, black-colored mole on your skin, however, the omen is believed to be bad.

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Final Words

And you? Do you have a special mole on your body? We are waiting for your comment below!

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