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11 Laurel Wreath Meanings and Symbolism: It’s a Good Luck Sign?

11 Laurel Wreath Meanings and Symbolism: It's a Good Luck Sign?

What is a laurel wreath? It is made from the branches and leaves of laurel.

You will find this image in the form of a crown or a necklace on ancient gods and goddesses.

This means it has a deep spiritual heritage we should investigate

Have you had any experience with laurels? Well, everything you need to know about the spiritual meaning of laurel leaves and wreaths will be explained in this article.

Read on to find out more.

Laurel Leaves Spiritual Meaning

Laurel Leaves

The spiritual meaning of laurel leaves speaks about the quest for fame. It is believed that ancient people of old cast spells on laurel leaves for fame.

Whenever people desire to be known, this special leaf is always used.

Therefore, one of the spiritual messages you can get from this leaf is the quest for fame.

The universe is revealing that you desire to become famous. This is the only way to prove to yourself that you are worth more than people think about you. 

Another spiritual meaning of laurel leaves is prosperity.

In the spiritual world, the green color is known to attract wealth and prosperity into people’s lives.

Therefore, getting laurel leaves as a spiritual omen assures you of enjoying prosperity.

It signifies that the universe is blessing every effort of yours.

The moment you get this message from the spirit world, take it seriously and open your heart to the energy it transmits to your soul.

It is one of the special omens that bring luck to people’s lives.

In ancient times, laurel leaves were known to bring fame and prosperity to people’s lives.

Therefore, it only makes sense to be sent as a message of fame and prosperity to people.

What does a Laurel Wreath Symbolize?

Laurel Wreath

A laurel wreath symbolizes a connection in one’s soul. Sometimes, because of the numerous things we engage our minds with, it becomes difficult to establish a connection with our inner selves.

When you lose this connection, you become susceptible to various negative energies and this might also make you an easy target for spiritual attacks.

This is why you are getting a laurel wreath from the spirit world.

It is telling you to establish a connection with your soul. Create time and special moments to make this happen.

In addition to this, the symbolism of a laurel wreath also points to the connection that exists between friends of the same intentions.

Seeing a laurel wreath on your friends’ heads is enough proof that they can be trusted.

It also indicates that you share the same common interests with them all.

The universe will send this message to you as an omen of assurance that there is nothing to fear concerning your friends.

Furthermore, it is a message of peace and harmony between friends and associations. 

Laurel Wreath Symbolism

Laurel Wreath Symbolism

Salvation from sin:

In Christianity, laurel wreaths spiritually talk about salvation from sin. It points to the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Whenever you get the laurel wreath symbolism, it is a spiritual omen that reminds you of the finished works of Jesus.

Just like Jesus was crowned with thorns before his death, seeing this symbolism reminds you of this moment.

It encourages you to serve Jesus and accept the new life He offers to everyone that believes in Him. 


The Roman myth also speaks about the laurel wreath symbolism. It is believed to belong to Apollos, who is the god of the sun, poetry, and others.

Therefore, in today’s world, it is a sign of creativity.

People become creative after getting this spiritual omen. The laurel wreath symbolism inspires you to become creative.

It tells you to never stop finding new ways to solve a problem.

It tells you to open your mind to fresh ideas.

A myth stands that the presence of apollos is always felt in the mind whenever people get this omen from the spiritual world.


It is commonly believed that endurance comes with crowns of thorns.

Just like Jesus, you must be ready to go through hard times. This is what the laurel wreath symbolism is telling you to accept.

This does not bring a bad omen to you. It simply establishes the fact that you have to endure a lot of hard times to become stronger.

Hard times are the best moments of tests, trials, and triumphs.

Therefore, accept this message and prepare for what is to come.

If you are already having a hard time, then it is a motivation to persevere. It builds endurance in you.

Laurel Wreath Spiritual Meaning: 8 Messages for You

Spiritual Meaning of a Laurel Wreath

Have you ever wondered if seeing a laurel wreath has any message for you or not? Well, I have been there at one point. I have always believed it to be a spiritual omen only a few people can relate with. Well, here is the gist.

Spiritual messages fly around every day. Everything you do in the world is connected to spirituality.

Therefore, you need to open your mind to get the message flying around you. In this context, we will look into the 8 spiritual messages of seeing a laurel wreath either in dreams or in real life. 

1) You are destined for greatness

  • Have you ever felt like you deserve a trophy?
  • Do you ever feel like you were destined for so much greatness?

Well, you are damn right!

Screw what people think about your thoughts and self-perspective. The reason you feel this way is that you have a great destiny ahead of you.

One of the ways the spiritual world will confirm your thoughts is through a laurel wreath.

In Greek mythology, it is a symbol of greatness.

Therefore, getting this symbol of greatness reveals how great your destiny is.

All that is left is to set yourself on the path to accomplishing everything you are destined to do.

2) Be Persistent

You need to be persistent

Just like Jesus Christ, you need to constantly prepare your mind to never give up on a fight.

The reason for this is that a persistent attitude and mindset ensure you accomplish everything you set your heart to do.

The cross was a tough one for Jesus. However, He endured and earned the highest level of honor.

If you are ever going to accomplish the height you desire, then, start talking to yourself about becoming persistent

Whenever you refuse to give up on how hard life hits you, things become easier. This does not necessarily change your situation.

  1. It first changes your approach to the situation.
  2. Then, eventually changes your situation.

This spiritual message comes through a laurel wreath. Pay attention to this spiritual sign.

The moment it comes to you, it is telling you to be persistent at all times.

Because things are not happening the way you think does not mean it would not turn out well.

If you keep putting in the efforts that are required, your work will yield productivity. This leads to the next spiritual message.

3) Productivity

Even if the physical results are not showing forth at the moment, the spiritual world can give you the assurance you need to be calm and mentally in control.

This happens to me every time I try to accomplish a task and it seems unproductive. I suddenly start doubting my ability to make things work.

However, through several divine interventions, I always find a way to snap out of this situation.

One of the ways you will get help is through the laurel wreath symbolism.

Anytime you get this sign, it means that the universe is assuring you of a productive effort.

This means that all your projects and business ventures will yield the positive results you desire.

4) Good Luck

Good luck sign

Through the laurel wreath, you can also get a promise of good luck.

Good luck is a living condition that makes good things happen to you without stress.

It is the best way to live life without mental fatigue. It might be difficult to attract good luck at times.

However, with external help such as laurel wreaths, you will easily attract good luck to your environment.

With this, everything will fall in line around you.

5) Healing

Anything that has green leaves bears an omen of healing and good health.

Therefore, seeing a laurel wreath spiritually helps your mind.

It promises a life of health and vitality. If you are sick, this is an assurance of speedy recovery.

It takes your mind off the possibility of dying or never recovering.

On the other hand, it could be sent to warn you against misusing your body, or not paying enough attention to your health.

The green color of the leaves will be pale in this instance.

Once you get this sign, start paying attention to your health to avoid possible body breakdown.

6) Protection from spiritual attacks

Spiritual protection

It is believed that laurel wreaths protect people from spiritual attacks.

Because of its interconnection and rich spiritual heritage, it stands as one of the strongest symbols of protection.

This connection of laurel leaves creates a barrier that no evil spirit can cross. 

Have you ever felt vulnerable in recent times? 

This is not a coincidence. It is probably caused by a spiritual attack. However, dreaming of a laurel wreath brings good news.

It tells you that your environment is protected from spiritual attacks and that harm will not come to you.

7) A new beginning

It is not surprising that a laurel wreath symbolizes a new beginning.

Seeds become trees, which bear leaves.

Therefore, getting laurel leaves in connection with each other points back to the origin, which is a seed.

All of these talk about the possibility of starting all over again.

This message affects every part of your life. It could be concerning your relationship, finances, academics, career, business, and so on.

The universe is telling you to embrace the courage to start all over again.

A new beginning gives you the opportunity to do what you could not do in the past.

Therefore, look on the bright side and take the chance.

8) You will finish what you have started

Reach your goals

Getting laurel leaves as a spiritual sign assures you of completion and fulfillment.

It assures you of completing what you have started. Messages such as this stir up confidence in your heart.

In addition to this, it inspires your creativity

At one point or the other, people become jittery that things might never fall into place. The fear of failure happens at one point or the other.

This is why you need laurel leaves around you. It helps your mind. 

Laurel Wreath Dream Meaning

Laurel Wreath in Dreams

Dreaming of a laurel wreath has the following spiritual meanings:

  1. Expect something good to happen during the day. 
  2. You need to become confident enough to face your fears.
  3. You will overcome every obstacle that comes your way.
  4. Good luck is yours.
  5. It speaks about divine provision and abundance.
  6. Another spiritual meaning of dreaming of laurel wreaths talks about finding love. Greek mythology mentions Eros in the story surrounding this spiritual plant and image. Therefore, it inspires people to find love.
  7. It could also be a sign of protection from evil spirits.

Therefore, be open to having this type of dream

Is a Laurel Wreath a Good Luck Symbol?

Laurel Wreath and Good Luck

Yes, it is a good luck symbol. Because of the numerous history surrounding it, there cannot be negative energy around this spiritual object.

Whenever you see a laurel wreath, accept it as an omen of victory, confidence, fulfillment, wealth, inner strength, and so on.

The spiritual world will send this sign to you as a message of encouragement, inspiration, and assurance. It might not come occasionally.

However, it sure brings good news whenever you encounter it

From my experience, seeing a laurel wreath lifts your spirit. It gives you happiness and a sense of fulfillment. There is no bad energy in it.

Final Words

The next time might be your last time. Therefore, be prepared to take advantage of a laurel wreath when you find it. This article has provided the best information you will ever get concerning laurel wreaths. Make use of this to your advantage.

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