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Is it Bad Luck to Kill Spiders? 9 Spider Superstitions

Is it Bad Luck to Kill Spiders? 9 Spider Superstitions

Is it bad luck to kill spiders in the house? Are white spiders and black spiders good luck or bad luck? Let’s find out some superstitions about spiders in spiritual world!

Spiders are one of the most feared creatures in the universe. I dread seeing a spider. Therefore, you are not alone in this. Now, this is not an excuse to kill a spider; but it is surely an excuse to run away from one.

Now, wait!

Before you run off and begin to avoid every spider you see, pay attention to what you are about to read.

Spiders are scary, but a great spiritual messenger from the universe.

They have been known to communicate with a man as often as possible. Therefore, we all need the courage to stand in their presence and be blessed with their virtues.

However, due to fear, several people have killed spiders. Several people have harmed this spiritual messenger.

This might not entirely be their fault (fear can spur us to do things without a second thought). Therefore, it is best to talk about the different spiritual meanings of killing spiders.

Recently, a friend asked me a question. She said that “is it bad luck to kill a spider?” This led to a spark of curiosity in my heart, and what you are about to read are my discoveries about what to expect after killing a spider.

Are Spiders Good Luck?

Spiders and good luck

Yes, spiders are good luck. Now, before you close your laptop, pay attention to this section. Due to my phobia of spiders, I have always avoided their presence.

As a believer in spirituality, I extract spiritual meaning from everything around me.

However, for one reason or another, I have decided to not pay attention to spiders. This was because of my fear, which brought the conclusion that spiders are bad luck.

I was wrong! This is why you should also change your mind. My fear brought about that interpretation.

In reality, spiders are good luck. Check out the following:

  • The web of spiders is a sign of spiritual connection. Furthermore, it is a sign of embracing your true self and discovering your true spiritual purpose.
  • Whenever you see a spider catching its prey, it is a sign that you are going to take advantage of a huge opportunity, which will change your life.
  • Seeing 2 spiders is a sign of friendship. This is a sign that everyone around you can be trusted.
  • Seeing a spider in the morning is also a sign that your day is going to be full of positive events.

Are White Spiders Good Luck?

White spiders and good luck

Yes, they are a sign of good luck. Seeing a white spider is an indication of peace. The white color of this spider carries divine energy of peacefulness. This is why you will find it around you at a time of great turmoil and confusion. 

Another reason behind the good energy of the white spider is its connection to spirituality.

Biblically, it is believed that the white color is a sign of purity and heaven. Therefore, seeing a white spider can be a sign of an angel.

It can also be a sign of a pure spiritual atmosphere.

The good luck that resides around a white spider is the reason behind its scarcity. You will rarely see a white spider around you. It comes into people’s lives on special occasions and for special reasons.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear about seeing a white spider. It is a message of good luck.

Is it Bad Luck to Kill Spiders?

Is it Bad Luck to Kill Spiders

Killing spiders can either be good luck or bad luck. This depends on the scenario.

It will be hasty to assume that killing a spider brings bad luck to people’s lives. Now, it can be easy to jump to a conclusion because of the earlier information about the good message from spiders.

However, you must note that spiders can also be used by evil spirits.

Spiders can be possessed by evil spirits to harm you – most especially if a spider is your spirit animal. In this case, killing a spider can be a good sign of victory.

Therefore, let us look into the 9 superstitions you should know about killing a spider. The good and bad luck in killing a spider is hinged on those 9 superstitions.

9 Superstitions about spiders you should know

Killing spiders superstition

These superstitions will give you an inkling about what to expect from killing a spider.

1) Disharmony

It is believed that the web of spiders brings harmony between friends.

Therefore, if you find yourself killing a spider in its web, it talks about breaking the bond between friends.

This means that you are about to cause a major separation between you and your friends. This is a warning sign. If you fail to take heed, it will come to pass.

2) Mistake

Killing a spider can be a grave mistake and error – most especially when the spider has done you no harm.

Whenever you find yourself unintentionally killing a spider, this is a message to keep you on your toes. It is a sign that you are about to make a mistake, which will affect you in an overbearing way.

3) Your energy level is low

Whenever you find yourself squishing a spider with your hand, it is an indication that you have let down your guards, and your energy is not vibrating at a lower frequency. This makes you vulnerable and exposed to attacks.

4) You are making progress

If you dream of killing a slowly walking spider, it is an indication that you are making progress with your life.

Seeing a slowly walking spider can mean patience, but it can also mean a lack of progress. Therefore, killing this spider with your hands is a sign of progress.

5) Impatience

When you step on a spider as a result of haste, this is a literal message to calm you down.

Seeing a spider can bring a message of patience to you.

Therefore, killing a spider can mean impatience. It reveals your haste to make progress at any cost. This state of mind can affect your ability to make sound decisions.

6) Victory

If you dream of killing a black giant spider, it is a sign of victory. It means that you are victorious over the enemy.

7) You are strong

Have you ever seen a spider attack you? If yes, then you can go ahead and kill that evil beast. It is abnormal to be attacked by a spider. Therefore, whenever it happens, it is good luck to kill it.

Killing the spider shows your strength and ability to overcome contradictory situations.

8) Disobedience

One of the spiritual signs of disobedience is believed to be associated with the killing of spiders.

Whenever you kill a spider, it is believed to be a sign of your disobedience to the commands of God. Dreaming about this is a warning sign to desist from such an attitude.

9) Change

Killing an old spider reveals your inner desire for change. It shows your passion to move from where you are to another level.

This is not a bad sign; it is only a display of your tenacity and strong will to succeed. It does not mean impatience.

Is dreaming of spiders good luck?

Killing spiders in dreams meaning

Yes, it could be good luck. No, it could be bad luck.

I love to keep this neutral because it will bless you with an open mind. Dreaming about spiders comes in different shades.

The shades determine the meaning of the dream.

For example: dreaming of a spider laying its eggs does not mean bad luck. It is believed to be a sign of fruitfulness. However, dreaming of 2 fighting spiders can mean bad luck for your friendship; it is a sign of an unresolved conflict that will break apart the friendship.

Therefore, pay attention to the event of the dream. This is how you will understand what it means, and how you should act after you wake up from that vision. However, it is wrong to assume that dreaming of spiders brings good luck.

That might be a hasty conclusion. Keep an open mind on spider dreams.

Should I be concerned about spiders?

Spiders and spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about spiders. Indeed, spiders are commonly found around. However, this does not deny them their true spiritual heritage.

Therefore, having a vision about spiders, or seeing them on your way to work, in your house, or on your cloth is worth your attention. 

Therefore, don’t ignore the presence of spiders whenever you see them. Due to fear, you might not be able to touch them; but, don’t run off in a haste.

Stay around for a little while, and allow the spiritual message of the spider to be communicated to you.

Final Words

Killing spiders might be intentional or not. Both carry divine messages, and as seen in this article, can be good luck or bad luck. Before you kill a spider, ensure you check out for the signs of bad luck and good luck. This will fuel your decision, and give you a glimpse of what to expect.

So, do you already know if is it bad luck or good luck to kill spiders inside your house? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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1 thought on “Is it Bad Luck to Kill Spiders? 9 Spider Superstitions”

  1. this morning i was folding blankets and arranging my bed, and I felt something top of my foot, but I thought it was a wire on top but when I finish folding the blankets, I saw a slowly walking spider. and froze. of course, I have fears on it and was shocked. and fearfully killed it. but the same time I felt guilty so I bring the dead spider on nature rather than throwing it on the trash. my conscience really felt me bad about the spider, the fact that it crawled on top of my foot and didn’t harm me and was slowly walking. I have learned the lesson to not kill spiders and just free them when capturing them with glass if I ever see one again. as according to the article you made. the progress meaning seems close but different to mine, but I’ll take note to these things and update on what happens next. oh and after bringing the dead spider to nature, I prayed for it’s peace still. and felt a bit of peace when I finally saw the spider in peace with the green grass, fresh air and solid rocks and ants. and will make up for that spider to never kill one again.

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